Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (4) – the Gas Stove Killer

This two-faced cunt is a Democratic Congresswench, and is spouting off that owning a gas stove can kill you; or at least cause brain disfunction due to the emission of NO2, which is an air pollutant and a possible contributor to climate change!

In essence she wants a ban on all new gas stove sales and financial incentives for people to convert from gas stoves to electric, which could run into the billions. Moreover, the state of New York has already banned the installation of gas stoves in new-build homes and other states may follow.

What she hasn’t publicly mentioned is that by moving everyone from gas stoves to electric across the USA it will place a huge burden on the equivalent of our National Grid.  This will be compounded further with the push to get people to use EV rather than ICE vehicles, and the need for people to install heat-pumps into their homes rather than gas central heating.

I am no scientific expert but how are renewables going to deliver the exponential demand to generate enough electricity to make all this work?

And what is so typical of AOC is her hypocrisy over this and previous public outpourings where she resorts with a “Do as I say, not as I do” trope

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Anyway, whether the ban become a federal issue is unclear, but don’t be too surprised if the EU and ultimately our government latch onto the idea and ban gas stoves, along with gas fires in line with their existing plans to ban gas central heating.

Just another kick towards moving  (some of) us back to the Stone Age

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53 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (4) – the Gas Stove Killer

    • Basically she is an idealogue (and probably a commie cunt despite labeling herself as a “Democrat”), so why let any technical knowledge let alone common sense get in the way. 🤔

      • “…(and probably a commie cunt despite labeling herself as a “Democrat”)”

        Both terms are fully interchangeable in ANY context Cuntalugs. The brain of Alexandria Occasional Cortex really is a vacant lot.

    • oh yes the NO2 from catalytic converters you tosspots introduced to make cars more inefficient, and give all cities more asthma.


  1. This bitch must have been exposed to gas stoves all her life because she’s definitely brain damaged. Not as damaged as the dozy cunts who vote for her though.

  2. As you say Techo, turning off the gas merely throws the demand for energy elsewhere, onto other sources.
    Looks like a clear case of bandwagon-jumoing to me.

    Morning all.

  3. Cause brain damage?

    I can only imagine she had a gas oven instead of a cot as a baby then.

    • Sounds to me like she was exposed to carbon monoxide. (CO) Small amounts of that will do funny things to yer metal wellbeing.

    • Fuck me it’d be hard to work out whos brain damaged from gas fires and who’s just genetically brain malformed in California.

      She’s reinvented her past to portray herself as a having a life of poverty and hardship.

      Try 80s Brinnington you cunt.
      You’d of been mugged for a bag of chips.

      She despises millionaires yet is friends with the kardashians and Jennifer Lopez?!!

      So, ok with multi millionaires then?

    • Must of been some gas fire round the Abbott’s family house?

      All the family trying to put on the same sock whilst drooling.

  4. Born in the Bronx. Also known as AOC. Only 33. What does she know? Refer her to Uncle Terry’s ‘Walk -In’ gas oven.

  5. Definitely give her a hate fisting and jizz in her eyes.

    In Minecraft, of course.

    Who cares what she says? She’s a fucking idiot.

    Who can sit on my face any time she likes.

    Back in five minutes.

  6. When is someone in authority going to grow up and just say it is all shite and “net zero” (whatever that is) is not going to ever work?

    • Fuck knows mi’lord. But it desperately needs to happen.

      That said, I for one am not holding my breath.

      • It appears that virtually everyone in any position of authority wants us plebs driven (ha ha) back to feudal times.
        Whilst they live it large with comfy limos, private jets and toasty warm mansions…

  7. Cortez The Killer is an absolute cunt who needs gassing then chucking in Unkle T’s gas-fired oven of doom.

  8. The number of times she gets caught out either lying, making stuff up or getting it wrong you would think she would keep her stupid gob shut.
    I guess her voters don’t give a shit, just keep AOC in da house.

  9. If she hasn’t got a oven how does she heat up the chip pan?

    Solar panel?
    The lard wouldn’t melt.
    We’d starve to death.

    Talking of chips,
    She’s a Puerto Rican.

    The only other famous Puerto Rican is that cocky goofy one from C.H.i.Ps,
    They’re not normally high achievers.

    It’s considered upwardly mobile if you make second in command of the local Crips or Bloods.

    Even Mexicans look down on them.

  10. She is nice to look at. When it opens its mouth…. napalm the commie creep.
    Good afternoon.

  11. Bet Angie Rayner never had a posh gas stove?

    Fuck me half the people on the estate she’s off don’t have carpet down.

    Bet her mam cooked over a candle.

    • I bet Angie’s mam sent her to the local kebab house, to nosh off Abdul, Tariq & Muhammad.

      Free food. Free fags. Free vodka.

      Well I sat free-obviously the local carpet kissers were traumatised by the side of her ginger-growler🤢

  12. Another sound bite lefty politician that just comes up with random eco woke shit just to appeal to her , stupid , twitter audience. She is as pointless as a single snowflake in the artic

  13. The silly trollop got it all wrong. Due to her hard of hearing, she misheard when told calor gas. There’s to be an apology this evening.

  14. Was she not a barmaid before she was elected? Over promoted way beyond her capabilities. Chop chop love, black coffee sausage and bacon sarnie. If its any good you can have a nosh on my horn.

  15. Amusingly enough, the designer who made her “Tax The Rich” dress is apparently wanted for tax evasion 🤣🤣🤣
    Tax the rich, but not me obviously…

  16. What none of these cunts dont seem to get is there wont be a functioning world left once they have banned cars,planes,ships,trains, central heating boilers, ovens, bbq,s , bonfires, fireworks, hosepipes, paint, plastic, anything that creates a carbon foot print, so anything that is manufactured, certain crops.
    There will be no jobs, no reason to live, no products to buy and no point in existing, Meanwhile Africa, India,China ,Japan, Russia and various other uncontrolled countries are just going to carry on polluting as before, they are already the main cause of the global emissions compared to the countries that are deluded enough cunts to think that electric cars are the answer and anything we do is going to make a difference without a kicker somewhere else, once these brainwashed dogooding fuckwits realise this the better and looking at the previous tranny post i wonder if the world is worth saving now anyway….

  17. This economics graduate once said that unemployment was so low under Trump because everyone had two jobs.
    Do what?

  18. This is just more Neo Marxist / Progressive idiocy from AOC…which in Cuntster parlance stands for Another Obnoxious Cunt.

    She gets a lot of press but I don’t think anyone really takes her seriously.

    She really is special kind of stupid.

    • Responding to someone who questioned her lack of intelligence, she retorted:

      “If I’m so dumb, how did I finish a jigsaw puzzle in 6 weeks when the box said 3 to 6 years?”

  19. These virtue-signalling politicians from both sides of the pond seem more interested in unproven and quite possibly damaging projects such as moving everyone onto renewables without a good resilient system being put in place and fully tested first.

    The likes of AOC are desperate to be seeing to be doing something in order to “protect the planet”. But they know, and we know its all complete and utter bollocks, but exists because it pleases the eco nutjobs and the delusional Left.

    Of course for the likes of AOC she won’t be around in 20 odd years time to see the results of her wokey-pandering. If it all goes tits up and the national grid over in the States can’ cope with the extra demand and ultimately has to be rationed, there will be uproar. But AOC will shrug her shoulders and deny it was her fault that the country has come to a standstill.

  20. When this wetback wipes her minge, I bet the tissue looks a bit shitty.

    Hoo-ee, what a cunt.

  21. One of the most obnoxious people in the public eye. Gives it the big I am on her high horse, but is as thick two planks.

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