Emma Mukandi and Claire Rafferty

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OK OK it’s women’s football….again.

But this isn’t a cunting on the basis it is shit, or how the BBC push the agenda to brainwash the easily led into thinking everyone is watching women’s football…except them, so maybe they had.

No, this is a cunting for this lady footballer Emma Mukandi who feels as a ‘professional’ athlete they are being victimised by men who make the rules on them popping out sprogs, and how it may inconvenience their club and their ability to actually do their jobs, so think the maternity leave and pay is somewhat ‘unfair’

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Apparently, so she says, it ‘must have been made up by a man’

Her further comment of ‘”Bear in mind our body is our job, who even came up with that? Surely not someone who’s played football and had a baby. Is that a man? It had to be a man. A man was definitely involved in that.”

Yes, love it’s your job and if your body is your job, then you don’t get pupped up to compromise that job. It’s different if you are a desk based pen pusher…your performance is barely affected by having a kid (I prefer child, but it’s her word not mine) But surely she is no so thick to realise the one thing that earn her money- her body- is the one thing you shouldn’t be compromising on. Sure have a ‘kid’ but realise it will affect your body and possibly your future performance- whether a male has made the maternity rules or not. There’s a history of sports people doing things not relating to work, that has compromised their work performance- or insurance companies have forbid them to do so.

And then we go on to Claire Rafferty.

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Another woman footballer, who now doesn’t believe it is ‘right’ that physios, sports nutritionist and the like, who are employed by clubs at vast cost to improve players performance, should take into account a woman players weight as part of that assessment- just in case a player is mentally so weak they ‘may’ get an eating disorder. Sorry, didn’t Emma Mukandi just state your body is your job???? Can’t have it both ways love…….either clubs take an interest in fitness and the well being of your body, as quite rightly it is not only important to you, but also the club, or you don’t want them to and let you go out and pig out on shit food and beer every night. If you are that weak that having your weight taken because you are a professional athlete gives you metal issues, then you are in the wrong job.

Never heard Gascoigne moaning what he was putting on some timber and being called a fat cunt by the opposition…….maybe this stupid tart would prefer that instead of others taking an interest in her health. Fuck me, I am sure she would be the first to complain, if she were dropped from the team

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38 thoughts on “Emma Mukandi and Claire Rafferty

  1. Perhaps she could push the pram round the pitch whilst being an excellent professional footballist.

    Who the fuck would notice?

  2. Fucking moaning bitches. Wimminz professional football only exists because it is subsidised by the men’s game which people actually want to watch. Your money comes directly from the pockets of men so shut the fuck up and stop whinging. If the club tells you to do something fucking do it and be grateful you can earn a good living from playing a game you are shit at.
    Trust the BBC to provide a platform for these whining old slags.

  3. I’m surprised any wimminz footballer got pregnant in the first place. I thought they were all lesbians.
    As for the football infrastructure of health, nutrition, etc, If the clubs set up by men are not to women’s liking, they should form their own football league.
    It’ll be fun to see how they get on if they had to stand on their own two feet. The maternity pay won’t stretch far when the gate is about 14 per match.

  4. God, will these cunts ever stop moaning!

    I seem to recall some West Brom players saying they won’t wear white shorts because it might show period staines.

    I suppose next they’ll want 5 minutes t-breaks every 20 minutes and smaller pitches because they might get tired during their times of the month.

    What I’m really looking forward to is how they will react when a club accepts tranny blokes identifying as wimminz. Imagine them sharing the showers and beating “normal” wimminz teams 25-0.

    it will happen some day and that will shut the fuckers up!

  5. It’s going to cost even more money if an obstetrician and gynaecologist are having to run on the pitch along side the fitness trainer, each time one of the overweight lasses falls over.

  6. Well apparently her eating disorder is the only thing she has control over.. unlike the ball at the match..

    Now i no why I deleted the bbc sport app..

  7. The only way to make wimminz footie interesting to blokes is:-

    white or grey shirts (no bras allowed)
    Lots of rain on really cold days to make the shirts really stand out!
    tight fitting shorts (the ones you might find at wimminz beach volleyball)
    or short pleated skirts and thongs
    Natural wimminz only
    No elephants
    No heffers
    Every goal scored means a bit of lezzing up between team mates
    Butt plugs and/or love balls fitted before a game starts. That’ll keep them on their toes!

    Umm.. that’s it

  8. Moaning about those nasty men. About time their shit version of the sport was forced to survive without being subsidised by the men’s game.

    I remember the Barcelona ladies team moaning they flew in economy while the men’s team flew first class (when Messi was there).

    Yes darlings, the men’s team regularly attracts gates of around 95,000 paying a king’s ransom to get in. Sponsors were paying a fortune to have their logo on Messi’s shirt etc.

    What were you lot bringing in?

    Fuck all by comparison.

    Your team didn’t even generate enough for the fucking economy flights and hotels in the first place! And the players’ and staff’s wages.

    It’s like those retarded pundits who ponder why women footballers don’t get equal pay.

    Fucking idiots. Like they don’t know. No cunt goes to watch or is willing to pay a subscription for it, so they stick it on the traditional football channels. As if customers will pay for that shit instead of the Champions League (SKY).

    About time it was left to survive on its own merits. It’s had enough handouts and promotion.

  9. See what happens when you give them an inch. They expect to be treated like their betters. Just like the blacks are doing now.

  10. About time we returned to a true meritocracy. No bonus points for colour, sex, percieved sex, religion, and so on. Just reward ability and excellence solely where it is due. And not where it isn’t

  11. Karen Carney and Ian Wright both try to look clever by forever talking about ‘the press’ – ‘beat the press’ etc.

    Get to fuck you don’t know what you’re on about. Like teams never thought about closing down opponents before 2018?

    Fuck off lol.

    Now I’ve mentioned it, you’ll find Carney even more annoying if that was actually possible.

    ‘The press, the press’

    Like Quasi fucking Modo.

  12. No women in association football. Not ever ever fucking ever.

    Fuck Mukandi, fuck Rafferty, fuck Carney, fuck Oatley, fuck Logan, fuck Eluko, fuck the Lionesses. They can all go to Hell, the quicker the better.

  13. If Sir Jim Ratcliffe gets Manchester United, I hope he disbands the United wimmins team. It was only formed because of screeching from the wimmin pundits that now infest the game.
    ‘But…. But why haven’t Man Untied got a women’s team?’ They whined on for ages about it and those Glazer cunts capitulated. Fucking pathetic. The sooner those weirdo American carpetbaggers fuck off, the better.

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