Child & Animal Neglect

This report of a couple jailed for child neglect will turn your stomach.

MSN Link.

How, in the name of all that is holy, could this situation have passed unnoticed for such a long period of time? Surely, if they were receiving such a sum in benefits, someone should have been to the home to check their claims were valid?

It’s almost beyond believe, those poor children, how can they ever recover?

Can you imagine the stench from keeping 36 dogs, Christ on a crutch, they deserve 5 years pokey for that alone, never mind the poor kiddies!

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

(To a lesser degree these cunts were also pocketing £7k/month in benefits! – Day Admin)

64 thoughts on “Child & Animal Neglect

  1. Benefits Britain eh?

    I see they’ve been banned from keeping pets indefinitely.

    If it were up to me they’d be banned from drawing breath indefinitely..

    After being gradually broken on the wheel.

    C u n t s.

    • Although an extreme case it clearly demonstrates the hidden costs of allowing shite like this to live off the state.

      Court costs,legal costs and social services to name but a few.


      • We can’t afford to run the oven Unkle T.
        Lets just go down the local chippie and put their heads in the fryer ….. Cunts !

      • Bloke down the pub was right, Mi’Lord.
        Apparently you can train them to hunt specific prey, by only feeding them that particular flesh.
        Although they do tend to want to keep it to their selves. Selfish, like that, lions.
        That’s not an issue when you want to train them to hunt something you wouldn’t want to eat yourself.
        Black cat of Bodmin, my arse!
        We all know it’s a cammo lion.

      • Unkle- “demonstrates the hidden costs of allowing shite like this to live off the state.”
        You didn’t need the last 3 words.

  2. Class act, but you can be sure there are bigger cunts out there, they would be model citizens in parts of Lagos.

    Benefits of seven grand a month courtesy of the tax payer, £84,000 a year, where else on the face of this planet would they get that money other than in ‘We are fucking mugs UK’

    • The good Christian people of Lagos? They might have a better sense of justice than our enlightened liberal CPS when it comes to these fuckers.

  3. Don’t you just love having to pay taxes to hear about them being frittered away on just about every piece of shit you can name.
    I would put these cunts to hard labour, but what good would they be if they can’t even keep themselves clean.
    I think a good old fashioned pillory, and the cat-o’-nine-tails is the only language fuckwits like this will understand.

    • Hard labour and sleep deprivation. it wouldn’t necessarily cost the taxpayer anything. Throw in the occassional hard-boiled egg and cup of black tea, vegetable soup, just to keep them ticking over enough to register their punishment.

  4. That £84k is equivalent to some worker earning £140,000 per annum gross.
    I don’t know how they rigged the system but clearly they did and I have no doubt there are thousands of others out there doing the same thing.

    But let’s not forget that they also neglected their 8 kids and 30 odd dogs. Clearly these are scumbags of the highest order.

    I wonder how much in benefits they will get in future? If the same as before then it makes a complete joke of the entire benefits system, especially now and being rewarded with a 10.1% rise for being utter cunts

  5. Once again the lack of physical checks is highlighted by this very expensive clusterfuck. The children that lived in the house are in foster care and by all reports are coping well. One question that does need answering is how was the diagnosis of Autism made for the children, this is an automatic ticket to the DLA/PIP benefits. One would imagine that the vile conditions and continued parental neglect would engender behaviour similar to Autism, did any home visits take place?
    Until a more questioning regime, a more authoritative regime is practised in the unicorn land of benefits this bollocks will continue.
    Let us hope that the damage caused to the minds of these poor kids by their fucktard parent/carers does not haunt them for the rest of their lives.
    Of course there are many more bastards like these two

  6. In a sane world no-one would ‘earn’ more on benefits than less than 40 hours minimum wage.

    What the fuck point is there going to work for 400 quid a week when you can do fuck all for a grand?

    Those poor kids.

    But, regardless of fault, in a few short years those 8 kids will be sponging and breeding at taxpayer expense. Guaranteed.

    • Plenty more sites to choose from.
      Just Google ( while you can and dare)
      Worst children/animal neglect case.
      The child who was found, covered in animal waste lying near a dead dog, was wearing only a nappy. She was 7 years old. A nappy, covered in shit, at 7?
      What a fucking world!

  7. If anyone finds out what the formula is, for claiming 84 grand a year. I’d be awfully grateful if they could forward the details to my good self, via ISAC.
    As for this vermin. I’d turn them into fertilizer, of which there is an apparent shortage.
    What a depressing tale, for an equally depressing shitty day.
    I’m so glad that I declared The Rookery a TFEZ.
    Good afternoon.

  8. I can’t open the link, but just looking at them makes me think one hour in a bath of acid would solve this particular problem…..☠️

  9. I’m Pretty sure a State Funded Lawyer Will be Appealing this Travesty on their behalf working out how the Social services and Local Services Failed them and to look for Blame elsewhere


    • Although I agree that someone should have been checking into their benefit claims, which included £1.6k in mortgage payments, the welfare of the children and the dogs was ultimately the responsibility of the supposed adults.
      She was a former dance teacher, teaching hippos by the size of her, and was a “victim of circumstances”
      What the fucking hell does that mean?
      I know dance teachers who did Zoom classes during lock downs, they seem to have managed well enough.
      He’s supposed to be “of limited intelligence” and looks it, but still!

      • It’s intelligence is not so “limited” that it managed to game the system out of £80 grand.
        Where’s my ‘cut throat’ razor gone ?

  10. Fucking cunts costing the tax payer thousands of pounds.

    They are not alone.

    Pedophiles that just can’t control their urges.
    Forget the distress they cause their victims……..
    Thousands of hours of police time building cases against them, huge prosecution costs, feeding and housing them in prison, costs of support workers and probation officers.

    Habitual criminals.
    The same scenario.

    Because these cunts cannot behave themselves and act in a civilised way it’s down to the tax payers to pick up the bill.

    What about some money from them?
    If they have no cash then strip their houses of their TV’s and PlayStations.
    Confiscate any jewellery and mobile phones and auction the lot off.
    Take any vehicles off them and sell them.

    Maybe, after having to actually pay for their crimes with real money and not just time banged up, they might just think twice before they re-offend.

  11. They say you should never judge people by their appearance.
    Fuck knows why, they look exactly like how you would expect them to look if you didn’t have a picture to go with the article
    If you wanted a successful argument for eugenics via sterilisation, there it is.
    And the millions like them.

    • Nowt wrong with a tattoo or several, but face and neck tattooes simply say “I don’t care that I’m an unemployable shitbag”.

  12. £7K a month on benefits? Fuck me pink, this is the Maily Telegrunt, so I am rightfully sceptical that they can claim so much from the state as regular income. If they can then why isn’t everyone on the same gravy train?

    I suspect the value of regular benefits this pair of m0ngoes are being given is nowhere near what the Telegrunt suggests – don’t forget its sole purpose is to get the teeth of the middle earners gnashing.

    A pair of cunts in any case – these need to be put to sleep as you would a sickly animal.

  13. Not absolving these cunts of their crimes but part of the problem is our useless state welfare system.

    This happened because the state allowed it to, and will do so as long as Sunak, Hunt, Starmer and other Blairites run the country.

    Lessons will never be learned.

  14. 7k a month is a pretty good score but I’d rather have my self respect.

    We all work for a living and know that it’s money youve earnt,
    Fairly deserve,
    You can hold your head up high.

    I’d be ashamed to go cap in hand to the government to provide for me.

    (Not counting genuinely unable to work through illness )

    These cunts are leeches.
    As much as any asylum chancer.

    They should fuckin swing for what they’ve done.

      • Almost as bad as the time you demanded we applaud the NHS, knowing full well about my thalidomide hands.

      • 😁😁
        Evening Thomas 👍

        Right though aren’t I?
        Self pride!
        and knowing you’ve earnt your corn gives a man self confidence.

        See that daft cunt Joe Lycett?
        Shredding 10k?
        Accept he didn’t.
        Silly cunt.
        Proved fuck all.

      • Damned right, MNC. That’s actually why I don’t post much during a work day…I’m busy working!
        Like yourself, I’ve less than zero respect for people of working age who sit on their fat lazy arses, unless they have a young kid and aren’t a single mother whore.

    • When that purely evil cunt Shamima Begum has had her legal team award her a new British passport (I’d guess within six months ) this pair of cunts should be appointed her landlord.

      Upon signing the tenancy order can be restored by carting them away to be gassed.

      • On second thoughts let her get settled in for a month or two,tell her a backdated Child Benefit payment is on its way….then cart the fucker out at three in the morning for burning at the stake.

        Play medieval games,win medieval prizes,you disgusting vermin.

      • Fucking hell, Unkle.
        For a moment there I thought you were saying she’d got a passport.
        Not while I’ve breath in my lungs!

  15. Listening to radio 4 earlier and they were discussing eugenics, Churchill got a mention as he was a keen backer of eugenics he put a bill through parliament that sent the mentally handicapped into institutions. He had to remove part of the bill, the part that would have allowed mandatory sterilisation of the dullards and the criminal types.

    Now given the events of the second war the idea of eugenics was buried and the theory that nurture not nature governed outcomes. This story underlines the fact that throwing money at deadbeats isn’t the solution to the problem.

    Eugenics isn’t really the route to a better society but neither is the softly softly inclusive throw money at those who least deserve it.

    Then there’s the money thrown at social services, the NHS and schools for safe guarding.

    Even worse is I’m assuming these people had neighbours?

    Humanity stands in it’s own shit I guess.

    • That is the truly scary bit.
      They had neighbours, but it was lock down, so most of them, keeping the windows shut to avoid the coof, couldn’t smell the rank stench anyway.
      Besides, old biddy mode
      ” it’s not my place to intefer!
      Also old biddy mode.
      ” I allus thought they was summat strange ”
      There’s always an old biddy, or ” neighbour’, as I should properly say.
      Interested enough to peer through the net curtains, and listen at the back door.
      But never interested enough to dial the 9’s.

  16. Call me a coward but i just couldn’t bring myself to click on the link. I had a good day today despite the weather. I just didn’t need to read anything bad involving kids.

    Besides that, the picture in the nom really says it all. I can only hope what little time they have left on planet earth is spent in pain and misery in prison with every other lag torturing them every second of every day.
    I hope the prison Daddies get to them before the guards get there………..

    Fucking low life vermin filth.

    • I’m watching David Baddeils documentary on telly

      ‘Jews don’t count.’

      Anyway it made me realise.

      He’s still not funny.

      Should of got Frank Skinner to do it.

      • One thing he raised LL,
        And I never knew this,
        But in Jewish schools in the UK like in the US,
        They regularly have a alarm go off to do a trial run in case of a armed attack.

        And the armed attack wouldn’t be from some mythical Far Right.
        It’d be from the religion of peace.

  17. Made me laugh on Sky Sports a moment ago

    Someone said ” the Iranian football risked death by not singing the national anthem, whilst Harry Kane didn’t wear the rainbow armband for fear of getting a yellow card’

    All this whilst saying I’ll wear it and risk a yellow card on the back of all the red tops.

    Utter cunt

    • That’s a cunting all on it’s own. The Iranian players risk god knows what by not singing. The English cunts take the knee for a violent criminal at no risk just to virtue signal. Fucking scum.

  18. Oven is too quick for these depraved cunts, but an abitaur has surround sound.
    Vile creatures like these two, needs to be heard, it’s a human right, that they have earned, live streamed preferably for Saturday night after watershed.

  19. These freaks deserve to die. It’s as simple as that. The creme de la scum. They should be burnt, alive I might add….🔥🔥🔥🔥

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