Rochdale Groomers and the Legal System

This pair are finally going to be deported, apparently, but I don’t think I’ll be holding my breath waiting.

Grauniad Link.

As if their crimes weren’t despicable enough, they have now spent 7 years and £500,000+ of taxpayers money fighting deportation, aided and abetted by our legal system.

Khan said he needed to stay in the UK to provide a role model for his son and he couldn’t have groomed anyone because he didn’t speak English. Both excellent reasons why his extended family should join him on the flight back.

I don’t know which disgusts me most, the groomers or the lawyers, so a cunting for them both seems in order.

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

86 thoughts on “Rochdale Groomers and the Legal System

  1. After 9/11, all the peaceful countries should have been nuked. A chance to rid the civilised world of its biggest and dirtiest plague was missed. A ‘War on Terror’ became ‘treat them with kid gloves’. And now every country in Europe (bar Russia) is riddled with these human filth.

  2. It’s the bowl of smarties syndrome. There’s a bowl of smarties, and 10% of them are poisonous. Do you take your chances and eat some, or do you throw away the lot?

    Anyone with any sense would ditch the lot. And that is what should be done with these cunts. If it keeps the UK safer, fucking chuck them out.

  3. We should have just guillotined the filthy depraved rapist cunts, and sent the bill and their still warm corpses to ‘da cummuunnidee’ for dumping on the municipal tip. Cunts.

    • Costs fuel, we have loads of high buildings in London, can set up a kid’s slide at the top to entice the pee dough’s who will then find that the slide goes over the edge of the 50th floor.

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