The Leftwaffe and the Politics of Hate

Have you noticed how the wokie lefties like to depersonalise everything, to reduce everything to identity politics.

If I hate Sparkletits because she is a money hungry whore who slags off my country I’m really a misogynist who hates ALL women.

If I hate Owen Jones because he’s a crybaby champagne socialist wanker it’s really because I’m a homophobe who hates ALL benders.

If I hate Lenny Henry because he’s a publicity grabbing two faced hypocrite it’s really because I’m a raaaaay-sist and I hate ALL blacks.

So I can’t hate some cunt because of the “content of their character”, (remember that) but it must be because of something wrong with MY character. That’s the way it works for the Leftwaffe.
Yet I can call some cunt like Trump a racist, a misogynist, a Nazi, an anti semite with no evidence whatsoever and that’s fucking fine. You have to hand it to the wokies…….they’ve got it all stitched up.

The cunts.

Nominated by : Freddie the Frog

46 thoughts on “The Leftwaffe and the Politics of Hate

  1. You show me a right-on lefty and I’ll show you one of the most intolerant cunts on the planet.

    Every. Fucking. Time.

  2. That revolting wanker Russell-Moyle jabbing his finger and screeching about ‘transphobia’ when a female MP dared to contradict the alphabet agenda is a perfect example. So much for ‘believe women’ and ‘lived experience.’ Then he deliberately went and sat near her to try and intimidate her. I’m pretty sure that she would win if they had a fight.

      • Nice.

        He has definitely risen up my hall brick list. Love to see him speak to a woman like that in the pub and get battered by some irate husband or boyfriend.

      • Mike, you were right in the first place, hall brick list.
        As in The Cask of Amontillado, by Edgar Allan Poe.

    • I suspect that Russell Moyle might be in the early stages of dementia. It is a fact that being HIV+ means that the sufferer is more prone to other illnesses especially those which normally affect people at a much later stage of life.

      Either that or he is just another nancy Nazi, a fairy fascist who gets in a hizzy fit if you dare to disagree with the old poof. There are so many Kweers in Keir’s party that we will become a dictatorship when he assumes power.

      • The is a lot of fucking irony with that Russell-Moyle cunt.

        Promotes the gay agenda but is riddled with the fucking AIDS.

        How much are we paying for his lifetime supply of retroviral drugs and treatment due to his degenerate lifestyle?

        These drugs should only be available to non gays. The gays are asking for it.

  3. This is a great cunting.
    Loony leftists have been using this technique for years to try and smear anyone who doesn’t follow their party line, and to shut down opposition.
    Slowly it’s being recognised for the cuntwaffle it is, and I’ve seen those on the receiving end starting to stand their ground and not come over all defensive. People are getting sick of this woke shit.

    Morning all.

  4. Wouldn’t worry too much.

    Hates good for you.
    Medical fact that is.

    It releases pent up rage,
    Adds years to your life.

    You can cheer yourself up knowing that you’ll outlive most lefties,

    I’m very hateful and I’ve not a line on my face!

    I look twenty years younger than most my age.
    Hated a wonderful thing.

    Viva Hate👍

    • You really have to hate everything, it works for me, I think I must be a leftie, bloody hell I hate myself 😳

    • The fit young blonde at my chemist’s asked me if I qualified for free prescriptions. I replied “Yes”, and she asked “On what grounds?”
      I’m over 60.
      I don’t think she believed me.
      Perhaps I should’ve asked for a tub of Elizabeth Arden cream…

  5. They are the Thought Police and would have been right at home in Stalinist Russia.

    I also strongly suspect these Cunts are vegans,which is assuredly the mark of a first rate wanker.

    Anyhow,for now at least,the mad cunts seem confined to the TV and various awful types of digital communication,which should be avoided at all costs.

    The NKVD is alive and well it seems,and has a cock but wears a flowery dress.

    Fuck off.

  6. Good cunting mate so so very accurate..

    MNC thanks for making me laugh, again, you often do , appreciate it

  7. I like the header pic Admin 👍

    Stirring stuff.

    Just like grandads old war uniform hidden in the loft.

    Ta. I was quite pleased with it myself. One of my better efforts me thinks – NA.

  8. I remember several years ago when the living legend himself – Clint Eastwood committed the ultimate crime and came out in support of Donald Trump (pre 2016 election).

    Next thing you know, the Twatter brigade were out screeching, wishing death on Clint because he was just “super old” and an “out of touch bigot” etc etc.

    The default setting of a “right on” woke lefty is to casually wish death on people who they disagree with.

    So kind.
    So tolerant.

    Stupid cunts.

    • Yes, that’s another crime for the lefties…… being old. That’s probably because most of them are young, dumb and brainwashed. How old is George Soros I wonder? Or Uncle Joe Biden?

    • I bet nobody said anything to his face. Old or not, he probably would have kicked the cunt through the nearest plate glass window.

  9. The left must must crying into their cornflakes, USA…. the latest blick to be given a kicking by the police should have been a call to arms, unfortunately all five of the police officers were blick.
    Just having police brutality is never enough, it has to have Waaaaaaaaycist to really get the left steaming.

    • Yes most unfortunate that all the miscreants are black. Their Chief of Police is also black…….and a wimminz.
      What a disappointment that must be for the leftie race baiters.

      • On radio4 this morning, an “interview” which was an obvious fucking setup. BBC man asks some yank pundit how come people aren’t out rioting and looting. The joke reply was that it’s because the authorities are being responsible and treating the murder seriously. Oh please! We all know what would be happening now if the coppers had been white.

  10. Well eventually the left will eat its self, deciding who is the biggest victim.

    Crack a beer and sit back and watch the hissy fits.

      • I wouldn’t recommend it moggie, lefties are dead on the inside that’s why they speak so much shit.

      • The thought of eating Moaning Owen or Polly Toynbee (not yet dead, but smells like an over-ripe roadkill) almost makes me think of eating vegetables for the rest of my life. I’ll start with the soft, juicy parts of Penny Mordaunt. Crispy roast fuck.

  11. Good nom. Take wimminz football for example.
    To suggest that they have no financial right to demand equal pay to male players, or that there is little financial sense in demanding they play on heated pitches or in premier league stadia, would not be seen as reasonable debate.
    You’d be marked down as a woman hating sexist who also enjoys humiliating females both physically and sexually.
    End of argument. It’s a win win situation for the left. Aided and abetted by our ever leftie media.

  12. If you ever want a bit of comedy, pop over to the Guardian and read the comments. The Leftwaffe are a dangerously stupid bunch and blindly loyal to whatever their paper tells them. Seriously sanctimonius and unhappy cunts.

    • I had the misfortune to encounter a few in my uni days Cap’n. As you say, a dangerously stupid bunch, but what sticks most in my mind about these loonies was how crashingly boring they were. You could be talking about anything, from football to beer to films to fanny, and inevitably, they’d have a Marxist-Leninist interpretation on the subject to batter our ears with.
      To be avoided at all costs in the canteen or down the pub.

  13. Have you noticed how much the futuristic film “Invaders of the Body Snatchers” from 1956, is becoming more woke everyday ?

  14. This is no longer a battle of left versus right, it’s a battle of the fringe people versus the normal people. People who don’t give a fuck for lefties moaning about being called out on their fascism, or righties moaning for being called out on their racism.
    Normal people just want to get on with their lives without endless propaganda about trans rights or replacement theories.
    For every Owen Jones there is his alt right version, be it Milo, or PJW, or those type of whinging pricks.
    For every Abbot there’s a Braverman, for every Hunter Biden there’s a Jared Kushner.
    I wish all of them, and their supporters, would fuck off and let the rest of us enjoy whatever is left.

    • And there we have it. Just to add that most of the fuckers on both fringes are in it exclusively for their own aggrandisement and profit.

    • Thing is, for reasons that entirely escape me, practically every organisation, institution, Big Business, major political party, is now in thrall to the “fringe lunatics”, most of whom are loosely affiliated to the left, it has to be said.
      These cunts now call the shots in seemingly every walk of life, from banks that make their employees wear gender pronoun badges to the Tory party and its online diversity workshops for prospective MPs.
      Why these cunts aren’t simply told to fuck right off is a total mystery to me.
      My friends and acquaintances are a pretty diverse bunch, both left and right leaning, but none of them go along with this woke, BLM bollocks.

  15. To digress slightly, why do the Shuttleworths and the Postlethwaits have to put up with watching the Umbongos, in our traditional FA Cup matches ?

  16. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but wrong opinions should not be expressed. If only one opinion is expressed it becomes an accepted fact.

    5 black police officers under the command of a black police chief cause the death of a black man who ran when they tried to arrest them will be proven to be the result of systemic racism. FACT!

    We can’t stop wrong think (yet) but we can stop wrong speech.

    Sending a trans woman to female jail then having to move her to a male prison because she raped two women using her male genitalia is perfectly normal in a civilised country.

    Words are powerful and removing certain words from daily use alters culture far more than people realise.

    Valiant Scottish actor and LBGT+ activist returns OBE due to shame over empire for example, would look much different if wrong thinking individuals had written the headline.

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