Bingo Allison

Bingo Allison. A bloke in a dress.

It’s the wife and three kids I feel sorry for.

Bingo Allison, Church of England priest has decided to try and fool himself into thinking he is a she.

Going by the photos in the article, he couldn’t fool anyone with a Labrador and a white stick.

We really need to stop celebrating mental illness as all of this is going to end very badly and not with the acceptance of sexual deviancy that the LG HDTV squad think they are going to get.

I also with the press would stop pandering to this they / them bollocks. It makes the articles utterly confusing to read and makes celebrities out of people who should be sectioned.

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Nominated by: Odin

88 thoughts on “Bingo Allison

  1. Fuck a duck! Another kick in the bollocks for the CofE. This fucked up cunt needs the Thomas Becket treatment, fucking freak. He’s also autistic and dyspraxic…….yes of course you are ducky you poor little victim. How do you get a name like “Bingo” anyway? He’s certainly not playing with a full house upstairs, the cunt. Fucking pe*vert sack of shit.

    • After posting the above I went for a lie down in a darkened room for half an hour and have now restarted my day afresh. I feel better for it.

      It was either that or shoot myself.

  2. Well apparently God likes variety, I have never read the bible but I do know god liked smiting people.

    And that thing would be high on the list.

    And ps God hurry with Tony Blair..

  3. Are you testing me Satan? Fire, brimstone and eternal damnation for this abominable travesty.

  4. “A bloke in a dress”
    Perfectly put Odin.
    And one that looks like Matt Luca’s ugly sister. Sorry brother.
    When will it all end ?

  5. what the fuck is THAT??!?!?!!? Jesus Christ almighty, oven before it breathes and infects anyone with its gayness

  6. Barber: What look are you going for?

    You know that deviant kidnapper in the Silence Of The Lambs…

    Barber: Say no more, mate…

    • on the one hand if you don’t get your gender pronouns right with these people they go and have a mental breakdown on social media.

      whereas if you go get the pronouns right but don’t make a deal of it they still have a mental breakdown on social media because you never highlighted the fact they’re special.

  7. B-I-N-G-O
    And Bingo was it’s name o.

    Bingos also Scouse.

    The gift that keeps on giving.

    Hand grenade.

  8. I suspect “Bingo” is getting his defence in early before being charged with some rather serious crimes.

    • It could be like a new Version of Generation Game.

      Now my lud I will repeat for the benefits of the Jury all the articles of evidence in this case.

      one uneaten satsuma, a black bin liner, one rope, 6 boy scouts, a bottle of KY, one Bishop, one banana, a vibrating electronic device, a box of kleenex, a vacuum cleaner and a Golden Retriever called Sandy, right did you all get that down.

  9. When I was a teenager there were 2 mental hospitals nearby.

    The one furthest away often had illicit parties held by the nurses.
    We would go along with a Party Eight can of Double Diamond, play loud music and shag.

    Never saw a nutter. Perhaps they were all locked up.

    We called them Nut Houses.
    Where have they all gone?

  10. I wonder what the parishioners think about this circus freak.

    No wonder the C of E is rapidly disappearing up its own arsehole….

  11. The ‘Trans Bandwagon ‘ would have been unthinkable even 30 years ago; even uphill gardeners kept a low profile in most places outside of London.
    How did we allow this to happen?

    • \but various BBC programs have shown me that the England of 30 years ago was full of benders and blacks. And everyone was horrified at the treatment they got. Silly me.

  12. Why do they always seem to meet the same criteria?
    Ugly ( even by male standards )
    Profess to religious belief of some sort
    A collection of educational or mental elf labels
    They’re all the fucking same. Mental.
    In a sane society it’d be getting treatment in an institution.

  13. The nutty cunt looks like Peter Kay in drag.

    “Gaaarlic bread”.

    Filthy deviant.

    Fuck off.

  14. I wonder how many parents are still allowing their kids to be choirboys in this weirdo’s church? I doubt if there are too many wokie parents, terrified of soshul meeja, in Liverpool but I’m beginning to wonder if I know anything these days.

  15. It’s really all about sex.

    There are plenty of women around that look like men.
    Plenty that wear no makeup.
    Lots with short hair.
    Lots that wear trousers rather than skirts.

    So why does this loony want to dress up the way that he does to feel like a woman?

    The answer, in my opinion is that he wants to attract men for sex.

    He is a homosexual.
    That’s it.

  16. Disgusting creep I wonder what meek and mild old Welby thinks of that deviant?. Probably makes him sick, but like Starmer and his bent rabble, too scared to say so.

    What I find strange – and I hold no brief for buggers – is that the C of E Bishops won’t marry two men who look like men and dress like men, because it is against their principles, yet this kind of filthy is perfectly ordinary and acceptable.

    Perhaps as it can’t be an MP Eddie Izzard will be ordained. It will still be allowed to give advice on morals, just not legislate with screaming queens like Russell-Moyle.

  17. Ginger.
    Fake caring persona.

    Is Bingo the second coming of Cilla Black?

    • No, doesn’t live in Spain (or did).

      Cilla, had the sense to get the hell out at the first opportunity, but still they say “We luvved Cilla, proper Scouce gel, always stayed true to her colours” etc, no she didn’t she hot footed out of that dump as fast as she could.

  18. The world is truly fucked, i remember the good old days when these fuckers were treated with the contempt they richly deserved, no fucker had to be carefull about how to address them, infact there was no they/ them, it was get the fuck away from me and find a psychiatrist you bat shit, crazy, wierdo, faggot cunt, looking like a buffalo wearing lipstick dosnt make you a woman or getting a buzz cut dosnt and tats dosnt make a man, it just make you a deluded mother fucker who,s parents didnt beat it out of you when you were young.
    Hang on a sec, i bet thats it, all this faggotry is down to snowflake, limp wristed parents not doing their job properly.
    This is the only worthwhile thing JK Rowling has ever said that i agree with, all these mental mother fuckers are cunts who should have had a taste of the belt, same for most other so called mental issues that need to be labelled, not being able to sit down for a week usually sorted that out as well

  19. We seem to be forever pandering to one bloody minor or another and our politicians don’t have the balls to carry out the wishes of the silent majority. Years of 1960’s leftie type education and further brainwashing from the BBCUNTS has left us unable to deal with this sort of bloody nonsense, let alone the dinghy migrants.

    • Ironically it’ll be the dinghy paddlers which stop this kind of shit. Not long now until this county is run under sharia law and cunts like this will be learning to fly from the nearest multi-storey car park.

  20. The only good thing i can say about Vlad’s Russia is that the Gayness is banned from being promoted in schools and if you have the temerity to be a cock in a frock expect a public beating .
    Those Ruskies consider it an affront to masculinity and common sense.

  21. LOOK AT ME !!!!!!! the cunts realised that he and his life amounts to a cup of cold rat piss and as a NORMAL bloke he will like most of us never stand out from the crowd , so he’s jumped on the bullshit bandwagon. A bit of makeup and a skirt and he thinks he’s a celebrity.
    What they should do with these I’m a woman types is on the first utterance of the “transition journey ” they should undergo a public de-cocking ,that would prove their dedication to the cause. Would sort that rapist cunt in a woman’s prison.

  22. Can you imagine that deviant cunt turning up at a terminally ill persons bedside? Someone seeking solace in their sky fairy and that creature walks through the door. It’s just not fair. The poor fucker must think he’s died and gone to hell.

    • And what about this fa**ot conducting a funeral? I’d kick his arse into the empty grave, batter his head with the gravestone and bury the fucker.

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