‘Homophobic’ football chants

With the promotion of the gayness at football matches, we now have fan groups consisting exclusively of gays. ‘Gay Gooners’ for example.

Now if a gay wants to watch football, more power to him (they, them whatever the fuck nonsense). It seems though, the can’t shut the fuck up about their sexuality. ‘Ooh look at me I’m a gay!” Who gives a fuck? Keep your depraved antics to yourself.

Well now it seems singing the ‘Chelsea rent boy’ chant is to mean getting turfed out and banned. And before you say it’s the lefties not so much the gays, I’d argue against that, as I’ve seen interviews with these fan groups demanding an end to such chants. But yes, lefties push for this too.

I’d argue it’s not even ‘homophobic’. It’s a chant claiming that such and such an ex Chelsea player is a male prostitute.

Football is dying anyway, as all traditional chants get you done nowadays. “Who’s the bastard in the black?” That’ll get you turfed out. Swearing? Told to be quiet by the stewards and the fucking Tarquins who now attend games. Stand up? Told to sit down.

It’s so gay, which is why they come in droves to games now, as well as shitty arses.

I wouldn’t like to be the dad at the game whose young son asks what ‘gay’ means when he sees the banners everywhere, as well as why he needs to celebrate it . “Well son, it means that you must celebrate it when you know of a man who puts his pee pee up another man’s shitpipe.”

And they should use something more representative of their lifestyles than a rainbow flag.

A shit stained duvet, perhaps?

Get to fuck.

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87 thoughts on “‘Homophobic’ football chants

  1. Well known and sung by many sets of fans throughout the Granada region…

    ‘Elton Welsby! Is a wanker! Is a wanker!’🎵

    Coincidentally – like the other Elton – the little cunt also likes it up the chuff.

    • I was in agreement but just found this.

      Him calling women’s football ‘Our birds against Man United tarts’ and calling it shite. And that wimmins commentators are shite.

      Welsby was fucking terrible anyway, wooden as fuck.

      But still, some refreshing comments here. I doubt he’d make them if he was still on the ITV gravy train though.

      Cunt hasn’t aged well though. Early 70s but unrecognisable, poor cunt.

      Is he really a bumboy? Never heard that about him but what the fuck do I know?


      • Yeah, Cuntybollocks. Welsby is a chutney ferret. He was in a relationship with that poof who played Jimmy Corkhill.

        Nice Partridge-esque comments about bints in football though.😉

  2. Off topic, but I wonder if the lad murdered by those five black cozzers will get the Chicken Floyd George treatment? Will Tyre Nicholls get sainthoods, murals, car stickers, and be worshipped the world over? Nah, don’t think he will. Because the cops who killed him weren’t white.

    Like that cunt Sasha Cabbage Johnson, black lives only matter when it’s white people ending them.

    • I might cunt the protests I saw. All the blacks with their ‘racist cops’ and ‘racism’ banners.

      Fuck me, it’s still the honky man’s fault when some blacks snuff out another black.

      Will be interesting to hear if the deceased has a huge criminal record or not though.

  3. The rent boy chant, has something to do with one of Chelsea’s top “boys” from their firm, being caught in bed with a rent boy.

  4. Lee bums Bell.
    Bell bums Lee.
    Then they all bum Summerbee.

    With a nick nack paddywack. Give the dog a bone
    Why don’t City fuck off home?

    That old man,Tony Book.
    Can he play football? Can he fuck.

    With a nick nack paddywack. Give the dog a bone
    Why don’t City fuck off home?

    • 10 men went to bed., went to bed with with —REDACTED—.
      10 men and their mobile phone went to to bed with —REDACTED—.

  5. I’ve said it before, football is a game strictly for the homosexualist, whether you are a player or a supporter. You are probably living in denial, but you’re definitely a Marmite Badger! If you wear your team strip outside the sanctuary of your own home, it’s like you’ve painted a big sign on you that says “I’m a bummer”. Drinking out of a someone’s team emblazoned mug at work could and will cause you to catch the gayness.

  6. I was pleasantly surprised at how rapidly the incident was dealt with by the Black Female Chief of Police. Ten days to investigate, process then on to a charge of Murder in the Second Degree. Commendable. Their arses will be on parade in jail pretty damn quick. Had they been white officers all America would be aflame while they continued on duty protected by slick lawyers.
    I am calling out the inverse racism in this and the dumbnuts behaviour of the perpetrators for failing to turn their personal cameras off and acting out a beyond stupid excuse of what they did for the world to see.

    • Bugger too pissed to know what I am going. Put this comment in the wrong section. Leave you to work it out or just delete it. Sorry.

  7. I k ow a chant:
    Cunt cunt cunt fucking cunt cunt cunt.
    A good all-rounder. Ticks boxes for divwrshitty and multicunturalism.

  8. So let’s get this right…..you cannot tread on anyone’s toes at a footy game by mentioning their homosexuality…. unless of course, it is covered by your world governing body which has been taking a huge rake off from a regime that opposes homosexuality to house an international tournament?

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