ADHD (2)

Johnny Vegas

Oh dear, poor old Johnny has apparently been diagnosed with the fake condition known as ADHD. ( translation….being a rude, up your own arse cunt)
This couldn’t be a fading sleb jumping on the wokie mental elf bandwagon to get gigs on breakfast tv and be all concerned , self pitying and serious could it?
Of course not. Johnny is a funny geezer isn’t he? Err………

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

and supported by: Miles Plastic

Seconded Freddie

That’s funny Sue Perkins is in the news now for having been given the same diagnosis. What a coincidence.

We know this because another ‘star’ Tom Gray the guitarist from ‘Gomez’ said on Twitter that he thought he had it. So SP responded with her news and wished him well ‘on his journey’.

Strange but I have been feeling resltess, fidgety all day. I must have it.

What does it stand for?
‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’. Ffs…

Aren’t kids supposed to have it? What an excuse for bad behaviour.

Fuck me Sue says she’s got it. ( She is a bugbear of mine.) That explains the fucking annoying manner of her ‘humour’. She’s so ‘zany.’

I’m surprised JV has gone down this road though. Kinda like him

That’s it-maybe they’ll get a tv series on it.

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105 thoughts on “ADHD (2)

  1. I worked for years with children on the Autistic Spectrum, some of whom genuinely had ADHD; however, it was very rare to find one who still behaved in a hyperactive way and still used the ADHD label once they were adults. Most then behaved in away that didn’t show their previous difficulties. QED: Adults who claim to have ADHD are lying CUNTS .

    • Vegas is just a useless fat cnut… what does he actually do? Anybody know?
      Couldn’t have been put up to it by his agent could he?
      And as for the dyke Perkins, allI can say is me too; me too; me too

    • Yes, autism and ADHD do go hand in hand. My young lad is an 8 year old Rainman who is seldom still. Normally he is fidgeting, playing with his winkle or biting holes in his T shirts. 😃

      Still he can recite the alphabet backwards within several seconds, without pausing for thought.

  2. There was a kid growing up that from day one just couldn’t behave.

    A little cunt in infants school

    A little cunt in junior school

    A little cunt at home,
    Or where ever he was.

    He stayed a little cunt in secondary school and they wouldn’t have it.

    Sent he to Naughty boys school up in the hills,
    With all the other mitmots.

    He’s a tramp nowadays in Blackburn,
    Busking for change.

    They would of had a field day with him nowadays.
    He’d be diagnosed with this and that,
    Excused this and needs that.

    Funny because he was ok once someone punched him.
    He’d sober up.
    He knew boundaries,
    Didn’t act up.

    He was the genius who set fire to a workman’s hut full of calor gas bottles on the school playing fields in the summer holidays.

    He could be entertaining.

    • Sometimes mate; a cunt is a cunt and that’s just it.

      No other explanation needed. As looks like the case with the unpleasant turd you reference in your post.

    • There was cunt like that in our old street.
      Killed all his neighbours rare tropical fish, had a dummy in his gob aged 9, and he terrorised girls and animals. A good shoeing from me for fightening my sister taught him nothing. He is now inside for fuck knows what. Just born bad, simple as that.

  3. Ever since we’ve wrapped the little bleeders in cotton wool, mustn’t shout or they’ll be “traumatized” and whatever you do, DONT say no, however badly they behave. What’s needed are ever more “counsellors” “professionals” and drugs to “medicalise the problem and give the little cunts every excuse for being little cunts. Naturally it’ll be blamed on sugar, the climate, the Tories etc. Saint Greta Höwdãreyøu of Mongberg is a classic example of an overindulged spoiled cuntess who needed her arse slapped at an early stage. Waiting for the inevitable “revelation” that Prince Doormat was undiagnosed with MeMe being his saviour getting him to the asylum of the world, California.

    I always had a far better acronym for the fictitious ADHD, I called it BBLB Badly Behaved Little Bastard/Bleeder.

    • Nail on the head, Sheikh.

      ” even more counsellors, professionals, drugs”

      £75 an hour, maybe £200 if it’s a KP life coach.

      Got to pick a pocket or two, got to pick…..

    • Dead right, Sheikh. My sister’s former best mate had two kids – boys – in 1993 and 1994. She never hit them, even though they deserved it. One is now a spoilt devious manipulative cunt. While the other is a weedhead, has been done twice for attempted murder and is currently in prison.

  4. Isn’t it funny how a minuscule fraction of these cunts ever have anything that could be definitively diagnosed with a blood test

    It’s always subjective dog shit that I could make a determination on

    • Yes, CotL.

      It’s always something invisible, isn’t it.
      Not a missing leg, or some such. I often wondered why mothers are so eager to label their kids defective, but apparently they get extra benefits for having a spacca mentalist.

      What’s really fucking annoying is that these kids aren’t ADHD, they’re just low IQ. Never met a high IQ kid that was ADHD once, and I met plenty of kids as remedial reading teacher.

      • I was a teacher at a Manchester college years ago. And although I met a couple of hyperactive students, there was never one with this ADHD. It’s funny how all ADHD kids are either thick or nutters, isn’t it?🤔

  5. Our neighbour had a diagnosis of ADHD. She was a horrible cunt, both before and after said diagnosis. Always complaining about something, letting her barky dogs run about on our roof.(there is a big height difference between the houses) She said it would be to expensive to put up a fence to keep the fuckers off the roof. Complained about ivy on our back wall. It came out of her garden , the twat! She was married. They were both posh and rich. Once diagnosed she became obsessed with it on her twitter that I stalked. It wasn`t long before matey had enough of it and they got divorced. They had to sell the house and fuck off to separate houses, Thank god. Best day of my life. Good riddance nutjob.

    • I can just see it now!

      “a sobbing Johnny Vegas not only has to contend with ADHD, but now reveals he’s suffering from knob rot”

      Interested 100%
      Sympathy 0%

  6. Cunts who act up and go off on one always come out with this shit. ‘But… But He’s ADHD, He’s a cunt because he’s special…’ Bullshit, these cunts simply have not been brought up right. Some chav scum fuck acting the cunt and then using a ‘disorder’ as an excuse. One can imagine Wayne Rooney doing it, and he probably has. The cunt.

  7. Much like autism it’s a real condition which is nevertheless overdiagnosed due to a desire from attention seekers to look trendy.

    • A bit like all those celebrity cunts that claimed to have OCD a while back. Twats like David Beckham, Gwyneth Turkeyneck and Catherine Zeta Cunt.

      A relatve of mine had serious OCD. Mentally crippling scary shit. It’s not just some footballer twat who has to have his coke cans all facing the same way in his fridge.

  8. Remember that modern parent slag who took her psychotic spolied brat late to a cinema? The kid spazzed out and threw a king sized tantrum because the ciema staff said the film had already been on. Not the cinema’s fault, their fault entirely. After a deluge of complaints including the classic ‘But… But… She’s autistic’ the whining bitch not only got free tickets for herself and her satanic offspring, they also got an apology and a whole cinema to themselves. Both the cunts should have been drowned.

    • I was hoping that the free tickets and empty cinema story was going to culminate in a Stephen King style tale of violent, painful death and gore spattered terror.

  9. It’s like all this ‘food phobia’ shite modern parents spew out.
    ‘But… But he’s really scared of fruit and veg. He’ll only eat chicken nuggets and Maccy Dees.’🙄

    Bollocks, they are indulged spoilt entitled mollycoddled cunts. Who need their heads shoving down the bog. And the satanic little turds should be banned from supermarkets, permanently.👿

    • My sister basically subsisted on pizza, chicken nuggets and bacon as a child. Somehow managed to win multiple youth judo competitions on that diet.

  10. Don’t understand all these technical words for various so called illnesses that are made up daily,they should take notice of all on here who all agree that the correct term to be used is CUNT in all cases
    would save the country millions in misdiagnosis just class everyone and everything as a cunt
    No need to thank me for saving the uk yer bunch of cunts

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