Rishi Sunak [7] and the Woke Backlash

Our first British-Asian PM and What will the Woke Say Now?

Rishi is our new PM, born in Southampton and is therefore British despite his Asian background. I didn’t particularly rate him when he was Chancellor, especially throwing billions of magic pounds at all and sundry during the pandemic. And there was also the matter of trust, especially after resigning from his position after disagreeing with the-then PM, Boris Johnson over a number of issues.

However, I am prepared to give this bloke a chance of pulling the Conservative party together at long last even though I don’t believe it will ever be the same party of old.

What does and will interest me is how the progressive liberals will react to his policy decisions. Twitter, the BBC, the Guardian and a shedload of other “woke” standard-bearers will no doubt be far more cautious about criticising the man and his handling of the many issues that face the country.

It is well known that the woke fully endorse the concept of hate crime – in other words slagging off the usual suspects, including any hints of micro-aggressive actions. But if Sunak makes some bad decisions will the likes of the Guardian criticise him in the same robust way as they did with Johnson/Truss? Or will they just blame those around him rather than the man himself?

Labour will also find themselves in a similar situation especially during PMQT. Will the likes of Butler and Abbott take potshots at him? Will they say he is just a “superficial person of colour”? Or will they side-step the issue and blame previous administrations or other government departments managed by “whitey” ministers?

Whatever the response it is clear that the Woke will have to be far more cautious because for years they’ve been banging on about diversity and inclusion of BAMEs. Well here we are, it has finally happened, but will this please or annoy these trigger-happy cunts!

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121 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak [7] and the Woke Backlash

  1. Why, all those years ago couldn’t him and his family have travelled south by foot from Southampton ?

  2. Sirs:

    If the U.S. experience is any guide, the British left will attack Rishi for being the equivalent of a “house Negro.”

    If that doesn’t work they’ll have to dig up some experts to testify the man is not authentically ethnic. Liked Winnie the Pooh as a kid, or helped an old white lady across a busy intersection. Something like that.

  3. He’s the wrong sort of black for woke leftists. If he sits out in the sun he could get a shade darker?

  4. Viceroy Sunak is the wrong type of brown person for the woke.

    He’s neither peaceful enough, chippy West African enough or anti white enough.

    • All he has to do is put on a ludicrous pair of false tits and an unconvincing wig and change his name to Rashida.

      The left will be wanking themselves unconscious over him.

  5. How the mighty have fallen! Survey the wreckage of Empire and weep.

    A fckn char-wallah in charge? And a skinny, faggotty, effeté one at that.

    One step away from a fckn caliphate, that’s definitely coming.

  6. Brilliant header pic, never seen him look so gormless.
    Well done.

    Thanks muchly, Jeezum. We aim to please and raise a chuckle with the pics and captions. – NA.

  7. The same old clapped out circus will continue ad infinitum.

    There’s so many effnics with their place at the high table that it doesn’t matter at all whose running the shitshow.

    “We’ll fix this,we’re all in it together,emergency this,crisis that”.

    What they all are,beyond their alleged allegiances,are pigs at the trough.

    It’s not going to end well.

    • I think we’re well past the stage of the trough, these cunts now get it straight in the gob, direct from the producers.

  8. Rishi and Braverman are already being subtly and not so subtly attacked for not being anti British and woke.
    Kweer’s party makes me laugh. No female or effnik leaders ever and the effniks that they promote – Lammy and Flabbot for instance, are intellectual pygmies.

    • Flabbonomics are hilarious

      Twelvety ten-ish percent of eleventeen = magic money!

      I and I is down wiv da numbas n sheeeit, init blud?

  9. If the recent attacks by Rupa Huq and Nadia Whittome are anything to go by I think that he will be given a short period of grace before its open season once again.

    These ‘progressives’ just cannot help themselves.

  10. I like Rishi Sunak. He’s the centre-right politician I can get on board with. And he doesn’t bank on about his BAME heritage. Good lad.

    Do you know what I enjoy even more? The fact that the CONSERVATIVE Party appointed a brown man as the party leader. That man is now Prime Minister. Good.

    The “mUh aNXieTY” pink-haired bunch of fat alphabet brigade cunts must be doing some serious mental gymnastics to find even the tiniest modicum of racism in this one.

    Plus Sunak clearly knows the difference between evasion and avoidance.

    Happy Monday, all.

  11. I don’t think Sunak’s heritage is anywhere near British enough to be in Parliament.
    Unless he’s employed there as a punkhawallah of course.

      • Even worse spoiler alert !

        He spends the rest of the the film looking, but never finds it.

        La fine.

  12. I don’t think they’ll be too hard on him given that most of his policies and (in) actions are the same as Labour.

    • Labour would have a fall-out in a phonebox. They will mercilessly batter him regardless of whether they agree with him or not

      I suppose you must have a confirmed, definite point of view on an issue in order to disagree about it, and none from any party do, on anything, other than more for them and less for you.

  13. Anyone who’s that rich and can fit a polo mint round their waist has worms.

    He’s got worms.

    And I’d rather have his half starved tapeworm in charge than this little tax weasel.
    Anyone who allows Jeremy Hunt to live is a cunt in my book.

    Fuck off Rishi.
    And wash your hair!

    Chip pan head.

    • Reckon his missus has half his dinner. These female colonial sorts tend to whale-up when they get to 40.

      And fck Divali as well. And fckn ramadan, and any other devilish celebrations these heathens defile themselves with.

      • Give me a Hindu over a peaceful any time.

        The Hindu’s have got sense. They tend to be deeply suspicious of the religion of peace and with good reason.

        The woke happen to think the religion of peace is akin to a cute cuddly toy.
        That’s because they’re thick as fuck.

      • I don’t care what cow you worship, just don’t do it here.

        Lefties seem to think that racism is about whitey. It’s not. It’s perfectly natural, normal, healthy tribalism. They forget that the cow lovers intensely and historically dislike the pig-haters, and vice-versa, even though they are the same race and colour.

        Leicester, Brum, London, Glasgow et al are tinder boxes waiting to ignite, and it will not be the whites rioting.

        I, as a confirmed whitey, ask myself ‘What do I get out of multi-culturalism and who ever asked the public if we wanted it’. I didn’t, don’t and never will.

    • Mr Helmet

      Rome, circa 400 AD is another one.
      Byzantine, Mongol, Ottoman, Russian, all fecked by becoming too big and allowing countless foreigners to dictate terms, diluting national identity and a common goal of a common people, perverting their arts and culture and religion, sexual deviancy normalised, utter corruption in all aspects of Government, usury, extortionate taxes to pay for never ending war, etc, etc.

      We are more than halfway there. We are totally fckd.

  14. Just wait until he really gets going and makes a speech…..

    ‘Look, this is a white Christian country and if all you fucking effnicks can’t fit in just fuck off somewhere else’

    ‘I have instructed the Navy to sink any boat containing illegals if it enters UK waters’

    ‘I am cutting benefits for those who are fit to work and don’t’

    ‘The international aid budget will be cut to zero’

    ‘And finally, woman = adult human female’

    • He’s not going to do a fuckin thing except tax the fuck out of us.

      Nowt about the scum floating ashore every day

      Nowt about being energy self sustaining,

      He’s got the Net Zero bug.

    • Aye! Did you see over the weekend that he wants to scrap tranny rights? I got called a transphobe for agreeing with him.

      I don’t have kids, but if I did, I’d not be happy letting them share a space with a cock in frock. With that in mind, I extend that sentiment to my mum, mother-in-law, and my sisters-in-law.

  15. Seen the news today on Ali Beebie:


    Rishi paving the way to pay poorer countries climate reparations. Someone tell me where the fuck is this money coming from. We’re already being peddled with controlling lies about how fucked we are as a nation.

    Aren’t we already doing out bit letting these cunts come over here?

  16. It matters not a jot that Sunak’s a bud bud ding ding, far more important is that he’s a fully-paid up member of the banking club that wants to financially rape our arses and he can’t hide it.

  17. If Sunak thinks that by going to that jamboree known as COP 27 he will placate the wokies, then he’s got another think coming.

    The Left and the wokies will always hate Sunak no matter what he does. Because:

    1. He is a true Brexiteer, unlike Johnson
    2. He’s a Conservative
    3. He’s a self made multi-millionaire
    4. He’s only ‘superficially’ brown
    5. He’s ahead of Starmer in the polls
    6. He’s a Hindu and therefore hated by Labour’s friends the Peacefuls

    Plus he did more than anyone else to help Johnson get that 80 seat majority by standing in for him during the leaders debates and interviews, cos Johnson was hiding in the fridge, too frit to subject himself to public scrutiny.

    For me, the worst things Sunak has done so far in his premiership (apart from U-turning on not going to COP 27) is to keep those shits Therese Coffey and James Cleverly in the cabinet and, to add insult to injury, appoint that utter scumbag bellend Gavin Williamson to high office. This does not bode well for the future.

    • Gavin Williamson is a deeply weird thug and bully and a shot of the highest order. He probably threatened the PM and the Queen to get his knighthood. Cunt.

  18. It makes no difference who is PM or which party is in government……we don’t know who is pulling the strings, only their agenda.
    We are all going to die…….

    • Eventually, yes. But probably not today or most other days.

      The one thing we can be sure of is that whatever colour rosette the leading party wears, not one of them will have our best interests at heart.

  19. It’s always the same with the so called “progressive parties” – any Conservative effnik is the “wrong type” of effnik.

    So far the Conservatives have produced three female PM’s and one Asian British. They have produced a large number of Asian British and British black cabinet ministers and secretaries of state. What have Labour produced? Nothing except whines and moans about the “wrong types” of effnik and the deeply offensive “Uncle Tom” jibe.

    Still, Labours ignorance about the biological nature of sex I suppose gives them the opportunity to say that Sir Kweer has self identified as a black woman if he ever becomes PM.

    • When the time comes and Sir Kier finally does become PM and decides to identify as a female poc, members of his own cabinet will be openly hostile and calling him an auntie Thomasina if he doesn’t immediately promote Diane Abbott to Chancellor.

    • It appears that Sunak is equally despised by the race baiting, anti aspirant Left as well as the racist Right, so clearly not all bad.

  20. Serious question.

    Why are all these shower of utter cunt politicians all traveling to Egypt and virtue signalling their arses off over the climate?

    Surely that’s a colossal carbon footprint right there?

    Couldn’t they have organised this over a zoom meeting?

    I suppose they can’t all back slap each other and accept cash bungs over the internet.

    Greta Thunberg will not be happy.

    • Rishi has to be there to confirm how much taxpayer money he’s going to send around the world while other countries do fuck all.

  21. Look you cynics Rishi has taken time out of his busy schedule to go over there to the Land of the Pharaohs to help save the planet.
    At least he’s getting iff his arse and doing something.
    Like this woman on the M 25 at this very moment. Have a heart and listen to her pleas-


    • Oh sweet Jesus titty fucking Christ!

      What an entitled little spunk trumpet she is.

      Cue crocodile tears and self righteous bullshit from an egotistical eco fascist mouthpiece.

      I’m starting a new movement ‘Just shoot just stop oil’

      Whether they be chained to a gantry over the M25, glued to a road in central London or acting the cunt in an art gallery, just shoot them.

      you know it makes sense.

      • Fuck me. “I’m here because I don’t have a future”. If I’d been there she wouldn’t have had much of a present either, they’d be scraping the deluded bitch off the road.

      • I can’t understand why the road was closed for so long. I can see that one of these looneys might decide to throw themselves off into the traffic when the police approach but once the cunts are ‘cuffed and restrained just release the traffic.

    • Couldn’t agree more Freddie.To me one great benefit of Brexit is the removal of a big wedge of cheap labour such that now there is work for everyone that wants it. This very morning a handbill was pushed through our letter box from a company ten miles away desperately trying to recruit staff. I quote part of it;

      “We are open to considering a range of working patterns including job share, part-time and adjusted working patterns.”

      “Starting salary £23,000 + allowances.”

      Pays better than standing on a gantry on the M25 and you don’t get wet if it rains. Recommended.

  22. The reason Rishi wasn’t available during the summer, he was punkah wallah for the House of Commons.

  23. Bit of mystic meg for you.
    Rishi is due to speak at COP environmental meeting within the next hour.

    I’ll bet nobody on this site will be happy with what he has to say.

    He’ll sell us out
    You just watch.

    • While the west goes poor, they’re all preaching full steam ahead on net zero.

      “Get off the roads you fucking plebs and end the middle class!” is what they really mean.

      They’ll be two classes in a few decades.

      The very wealthy (0.01%) and the pleb class (99.9%).

      Part of me wants to see the faces of these idiots cheering this shite on, once they can’t use their car unless they pay the 20k p.a. ‘Green road user tax’ or when they can’t put the fucking heating on in winter.

      Oh, and try charging your fucking iPhone when it costs you £50 to do so, you thick cunts.

      “Steak you say? On aisle six. On sale today love! Only £89.99 per steak. Don’t worry, we’ve got locusts at a much cheaper price!”

      We are heading straight into hell and every cunt seems to be cheering it on.

      And Sunak is a globalist who’ll positively cheer it all on.

      Still, can always leap out of bushes in my flashing mac.

      • Slowly creeping towards the great re set bollocks.Riots ahead.We are heading to hell in a hand cart.

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