James Cleverley & Rishi Sunak [8]

A cunting for James Cleverley and may as well throw in Rishi Sunak.

Spaffing even more fucking money, my money not theirs, peoples taxes, the cunts aren’t content with pissing money down the sink at home as we have shit loads of cash may as well piss it away in Africa. (It’s all our fault, empire and all that)

Unbelievable, allegedly a black hole of 50 or 60 billion in the government finances but let’s make even bigger by awarding more money to shit holes.

It’s a good job they aren’t white, can’t have white saviours in Africa, but maybe they are only superficially black/brown.

Nothing changes regardless of leader, the only thing we can be sure of is that labour would piss even more away.


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Miserable northern cunt isn’t happy with Dishy Rishi either

Tax weasel PM greasy Rishi has caught the green net zero bug that afflicted albino Boris.

The Grauniad Link.

He’s going to make the UK a green super power.
Luckily a lot of people will have frozen to death come spring,
And lost their homes and jobs,
Making space for the unchecked invasion of immigrants to replace them.

Hope they enjoy their green new world?

Fuck me.
Sat on a North sea oil field,
And buying up farmland for fuckin windmills?!!

Has it occurred to them that farmland might be better used growing food for this country rather than us holding out the begging bowl to Ukraine for grain?

Tory scum.

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  1. Best thing you can do for Africa, remove all the wildlife and carpet bomb the natives.
    Cause no amount of money will solve that problem..

    • What about building a fucking colossal wall across all of the north of South Africa. Then us brits can go and live there after kicking out all the darkịes and horrid white south africans.
      Seefrica is a wonderful, beautiful country ruined by the cunts of both colours who currently occupy it.

      • This wall. Who is the most intelligent to get beyond it. The climber or the burrower ? Or is it to do with cleanliness. Just asking.

    • It needs carpet bombing with condoms. Stop the cunts breeding. No one ever points out how the continent has doubled it’s population in a short space of time. Until the indigenous peoples accept responsibility it’ll remain a massive drain on the world.

  2. First the Autumn Statement and now Itchy Ballsack adopting the climate change-Tourette’s of Kier Starmer.

    Blue Labour wankers.

    They can’t build a third runway at Heathrow, fix potholes or make the trains run on time but they fuck up the country and economy in less than a generation. Our grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be feeling this kick in the bollocks.

  3. These cunts are typically clueless.

    Politicians have been running our critical infrastructure into the ground for decades,just to save money they could then immediately waste on some other wishywashy pipe dream.

    A load of windmills all over the countryside won’t fix the energy crisis,the technology isn’t robust or efficient enough.

    To try to catch up using alleged green technology is a lie..what’s required is immediate gas storage facilities followed by more native oil and coal as an interim measure (together with the necessary but ruinously expensive importation of LNG) whilst pursuing nuclear power.

    This needs to be done at once and at pace,day dreaming about being the patron saint of the eco cunts is total folly and chasing that will both destroy huge areas of the countryside and leave us wide open to further energy supply blackmail.

    If these cunts keep on about their bullshit the only thing green we will have is the fucking mouldy food in our fridges because the power has been off a week.

    Idiotic wankers.

  4. The thinking behind this is if we bung money to these shitholes supposedly ruined by climate change the cunts won’t want to come here! Because, of course, they are all desperately trying to escape the climatic disaster which has been inflicted on them by evil whitey. You see they’re not really coming here to steal and p*nce, oh no.
    We are also bunging shedloads of dosh to Albania to improve their economy and encourage them to stay in their own stinking country.
    So empty your bank account, take the money round to the local chavs and Pikies and pay them not to burgle your house.

  5. Now that the Tories have ditched most of their other manifesto pledges (apart from the triple lock on pensions – cheers lads! 👍) it is surely time they ditched their ridiculous manifesto commitment to achieve NET ZERO by 2030, innit?

    No need to ditch it entirely though, just change the deadline to 3030. 😊

  6. There must be a special production line somewhere that builds and then shits out Western politicians. Each one is branded utterly fucking clueless, incompetent, corrupt and as far removed from ordinary working folk as is possible. Uber cunts.

    • It’s called the universities. Add a sprinkle if power lust, a healthy dose of ambition and there you have it. A politician.

  7. It just gets worse every day, more hand outs for loss and damage coming for your (and my) taxes, the consolation prize from the latest COP-UP. China have said get to fuck, Russia won’t be coughing up, the UK will be all in and with the usual ‘second biggest contribution after the good old US of A’

    How the fuck can you decide if a flood is due to climate change in a monsoon region 😂

    • Scum and scummer.

      Pair of virtue signalling fucks.

      We are in a recession and their answers to chuck millions abroad?!!

      We’ve had a conveyor belt of lefty fuckwits in number 10 over the last few years,
      Hunchbacks, albinos,
      Time to wise up.

      New parties need to form.
      Vote Tory get labour,

      Where’s Vernon Fox’s People party?

      I’m willing to give anything a go.

      • Afternoon Miserable.

        Vote for my ALL CUNTS Party ✔️

        Scrawl “ALL CUNTS” across your ballot paper. Or wipe your shitty arse with it.

        You know it makes sense. 🙂

      • Hiya Ruff.

        That’s exactly what I plan to do.

        This voting Tory because your scared labour will get in?
        Well, it stops working when you actually have labour in all but name anyway.

        Right shower of shite aren’t they?

      • The Tories could do with a spell in opposition. They certainly deserve it.

        That said, I still think Labour would be far worse.

        But, as Joseph de Maistre said a couple of centuries ago:

        “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

        He wasn’t wrong.

      • Joey de Maistre was a bit of a cheeky cunt.

        We don’t deserve this lot.

        Rather than making clever remarks Joey should of kept it buttoned.

        They shouldn’t be allowed to change PMs without a General Election.
        Might not be so keen to plot and backstab when it means clearing out their own desks?

  8. Just look at that nom picture, and ask yourself coincidentally, why is it now we are sending our money to third world countries?

    We are collapsing from within in this country

  9. There has been an earthquake in Java. I await the climate change explanation cos it’s coming.

  10. I see the world’s greatest polluter, communist China is classed as a developing nation and want have to pay reparations to bongo bongo land. We who will have to pay the most no doubt.

    • Hehe, their head cunt at the COP-UP

      “There is not an obligation on China [to contribute funds] but we are willing to make our contribution … China has already been doing that, [providing] help to other developing countries. Our attitude [to loss and damage] is very supportive and understanding,” said Xie. “We strongly support the concerns from developing countries, especially the most vulnerable countries, for addressing loss and damage because China is also a developing country and we also suffered a lot from extreme weather events. It is not the obligation of China to provide financial support under the UNFCCC.”

      • Because China aren’t soft or daft.
        They’re more interested in expansion.

        They aren’t going to commit to paying millions to slackjawed natives.

        Sooner occupy them steal their natural resources and use them as slave labour.

        Eat their wildlife with noodles or rice.

  11. Well, it just reinforces the point that you cannot give the n*gnog money, you see! They will fight over it and what they don’t spend on ganja, ridiculously pimped out cars and the ‘ho’s they will spend on the KFC!

  12. How can anyone criticize Rishi Sunak after he volunteered to come to this country’s rescue after the previous incumbent’s mismanagement of the economy? We owe him a debt, not that he needs rewarding because his net worth along with that of his wife is variously estimated at between £730 million and £1.7 billion. Under his leadership we are guaranteed economic stability, all it will take is another twelve years of austerity. Which won’t be a problem now we’ve become used to it.

  13. Why should we give them a round coin?
    I don’t live in Africa, I live in the UK. If we’ve got money to spare, I want it spent here, on people who need it, not a fucking standpipe so M’Tebe doesn’t have to walk 8 miles a day for water.
    I couldn’t care less, the excercise will do him good, he’s got fuck all else to do, anyway.

  14. So we can’t afford tax cuts for our own people but we can still send lots overseas to undeserving , useless savages?

    Right ho, carry on

    • Well, as long as it’s ” not purely a social event” that’s OK, then.
      Fuck me sideways, what is it, except a social event?
      What next, eh? I feel like a giant buffoon called Conservative just farted in my face, on purpose!

  15. Sunak is a See You Next Tuesday we could undoubtedly do well without.

    What really rubs the proles noses in the shite is the way he was parachuted in by the WEF.

    To begin with there was an interminably protracted election process, we were told was necessary, ending in Truss being made PM and Sunak being rejected. Truss, who seemed a bit out of her depth but nonetheless was incumbent following due process, then made the mistake of trying to do something mildly conservative. Massive wrong move. Almost overnight she is deposed and Sunak installed (to correct her mistake of trying to lower taxation from the highest level in decades – what an awful crime that was!). No due process necessary this time just wheel him in.

    Not only was Sunak the architect of much of the mess we are in now, due to him spaffing money left, right and centre with no checks or balances in a total overreaction to a pandemic but he was rejected as PM at the end of the “necessarily long PM election process”.

    Be in no doubt it is completely pointless voting in this country.

    • Sunaks installation showed me where the real power lies in this country, and, surprise surprise, it’s not with the voting public. It is with money and those who ultimately control its supply.

  16. Africa is the most beautiful of all continents but has been cursed with the vilest inhabitants, the knee,grow. They would foul up a sewerage plant and are a nuisance where ever they wind up, name me one place where they have set up camp that has benefited by their arrival.!

    • I certainly cannot name one black run country on earth that isn’t an absolute cess pit of poverty, violence and/or corruption.

      It’s impossible, just try.

  17. Nothing much changes though does it?!

    “Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation. You were deputed here by the people to get grievances redressed, are yourselves become the greatest grievance.”

    Oliver Cromwell April 1653

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