Greta Thunberg (15)

Ms. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome herself has been up to no good again.

This time, the millionairess grifter trudged of to Germany to protest the expansion of a coal mine. It seems the sausage eaters are doing this to relieve the costs imposed on families trying to heat their homes in winter.

Well, this bag of shit turned up and got herself forcibly moved on by the rozzers. Should’ve battoned the bitch.

Yes, you see Greta ‘the science is settled’ Cuntberg is demanding the lederhosen wearing shit eaters keep paying a fortune to protect the millionairess’s ‘future’.

Will she be worrying about putting her gas on? Which no doubt she does.

Fucking turn off all the power to this cunt’s life. She die of shock at not being able to Tweet some bollocks after 10 minutes. If not, the spoilt little cunt would freeze to death on the first cold night.


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63 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg (15)

  1. The thing I like most about Saint Greta of Mongberg is when she gets asked a question that’s not part of the script.

    It can be any question. Doesn’t have to be complex or anything.

    That Calvin fella off GB News asked her a couple of questions the other and she just giggled and looked around like a semi conscious potato.

    Some crawling sycophantic arsehole on the Beeb a few weeks ago, after crawling up the stupid little twats arse for half an hour while she plugged her new book, made the grave error of asking her a random perfectly reasonable question of his own, to the inevitable sound of crickets as she sat quiet.

    She is absolutely fucking clueless about anything and everything.

    She, probably more than anybody (and that includes old President Free pass from the US of A) is the ultimate poster child for the Clown World 🤡 we all currently reside in.

    • She’s fucked when ‘off script’.
      Calvin Robinson proved that.

      I wouldn’t ask the little cunt to brew up never mind consult her on environmental matters.


      • Yeah with soy milk piss, while whinging on about the damage done to the environment by growing tea.
        Needs to get a fucking proper job.

    • She, and most other stop-oil fuck-wits like her, have no understanding of just how fundamental oil (and gas) is to her everyday world. If there was no oil and all the derivatives that rely on it, her world would just not exist – stupid little cow.
      We need alot more “Calvin Moments” to expose these cnuts – but I bet MSM wouldn’t broadcast them!

  2. I respectfully suggest to the Adolfs that the next time Ms Loonytunes starts being a nuisance they enlist the help of the Memphis Police Department Scorpion Unit.

  3. In spite of the fact this eco loon doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she’s still held in reverence by other eco loons, and treated like Joan of Arc.
    So burn her at the stake.
    Or at the very least, if she’s an international troublemaker, refuse her an entry visa.

  4. This cunt is full of shit.

    I did hope the square heads would turn her into compost,thus saving the planet from more hot air from the spacca and her brain dead devotees.

    Coal fired oven,all of them.

  5. The story itself is nonsense, why the fuck is it news that the silly cunt is removed from the protest just like any other cunt who is there.

  6. If you are living on a rock hurtling through space, spinning and wobbling around on a precarious axis, then it’s a bit nieve to expect the climate to be constant.

    It’s also incredibly arrogant to imagine that you and the rest of mankind can control the climate.

    Despite travelling around the world and visiting many countries she has learnt very little.

    Earth gets hit thousands of times a day by lightning.
    There are countless earth tremors every day.
    There is always a huge storm, tornado and hurricane occurring somewhere.
    Volcanoes erupt somewhere or other all the time.
    Floods are regular occurrences.

    Protesting about climate change is ridiculous.

    You may as well protest about the northern lights or the grass being green.

  7. Not only has it started, but Greta’s generation’s revolution would appear to be in full swing.
    The economy sacrificed on the altar of Net Zero.
    Institutions, Big Business, police, mainstream political parties, the Establishment, all in thrall to everything Woke.
    Transgender rights trumping women’s rights.
    Uncontrolled immigration going unchallenged.
    Biological sex cancelled.
    Facts trumped by opinions.
    Tory party holding online online diversity training workshops for its aspiring MPs…

  8. If I ever start a revolution Comrade Thunberg along with Kweer Starmer, Chris Bryant and Pixieballs will be first against the wall – one last fag then bop, bop, bop, No doubt Bryant and Starmer will hope the fag will be Streeting.

  9. World is full of cunts.

    Itv now has Karen Carney in the studio for the footy.

    Fucking sick of the annoying, grasping, rubbish old trout.

    OT sorry but piss boiling.

  10. Thunderbirds has already admitted to being the champagne socialist with which we are so familiar…….wants to destroy capitalism, create the just society…blah blah woof woof. In reality these elite cunts want to enslave us, turn us into compliant little consumers, afraid to think or speak. The whole climate crisis thing is a fucking scam and this little puppet mong is one of the cunts selling the shit to all the other mongs out there. Fuck this bitch and fuck every cunt who swallows her turds.

    • “Destroy Capitalism” simply translates into “stopping any other poor cunts from making any money”
      Fuck Greta and all who sail with her…

      • Fuck her? Rather you than me lads. Can you imagine as you were pushing it in?
        “How dare you?!”
        Probably need a whole tube of KY jelly.

  11. Just saw that she posted on twitter a picture of her sitting on the floor in a train saying she was on her way home from Germany on overcrowded trains.
    And a reply from the train company asking if she’d like to thank them for the hospitality when she was in first class!
    Germany. Train. Oven.

  12. What happened to that wanker who was supposed to be banging this window licking idiot? He needs to get his cock lodged in her gob…..might shut her up for a bit.

  13. I would love it if Andrew Tate met up with thundercunt and kicks her right up the minge , his foot would probably get stuck up her on account he minge has never been stretched, if Andrew Tate has a small cock it would be still too big for the mongoloid bitch

  14. Fuck this. I wonder how many of our honourable company have at any time got off their arses and made themselves a nuisance in what they see as a good cause. Instead of preaching to the converted (mostly, apparently) on ISAC?

    Guilty as charged. So here goes:

    I’d be delighted not to watch us turning the planet into a desert while the oligarchs promote the delusion that our profligacy is without dire consequences, and we buy the story because it’s so comfortable to believe it.

    She may be a cunt, but she’s right. Shooting the messenger doesn’t make her wrong. Sorry.

      • There’s a fair amount of hypocrisy on both sides. And a bike versus some fucking great tank of an SUV used only for the 200 yard school run isn’t such a gross infringement.

        Naturally to dispense with individual vehicles jamming the inadequate roads, pumping out NOx or requiring rare metals for their batteries, it would be a rather good idea to have affordable and efficient public transport. Currently that isn’t available so I’ll hang on to my efficient, small and resource-lite mc. But thank you for your concern.

      • Actually there’s a good part of me that doesn’t give a fuck either way so long as the economic migrants fleeing their scorched habitats and resource wars don’t completely wreck my country…not “our” country, you’re telling me?…before I snuff it.

        Taking bets on that, are we? I’m not.

      • Nothing bad is going to happen to the Earth. I’d bet my balls on that. All we get from the government, media and showbiz is doom, gloom, scaremongering horseshit.

        Meanwhile, health young people are just dropping dead in many countries for no reason and no one wants to address that.

    • No-one knows whether or not she’s right. Only time will tell. Until then, it’s just her opinion. She’s backed by scientists (but then when I was at school we were heading irreversibly towards the next ice age and that was backed by the experts of the day, too.)

      The problems are:
      – she’s reactive; moaning about Germany opening a new coal mine when this was inevitable due to Fritz’s dependence on Ivan for fuel; no foresight shown
      – she’s moaning to the wrong people; if Britain (as seems increasingly likely) implodes in a puff of self-flagellation and produces no CO2 at all, it will make about 1% difference, or the square root of fuck all. (Having said that, the square root of any number less than 1 is a bigger number than the original, so maybe that should just be “fuck all”.) She’s not had a particularly impressive Chinese tour, has she?
      – she is, in my highly-qualified professional assessment, a swivel-eyed mong-loon and if history teaches us one thing, it’s that following swivel-eyed mong-loons never ends well. Why would anyone expect this time to be any different?
      – she’s a bratty teenager and anyone who has ever been in loco parentis will certainly understand the urge to slap the living crap out of them.

      The case for the prosecution rests.

  15. So those nasty Germans have the cheek to want to extend a coal mine? Pity the old Bill didn’t take a leaf out of granddads book. Soppy soft cunts.

    I’m sure Greta would respond to some electrical therapy.

  16. Can she go and protest on the front line in Ukraine?

    There’s an ecological disaster happening and it’s only fair the Swedish doom goblin tells us all off from ground zero.

  17. A revolution, eh? I don’t hear the Beatles’ ‘Revolution’ or the Stones’ ‘Street Fighting Man’. I hear the Lauging Policeman song… Absolutely hilarious.

    Before long, the Garbage Pail Kid will find some unfortunate bloke, she’ll get up the stick, and then -please God – we’ll be shut of the self appointed unqualified arrogant gobshite for good.

    There will never be any sort of revolution in this country. It didn’t happen in 1984 or 1987 under Thatcher, and there was more reason and cause to have one then. But now, people are even worse. They simply can’t be arsed and they are all ‘I’m alright, Jack’. Neighbours in the same street don’t even know or speak to each other. There are no communities any more, and people are slaves to their phones. Every single fucker you see is glaring down at their iPhone. The world and the human race is fucked, went out this morning and every twat I saw had their heads down looking at the phone. Have a break when you go out leave the fucking thing at home, and don’t even get me started on the twats answering the phone when they are out for a meal.

  18. ‘I don’t have a mobile phone’ I said, sanctimoniously.

    Seriously, can’t work out how to use the fuckers. I’m a Luddite. I like a bit of paper and a pen. My 8yo granddaughter can hook up to NASA with one. It’s a bit of a humiliation in truth.

    • I curse whoever invented mobile phones. They ruin travel, the cinema, concerts. holidays, restaurants, pubs, football and everything else. It’s also because of mobile phones that most Third World scum see about the UK and what a soft touch it is. The RNLI taxi cunts who arrive here always have a phone in tow. Bastards.

      And the fucking things should be banned from hospitals. Those bastard P@k!s, blaring out that shitty arsed Bollywood music and their P@k! brats squealing. And this is on a dialysis ward. Fucking curry cunts.

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