Multi-Coloured Poppies and the BBC (79)

I’d like to nominate – on Remembrance Sunday – this steaming pile of woke brainwashing bullshit aimed at the kiddies published on the Newsround section of Al Beeb today.

Paraphrasing slightly, but it boils down to: Did you know, kiddies, that you can commemorate those fallen in war with poppies in colours other than red?

(quote – “Some people feel that the red poppy glorifies war and conflict …. What poppy do you wear? Or do you choose not to wear a poppy? Let us know in the comments below”)

Inevitably, there is a black poppy which “commemorates the contributions of black, African and Caribbean communities to the war effort – as servicemen and servicewomen, and as civilians … [it] aims to highlight “largely untold historical legacies” from the 16th century onwards.” Of fcking course.

There’s a purple poppy – “worn to remember animals that have been victims of war”.

And finally, the white poppy, which “commemorates people who died in conflict, but focuses on achieving peace and challenging the way we look at war”.

FFS, is nothing sacred?! Are none of our traditions safe from being pawed over by woke idiots intent on razing our heritage, culture and character to the ground?!! This is simply a Nation wanting to commemorate its war dead for dog’s sake.

It’s only a matter of time before we get a rainbow poppy to recognise the efforts of that huge consort of gay servicemen. Wear your Pride Poppy with Pride. And a Tranny poppy – probably made from frilly polyester knickers.

I remember being taught at school that the red of the poppy symbolised the blood shed by men on fields in WW1. The point being that all humans (and animals) bleed red blood so there is zero need for all the above divisive bollocks. The final irony is that those fellas died for something better than this.

Rant over, time for a vino.

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Nominated by: Fuckwittery Britannia

57 thoughts on “Multi-Coloured Poppies and the BBC (79)

  1. Anyone wearing anything other than a red poppy is a total disrespectful cunt.

    And you deserve the punch in the face you’ll get in certain places.

    The poppy is for ALL the dead who sacrificed their lives fighting,
    Black, white, Indian,
    Doesn’t matter,
    It’s for all them,
    They’re all deserving of respect.

    This divisive shite is disgusting.

    • had a row with some daft bint in the Museum of German History in Berlin. The main museum was closed and we were stiffed 8 euros to go and see some shite that, as far as I could see, was how you can get a kraut passport if you were african. I told her it was a load of crap and can I have my money back. I said it was all rubbish about colonialism , to which she said “but it is our history”, Fecking idiot. At least I managed to have a row in English in Germany!!!

    • ‘The poppy is for ALL the dead who sacrificed their lives fighting,’

      This is why white poppies exist. It’s not about those who fought, but those who were caught up in the killing and never imagined using a weapon, such as those blown up in Dresden and the Blitz.

  2. Can’t of been any black contributions in the 16th century, weren’t they all slaves up to the 1830s.

    • Didn’t you know the court of Henry VIII was full of ye olde Black Panthers and twerking crack ho’s?

  3. On a similar vein – I see that hypocrite Kane has now decided that his principles can be compromised. I hope England lose every fucking game. I’m just waiting to hear Sunak say he’s been a lifelong (insert name of any team here) supporter and loves the footballing.

    • I did read that the cunts were going to ‘Take The Knee’, before the first game. I’m on a Rest Day, so could watch it, but, they can fuck right off.

      The fucking arse-licking, appeasing bandwagon-jumping Spawn Of Satan.

      • Just been on ‘Boom Radio’ that Harry ‘Old Man Steptoe’ Kane won’t be wearing a Rainbow Armband.

        So much for principles, you dull cunt.

  4. That bellend Jeremy Corbyn wore a white poppy.

    I’ve seen a woman wearing a purple one? (Animals?)

    But why not just wear a red one?
    It’s inclusive.
    They’re meant to love inclusiveness?

    • Corbyn is a total cunt. He has laid wreaths in for terrorists in the Middle East but I bet has never been to the battlefields of the First World War.

    • The green MP wore a white one and a red one, typical of the limp pussy cunts they can’t even pick a leader, they have two 😂

      • Not a green one then? Surely there must have been a handful of vegans in the trenches forced to eat bully beef.

  5. The fucking BBC have got to push their “progressive” propaganda onto every-fucking-thing! They can’t even let the war dead rest in peace. There’s one colour for a poppy and that’s red. Anything else is just pure political cuntishness.

  6. Quite a few of my relatives,of course I’m not alone here,died fighting in the world wars.

    When I reflect on their patriotism and see the state of the nation today I really have to wonder what they would think of all this mess?

    I’m quite sure they would be dumbfounded then boiling with rage.

  7. I went into town the week before Remembrance Day, didn’t see a single person collecting, so sadly I ended up with no poppy this year…

  8. I like the red ones, coz they mostly commemorate killing loads of german squareheads.
    I wish I’d had the chance to machine gun a load of the sausage-eating wankrags, or drop a planeload of incendiaries on the cunts while they were goose-stepping around their bedrooms at night……it’s just a shame they all surrendered before the yanks could drop a bucket of man-made sunshine on the fuckers.

    • I note the BBC cunts talk about the contributions of “black, African and Caribbeans”. What about the Indians, what about the Sikh regiments? Oh no, fuck them, we don’t like them because we can’t weep over their victimhood. I’m sure they would love a separate poppy for the Joe Dakis but P*kistan didn’t exist back then.
      What a load of fucking bollocks.

      • Spot on Freddie.

        Plenty of Indian troops fought exceptionally but the pansy cunts at the BBC couldn’t give a fuck..because they are the wrong sort of ethnic minority.

        Shit arse rats.

      • Very true UT. I live not far from the national Sikh museum, it’s full of photos of them during the wars, an incredible force. They even have a canon encrusted in jewels especially for the Muzz. Marvellous.

      • ‘…but P*kistan didn’t exist back then.’ And I wish it didn’t now. Mind you, give it a few more years and it won’t need to exist as all the cunts will be over here.

  9. How about having a green poppy for the black cannon fodder, so the cows and sheep can chew on it. Oh yeah, we don’t need one. They’ve already deservedly been chewed up and shat on for centuries.

  10. So they aren’t allowed to wear the gaylord armband now?

    Perhaps the justice warriors should sit it out in protest?

    No…didn’t think so

    Hope Kane gets a career ending injury caused by Maguire

      • I’d prefer it if they were hit over the head with a lead filled truncheon wielded by an enraged Qatari paratrooper.

    • No Rainbow Warriors allowed then? Ha! Ha! Hope Iran gives them a fucking good kicking this afternoon, and shows them the proper way to play the so called “wonderful game.”

      • And for the sake of making Wokegate look like the cunt that he is. He must be sucking corporate cock, to still be in the job.

  11. Why are they fucking going on about civil unrest in Iran now!! Jesus Christ, turn it in FFS.

  12. My friend in this place tells me that he worked at one time for the Poppy Foundation. There he met an elderly rifleman of WW1 who told his the story of how the Poppy will always be red.
    !) It was seen at Flanders
    2) It signified the blood that was lost
    3) Following a heavy bombardment, the Poppys Flourished

    The Poppy is red and always will be. A thousand crabs on the arse of anyone who says otherwise

  13. I didn’t see a colour other than red. I try to stick a fiver in the tin if I can. As luck would have it I was potless. Fuck my luck. Said to the two old sweats collecting sorry chaps I can’t give any more than the three quid I had on me. Oh don’t worry about that. I thanked them both for their service to the country in the past. Heros every man jack of them.

  14. It’s brainwashing 101. Something that our soldiers fought against especially in WW2. Do these pricks ever take stock and see the fucking irony of their browbeating? My Dad always used to say “You can’t argue with a fucking idiot”. How true, trouble is they’re running the country. I despair.

  15. I’ve got the footy on.
    Are England wearing red or white – it’s difficult to tell nowadays

  16. Our heritage and traditions are being eroded from the inside by stupid cunts.
    The red poppy is a symbol of respect, gratitude and mourning, all of which is beyond a generation of missfitted cunts who will deserve the shithole they end up with.

  17. I’m always fascinated in old mills by the brass plaques listing the dead from WW1 and WW2.

    All locals who until the war had been millworkers mainly .
    Very young.

    They must of been scared to fuckin death.
    Most hadn’t been over 40miles away from where they grew up.
    Sent to die in the mud in France,
    Some lost their mind ,
    ‘shell shock’ and some Rupert Chinless cunt who watched from field glasses classed them cowards.
    No fuckin cowards amongst them.

    Those poor cunts gave their lives for us and any Marxist sneers about them in my hearing can book themselves in at the dentist.

    • Was looking round a church in Norfolk recently in the summer. Inside was a memorial plaque which displayed photos of each young serviceman (boy) killed, all smiling in black and white, some in their uniforms. It hit hard, was very unexpectedly moving to see their actual faces. A pox on this modern day country for what it has squandered

      • Fuckwittery@

        A well written and thought provoking nom.
        Great stuff,
        well done👍

  18. “In Flanders Fields”
    In the spring of 1915 shortly after losing a friend in Ypres, a Canadian Doctor, Lieutenant Colonel John Mc Crae wrote his now-famous poem after seeing poppies growing in battle-scarred fields and from whence originated the poppy symbol of remembrance.
    Why can’t these loonies leave our history alone?

  19. Apologies but then, not entirely off topic I think. I see some of our finest legal minds are working to get that walking dollop of excrement they call Shamima Begum back into the UK.

  20. I remember Corbyn when he was Labour leader back in 2017 trying to push this shit through.
    Sort of thing the commie cunt would get a hard-on over.

    I hope the ghost of Col Tom Moore comes back from the grave and poltergeists the magic grandpa until he throws himself off a railway bridge.

    Corbyn and his legion of poppy Dodgers are nothing but disrespectful Marxist Cuntoids.

  21. My local village is known as a ‘Thankful Village’ on account of having lost no men and boys during WW1 or WW2. Its quite amazing really considering almost every working class man would have been in service or out in the fields labouring and would have been called up to fight.

    You won’t see any white or black poppies around these parts.

  22. Talking of multi coloured, I see the 11 men of principals representing England bottled it over wearing the bum boy arm bands.

    Like beckham, money talks louder than principle

    What a shower of gutless cunts…💩

  23. I wear a red poppy – anyone who doesn’t can fuck right off.

    My Grandfather – built Spitfire engines

    My great Uncle – Royal Engineers, Normandy 1944, Germany 1945 – came home

    My great Uncle – Paratroopers, North Africa, Italy, Normandy, Arnhem – came home

    My great Grandfather – Drum Major, Staffords, killed at Ypres, WW1

  24. ‘If you prick us, do we not bleed?’

    A unifying quote from fiction of several hundred years ago.

    I wonder if this divisive lot could even begin to understand the profundity of it.

  25. England, I am deeply sorry for the infestation of this fuckery. You do not deserve this cancer.

  26. I’m not bothered by the white poppies. An Austrian woman I know wears one for her relatives roasted in Dresden.

    I expect most of those on here being Billy Big Bollocks would actually listen to her and understand her reasons.

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