Patrick Thelwell – The Yolk is on Him

Laydees an’ gennelmen (and anyone in between) of IsAC, I have absolutely no hesitation in proclaiming student Patrick Thelwell (23, going on 12 and a half) to be an A list cockwomble.

Thelwell is the Jack-the-Lad involved in the notorious ‘egging’ of King Charles last November. He’s now appeared in court to plead ‘not guilty’ to a public order offence, on the grounds that his actions were a form of ‘legitimate protest’ against er, ‘the establishment’. One can only assume that turning up to court wearing what appears to be the contents of an ageing hippy’s dustbin was meant as a further indication of his contempt for said ‘establishment’.

On leaving the court, the Extinction Rebellion and Green Party supporter declared ‘this country needs a revolution’. Oh, but isn’t he just the little class warrior though? No doubt he’ll be just dying for the court to find him guilty and give him a smack on the wrist and a tenner fine, so that he can boast about his martyrdom for the cause to all his comrades in their local wine bar.

I’ll tell you what he also is in my opinion. He’s a smug, arrogant and utterly self-absorbed little poseur who’s absolutely loving his fifteen minutes of fame.

Bore off, you wanker.

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Nominated by: Ron Knee

65 thoughts on “Patrick Thelwell – The Yolk is on Him

  1. The fact that these wasters even exist is our own fault, its down to our super soft culture where these cunts are not dealt with properly, blocking roads and throwing eggs and then using the subsequent media circus to get their whinging point across.
    This is a couple of idea,s i have had on a better way, first of all ban reporters and tv cameras so nobody can see whats about to happen, any fucker stuck to the road can be unstuck using a shovel or even better a transit van, any fucker who climber into the framework of a bridge can be Tazered or shot at until they fall off, if they are lucky they fall into water and not onto the road, both results are good in my book, any fucker that crawls back onto the road after being dragged off is fair game for the cops the vent all their pent up anger and frustration on with batons.
    Treason is how throwing eggs at the king would have been dealt with back in the day, im not saying behead the cunt, although a public execution would be a good example to the other martyrs, no 30 years in the nutters wing of some prison will do, im sure king wingnut wouldnt mind funding that.

  2. I’m from York. I’m a staunch republican and have been all my life and I’m in my mid 50s now. This is not the way to get this country to be a republic and for us to be citizens and not “subjects”. This guy is a complete embarrassment. A middle-class woke tosser. I’d throw him into Armley or Wakefield jails and see how long he lasts in there playing at being a revolutionary.

    I’m totally against the institution of monarchy but throwing eggs at a man in his 70s is not the way to go about getting rid of it. Actually I believe that the majority of the royal family are probably quite decent people.

    He is indeed a fame seeking poser, that is quite right. And when his trendy university mates have given up their stupidity and got proper jobs this idiot will be left with a criminal record and no one will want to employ him. Guess who be paying for him then. He is already on record as saying Britain should give all its money away to countries it has “exploited” so why not just deport him to one of them?

    Oliver Cromwell, Henry Ireton, Thomas Fairfax, all the real-life republicans who actually made this country a republic for a short time, they would have had him shot, let the New Model Army use him for target practise. Ye Goode Olde Days were the best.

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