The BBC (83) and Obsessive Cunting Disorder

The BBC (again) and it’s agenda.

I came across this header on their website:-

”I was afraid to talk about OCD as a black man”

That was the headline. So, curious as to why, yet again it was so much worse for blacks I had a look. And guess what, although this person is undoubtedly black, nowhere in the text is there any mention of ‘as a black man’ Just his mental state.

So some cunt at the BBC is pushing an agenda of lies. Pursuing a race angle where there isn’t one. I wonder why?

You wont see the headline which drew me to it but I cant find anything in the story to back up the claim.

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58 thoughts on “The BBC (83) and Obsessive Cunting Disorder

  1. This simply can’t be true.

    They never complain about anything being unfair because of da whitey devil.

    Fact Checked by Snopes and other trustworthy non Partizan websites – Untrue.

  2. When you talk to people about the many disorders that people claim to have in modern times and how these disorders did not exist decades ago, they tell you that the problems have always been there but they were undiagnosed and ignored.

    We were so unenlightened in those days.

    No we fucking were not!

    We just got on with our lives without trying to pin ‘special’ labels on ourselves.

    Young people today live in a bubble.
    A fluffy, pink bubble where everything is wonderful and perfect.

    They think that a moment of anxiety, trepidation, fear, nervousness, depression etc, is a clear sign of a mental health problem and needs attention.

    I think that in the vast majority of cases all these people need is a reality check.

    The soft cunts.

    • If blacks are suffering with depression then I’d recommend an afternoon with Micah Richards.

      That fucker laughs at everything. I once showed him a potato and he wet himself whilst bellowing out his chortles. Thought he was going to have a stroke.

      Fuck me, I’ll have what he’s having (about £1m a year probably!)

  3. Is he not trying to say that the Coloured community is less liable to accept this ” It’s O.C.D” every time someone has even the slightest of problems ? Too much stigma attached apparently…shame a few of our own shameless fat,badly-behaved,benefit-sponging young people weren’t afraid of being labelled as a “mental” by their community instead of being treated as victims…” Oh,poor Wayne…it’s the OCD that makes him act like a spoiled brat”

  4. Can you imagine a few decades ago, someone posing for photos after admitting that they have had thoughts of committing sexual assault and suicide?

    And here is this cunt.
    Fucking smiling!

    It’s all for attention.

    “Look at me! I have a diagnosed mental problem! I’m special…… Please look at me!”


    • I can’t see that having thoughts of committing sexual assault or suicide makes you mentally ill….I’ve had far worse and don’t think that I’m mental.

  5. I’m also suffering from OCD…….I keep thinking the fucking BBC is trying to marginalise me, criminalise me and “push me down the rabbit hole of soshul meeja.” It’s terrible, I’m in a constant state of social anxiety. Boo hoo hoo, please feel sorry for me. I went to the doctor and he said “no, you’re not an effnick so you can fuck off. Do you think this is your country or something, cunt?”
    What am I going to do?

  6. Off topic, but breaking news.
    It seems a Pakistani bus has plunged into a ravine killing 41 of them.
    What a shame.

    • Yes My Duke,
      Their won’t be a minutes silence held for them in Bradford , They don t give a fuck for their own kind or any other cunt.

    • Allah can be a bit of a cunt at times.

      He’s not happy even when he gets prayed to 5 times a day.

      The families of the dead should really give up on Allah.

      Find another God.

      They may have to give up on the 72 virgins thing but surely there must be a God offering other good things to their devotees.

      A new Mercedes every year, lifetime golf club membership and free Sky subscription would be good.

      I would support that God.

  7. It all feeds into cunts being snowflakes nowadays.

    Naughty cunt? ADHD
    Strange cunt? Some syndrome or other.
    A worrier who likes to be tidy? OCD cunt.

    VAR only exists because the modern generation can’t be wronged.

    Everything must be perfect, stress free, net zero and free. And their degrees in Deejay Science must guarantee fame and fortune.

    Good luck with that.

  8. Must be awful.

    Being black.
    And having OCD.

    Simply awful.

    And I’ve just seen the footage from Memphis.
    That racist attack.

    Calling a kid Tyre.

    • No need to tread on his memory like that. Need to jack it in.

      2023 certainly wasn’t a goodyear for the lad.

    • They’re desperately trying to turn it into a racist attack and blame whitey somehow.
      It will be piss boiling to see how that pans out.

      • All the cops are black and even the chief of police is black.

        But they’ll find a fucking way, don’t you worry.

      • They have made it racist. In an interview some fucker, getting round the inconvenient fact that the cops were black, said-
        ” It wouldnt have happened to a white man”

        Let da looting commence. Dese lectric goods we got when chicken George done choked is 4 years old now.

      • Whiteys, in general, don’t leg it when arrested.

        They somehow managed to say Chiggun George wasn’t resisting arrest, despite refusing to get in the car and climbing out of the other side when shoved in it lol. I fucking well know what I saw. A drugged up massive cunt resisting arrest, after trying to intimidate the check out boy with his fake note.

        I’m dying to hear this new ones previous. The rozzers did seem heavy handed but was there previous with this chap?

        Maybe not. Let’s see.

    • Absolutely Mis. Poor kid would have been better off with ‘Wheelclamp’ or ‘Hubcap’ for a name.

    • My mum said that Miserable.
      We pulled up at a crossing to let this Schwarzer cross when my old mum said.
      Look at that poor man it must be awful to be born black. She genuinely felt pity for him.

      • Reminds me Fenton, must have been back in the sixties, an interview with Charles de Gaulle shown on television . Famously de Gaulle claimed not to speak English and the TV people gave us a translation. My mother said;

        “Fancy a man in his position being unable to speak English!”

        She was not joking.

  9. I think he’s just laying the groundwork for when he goes on some kind of violent rampage.

  10. According to this website:

    ‘SEN Support up from 12.2% to 12.6%’

    SEN is special needs kids.

    Now there are genuine cases, autism etc…but if your class had 30 kids in your day, were 3 or 4 kids specials?

    They count being a little cunt as SEN now to get them out if the classroom and into schools for cunts.

    Most aren’t mentals. They are little bastards I’d bet.

    • When our younger one was a little girl she would pronounce a letter “c” or “k” as a “t” so for instance she pronounced the word “cake” as “tate”. The infant school head mistress said she should have therapy to correct this quirk. Now being a bit old-fashioned and having attended infant school in the fifties I ignored the advice. I’ve known lots of kids who had strange speech patterns which adults regarded as amusing and endearing. They all grew out of it at an early age including our daughter.

      • Aye I think kids can get speech therapy for that and it usually works (or they grow out of it).

        I’m not sure if they count that as SEN, but I’d say it isn’t in the majority of cases (unless after an accident/major illness etc.)

  11. OCD is a real thing.
    My kid sister has it.

    She’s had it since a kid,
    7/8yr old.
    Up all through the night fuckin about with the light switches.
    And the taps on the bathroom sink.

    My dad had to replace the washers as she’s wore them out messing with the taps.

    When my nieces were born it sent her OCD worse,
    She must wash her hands 30 times a day!
    She’s terrified of germs and is always cleaning.

    As a family we’ve always told her she’s mental and taken the piss!

  12. Also, have you noticed that arty types who live in a chaotic shambles regard folks who have manual dexterity as suffering from OCD? If they grow up and need bypass surgery I wonder how they feel about the surgeons.

  13. The upper class racists who infest Jimmy Savile House can lick the sweat off my East Anglian balls.

    • Seeing the Emperor’s post has reminded me of a football chant attributed to Ipswich fans, but handy to have in any team’s repertoire when playing Norwich City. Sorry, this should have gone into last night’s football chants thread, so apologies for my tardiness. To the tune of the Addams Family:

      Your sister is your mother,
      Your uncle is your brother,
      You all fuck one another,
      The Norwich family.

      Did you make that one up, Emps?

  14. More than a good reason to cancel your TV licence TODAY. Don’t fund these paédo harbouring, anti white straight UK male, EU loving, lefty, immigrant loving, lying, hypocritical, anti British, closet commie, globalist scum CUNTS.

  15. Once was a time when cunts who had “things” were put into special places and never heard from again, oh the asylums and institutions of the 70s mr deacon.

    • How right you are DC , never many stories about keeping twenty dogs in a third floor housing association flat, or using your bedroom to store bottles full of your piss alongside the obligatory pile of shit filled plastic bags or butchering your poor neighbours kid cos the devil had them.
      Care in the community, brilliant idea save oodles of dosh and sell the institutions to developers make even more money. The problem being that care in the community sounded really good, The only other problem “Elephant in the room” no council has or ever had sufficient funding to carry out this community care. An example of this failure from the very start of care in the community, whilst attending Watford general hospital psychiatric department as a day patient, I often talked with a chap in his fifties who had been moved to the hospital as a staging post prior to him entering care in the community. The place in which he had spent twenty odd years was closing and earmarked for new housing. I completed my course of treatment and returned to the real World. Often thought about this chap he never told me what was wrong with him, he was basically ashamed of his problem.
      Thee months later I found him sitting on a piece of wet cardboard in a subway coughing his guts up in a very bad state. Ambulance took him away I think he was bloody close to dying by his colour breathing etc.
      I do not know what became of him. So much care in that community.
      Sorry fellow cunters to ramble on but DC is absolutely spot on and deep memories surfaced.

      • Was it Shenley where he used to live? Could tell you some shit about that place. Suppose there were dozens closed down aand sold off

      • If memory serves me he was residing at the hospital in Three horse shoes lane North Watford
        Shenley that was an alternative universe very keen on the electro convulsive therapy for depression, insulin shock was another thing that was popular so I was advised. Consider myself bloody lucky that I managed to avoid that particular fun fest

      • Care in da Communidee was introducedced to make Sir Sheath Joseph – aka The Mad Monk – look sane…

  16. Errr…If you scroll past the picture, there’s quite a lot about how this allegedly affects black people. Eg –

    “Shaun says his experience has been tough: “I was afraid to speak to a lot of people in my community. As a young black man, if I was to speak about my mental health to the wrong people, I think a lot of people would worry about me. They would say: ‘What’s wrong with him?'”

    He’s urging people in the black community to talk about OCD: “I’ve learned that there is a dire need for more young black men and black people in general to speak up about their mental health.

    “It’s a place where we need more black advocates, more conversations, and that potentially will help to change the tide.”

    IOW, ^we black persons” need to be treated as wet Nellies, just like the counselling-addicted sensitive whites.

  17. I hate OCD my brother has it and he’s a absolute cunt to live with or even be around because of it.

    Has to wash his hands 40 times a day and his fucky patterns its absolute madness

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