Problematic New Employees

People who take jobs knowing there will be problems are cunts, aren’t they.

Why would you see a position, apply with a cv, letter, and statement, have an interview, pass the interview, accept the job, then moan you can’t do part of it because of your belief in an old fairy tale.

NBC News

This aloof evangelical’s postal job was to fill in when others weren’t available, but later refused to work on Sundays  because of his religious belief.

We had this here several years back when a Muzlim woman who worked for M&S refused to sell alcohol. She wasn’t asked to drink it or even touch it, just sell it! M & S ended up apologising!

Why do these upstarts assume they’re so privileged? Why do they even apply? If your religion prevents you from doing your job, find another religion or find another job.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

57 thoughts on “Problematic New Employees

  1. I heard a story about a recent (male) recruit to RAF nursing. Didn’t want to do CPR on a dummy as it made him “anxious”. Effectively being the civil service, the RAF can’t get rid of him due to his “mental health issues”.

    • Good for him.
      I won’t work a Sunday either.
      Only day put aside for family.

      Always asked, always refuse.

      Wasn’t that long ago when everywhere was shut a Sunday,
      And it was better for it.

      They’d have you working Christmas day happily, but they’re not willing to pay double bubble,
      Or even time and half.
      They can kiss my withered ballsack.

      I’ll never work another Sunday in my life.

      • “And on the seventh day the lord dug out his flashers mac and went dogging at Stockport services”.

      • In my student days in Edinburgh, last orders in the pub on a Sat night was a quarter to ten.
        Centre of the town on a Sunday was like a morgue, no pubs, cafés, cinemas, big stores open; but I like to think that it gave everyone the chance for some family time on a non-school day. Sunday then was a very relaxing ‘walk around the gardens’ sort of day.

      • I never worked on my birthday, either, not once, but I took a holiday day.

        Now, I hear that employers are offering paid holiday for birthdays, something called ‘duvet days’, up to 5 a year! WTF?

        No wonder the UK is swirling round the toilet bowl, prior to disappearing round the u-bend.

      • Working the occasional Sunday in four for the engineering company I was an employee, was worth it. A few friends and I had a system, where we clocked each other in and out, knowing the dozy employers would never find out. The pleasure being they were yanks and eventually closed down. I wonder why. They even gave us the bonus of redundancy pay.

      • I seem to be in a minority of one here, I worked Sundays and any other day which ended d-a-y for decades. I never really had any understanding of this thing of “special” days, I didn’t realise that so many cunters are Christians. There seems to be a certain contradiction in people’s outlook here. I can’t think many people would be content with the emergency services not being available on Sundays;
        “What, your house is on fire madam? Well as it’s Sunday we’ll be with you tomorrow, eight o’clock sharp!”
        “The electricity is off across the whole of the city? The engineers will be on it first thing in the morning. Promise!”
        When I was a young lad in Walsall I used to go to church on a Sunday (don’t laugh!) and the route I walked took me through the town centre. It would be fucking stone dead, you could have made one of those post-apocolypse films there. Absolutely nothing moved. If you hanker after that way of life I would respectfully suggest you might move to Germany. I won’t be joining you.

      • Wish I could. Christmas day, bank holidays, weekends. Still, I knew the hours when I took the job.

      • A similar job where the employers were lax by not even having a clocking in system, which was a book you would sign yourself in and out. I was rubbing my hands before taking them to the cleaners.

        If you were a naughty boy, they banished you to a smaller branch, which was even easier for fiddling the time sheet by not even being there ! You probably guessed it was long before the internet and mobile phones and didn’t worry if you got the sack. There was just me and another chap. Who took turns each at having an early night, with there being fuck all to do. I even sold some of the goods to passing lorry drivers. The firm closed our smaller branch down and ordered us both back to the main depot. I was the only one to return, due to my workmate topping himself over the weekend. I had to suffer a reenactment by the lads after they stuffed the deceaseds overalls with paper and slung it over a girder.

      • No, LL.

        It’s fucking freezing here, so I wear the thermals and towelling dressing gown.

        This is not the time nor place for elegance. Ask me again in Summer.

  2. We had this with Mavis standing for and winning the Conservative leadership contest in 2016. Despite being a remoaning EU arse licking poodle she still promised to deliver the result of the referendum saying “Brexit means Brexit”. Nothing to do with her religion or being a woman, just a cunt.

  3. Apparently its now near impossible to sack some useless cunt no matter how fucked up they are. Something to do with a new HR thing ( whatever the fuck HR is ) Hence 2,000 met coppers unfit to serve but still in a job !

  4. Never employ a P*ki
    Never employ a Scouser
    Never employ a woman unless you think there is a chance of getting into her knickers

  5. If I was hiring staff ,
    I’d be asking them pertinent questions.

    Someone’s a Muslim,
    I’d expect him to observe Ramadan .

    Someone’s a Christian ,
    He’s not going to work Christmas day or a Sunday.

    Stands to reason.

    And if I employed Jeremiah Holyroller snake handler,
    And he refused to work Sunday,
    Well, that’d be my fault.

    I interviewed him.
    He told me his religion.

    I should of thought it through to the inevitable conclusion that hed refuse to work a holy day according to his religion.

    That’s bad management.
    I push him?
    He’ll run screaming religious persecution.

    • Sounds reasonable if they answer all your questions honestly. If they didn’t, would you be allowed to sack them these days?

  6. In the header pic, the woman with the glasses looks just like Layla Moran, ex teacher and Pan sexual, the Lib Dems like weird cunts.

  7. Ps.

    I’m always shocked at Ill thought out management.

    ‘ He told me at the interview he was mentally ill,
    And now I think about it he had a axe then.
    How was I to know he’d run amok on his colleagues day two?”

  8. I think the worst type is the fat lazy managers that couldn’t run a bath let alone a department.
    The type promoted way above their competence. The type that manage by hiding behind their position and ‘do what I say, not what I do’. The hypocrites, the dodgy, the work shy, the back-stabbers, the useless fuckers.

    Sadly the same sort of cunts (650 to be precise) that we have in the houses of commons…………….

    • Also Baron, nepotism in family run firms.

      My Younger works for a family firm where practically all the management and senior staff come from the same, small town close the Sheffield, they all appear to be related somehow, and all have 7 toes on their left foot!

      The entire family are mouth breathers, and how the hell it turns a profit I’ll never understand.

      By the way, Younger, her hubby, me. No relation.

    • I hear you.

      The higher the position means that the responsible hiring managers will look like they have made a wrong decision if they pick the wrong encumbant.

      Therefore even the daftest of fucks get a 2 year running of the shop before getting potted or promoted put of the way so they cant do any actual damage.

      Meanwhile all the other twats that earn half their salary have to work twice as hard to negate all the shit cascading down on them from this senior management fuck up.

      • Dead right CEO. It was glaringly obvious that a new recruit at my last job was taken on to fulfill quotas and his main qualification was the permanent sun tan. For weeks he went around in a customer-facing role leaving chaos and destruction and pissed off customers in his wake. So he was promoted out of the way and other managers alongside him spent varying lengths of time covering for him. He gave up working Fridays which was greeted with relief by everyone. He stuck around for years and eventually left of his own volition.

  9. The twats are all looking for a compensation package from whoever they can sink their foetid little claws into.
    A few months doing the job then it starts, racism, diversity, discrimination of one sort or another they bastards have an inexhaustible list to choose from now with much help from the lawyers and legal aid. Factories act has a lot to answer for. When I started work I was told ” boys are to be used and abused” never did me any harm and I qualified with a hide like a rhinoceros, nothing you could call me that I hadn’t heard a million times.
    One apprentice of another forge got tied over the anvil and draws pulled down and had a lit candle stuck up his chuff and the others fucked off up the pub for lunch and left him.

    • Not wrong, Civvy.

      When I first started working, some 54 years ago, businesses could slingshot piss takers through the door in about 20 seconds flat.

      When I retired, some 14 years ago, the process of getting rid of some total waste could take two years or more, which is why I used my skills to plant evidence of fraud on them.


  10. Its like when Oliver Reed became the spokesman for Alcoholics Anonymous or Fred Wests short stint presenting Garden Rescue.

  11. Mrs Fistula works at a care home.
    They have a policy of employing staff with mental health.
    So they employed this Lezzer with mental health who’s job was waking night. Caring for high risk disabled people . Epilepsy etc who need a fast response .
    Well, She was caught sleeping on the job, her defence was she has narcolepsy.
    Who the fuck would employ a narcoleptic waking night ? But because of mental health she got away with it.

    • I’d of fitted her up, FF, she’d of wished for real death, by the time I’d finished.

      • Put a knife with ketchup all over it in her hand ,
        Load of wank mags scattered about,and a empty whisky bottle at her feet and take a photo.


      • Along those lines, but I’d include a photo of her pockets bulging with stolen property, cash, watches, rings and such.

  12. We have a customer services bint on one of my sites who is the laziest, thickest, most thin skinned unlikeable cunt I have ever had the misfortune to work with.

    Apart from being a boggle eyed freak who walks like she’s got a hedgehog up her arse, she also has one of those names that make her untouchable by HR.

    Evidently I am not untouchable by HR, being white, English and fucking good at my job.

    After one of her particularly retarded episodes of fuckwittery, where she dared to question engineering principles. I may or may not have gone on a bit of a rant to the Project manager and enquired when he was going to get rid of ‘That fucking poison dwarf’. Unfortunately this got back to the poison dwarf’ and she needed two weeks off to recover.

    I had to report to HR for a sound telling off by some cunt who looks like Malcolm out of Viz modern parents.

    That was three years ago and the thick bitch is still there, occasionally. Hiding behind the new ‘Glass back’ excuse of long COVID when she doesn’t feel like turning up for a week or two.

  13. I really do not see much future for the UK.

    I laugh, but in all seriousness, I honestly question the capacity of people and their ability to survive the modern world.

    Look up the Calhoun social mouse experiment. It explains a lot that we see now and what is going to become the ‘new normal’.

  14. At it again.
    Acting elderly.

    You should be out chatting up the birds in one of sheffields numerous American burger bars.


  15. I identify as a WHAM; a white, heterosexual agnostic male. Allegedly, I cannot discriminated against, therefore I am entitled to absolutely less than fuck all. Thus and in my very own Country.

  16. Beautiful oxymoron teaming WHAM up with heterosexual.

    Im thinking of becoming a Spanish cunt and leaving this train wreck of a country I tells you.

    I say thinking as I physically cannot right now. Fucksticks.

    I know the post eludes to religion, but I think this argument could be expanded across people in general, so I apologise in advance for the cross rant.

    You see this all the fucking time trying to find an electrical engineer to work on dirty water.

    Why take the fucking job going into sewage sumps when you can’t handle the smell of shit?

    Introvert? Become a salesman.

    1 leg? Become a 3000m olympian.

    Lying cunt? Get yourself a position of trust in the community.

    One place I previously worked at was a classic example of the above though. If you became a Muslim smoker you were entitled to 2 x 15 minutes a day for prayers in your own isolation room (padded jackets not included) and you got 4 x 5 minute fag breaks.

    Mix this with going for a 5 minute walk every hour from your desk and it’s easily an hours pay everyday just wanked away.

    … Shareholder value my cunt.

  17. Running a small business is a fucking nightmare nowadays-as much as I am for employees rights, common sense needs to be applied.

    The updated “Disability at work” act, opened the door for numerous workshy grifts👎

  18. Newbies that think they’ve been in years and are full of piss and pepper because they’e just finished training are amusing.

    “Ink’s still wet on your number, son”

    is always a good put down. Always remember some old sweat saying to me, donkeys years ago:

    “That flying suit straight out of the packet, sonny”?

    when I got a bit over-confident as a new boy😁 Never happened again, though!

    • Telling some jumped up fetus from head office in an M&S suit that you have underwater older than them usually quite a then down.

      • Only yesterday I used something similar. “How old are you, Son? Fucking hell, I’ve got food in my fridge older than you!” Which, now I think about it is probably true.

  19. I was in one of the government ministries, dealing with data. You had to be able to compare data sets, analyse problems, basically have an eye for detail and know the software used to ingest and spew the data out.

    Boss hired someone with dyslexia. Slow hand clap. Completely useless obviously. Like a one armed carpenter.

  20. Wait till these cunts have to go to war with the Ivan! Oh no I can’t launch a trident, it will kill people, I can’t kill the Ivan running towards me ( let’s be friends) fuck right off you useless belcunts.

    • Those Ukranian cunts emotionally blackmailing Germany, the USA, the UK etc. If Ivan invaded Britain and was up our arse, would Zelensky and his bunch of cunts be so eager to get involved and supply us with arms? No, I don’t think they would.

      And as for the scruffy cunt saying the UK’s ‘indecision’ is killing their people? Get to fuck. Zelensky is the Prince Harry of the Eastern Bloc.

      • I can’t see that “lending” heavy armour to Ukraine will end well for anyone. Similar to Lawrence and the never ending Arab requests for heavy weapons.

      • How the fuck is Challenger ll, Abrams Ml and Leopard ll, which are the three most sophisticated armoured fighting vehicles on the planet going to be any use to tankers who are used to the old T type panzers they’ve been used to? As I recall, it takes 12 months for our troops to be proficient to use Challenger to its most effective. Abrams is a fucking nightmare to maintain and Leopard, well German design, efficient and lethal…..when operated BY GERMANS!!

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