The Alphabet Community & Their Values

Qatar is a shithole.

The world cup was awarded through rampant corruption.
Thousands of poor 3rd world labourers died constructing the stadiums.
Migrant workers are virtual slaves, wages and passports withheld, working and living in inhumane conditions.
Women in Qatar have no rights and are treated as possessions.

All truly Islamic.

But what upsets the assortment of preverts and degenerates?
The fact that they cant carry on with their shirt lifting and gobbling and fuck knows what else if they go there.

We know that the tranny brigade regard their rights to be above women’s rights but this really shows this collection of deviants for the me me me cunts that they are.
Pathetic cunts like Southgate are part of this hypocrisy.

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81 thoughts on “The Alphabet Community & Their Values

  1. There will come a day when English national team has loads of Muslims in it. It’s getting there now. 30 years ago, the only Muslim in English football was Spurs midfielder Nayim, who was Spanish. He’s the guy who lobbed Seaman (gross!) from 40 yards in the 1995 Cup Winners’ Cup. Cut to today and – I think – every club has at least one Muslim player in the squad, if not starting eleven. And who gets more stick in football, a gay man or a Muslim man? Mo Salah was called, “a fucking Muslim cunt” and, “terrorist cunt” at Middlesbrough in 2019. That’s fucking mental.

    Everyone on Earth needs to take several chill-pills in 2023 or life will become unbearable, unlivable. The idiocracy shit-show that has been the 21st century has only just begun.

  2. Talking of crazy homophobes, that fat cunt who went spree killing in a gay club in the US looks to be another repressed homosexual. Possibly something to do with his crystal meth porn actor Mormon dad, who expressed his relief to a news crew that his son had gone to a gay bar to murder people, and not chug cock.
    Maga bragger dad states ‘we’re Mormons, we don’t do gay’ yet hard drug use and making porn films is fine though.
    Great photos of the son, after he’d been ‘subdued’ by passers by, many shades of purple, but it’s the cunt father’s video that’s fucked up.

  3. Is Mormonism a cult? I’m not at all familiar with their practices I know Jehovah’s don’t bother with Xmas…my family wasn’t particularly religious and I flicked through the bible as a kid but if Captain Pugwash was on TV I’d probably lose interest in what the disciples were up to??
    Can Mormons marry into their own families? I can’t be arsed to Google it to find out?

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