Misleading Headlines

Once again, I wish to cunt the press who report truly tragic stories like this, but lead with deliberately slanted headers to make it look as if some evil overlord is deliberately denying POC organ transplants.

Anyone waiting for a transplant has my uttermost sympathy, but when the press report stories like this, well, it’s a turn off. A lot of people won’t actually understand the “like for like” nature of transplants and will see it as another stab at the “oppressive White man”.

Which is, of course, the intent of the headline.

BBC News Link

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And in a similar vain there’s this from Chuff Chugger

The ‘lost’ migrant ‘children’ and the migrant ‘child’ murderer.

As you would expect…no big hoo har from the MSM-particularly the BBC about these two stories on the same day. Reported on, yes, but followed up? Barely. There was more awkward questioning from journalists last week when raggy Sunak was caught not wearing a seat belt, and was very promptly issued with a (second) fine.

How was this supposed ‘child’ allowed into the country to murder? And how many of these supposed ‘children’ are actually children and not other 20 something cunts that have fucked off like rats when a wheely bin’s been moved? Will they be found? Like fuck will they. Will they be of an economic benefit to the UK…….NO. Will they add cultural enrichment to society……..no. Unless dragging our towns and cities down to Albanian levels of shit and opening money laundering barbers, nail bars, vape shops and mini marts is what the UK needs more of.

BBC News 1

You will also note, in the story below the BBC have conveniently ‘forgotten’ to mention in the headline he was an illegal immigrant who pretended to be a child to gain access to the UK. Don’t want to blame immigration, eh BBC?

BBC News 2

40 thoughts on “Misleading Headlines

  1. So selfish spoons don’t want to donate their organs?. Story one.

    So called child immigrants are actually adults so just disappear. Story two.

    And Story three just feed the piece of shit to the pigs..

  2. They always push this crap with blood donations every six months. It’s just pushing a nonsense agenda and I don’t bother with the news these days.

    • Sorry, off topic again, but I’ve just heard that the next Eurovision song contest is to be held in Liverpool. I can’t think of a more appropriate venue.

  3. The good old “impartial” MSM scared shitless of trying to offend minorities and therefore are super-cautious when it comes to writing up news reports.

    In 2001 and 9/11, tor the 7/7 London bombings, and the MSM were quick enough to headline trigger words of Muslims, illegal immigrants and foreign terrorists et al.

    These days, we thankfully don’t see those sorts of seismic acts of terrorism but even with small-scale stuff with only a handful of murders (school shootings for example) and the MSM never delve too deep in the descriptive details of the attackers, usually resorting to gender, age, height and clothing worn. But they don’t mention possible ethnicity, colour of skin, religious following.

    Even if ISIS committed mass-slaughter and draped “Allah is God” and “Muslims will Rule the World”, I suspect the media will choose not to mention any of that and just blame it on the usual targets,

    However, if it was a good old British national (white working class, of course) that shot and killed 20 kids, it would be in-depth reporting, his date/place of birth, his religion, his parents, his employment, his politics … the whole 9 yards!

    And yet despite the lack of impartiality OFCOM and the stupid people that read/watch/listen to this shit actually believe its accurate and complete!

    • More people have been proven to be killed by Muslims in the UK than road “pollution”. Hey Mr Khan, why not have an Ultra Low Muslim Zone – it will do more to keep Londoners alive than your bullshit car scheme.

  4. Lord Reith’s home has been occupied by squatters long enough. Get the fuckers out, now !!!

  5. Everything relating to sooties is racist, childbirth/pregnancy was the headline a few months ago and don’t forget that the oxygen monitor wasn’t as accurate because it is calibrated to white skin (in a white country).
    It is always presented by the headline as though it is deliberate, contrast that with knife crime, you don’t see a headline saying Black men are more likely to commit knife crime and be the victims of knife crime. You have to read well down the piece to find that information.

    Headlines are always biased, not only the left but the right as well, however the accuracy of the headline does seem to more lacking when certain demographics are involved.

  6. How about this headline?

    Afghans are a bunch of fucking savages who should run in fear of the wrath of Great Britain,not be invited into the country to loot and corrupt it.

    Or this..

    If the NHS is so racist why don’t you simply fuck off ?


    • Splendid, Unkle Tel, they are the keind of headlines we can only dream of. ISCA’s all new “Daily Rapier” newspaper should go to press immediately – it’ll be a winner.

  7. Two points leap out from that headline –
    1. What the fuck is the “general population”? So the MSM are deliberately segregating the blicks from the “others”. Presumably the general population includes Middle Eastern, Oriental, other Asian.
    2. Isn’t it the fault of the blick population that only 2% of them donate? Fuckng contributing to the problem themselves!

    • I’ve yet to see anybody black donating blood when I go. Nurses? Yes. Donors? No. The occasional other BAME.

      • I’ve seen one. He was led on the road bleeding after being shot in st Paul’s however it gradually leaked down the storm drain. Bit of waste if you ask me. No free club bars or shitty squash for him.

  8. I used to carry a card saying in the event of my death Any of my organs can be used for transplant.

    Little Johnny needs a beard transplant,
    Go for it.

    Little Jenny has been hit by a car, lost her arm.
    She can have my massive tattooed arm grafted on.

    No problem, don’t like the term hero,
    But yes, it was very brave , selfless and heroic of me.

    I’ve ripped it up.
    Fuck em.

    Little Abdul hit by a car?
    Wish I was driving.
    He gets nowt.

    I don’t want my beautiful English organs being put in some fuckin foreigner.

    Like putting Rolls Royce parts in a go kart.

    I’ve told the missus I’ll curse her and come back from the grave if she doesn’t burn all of me down the crem.

    Cheeky fuckers.

  9. “Child migrants “
    It’s over 7 years since I retired from teaching and being in my 50 s my headteacher so kindly moved me from the physical jerks department and placed me in charge of teaching “child migrants “ English

    They came from all over Eastern Europe sub continent through Spain and Portugal all arriving via the unofficial ferry.

    Any way one of these so called Children was excluded trying it on with a female staff member.
    Then plod informed us he was pimping his wife out on the streets. “Child migrant” my arse.

    Foot note 20 years earlier I witnessed, several times migrants trying to jump into lorries at Calais. Once with a bus for of school kids. All shouting please sir can we take one back with us. Pmls

  10. Blacks would wait longer than 6 months if I had any say in it.

    They’d be better off getting fitted with a pigs heart from the butcher’s and getting the family witch doctor to have a go at fitting it.

  11. The only reason poc have a long wait for transplants etc is They are a minority so the pool of potential donors is small. That’s it, the only blame for this situation of course is bigot racist Whitey bastard for letting them in.

    • yes – it’s a crying shame. Maybe they can ask da bredren in Jamaica for some help?

    • Rubbish. We all know they make up 98% of the population. Adverts and the BBC tell us so it must be true.

  12. I digress. Started watching Deadline Day. Not one shooting, but the women are going for a song.

  13. Most Stanley’s don’t donate organs, summat to do with having all their original parts when the end comes.
    There’s a simple answer to that one, no givvy no takey.

  14. What sort of a country are leaving for our grandchildren.

    A fucking big pile of steaming..💩

    That’s what…

  15. Side note.

    That fucking twat Anna sourbry on BBC politics live today.

    The cunts still trying to cancel BREXIT…

    FFS …

    • She is like a broken record, single market and customs union neglecting to mention that comes with another million from Eastern Europe.
      And she is even uglier than when she was in the commons, hard to believe I know, sour faced cunt.

      That pint size commie got on my tits as well with her migrant bullshit.

  16. I don’t fancy donating a kidney to some cunt who would probably stab me a few weeks later.

  17. Yes I believe this is called clickbaiting. If you want to know what a clickbaiting grifter looks like, then look no further than the Youtuber known as TheQuartering.

    This fucker has no shame and will happily post a video on Youtube with a thumbnail/title which is inflammatory and attention-grabbing. Once you watch the video from start-to-finish, you realise that you’ve been had.

    I fucking hate lying bastards. Telling the truth really isn’t that fucking difficult.

  18. A day as an indigenous white working class man in the UK and death seems to lose its sting,

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