A 600 degree C. cunting for this shit show and its moderation team, pepper.

It is a website supposed to be for voting on what are perceived deals and sharing them for other people to buy, and also allows for discussion on forum threads, and the deals themselves.

However it’s turned into a political platform (like every other cunt nowadays). Every woke subscription is promoted on this website, and anyone who disagrees with the popular narratives are put on a moderation list to go under review.

Ukraine, Greta, CONVID, cost of cunting crisis, the NHS, veganism, eco warriors, feminists, inclusivity and the biggest one of all, racism (as in: whites oppressing everyone else and they should be ashamed) : the website is just an echo chamber for the above bullshit.

But don’t take my word for it. Look at the horseshit under their terms and conditions, which brings me to the crux of my cunting:

hotukdeals link

Under conduct II.

Denies the existence of systemic racism, or downplays the effects of racial injustice

So its against their code of conduct to say that in the UK, racism is not systemic.

The UK is one of the most tolerable countries I have visited, and far more tolerant than myself as an entity, I can assure you. But to say you will be banned if you don’t agree with this subjective bollocks? Websites like these should be shutdown. Pure censorship.

Downplays the effects of racial injustice? I had comments deleted for saying I was racially abused by a POC, or CUNT, for short.

I would say we are through the looking glass, but this shit now seems like the new normal.

Stick a KFC deal on there and you will be given a knighthood…

Nominated by: Cunt Executive Officer

34 thoughts on “Hotukdeals

  1. Best thing to do is find alternatives that aren’t quite so zealous with their demands (although I guess it will even more of a challenge as everyone falls into line)

  2. Far too many ‘rules’ on that link for me to be able to cope with, so will be giving that one a miss. Good nom though C.E.O.

  3. Hot deals uk.
    Just a shopping 🛍 channel, message board , middle man I bet it’s full of advertising for loads of shit I just don’t need. They can keep their rainbow shit site and everything they advertise on there.

    • Start a argument on there.

      Clear the deadwood.

      Something along the lines of

      “I don’t think a woman should be allowed a abortion without the permission of either her father or husband.
      But feel it should be compulsory if the baby will be black or Down Syndrome.”

      Then when the replies flood in ask them if they know if any good deals.


  4. Talking about hot, it is BASTARD hot here today. At least it’s Australia Day and I didn’t have to go to work. Just finished cutting the grass and sitting under a fan drinking a nice cold beer.

    I believe ‘systemic racism’ is a synonym for ‘I’m a complete cunt with a very small cock.’

  5. How about this for some “racial injustice “?

    Yesterday in Spain a mad African murdered a verger at a church and in northern German a Palestinian knifed two people to death on a train.

    “Diversity is our strength” is it? ..the cunts that bolster that rotten narrative are beneath contempt and are complicit in murder.

    This set of arse kissing cunts can fuck right off.

  6. Probably the CEO is a close personal friend of Nancy Blair-Starmer, a typical pinko bender, the sort that says “so” as the first word in an answer to any question.. George Orwell’s 1984 looms ever closer with it’s “Ministry of Truth”

  7. I wonder of the QVC shopping channel are as Woke…..”and here I have a simply gorgeous t-shirt from our ever-popular ” Hang dem Sooties” range…beautifully and tastefully encrusted with rhinestones depicting lynchings of uppity Jigs…a must for any fashionista who wants to make a splash at the next Tommy Robinson benefit gig…yours for a tenner..a fiver..a Pound….what a bargain….order now while I pass you over to Gervais and his “Anne Frank” range of striped pyjamas”.

  8. “The community and their expertise is the driving force behind hotukdeals, so we try to take a liberal approach when it comes to what we can and can’t talk about on site providing all users are”
    Liberal! That’s a fucking joke. Scratch a Liberal and you’ll find something nasty underneath.

  9. I had a look at this ukhot deals.

    It’s full of cheap cunts asking for codes for coupons.

    All that effort for 3p off a loaf of bread.
    I’d be ashamed to buy something with a coupon.

    It’s a declaration of being a fuckin miser.
    A pauper.

    It’s for people who use baling twin as a belt,
    And haggle over a dinted tin of beans in Aldi.

  10. I just thought I better add I didn’t mean you Cunt Executive officer!

    Your probably on there for more than coupons.

    Free shoes or deadmens clothing! Hehehe 😄

    Great nom👍

    • No offence taken by good man. I am no longer a member! Its become an absolute cunt fest.

      It’s a shameful display of either the faux nouveau riche or financially insecure individuals declaring how much money they all have as a result of saving £0.79 on a boots meal deal or a free Costa if you give all your personal details to the company.

      I thinks its abhorrent how white males of our calibre and privilege even need such a website. As a fellow northern cunter, our privilege knows no bounds!

  11. I’ve posted on there that anyone who would like to come and root through my bins is more than welcome!

    By appointment only.

    • Will you be selling your used keks on there?

      Will pay more if the gusset is stinking!!!!

      2023 – what a year to be alive!

  12. How the fuck does their very first rule stack up with some later “requirements”?
    I suggest they change Rule 1(a) to –
    “Every single hotukdeals user is a real person. Please respect their orientation in life and their opinions at all times, as long as the opinion is regarding HotDeal items. Opinions about the common-sense fabric of society are not allowed.”

  13. I fucking give up where this kind of cuntitude is concerned. I blame the Yanks and their deranged culture wars for infecting the planet with most of this shit.

    Morning all.

  14. I just had a look at that website, and I can’t see any socio-political discussions. It’s literally a money-off-deals forum. If they want to not have retarded fights on their forum, then fair enough, I wouldn’t want to deal with that shit either if I ran a forum. It’s the same on the football forums, up until about 2017, you never saw socio-politcal shite on them, but these days you get quite a few cunts who try to introduce their, ‘life sucks these days’ rants into the chatter.

    Football fan 1: “Who do you think’s going to win tonight?
    Football fan 2: “I reckon it will be close, XYZ is on the bench, is he injured?”
    Nutter 1: “It’s all these Packies from Africa coming over in lorries from Vietnam!”
    Football fan 1: “What?”
    Nutter 1: “Oh, I suppose this isn’t happening where you live?”
    Football fan 1: “I live in Panama.”
    Nutter 1: “Where the fuck is that?”
    Football fan 1: “On the map.”
    Nutter 1: “What?”
    Football fan 2: “What the Hell is going on?”
    Football fan 1: “Some clown showed up and is derailing the thread.”
    Nutter 1: “No free speech these days, it’s over, we’re fucked.”
    Football fan 1 and 2: “THIS IS A FOOTBALL FORUM, YOU IDIOT!”
    Football fans 3,4,5,6,7: “What the Hell is going on?!!!”
    Nutter 1: “Reported you to admin.”
    Nutter 2: “I reported them, too, mate, it’s mental isn’t it?”
    BoobyMooreForever1966: “Does any think…”
    Admin: “Thread closed.”

    Actual thread I saw a few days ago. 😉

  15. It’s impossible to prove a proposition, such as “Britain is / is not institutionally racist” without reference to actual data and statistical analysis. Is this bunch of virtual dropsellers able to provide the required study? If not, they should not be stipulating that their unsupported opinion is inferior to yours…and if you have in fact done a survey, you can wave it at them and sue.

    The site is a useful indicator of which lines are selling most slowly elsewhere, however. There is usually a reason for this.

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