Bingo Allison

Bingo Allison. A bloke in a dress.

It’s the wife and three kids I feel sorry for.

Bingo Allison, Church of England priest has decided to try and fool himself into thinking he is a she.

Going by the photos in the article, he couldn’t fool anyone with a Labrador and a white stick.

We really need to stop celebrating mental illness as all of this is going to end very badly and not with the acceptance of sexual deviancy that the LG HDTV squad think they are going to get.

I also with the press would stop pandering to this they / them bollocks. It makes the articles utterly confusing to read and makes celebrities out of people who should be sectioned.

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88 thoughts on “Bingo Allison

  1. Don’t know about you lot but I found those pictures in the link fucking hilarious! I laughed so much my wife thought I was having a seizure.

  2. I note that our friend Bingo “visits schools and youth groups to encourage other LGBTQ+ people that there is a place for them in the Church.”
    Schools? Youth groups?
    Yeah, it’s called grooming you filthy fucking kiddy fiddler.

    • It’s fucking mental Freddie, I can’t believe what I’m seeing, its a bad fucking dream.

      I have, in my time, been a member of the CofE.

      Gone are the days of the morally upright Vicar, warning of the dangers of sexual immorality, no, long gone. Now we have paid in s dress administering communion.

      Ex-communicate the cunt, with a brick.

  3. What really boils my piss is that the media continues to call these freaks (and drag artists) “she” despite the fact that they still have fully intact wedding tackle. This is particularly so on the recent news item of the Scottish rapist in drag sent to a women’s prison. 😡

    • Not just the media my friend. Apparently in the case of the cunt in Scotland, it was referred to in court as ‘she’. I bet they also made references like ‘her’ penis.

  4. Can you imagine this turning up as an muzzie preacher. He’d be stoned to death in 5 minutes. No wonder Christianity is fucked and church attendances are spiraling downwards.

  5. At least in Thailand they look like women, this one leaves you in no doubt as to what lurks below.

  6. I know that other cunters have already said this, but the fuck has a name like ‘Bingo’?
    I’d have thought that in itself was a big enough handicap in life, never mind flouncing about in a dress and makeup.
    How could anybody turn up at the church and utter a line like ‘I’m here to see Father Bingo, I’ve got an appointment with her at three o’clock’, and keep a straight face?


    Morning all.

  7. The smirk gave the game away. He’s going round the houses, just to get a full congregation.

  8. I found this (same link, scroll down) even more disturbing:

    “A recent survey by Stonewall found that more than a quarter of younger people now identify as LGBT.

    The LGBTQ+ charity claimed 71 per cent of Gen Z respondents – those aged 16 to 26 – identify as straight.”

    In order to push up our failing reproductive rates, another quarter of younger people will soon be illegal immigrants…intentionally…

  9. And to think, these cunts must have studied the old testament.
    Fire and damnation obviously doesn’t scare this fucker. Yet they preach it to the great unwashed.


  10. Good told him to be a tranny?

    I fucking well doubt it.

    If it was some kind of supernatural being telling him to do this, I think it might’ve been someone else.

    Going dooooowwwwnnnn.

      • lol, I’m with you CB, my fucking thing keeps talking to me. It’s like a bad acid trip lol

      • Indeed. Satan mimics Jesus. It’s how the door is opened.

        I used to be a smug , gobby twat when religion was mentioned. Big Dawkins and Hitchens fan.

        Now I know they were wrong. You don’t believe it? Maybe your soul isn’t good enough, like mine?

        Not so smug now, eh?

        Whose word lasts longer, smug cunts who know fuck all or the word or God?

        Repent !

    • And yes, you are entirely correct, not every spirit is holy.

      It really is demonic, Satan is laughing, and the churche’s response would be a bring and buy or a cup of tea.

      Fck that. England expects that every man will do his duty. Where did that spirit go, ffs?

      • The church needs a strong man. There all poofters and well off,out of touch morons.

        I’m genuinely thinking it might be my calling.

        If you thought the Spanish inquisition was tough, that was like a load of kittens snuggling on a fluffy rug surrounded by bunnies and Keith Chegwin, compared to me in charge of the church.

  11. The Horsemen are saddling up, this shite has gone too far, us of an eschatological frame of mind are looking forward to the fireworks.
    All would be well again if these poor demented fucktards just dressed up as ladies, most normal people would not give a fuck. The problem is their insistence that they are women made more fucking stupid by the fact that the majority of these creepy bastards pack meat and two veg and have no desire for the removal of said objects.
    How very sad that one of the biggest issues of our time is what is a women. I assure you brothers it is not something with a dick, and even if operated on is still a man

  12. To sort of borrow from Frankie Vaughan.

    ‘Give me the petrol. Give me the match. And leave the rest to me.’

    Kill it with fire!

    • lol, forgive me, for I have sinned, by trashing this pooftahs head in. I have done those things I ought not to have done, and left undone ….. blah blah blah. I won’t leave him undone lol, fckng sick joke, I’ll give you fckng bingo, cunt.

  13. If ever the death penalty was justified it’s for these cunts with cocks or cocks with cunts and no idea what they are.

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