Covid Conspiracy

All the YouTube conspiracy videos. All the people that argued it was a hoax.
All the stuff about Fauci. All the stuff about Bill Gates.
All the Wuhan stuff. That it was deliberately spread.
All the crazier sort of conspiracy I mean.

Happening in China now-

ITV News Link

Nominated by: Miles Plastic

92 thoughts on “Covid Conspiracy

  1. Thanks Miles you reminded me to pick up some tinfoil later.

    And no it’s not for hats.

    I have a specially made one, out of stainless steel.

  2. Reading that article it appears the Charlie Chan government is just as clueless and fucking useless as ours.
    That’s encouraging.
    Other than that I don’t understand your point Miles.

    • I had been listening to a a lot of pretty wild conspiracy talk…then switched the Itv report on.

      Suddenly a feeling ‘back to reality’.
      Or something.

      • Specifically Rand Paul going after Fauci. Yes there he is he’s got Fauci in a corner. He’s got him on the ropes…about whether Fauci authorised funding for the Wuhan Lab.
        Which Fauci has tried to answer but because it was a committe he cant say.
        But Paul is not happy and tells Fauci ‘youre not going to get away again’ something like.

        All great political theatre but ‘meanwhile’ as they say…’meanwhile’ in China the coffins stacking up.

  3. What ever happened to those Chinese videos from early on in the “pandemic”

    There were some absolute corkers among those.

    People dropping dead. (and that was before the vaccine had came out)
    People banging on hospital doors begging to be let in.
    Dead bodies laying in the street.

    The CCP must have deleted them through embarrassment.

    Lying bastards.

  4. Because there are reports from China that COVID rates are increasing doesn’t seem to have had any effects in Europe where they are decreasing.

    If there is flooding in Pakistan are we to start filling bags with sand in Europe?

    A food shortage in Africa?
    Should we stockpile frozen pizzas?

    To say that I don’t give a fuck about China would be wrong.
    I was planning a business trip there before COVID.
    I am in contact with my colleagues there.

    The news report is contradictory to what they are telling me.

  5. Covid . Flu of a nasty type, not as lethal as publicised and the numbers of deaths must be egged up to make the project look good. Death Toll here ( in care ) SFA.

  6. All the shit the chinks eat they should be fucking dying by the millions, the dirty bastards.

    The favourite dish, Wuhan bat soup, what more evidence do you need 😂

  7. There were some real beauties posted here on ISAC.

    For example:

    The Big Chunky Cunty on February 10, 2021 at 6:04 pm said:

    There is no fucking virus. It’s statistical manipulation, propaganda, and outright fraud. Still yet to see a single dead body on the way to Tesco’s by the way.


    • Should of been a few people with the shit beaten out of them outside tesco’s, with a the toilet roll and pasta hoarding..

    • Fell off a ladder and died, less than 28 days after testing positive for Covid = Covid death.

      Test positive for Covid while dying a slow painful death from cancer = Covid death.

      There was some statistical manipulation at play to be fair.

      Good Afternoon Ruff

  8. Just wait until the 95 coal-fired power stations currently under construction in China come on stream. Breathe in the smoke from that lot, Hoo Flung Dung, and your one-child only family are going to find out what a real respiratory illness feels like.

  9. Covid was is real and a cunt, that said some lying money making scheming cunts have made fucking loads out of it; politicians appear high up on the list, also the covid doesn’t exist cunts seem to have profited from their conspiracy theories u tube etc (advertising etc).
    All a pile of shite.

    • 5 Minutes? Sorry Sam, I only lasted 5 seconds. That nutter’s accent said ‘Drakeford’ to me, so that was enough.

      • Exactly my thought Geordie. I suspect you like me have an accent by which people can tell where you are from, but hopefully like myself, people can tell what the fuck you are saying. His accent grates like that of the Scottish county council leader but at least she has been persuaded to stop saying Scortland.”

      • And apologies for going off topic, but anyone see the “Politics Live” programma today? Round the desk 60% ethnic and half the white contingent was Stephen Kinnock. I must give it up.

      • In shock news, the post mortem results for poor Mrs Drakeford are in and she didn’t die “because she wanted to”…

  10. When the highlight of the week was a fucking once a week trip to fucking ASDA, Chris Whitty, Masks, Coppers Narks, Two metres, New normal, Big reset, Do as I say not as I do Politicians and Tik Tok dancing whilst your supposed to be working. Oh what happy days they were.

  11. lost 2 mates to the covid both fit blokes who always worked outside ,no other health problems one went into hospital on a Wednesday night and died following day the other in early 40s took weeks to go. So conspiracy theories are mostly bollocks as they always prove to be.

  12. I loved being part of ‘The Conspiracy’ because I have an NHS email address!! Oh, and being called a ‘liar’ because I’ve had the temerity to witness deaths caused by Covid and the wards they were on. (That didn’t exist becuase some cunt on the internet said they didn’t).

  13. It wasn’t a hoax but a lot of official government stats were utterly bent or made up

    • Exactly. Clearly people died from it. But we should be careful of lumping an out-and-out denier with all the rest of the people pointing out the nonsense in the restrictions and the lies from msm and governments.

    • Indeed, CotL.

      What bothers me to this day is that, if someone died of an industrial illness like asbestosis, but Covid was recorded as the cause, families who were entitled to compensation will have been denied it.

      Utter cunting turds.

  14. I loved the pandemic.
    Empty roads, like driving in the 1940s!
    Empty streets when walking the dog.
    Songbirds tweeting away.

    Loved it.
    Best time of my life👍

    Those hoarders should of been shot although it didn’t effect me.
    I don’t eat pasta.
    Or wipe my arse.

    But COVID caused civil war on ISAC.

    True believers on both sides.
    It went from far out nutty to seriously in-depth analysis.

    I like neither.

    Glad it’s done with.

  15. The pandemic was manipulation from big government. All started when the fake moon landings backfired and blew up the twin towers and simulated school shootings. By Hilary Clinton. Elvis is behind all this, mark my words.


    • Everything’s a conspiracy. This Tory government is a conspiracy. Nobody’s really that stupid. Corrupt? Yeah, I’ll accept that.

      And seeing as the Ukraine thread has been discontinued, I’d just like to say that Putin’s a cunt. Thank you.

      • Seconded. Re Ukraine thread, perhaps Admin could, in cases like that, arrange a meeting with pistols at dawn?

        Putin’s a cunt indeed.

      • DCI @

        Mine was Fiddler grilling Foxy over the empty hospital wards.

        I’d never cringed and laughted at the same time before.

      • Oh yes, I forgot about that! We should have a ‘Nostalgia’ section, just for laughs and put those threads in there! I remember, after seeing Covid wards and zipping up numerous body bags and thinking what planet Vern was on🤣🤣

      • dick Fox fucker pretend rich tosseron January 14, 2023 at 7:07 am said:

        I just want ONE link and ONE link only from you…… one to a REPUTABLE site that validates your claim that Zelensky has “BANNED ALL” opposition parties.
        Not one to a site that says he has suspended some opposition parties for the duration of the war but one to ”BANNED ALL”
        Do you understand that?….Have I made it clear enough ?


      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

        And the General just sayin that he wasn’t going to post on the thread, any more🤣🤣 I had visions of him stamping his cowboy boots in the sawdust🤣🤣🤣

      • I hope people don’t start thinking that I’m a bit of a Cunt.

      • No fucking way! Folk like the General are used to going on sites that are like soundboards, where everyone agrees witth them and it’s a mutual back-slapping session. When they come here, they get challenged, and just can’t handle it. Look at the feathers I ruffled when certain posters were saying that people weren’t dying, telling me I wasn’t seeing what I was seeing , with my own peepers.

      • Evening, Dick.

        Less a cunt, more dogged… “it comes from my years of (legal) fox-hunting,of course… “Reynard going to earth never stopped me in my lust for blood and guts….up he came,no matter how long it took.”

        👍 Most commendable!

      • @ DCI

        Said he wasn’t going to post on the thread anymore, then went on to do the exact opposite.

    • The worst thing about the Ukraine thread was the lack of humour. It was boring as fuck. Glad it’s locked, wish it was permanently deleted. Bag o’ shite.

  16. Political leaders all around the world could never agree on the colour of shite. But! In one week, all were singing from the same song sheet.

    • An old mate of mine who was a Jeremy Corbyn fan immediately springs to mind when I think back to the Covid debacle.

      Hates the Tories to the point where he foams at the mouth yet in 2020, he was hanging on to every word of advice from that beacon of honesty and integrity – Boris Johnson.


  17. Had it badly last year. I almost called DCI Gene Cunt out with it. All the symptoms … except the respiratory ones, weirdly Perhaps that was down to the jabs?. Taste and smell went, appetite, motivation too. Passed out a couple of times. Weird effects on digestion…etc. Knocked me over for a fortnight and it took me two months to recover (mostly),. aka long Covid. I’d had 3 jabs previously .

    It’s fucking real all right. If you get it like that, get grapes and tonic water in. That’s about all you’re able to taste, and when the taste comes back, much of your normal diet will be unpleasant to disgusting for a while.

    • Good job you’d had your 3 vaccinations Komodo.

      Speaking of which – I hear the powers that be are withdrawing the Covid booster for healthy under 50s.

      The BMJ even published an article recently linking heart problems in 19-35 year old men (or something to that effect) potentially with the vaccine.

      Is this a potential move away from “safe and effective” to something else?

      • It’s common sense not giving healthy under 50s the jab.
        They’re not at risk of serious illness or death.
        Would be a massive waste of money and resources.

      • I’m a long way past 50 – but reasonably fit – and I had a couple of weeks of palpitations a week or two after every jab. Also after the actual disease. Usually it’s much younger men who get myocarditis, and my experience doesn’t seem to be common. There’s a suggestion that this may be due to damage to the vagus nerve, which also communicates with the viscera, and I’m inclined to buy that. More evidence needed: “too many theories, not enough data”. (Geologists’ mantra)

      • I’ll be 65 on Wednesday.
        Me and the wife had 3 jabs.
        No side effects.
        Apart from after the second one I had some mild flu-like symptoms lasting less than 24 hours.
        Not bad enough to prevent me working.

  18. I went all the way through it without catching it,
    Then got it last year.

    Fuck me, never had a dry throat like that!

    But being Chinese it couldn’t cope in my vastly superior English body.

    Few days,
    My red,white, and blue antibodies kicked fuck out of the slit eyed virus.

    I can see how it’d kill a Chinaman,

    But luckily I’ve no foreign blood in me.
    Wiped the floor with it.

    I made COVID Ill.

  19. Statistically, you need to vaccinate over 975’000 41-49 year olds, to mitigate against 1 death without serious pre-existing conditions.

    One in 800 will experience serious reactions/ side effects from taking the Pfizer MRNA vaccine/booster.

    That means, statistically, the vaccine is over a thousand times more likely to cause harm to a healthy 41-49 year old, than the virus.

    Not conspiracy-data from our own regulators and statistical analysis.
    Information which the ministry of health had in its possession, since November 2022-yet they still advocated vaccination for fucking five year olds, this year☹️

    Critical thinking, Miles🤔

    • I see the Astra Zenica jab was quietly withdrawn from the market last year after some seriously fatal side effects.

      Bit of a shame, because I was looking forward to the data being released for the ‘trial’ period next month.

  20. The maddening this is that if COVID 20 came along this year, this decade, you know that 75% of spastics would line up all over again for their quadruple vaccines. 2020-2021 brought how to me how compliant and conformist most people are, despite their endless moaning about the government and media being cunts.

  21. I’ve had five Covid jabs, and I’ll probably have to have another one.

    The shite I have heard about the jab over the last two years. Microchips, monkey glands, alien technology,ancient Egypt, you fucking name it.

    • I had 3 jabs but didn’t bother after that.
      I’m fit early 50s ,
      No underlying health issues,

      And couldn’t be arsed if I’m honest.

    • Sensible in your present condition-you are a “vulnerable”.

      However, omicron is now classed as a disease of “lo-concern” by governments.*

      *High concern by pharmaceutical companies 😉

  22. The range of conspiracies is wide, but then so is the amount of official guidance, such as Dr Shillary Jones telling people to wear masks if swimming in the sea.

    If you question anything about the vaccine, you’re still an anti- vaxxer, despite mounting evidence against the testing methods used by Pfizer, the role of the FDA, the supply issues over PPE, Prof. Van Tam saying masks were ineffective then changing his mind, Media forecasting more doom over Omicron despite South African medics reporting far milder symptoms, Andrew Bridgen’s sacking, Partygate, the police going berserk and abusing their powers.

    The whole thing has been a gigantic clusterfuck, and shown up governments and authorities worldwide as incompetent cunts. Had it been a war against an organised foreign power we would’ve lost.

  23. Conspiracies Miles? 🧐

    Steady on. You’re starting to sound like a bit of a “normie”. 😉

  24. Stone Roses monkey man, Ian Brown spouting all kinds of coronaviral conspiracy proved he really had lost it. Cool as fuck in 1989, and now look…🙄

    The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see its arse…

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