Albert Einstein – Not Very Smart

I have long suspected this cunt to be a complete and utter fraud, ever since I had the displeasure of studying his Theory of Relativity bollocks at school. I now know it to be a fact.

Not content with being long dead and forgotten, Albert is currently ubiquitous on our televisual machines, pretending to make cups of tea, cavorting with confused persons of colour, while at the same time attempting to scam our highly infantilised UK population into lumbering themselves with a SMART METER…

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We are supposed to think, “well, if Einstein thinks it’s a wonderful thing to have a Smart Meter, then it must be, no? After all, he’s got a brain the size of a planet.”

Like fuck he has! The cunt’s been brown bread for 68 years.

Fuck off you phoney patronising shit for brains cunt!

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