‘Homophobic’ football chants

With the promotion of the gayness at football matches, we now have fan groups consisting exclusively of gays. ‘Gay Gooners’ for example.

Now if a gay wants to watch football, more power to him (they, them whatever the fuck nonsense). It seems though, the can’t shut the fuck up about their sexuality. ‘Ooh look at me I’m a gay!” Who gives a fuck? Keep your depraved antics to yourself.

Well now it seems singing the ‘Chelsea rent boy’ chant is to mean getting turfed out and banned. And before you say it’s the lefties not so much the gays, I’d argue against that, as I’ve seen interviews with these fan groups demanding an end to such chants. But yes, lefties push for this too.

I’d argue it’s not even ‘homophobic’. It’s a chant claiming that such and such an ex Chelsea player is a male prostitute.

Football is dying anyway, as all traditional chants get you done nowadays. “Who’s the bastard in the black?” That’ll get you turfed out. Swearing? Told to be quiet by the stewards and the fucking Tarquins who now attend games. Stand up? Told to sit down.

It’s so gay, which is why they come in droves to games now, as well as shitty arses.

I wouldn’t like to be the dad at the game whose young son asks what ‘gay’ means when he sees the banners everywhere, as well as why he needs to celebrate it . “Well son, it means that you must celebrate it when you know of a man who puts his pee pee up another man’s shitpipe.”

And they should use something more representative of their lifestyles than a rainbow flag.

A shit stained duvet, perhaps?

Get to fuck.

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87 thoughts on “‘Homophobic’ football chants

  1. Fucking hell, I must’ve been in a right mood (or pissed) when I wrote this, your honour erm…

    Gays are awesome and don’t spread the AIDS or eat da poo poo, obviously.

  2. Homo’s were invisible in my youth. They existed, but you seldom knew for sure. It is only since the parading began and the outrageous in yer face shite that I became completely homophobic. Now ( at my age ) I don’t give a fuck what I say and to whom. Arse chiseler’s dressed in Tu Tu’s should be erased from the earth, and any fucker daft enough to “embrace” the fuckers gassed.

  3. I my youth puffs G ay s homo s bummer s etc hated football.

    Why the change in opinion??

    Attention seeking maybe 🤔

    Who cares.

    • great vitriol filled nom. fucking pooftahs, if you like it up the arse, why tell me about it.?

      Fckng football, bunch of girls. Prancing queens.

      No offence, lol.

  4. Anyone remember the Gaylords from Glasgow? Changed their name to Marmalade. It seems it spread easier…. some say

    • 4 and twenty virgins, came down from Inverness, and when they went back there were four and twenty less oooooohhhhhhh, all together now!!!

  5. I honestly don’t give a toss what you do, or who you do, once you’ve closed the front door as long as they are legal age and willing.

    Just stop rubbing my nose in it!

    Do I walk around in sensible, appropriate, clothing with a banner telling the world I’m straight and proud? Do I knock on people’s doors and tell them I don’t believe in Heaven when they’re trying to cook Sunday lunch. Do I glue myself to the road, or deface painting in support of mining coal for energy?

    No I fucking don’t.

    • Exactly right.

      Sub-cultures, rather than insisting they’re a visible / hugely relevant part of the mainstream, should remain contentedly ‘underground’ and faintly taboo. And stop ruining things for the majority.

      In fact. it’s time the majority common sense mainstream got their own flags and shouty activists .. or would that be sinking to the lowest common denominator…..

      -Sips remainder of bottle and ponders… –

  6. Chelsea male prostitute doesn’t really roll off the tongue, maybe Chelsea bum hole for sale or Name… does he take it up the Arsenal but maybe Beckham will call dibs as it was his chant ‘does she take it up the Arsenal’

    Is it still ok the question the parentage of the ref?

  7. Yet another instance of an activity which is nothing to do with an issue being hijacked by propagandists for the issue. It’ll be model railway clubs promoting furries’ rights next.

    I should give a fuck. I have never been to a football match.

    • When I was very much younger, I did.
      We’d pop into our local, because the landlady did outstanding hot roast chicken or pork bread cakes. Scran one, get her to wrap a takeaway in triple foil & of to the grounds.

      It was exciting, you could take small children as great big hulking blokes would find them a safe spot, and form a barrier round them, in case of crowd surges.

      I wouldn’t go now even if I had the Popemobile for transport and a riot squad with shields round me.

  8. You people,there are no homosexuals playing football.

    Anyone with eyes can see that.
    The play acting, the crying to the referees make women hot for them.

    Oh I forgot about the ridiculous amount of money the pansies earn.

  9. ♪♫ ♪ Here we go, here we go, here we go …
    Here we go, here we go, here we go, oh,
    Here we go, here we go, here we goooooh!,
    Here we go, here we go, here we go. ♫ ♪♪♪♫♫

    They don`t write them like that anymore.

    • Class.
      Then there’s the tenuously homophobic

      I hear the sound of distant bums over there over there
      and do they smell (clap-clap clap-clap)
      like fuckin’ ‘ell (clap-clap clap-clap)

      A favourite at Villa Pk back in the 80s. Pure quality.

  10. He’s half a boy, he’s half a girl,
    Torres, Torres,
    He wears a frock, he loves the cock,
    He sells his arse on Albert Dock,
    Torres, Torres.

    What’s wrong with that?

  11. ‘Chelsea Rent Boys’ was always a chant directed at the London fans and their apparent ease of getting money.
    ‘We can see you holding hands ‘ when directed at Brighton fans is a bit more about their sexuality, but hardly warrants a fine and a ban.
    At this rate we don’t be allowed to sing anything unless some snowflake takes objection. Fuck ’em all…

  12. Not been to a match since the Premier League was invented by cunts..

    Count myself lucky as it’s quite obviously infested by AIDS devotees and Guardian readers.

    Fucking dreadful.

    • Not on the Holte End Unkle.
      At Villa Pk, such cunts are strictly limited to the executive boxes, along with the rest of the prawn sandwich brigade,

  13. Newcastle United vs Sunderland 1996, to the tune of Yellow Submarine:

    In the land where I was born,
    There lived a man with a monkey’s heed,
    And he went to Sunderland,
    And his name is Peter Reid.
    Peter Reid’s got a fucking monkey’s heed,
    A fucking monkey’s heed,
    A fucking monkey’s heed.

  14. It’s never ending at the Emirates. We get lectured about “hate” at the beginning of every game and hectored at half-time. It’s because it was the last bastion of hetero, mostly white, working class men and, therefore, had to be destroyed.

  15. How I miss the toxic masculinity of the 70s and 80s. Real blokes, birds where birds and were up for it. Poofs kept themselves to themselves, pubs were full of smoke and empty of kids. Fuck it all now.

    • Too true Lord Cuntingford. Strippers at the local on a Sunday afternoon, Boddies on draught, bags of crisps that weren’t 70% air, the peanuts card with the fit bird on it, none of this gastro pub and craft beers shite back then. And kids were banned from pubs then and all. Those were the days.

  16. The Chelsea rent boy song is neither homophobic or illegal.

    There have been chants for years about Aberfan, the Munich Air Crash, and Hillsborough. Yet were their any arrests or bans? No, because that’s the ‘wrong’ type of offensive chanting, and the finer feelings of delicate doughnut punchers are seemingly more important than the dead.

    Also, three Liverpool fans were arrested for singing the rent boy song and causing some soft arsed sodomites ‘distress’. Yet some sambeau bitch with the help of that scumbag Frankie Boyle can openly say that she wants to murder white people on national television, and no fucker gives a shit. If everyone was fair game and we all had the same rules, it wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s the selectiveness and hypocrisy that stinks.

    • I don’t know about gays watching football but I had an unsettling experience the other evening. I saved a picture on the internet, I thought wow she’s fit, I want to know who she is, and it turns out to be a fucking boy! Seems he’s called Choi Yeonjun and he’s part of a band called TXT from South Korea. Good job I found out before I had a wank over it. These photos can be deceptive. I blame the cunts who’re forever trying to merge us all into one gender. It’s worried me though, I may need aversion therapy on the NHS.

      • The nurse who put me on the machine today is from Hong Kong, and she is absolutely stunning. Blood pressure always goes higher when she does it.

  17. ‘Tip toe through the Kippax. With a pickaxe, and a sawn off shotgun.’

    The old ones are the best….

  18. Posh spice, posh spice,
    Takes it up the arse,
    Takes it up the arse,
    Takes it up the arse.

    Posh Spice is a slapper,
    She wears a Wonderbra,
    And when she’s shagging Beckham,
    She thinks of Ginola.

    I’m enjoying this trip down memory lane.

  19. It’s not enough for the benders to have equality, to marry, adopt children like normal cunts. No we have to celebrate their “pride” with them and no dissenters will be tolerated. Thus we must wear their emblems and have their flags everywhere like some conquering fucking army.
    There’s an interesting case in America at the moment. Some ice hockey team (it’s big in Yankland) decided their players would wear a jersey in support of gays during the pre match warm up. One player refused on religious grounds and did not take part in the warm up but played in the game where they wore their normal jerseys.
    Predictably the libtard media are up in arms calling for him to be fined and suspended etc etc. Unfortunately his jersey sold out completely in 24 hours so the league and the club backed him up. (Money talks as usual) The media went apeshit , one sports reporter nearly bursting into tears on live TV. (the American Linekunt ?) These are the same people who when Kapaernick and those cunts were kneeling during the National Anthem said everyone has the right to protest. No……only when you approve of it you cunts. No need to ask who’s side Gareth Wokegate would be on in this case.

  20. I remember when Manchester United played Chelsea at Old Trafford in 1986.

    Patricia Phoenix had just died from cancer, and the Chelsea in the away end sang ‘You better fucking believe it. Elsie Tanner’s dead.’ A burst of the Coronation Street theme came from the United fans, then the thick Chelsea cunts sang the EastEnders theme (since when was Chelsea in the East End?).

    The Stretford End responded with a conga style ‘Lofty is a virgin! Lofty is a virgin!’

  21. When an elderly programme seller passed the front of the stand at Leicester, the crowd changed the usual ‘get your tits out for the lads ‘ to’ ‘Get your teeth out for the lads ‘.

    Libtards would have a coronary if they were transported back a few years.

  22. I wonder what today’s feeble, easily offended wokies, would make of the old song whenever you played Watford back in the day……

    🎵 He’s bald, he’s bent
    his arse is out to rent
    Elton John….Elton John 🎵

    Oh dear. Oh ducky. Beasts!

  23. I believe some sections of the Man Itd crowd used to sing something along the lines of

    Romelu Lukaku,

    “He’s our Belgium scoring genius,
    “He’s got a 24 inch penis,
    “Scoring all the goals,
    “Bollocks to his toes.”

    Of course the leftists who’d never been to watch a match screamed it was a stereotyped racial slur.

    Then somebody pointed out they weren’t aware people from Belgium were know for having massive cocks.

    And that kind of summed up everything about leftist, they see everything through the prism of colour as it is they who are the real racists.

  24. Heard by Aldershot supporters at my school at break time “Your going home in a fucking ambulance ” and “we’re the boys in doctor Martin’s your the girls in doctor whites”.
    Dr whites were a popular sanitary product back in the 70s I believe.

  25. Why couldn’t the gays stayed with rugby? Centuries of public school mincing nancying tradition abandoned?


    • 🎵 All that rugby puts hairs on your chest
      What chance have you got against a tie and a crest?
      Hello….hooray..have a nice day…with the Eton Rifles, Eton Rifles
      Hello….hooray….I hope rain stops play…for the Eton Rifles, Eton Rifles 🎵

  26. Gay homos on the pitch.

    Gay homos watching from the stands.

    That game is utterly finished,

  27. 🎶 Van Persie.
    When a girl says no.
    Molest her 🎶

    (To the tune of that terrible Artful Dodger/ Craig David Bo selecta song)

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