Rishi Sunak [7] and the Woke Backlash

Our first British-Asian PM and What will the Woke Say Now?

Rishi is our new PM, born in Southampton and is therefore British despite his Asian background. I didn’t particularly rate him when he was Chancellor, especially throwing billions of magic pounds at all and sundry during the pandemic. And there was also the matter of trust, especially after resigning from his position after disagreeing with the-then PM, Boris Johnson over a number of issues.

However, I am prepared to give this bloke a chance of pulling the Conservative party together at long last even though I don’t believe it will ever be the same party of old.

What does and will interest me is how the progressive liberals will react to his policy decisions. Twitter, the BBC, the Guardian and a shedload of other “woke” standard-bearers will no doubt be far more cautious about criticising the man and his handling of the many issues that face the country.

It is well known that the woke fully endorse the concept of hate crime – in other words slagging off the usual suspects, including any hints of micro-aggressive actions. But if Sunak makes some bad decisions will the likes of the Guardian criticise him in the same robust way as they did with Johnson/Truss? Or will they just blame those around him rather than the man himself?

Labour will also find themselves in a similar situation especially during PMQT. Will the likes of Butler and Abbott take potshots at him? Will they say he is just a “superficial person of colour”? Or will they side-step the issue and blame previous administrations or other government departments managed by “whitey” ministers?

Whatever the response it is clear that the Woke will have to be far more cautious because for years they’ve been banging on about diversity and inclusion of BAMEs. Well here we are, it has finally happened, but will this please or annoy these trigger-happy cunts!

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121 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak [7] and the Woke Backlash

  1. Blair in blackface. Same speech, mannerisms, opportunism and magnetic attraction to money. Never trust a doctor’s son (Sunak), a minister’s son (G.Brown) or a lawyer’s son (A. Blair)….old Gaelic proverb, sounds better in Gaelic.

    • I don’t recall Blair being strongly pro Brexit…

      In fact Sunak and Blair differ on a whole range of policy issues. Impossible to imagine Blair appointing someone like Braverman as Home Secretary.

      And Sunak made his millions in business, not off the back of being PM.

      Blair has far more in common with that lying chancer Johnson than with he has with Sunak..

      • Did you miss the bit where Komodo said ‘opportunist’.

        Blair would be pro or anti anything that benefitted him. Just like Machiavelli Sunak. Both utter scum, although Sunak has a way to go on catching up Blair on utter scummyness.

        Blair had Jack ‘father of a drug dealer’ Straw and David ‘lying shagger’ Blunkett as Home Secretaries, so couldn’t see him being picky about Braverman, if it suited him.

      • As I said, “Same speech, mannerisms, opportunism and magnetic attraction to money.”

        Your assault on points I didn’t make is I fear characteristic: however, watch this space.

        Sunak, like Blair, is remarkably light on principle, has form for betraying his colleagues, and is already rowing back on any implication that he might reclaim our legal system from the EU. Like Blair, he realises that he has to keep the “right” of his party sweet, hence Braverman. And hear what Jonathan Freedland wrote in 2005 – in the Grauniad:

        Blair is solicitous to Murdoch, to the point of subservience. That is all of a piece with a choice of friends that includes Silvio Berlusconi, the ousted Spanish conservative José Maria Aznar and, lest we forget, George Bush. How dearly Blair wanted to add Angela Merkel to that list, his aides briefing anyone who would listen that Gerhard Schröder was history and that Merkel would carry the Blairite torch in Berlin.

        “Opportunist” I think, covers it without argument. It is generally known that he wanted to be PM – and connived to get there – as a dilettante prank, much as Johnson did. Blair buggered off out of office, and indeed out of his constituency, two years before his term ended, in order to reap the harvest of all the top-level contacts and murky deals he’d enabled as UK PM. Not so much for the money as the prestige and influence.

        Tell me Sunak isn’t capable of something similar!

      • Wrong on both main counts.

        1. He made his own fortune working for Goldman Sachs, before going on to become a partner at two hedge funds.

        2. His wife is not a “paki”.

        She is, however, rich. Much to your enormous chagrin, no doubt. 😃

      • I remember hearing a bloke arguing with a local Turkish kebab shop owner, ending his tirade with ‘fuck off back to Africa you p**i cunt!’
        A racist with a brain is a dangerous thing, thank fuck there aren’t that many!😂

      • Ruff’s wife is from India, if I recall correctly.
        Don’t expect an apology, though, Ruff. 🙁

      • You recollection is incorrect, Gordon.

        My wife is British born and bred, of Indian descent.

        And a fuck sight more British and patriotic than many posting here.

      • Out of order, Termujin.
        We don’t score points here.
        We don’t attack partners of counters.

      • I think there needs to be an outright ban on crass words for foreigners. Getting kinda tedious to see those words every week.

      • RTP,

        Bit rich for you to speak of standards given your circs old chap.

        I get it mate, the taste of Eastern promise and all that, and beggars can’t be choosers.

      • Mr JP,

        Just an observation, not an attack.

        BTW RTC is a big boy now, he doesn’t need your two ‘penneth to put up a good show.

      • Really?
        I wasn’t supporting RTC, as you say, he’s a big boy.
        You don’t get to say bad things about cunters partners, it’s wrong, they can’t defend their selves and it makes you look like an incel wankpot.

      • JP

        Point of order.

        RTC once called my wife a cunt because she didn’t want a cat flap 🙂

      • JP,

        I wasn’t attacking anyone. I said HE was pussy whipped. Calm the fuck down.

        And mind your own business.

      • JP,

        Ahhh, don’t be like that, you are on a site called ‘is a cunt’, it’s not going to be all ginger beer and arrowroot biscuits.

        You’re sexy when you’re angry x

  2. Sunak strikes me as a man who doesn’t understand politics at all and he is soft, weak, flouncy, on board with the European internationalists, so he is perfect for thw job as is Biden in America, as are all of the “leaders” of the major countries right now.

    There is hope, though. Not sure how many people are aware of Kari Lake, the new Governor of Arizona. She was mocking cocaine user bisexual, and all-round rancid cum-stain, Bath House Barry Obama the other day. She is the democratically elected Governor of Arizona and the tax-payer-salaried politicians, media stooges and every other shrieking shit-cunt is attacking her with… well nothing, they have NO DIRT on her. And she just laughs at them. Amazing woman. We need more like her.


    Watch the first ten minutes, it’s hilarious and uplifting. 🙂

    • I’m trying to stay away from politics until Monday 9 January, but if thee are opportunities to use phrases like, “cocaine using rancid jizz-stain” or whatever I said, I’ll dive right in! 😀

  3. Can someone remind me again please why a chap who with his wifes money is worth 100s of millions wants a shitty job paying about £180,000 per year?

    • Great question. Rees-Mogg doesn’t want to be PM, purely because he has mega-nuggets in the bank and coins in millions per year via his investments. If he was a low-rent MP, he’d have been PM years ago. Most MPs are like this now, ie. have an easy Mon-Fri job by getting an 8-12 person staff to do all the donkey work like talking to constituents, journalists and Operation Yew Tree detectives and focus 75% of your secondary and tertiary gigs and investments hustling.
      Jobs a good ‘un, mate!

      • Trump did it for free. Or did he? There seems to be ambiguity on this when you Google it. Nothing new there when it comes to Donald’s finances!

    • Q:Can someone remind me again please why a chap who with his wifes money is worth 100s of millions wants a shitty job paying about £180,000 per year?

      A: So he can sell the country out to his globalist chums.

  4. This bloke is a cunt. Reversed the decision to do fracking despite during his leader campaign saying he would go ahead with it. Now the cunt is committing billions to the climate bollocks. This cunt and his cohorts who are supposed to act in are best interests are just out to feather thier own nests. A bunch of self serving parasites, all of em.

    • The day a British PM or cabinet minister denounces climate change measures, will be a glorious day… then that minister will be sacked and never heard of again.

    • Agree entirely. This cunt should make sure people in Britain – the elderly especially – don ‘t freeze to death this Winter. All this climate bollocks means fuck all when a British Winter looms. This Sunak cunt needs to get his priorities right. He fucking won’t though, the cunt.

  5. I heard his next role was going to be the England managers job after that useless woke big nosed cunt Southgate gets sacked!
    In relation to Blair – he is the most odious cunt bar none I have ever come across. A genuine cancer on society and someone I would award a slow painful death to

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