James Corden (11) – No Joke

Recently, we have seen this repulsive slab of lard as the cunt he really is (by being a total cunt to restaurant staff).

But now this vast sack of shit has proved his cunt credentials again. This time by nicking jokes off comedians like Ricky Gervais and Noel Fielding and passing them off as his own work.

Some knobheads might say ‘But… But,,, Isn’t all comedy like that?’ No, it isn’t You didn’t see Monty Python do ‘Kitten Kong’ or The Goodies do ‘Spanish Inquisition’. They did their own stuff and that was it. Corden is just a lazy thieving fat cunt, and even his dreadful Car Pool Karaoke was pinched off someone else.

People are seeing through this cunt more and more. And I hope this is the beginning of the end and the end of the pier for the fat shit.

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Nominated by: Norman

63 thoughts on “James Corden (11) – No Joke

  1. What makes me laugh is we’re so skint we’re being bent over the kitchen table and fucked with a cucumber, but Rishi’s been able to pull £50M in more aid for Ukraine – daki cunt.

    • Able to spend billions bailing out all the power firms that went bust as well. As for cuntard Corden at least I know what a real cunt looks like now. Can only explain his “fame” by say selling his soul to the devil or a collection of photos purportedly showing highly placed members of the showbiz aristocracy getting blow jobs from underage rent boys.
      Of course he may be incredible talented in another dimension and somehow the cunts ended up in ours, who knows?

  2. I hate the utterly revolting untalented fat cunt with a passion.
    I’d like to cast him in a sex scene in a porn-parody of
    Deliverance (in Ned Beatty’s role)
    I’ll film it using some of the toothless inbreds found on Bodmin Moor. but this time
    the buggery won’t be simulated and I’ll add some extra material where he is forced to rim his attackers’s encrusted arseholes.
    Not a fan.

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