The Alphabet Community & Their Values

Qatar is a shithole.

The world cup was awarded through rampant corruption.
Thousands of poor 3rd world labourers died constructing the stadiums.
Migrant workers are virtual slaves, wages and passports withheld, working and living in inhumane conditions.
Women in Qatar have no rights and are treated as possessions.

All truly Islamic.

But what upsets the assortment of preverts and degenerates?
The fact that they cant carry on with their shirt lifting and gobbling and fuck knows what else if they go there.

We know that the tranny brigade regard their rights to be above women’s rights but this really shows this collection of deviants for the me me me cunts that they are.
Pathetic cunts like Southgate are part of this hypocrisy.

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81 thoughts on “The Alphabet Community & Their Values

  1. They may well be the enemy but they don’t put up with any nonsense.

    They will end up completely owning our country as we seem to have gone soft.

    Oh and of course without their gas we would be fucked.

  2. Imagine a public flogging for benderism…
    The hooded muzzịe with a cat-o-nine tails lashing the shit out of the fruit.
    “You have now received your 200 lashes, such is the will of allah” says the arab…”can you give me 100 more?” asks the degenerate, “I haven’t cum yet.”

    • They would insist on a rainbow coloured cat-o-nine tails of course.
      Maybe they have a special ‘Hulk fist’ for repeat offenders?

      • Sorry chaps but the flogging can only proceed if a doctor has given the ok that the person to be flogged is in good health.
        The flogger will often place small book under his armpit to restrict the amount of movement of his flogging arm so as to reduce the amount of damage inflicted. If the convicted has been sentenced to hundreds of lashes then the punishment will be spaced out over a period of time.
        Of course the above only applies to the civilised Islamic countries like Saudi etc. The norm ie Afghanistan would be flogged even if you were already dead then stoned and if good with colours buried to the waist then have a wall knocked onto you by a tank or something then flogged again
        In all honesty I fail to see what the alphabet people are whinging about, better a clean medical approved caning than, caning till you dead, buried alive then flogged again

  3. They had some Wales fans being asked to remove hats with the fucking rainbow flag on it. They knew exactly what would happen but did it anyway to play the victim and bitch about it all over social media.

    Qatar sees what is happening in the West with indoctrination of pre-school children into radical left-wing gender ideology, drag queen story hour, birthing people and a host of other mental rubbish…no wonder they don’t want it to take hold in their society.

    • The Welsh degenerates set the whole thing up just to be able to be outraged. I bet that they would not try such a stunt in normal times in Qatar.
      I just feel sorry for the Foreign Office wallahs out there having to listen to these creepy people’s indignation.

      • Surely the Welsh are comparable to arabs anyway? Living in caves in 3rd world shitholes, unintelligible language spoken only by a few troglodytes and an unhealthy interest in livestock’s bumholes?

      • Following Thomas’s comment below about the Welsh, I am offended being half Welsh, only kidding, he is right of course and there are many other similarities, Small, dark hairy people with shifty eyes, love sheep/lambs and speak an unintelligible language that seems to involve a lot of throaty noises and flehm and only have had electricity and other facets of 20th century living in the last 50 years or so.

      • +1 to that yer lordship; the thing about communism is that despite its attendant nueroses and paranoias what it did do was to ‘freeze’ social attitudes at the pre-war point under a permafrost of repression. Come the collapse of the USSR its society ‘defrosted’ and ll those old conventions re-emerged untainted by the liberal infection that swept across the rest of the West.

        “Communism kills the body but liberalism rots the soul.” Tomoslav Sunic

      • Decent, right-thinking people don’t need any encouragement from the alphabet cunts to hate Putin.

      • A lot of the gay bashes love Putin because of his public anti gay stance, yet he’s got a couple of (male) skeletons in his closet, some of them are even old enough to be legal.

  4. The World Cup only kicks off in the knockout stages and God only knows what will turn up in Quare-tar.
    If the trans exhibitionists turn up to make a point about their cocks an fannies, it should be interesting to see the reaction of the host nation.
    But great point on the nomination as in the trans cunts don’t give a flying fuck about the poor cunts living under shariah law, no it will be all about there own sexual freedoms and rights to insult everyone around them with in your face nastiness. Bunch of cunts or cocks whatever the fuck they are. Holes

    • So right M would love to see a pride display, thongs and male genitalia hats. Doubt it though

  5. I’m no fan of peacefuls, but I reckon Qatar deserve respect for this. For not bowing and scraping to this depraved deviancy and making out that it’s normal and natural, because it isn’t. Anyone who teaches this stuff to kids should be shot.

    Also, values? They have no values. A lot of them don’t anyway. Freddie Mercury, Phillip Schofiled, Fat Reg, George Michael. They were/are all serial bummers/predators who have/had no moral compass whatsoever. But these people are lauded as ‘brave’ and ‘heroes’, in this country at least. Heroes? for what? For putting dickie up the chuffter and spreading horrible diseases? Fucking sickening.🤢

    • The list of depraved perverts is endless especially in the world of showbiz darlin!

      Michael Barrymore, Aw wight who wants a splash in my pool, or Regs partner olive oil paddling pool, Kevin Spacey, fancy a drink in my room young man, or in politics such stars as Keith the washing machine salesman let’s get the party started or Crispin Blunt, I’ve got some poppers guys!

    • I know someone who said he would always side with the alphabets over the muslims.

      Easy to say when you haven’t got kids.

    • Aren’t they suppose to be the animals they ride on, to visit the local brothels, as the joke goes ?

      • It’s the one where the mistaken soldier had asked what they did for sex in the desert and is caught shagging the camel, when the instructions were easier to ride it to the brothel in the town.

  6. Why do fucking gays want to mince around, just go to your hotel room and bum each other, no one gives a flying fuck. The rag heads don’t even like men and women kissing in public.

    I am bored with the World Cup already, I haven’t watched any of the games yet, I will have a look when we get to the the quarter finals, maybe by then the virtue signalling will have died down.

    • Same here. Not bothered with it this year. Too much shit surrounding it.

      I want to see Southgate, the FA and BBC apologise for gaslighting the public over the supposed ‘racism’ following last year’s penalty shootout.

      Until then, the knee-bending millionaires can fuck off.

      ‘Black Lives Matter. Brown Ones don’t.’

      • Black matter still lives up my arse by the way, to help iron deficiency.

        I make each individual game interesting to me by which countries involved have the best film directors. If I can’t decide, choice is made from who have the least jet black players in the side.

  7. Yet the nice leftwing Muzzos are left in peace in this cuntry. They are all the same, wait until the cunts take over here.
    The first World Roof Throwing contest will be in Londonstan.
    The cuts shouldn’t have gone in the first place.
    Fuck em, fuck em all.

    • As the comic Reginald D. Hunter once said. ‘Look to see what the Jews are doing. If they’re getting out of town, you better follow them’.

  8. I don’t care about rag-heads, camel-shaggers, faggots, quires, transbumderism or any other satanic rituals.

    I hope the morality police machine gun the lot, then we can invade and get free oil.


  9. I’d like to see the faces of the Qatari customs officials when the degenerates cock rings set off the metal detectors.

  10. What fucking right do these assorted fruits, livestock-worriers and transbumders think they have to dictate their “rights” to Qatar?

    When in Rome.

    If they don’t like the Qatar laws, don’t fucking go there. Simple. This is a re-tread of Fat Reg’s previous efforts to convince the Ivans that bumming is perfectly natural and healthy.

    That big-conked, beardy cunt Wokegate deserves to be bummed to death against his will (then again, he might enjoy it).

  11. Only Exception for Qataris is if they are family.

    Cousins, sisters bothers – ok to fuck fondle and marry regardless of age or gender.

    If not family (or pets) its taboo

  12. Southgate was especially disingenuous, even for him, the other day. When asked by the BBC about the lack of wimmiz rights in Qatar he replied that he “didn’t know enough about the subject to comment”. If he really is that thick then Starmer should substitute him for Gary Neville.

    As regards the poofters I wish Eddie Izzard would mince over there in drag and receive forty lashes. I’d pay to see it.

  13. Isn’t it ironic how the people who keep going on about colonialism are now travelling to other countries and moaning that their colonialist ideas aren’t everywhere?!
    I’d rather have Jehovah’s witnesses knocking on my door everyday than have the Alphabet Army pushed on me.

  14. I believe that members of the LGBetc ‘community’ are always ensured a warm welcome at vast estates in rural Northumbria.

  15. I wish I could say to these pontificating bores like Queenie in BlackAdder 2 “Either shut up, or I’ll have your head cut off”.

  16. I’ve been to Qatar a few times and find Doha is an excellent place to visit if you gen up in the rules and regs. Same as Singapore. If you’re going to act the cunt and annoy people then expect to pay the price. As for all those petulant, posturing Marmite Badgers, I hope they can’t resist and start their ass stabbing, leather wearing, rainbow hijacking poofery!

    • I think Quatar doth protest to much.

      Swanning about in nighties?
      Sandals and tea towel?
      …dead macho🙄

      They secretly love all that.
      Lawrence shagging a 12yr old Arabs arse in the sand dunes?
      Nowt said.
      They’re all ducky .

      My mates a arab and said it’s true.
      And I believe every word uttered by Mustapha Jhellibabi

  17. It seems that the end game is the destruction of all cultures. Cunts like the BBC want the West to be accepting of Islam, and want Islam to be accepting of shirtlifters. For fucks sake, if they don’t like Qatar’s customs, don’t fucking go. Don’t complain when they enforce their rules and don’t expect every other cunt in the world to wave their fucking rainbow flag and celebrate degeneracy.

  18. Going to another country that has different laws, traditions and belielfs and then attempting to push our laws, traditions and beliefs on to them simply because WE believe our way is the ‘right’ way is wrong.

    This is no different to what we did with colonisation……and look how well that’s going down in the UK now!

    If you don’t like another countries laws, beliefs and traditions, then don’t go there, or if you do, then abide with them.

    Maybe we should be looking closer to home…like Bradford, Rochdale etc…..and tell them fuckers don’t like the way we do things fuck of back home- don’t try and change the country to suit you….after all isn’t that why you left your shithole country in the first place- because the UK was better than life back there???


    • I don’t want the cunts to integrate.

      It would be better if they were disintegrated.

      Once and for all.

  19. Glad to say I haven’t watched a minute of this shit show but I have seen images of the German team with a hand over their gob.

    Surely ve av vays of making them talk.

    • Krauts ‘educating’ the rest of us on right and wrong? Fucking hilarious.🤣

      The cunts should have been policed for all time after 1945…

      • Ah yes, the herrenvolk…’at it’, one way or another, since at least the early 1600s.

        On a trawl through open directories online for interesting reading material, I recently came across this book ‘Germany will try it again’ written in 1944

        So yes, Germany should have been policed for all time. Weird, is it not?, that we let the cunts behind the scenes there (and in Japan) right back into power/control after the war.

      • “The cunts should have been policed for all time after 1945…”

        They were and still are, rigourously, most of it self policing and written into its ‘constitution’… the one that we wrote for them…!

    • Raus, raus! Dis large voman viz ze stubbly chin vould like you to kiss her testicles, bitte-shun.

      Schnell, Schnell, ve haff a match to pkay viz ze leetle Nippon Orientals. Ho ho, vot a victory it vill be.

  20. Values? “One Love” is the latest slogan. Go over Clapham Common after dark… won’t find much love over there. Just complete strangers bumming and gobbling each other.
    If you had a sordid liaison with a prozzie, which you probably have, you wouldn’t describe it as “love”. You wouldn’t go around wearing badges and waving flags advertising the fact.
    Values? They are dirty, desperate cunts…..they have no values.

    • The BBC always used to push that ‘One Love One world’ as part of BBC One and Radio One’s identity.

      Globohomo claptrap.

  21. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

    They travel to a foreign country with the intention of insulting the locals and their beliefs.

    Lock the cunts up.

    Why can’t they just go and enjoy a game of football without bringing their sexuality into it?

  22. The “Love not hate” type of placard is almost invariably carried by swivel eyed spittle flecked crazies, screeching bile and threatening repercussions on their perceived enemies. Irony is just one of many things that lefty rainbow sorts do not understand. “If you disagree with anything I say then I hope you die” is their inclusive mantra.
    Normal people can only put up with so much of this bullshit, looking forward to the great tranny war of 2023!

  23. That revolting creature Phillip ‘The Brave’ Schofield, abusing his power and sodomizing 17 year old boys is the sort of deviant filth that Wokegate and all these other cunts are so eager to promote and publicise. Also, I reckon well over half the England players hate this sick shit and secretly rip the piss out of it…

    • Most of them except Harry fucking Kane that is.

      Mr righteousness and educater of the ignorant himself.

      I’ve never disliked a footballer so much in my life as I do that cunt.

      I would be delighted if he was kidnapped and butt fucked repeatedly by a load of horny Arabs.
      See if he’d be as keen to wear the armband promoting anal sex or drop to his knees for blacks in a hurry after that.

      The cunt.

  24. The LGBTQ crap has failed to mean much beyond the English-speaking world and western Europe and is dying here because it has been hijacked by trans extremists. Yes there are ladyboys in Thailand and cross dressing types here and there, but it’s hardly a top-down movement.

    Islam and Catholicism might have a large part to do with it, as well as other sects such as the Russian state and Orthodox church.

    The Gays saw where this clusterfuck was going and many stopped supporting LGBTQ, and now the Lesbians are at war with the Transsexualists.

    ‘LGBTQ’ now just means ‘what Stonewall dictates is right.

    Intersectionality; doomed from the start.

  25. On the note about Qatar and the Raggy Daggy Do’s got me thinking about Shamima Begum and the fact this utter jihadi slag is being allowed (at our expense no doubt) to have a case for her to return heard at one of the highest courts of the land.

    The defence is pathetic: “Challenging the decision, her legal team argue she was trafficked to Syria for sexual exploitation.” and if that is all they have to go on, good luck with that you cunts.

    I am sure I watched a video of her with her Jihadi bride mates laughing and joking in an airport – no sign of forced emigration to me…

    In short, she’s fucked up, left the UK because she thought it might be a giggle to join a terrorist group, perhaps a bit racy and exciting. She spread her legs, got married, had kids (now gone), has nothing and expects the red carpet to be rolled out.

    Quite frankly if she does make it back (and I am 150% some Dame Kweer fan club judge is going to rule she can) someone should be ready to SAS her…

    • The thing is, by making ‘poor little miss Jihadi Jane’ the focus of a media circus, we’re all supposed to get uselessly wound up about her like good little robots (uselessly as, let’s face it, the jihadi wee cunt isn’t a real threat anymore and she’s coming back here, whether we like it or not).
      They’re hoping that this circus will distract people from noticing that a lot of the unchecked cunts coming daily across the channel have that decidedly ‘(para)military’ look about them.

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