The MSM and Content Warnings

The MSM nannying up to an overtly ‘sensitive’ population.

Many times I have watched news reports on disasters, accidents, trauma and the like. I don’t know about you, but we must have been made of sterner stuff back when I was young in the 70’s- I admit, I found the maggot looking aliens with the green slime in an episode of Dr Who with Jon Pertwee a ‘bit’ frightening…but we didn’t have warnings, before, during and after the episode about how scary it may be for their audience.

Now, however anything in the news that may be more ‘frightening’ than saying ‘boo’ to a goose is flagged up to warn viewers beforehand.

Personally, I think this is really getting out of hand. Below is a prime example of this bollocks to see what I am talking about. Seriously- if this is disturbing to a viewer, then they shouldn’t be in control of their own bowel movements or have knives in the kitchen…or watch early episodes of Dr Who!

I watched this (and like most videos on MSM with a warning) I waited and waited for the disturbing scenes…..and they never transpired. Seriously, if you find this disturbing then fuck me we haven’t a hope if we go to war.


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55 thoughts on “The MSM and Content Warnings

  1. Quite so CC.
    I get tired of all the “warnings” given about things that some people might find disturbing or offensive.
    Well, they never give me any warnings of scenes with two blokes with their fucking tongues down each others throats – which I find extremely offensive and disturbing!!

    • The only offensive thing about this clip is that it’s purportedly filmed in London yet there’s an absolute scarcity of what might be called English Londoners in it.

  2. They have these type of warnings for “this report contains flash photography” which I hope some epileptic missed while maybe making a cuppa and spazzed out on the floor over a report of Katie Prices latest bankruptcy.

  3. A more interesting question, is why someone was filming a deserted alley even before the shots, and screaming runners?

    • I think it is cctv footage which also begs the question about the vehicle used in the drive-by Colombian drug war shooting (my guess) as London has more cctv than people (slight exaggeration) the vehicle must have been on traffic and other cctv so why were they asking for information about the fucking thing.

  4. I’ve just paid 4.20 for a pint of beer, and I do declare I have a touch of the vapours.

    I can’t believe it was that cheap.

  5. All you see is a few cunts running past. How is that disturbing? It could be a marathon or something. Just another example of the infantilisation of the population. They want us to be terrified of everything so Nanny can tell us what to do and push us around.
    All for our own good obviously.

  6. I think the answer as to why the MSM print these warnings is to be found at the bottom of the article, where a resident claimed her children ” were traumatised, especially after they found out it was a shooting”
    Presumably they also cower under the bed on Bonfire Night.
    So, in order not to “traumatise” anyone who might sue, they put these warnings on.
    Plus, it enhances the clickbait level.

    • Point is Jeezum, that young kids have no experience of the world and take their clues from the adults around them. This is why you have children afraid of the harmless creepy-crawlies we have in this country and also how the pedos get away with it; the kids don’t know it’s not the norm. We took ours to a theme park when they were little and at one point the younger one disappeared. When I found her she was in a marquee where they were showing the kids various small wildlife close up. She was standing there with a tarantula the size of a dinner plate sitting in, or rather on her hand and she didn’t turn a hair.

  7. “If you have been affected in any way by this cunting, you have probably navigated to the wrong site.”

  8. Anyone else old enough to remember the distinctly creepy ‘Quatermass’ on the Beeb back in the late 50s? I was about 8 or 9 when it was on, but begged and pleaded with my mom and dad to be allowed to stay up and watch.
    Before the programme started, the announcer would state in a sonorous voice ‘this programme may not be suitable for those of a nervous disposition’.
    To this very day, I still remember the delicious tingle of anticipation that those words sent down my spine.

    Afternoon all.

    • I wasn’t born when that was on but, even now, I get slightly unnerved when I watch the film Quatermass and the Pit.

      • You can get the original BBC series on dvd moggie. I fucking love it; it was pants-wetting good when I watched it as a kid.
        I believe that it actually went out ‘live’. Still stands up 60+ years later.

      • It seems odd to hear of something good emanating from the BBC, but it was 60 years ago. I’ll look into it.

  9. Have you esteemed cunters ever seen the news in Mexico. Stories about gangland slayings and pictures to illustrate precisely which bits and bobs have been lopped off.

    No puffy warnings about the content either.

  10. I’m offended when no warning appears, telling us there won’t be anything offensive in the following programme.

  11. Its a pity we don’t get a “May contain lefty bullshit” warning before every BBC news report.

    • Change the ‘may’ to ‘will always’ 👏

      The Australian tennis BBC reporting, Andy Murray front and centre but the real lefty stance came to the fore with specificity mentioning that Coco Gauff had been knocked out but no mention of any of the other seeded player who bit the dust, I wonder why 😂

    • Don’t need a warning for that , it’s the safest assumption you’ll ever make.

  12. Modern folk are soft as shite.

    Thumbsuckers and bedwetters.

    The generations before wasn’t pampered,
    They were in the pit, the mill, the trench.

    No time for pussying about.

    Nowadays grown men,
    Scared of the dark!!
    Squeamish at a bit of blood.

    I don’t need or want to be warned, I’m not going to cry if some actor swears.

    Or someone says a hurty word.

    If you get upset easy well,
    Maybe you shouldn’t watch TV, read the papers, go online?

    Maybe your too delicate for the world?
    Like, ….a snowflake 😁

  13. I find it offensive when you get blokes snogging without a warning or wimmins and efnik only cunts as sports pundits.

    Soccer Saturday was a decent watch, once upon a time. Big Nose Phil Thompson, Rodney Marsh, Matt Le Tissier, Frank McLintock with Jeff Stelling hosting.

    All cunts but it worked.

    Now they’ve got the likes of the stupendously annoying Scouse tuppence licker, Sue Smith with Clinton ‘brain of Britain’ Morrison.

    Fucking dire.

    I also find all the anti honky,lefty shit offensive on the telly.

    No fucking warning for any of that though.

    • Used to love Soccer Saturday. Bestie, Marshy, Concorde Conk Thommo, Le Tissier, Chris Kamara, all that lot.

      Now it’s Karen Cunt Carney. Micha ‘laugh at anything’ Richards, Gary ‘Fred Kite’ Neville, Clinton ‘retard; Morrison, and Jamie ‘asthmatic parrot’ Carragher.

  14. And another thing,
    I don’t need warning of ” outdated attitudes and language”.

    I still have these attitudes and language,
    And like it .

    I don’t faint at blood either.

    Racism doesn’t offend me, or any isms.

    I’m over 8yrs of age,
    Don’t need someone acting on my behalf,
    Protecting me from the world.

  15. All designed to make the younger generation soft as shite,scared of their own shadow and infinitely malleable by whichever set of cunts is “in charge”.

    What’s that noise?

    It’s Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader spinning in his grave.

  16. Though I did enjoy the harrowing footage of tyre nichols.

    Maybe the coppers were trying to change him..

  17. When I was in Salford Royal, they had Man About The House on in the mornings on the telly.
    Before every episode, some cunt would say ‘comedy from a another time’ and ‘views from another era’. As if it was a propaganda film from Nazi Germany. Absolutely laughable.

  18. There should be a fucking warning before they show that fucking ‘In The Beach’ advert featuring that fucking dwarf-like Danny Devito look-a-like and his fucking tribe of cunts. I know there only acting, but, fuck me, I wish someone would resurrect Fred West and get him on the case.

    • There should be a fucking warning before they show that fucking ‘In The Beach’ advert featuring that fucking dw*rf-like Danny Devito look-a-like and his fucking tribe of cunts. I know there only acting, but, fuck me, I wish someone would resurrect Fred West and get him on the case.

      (Edited due to moderation).

  19. I don’t recall any warnings before the Green Inferno opening scene. Fuck me what a disturbing movie!

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