Have I Got News For You (3)

A nomination for ‘Have I Got News For You’ . Or as i’ve begun to call it, Have I got Gayblackandtokenfemales For You’

Paul and Ian look around the audience for approval. A gay guest panellist gives out a burst of camp, arse-crawling laughter.

A black guest panellist gives out a burst of faux-joyous, arse-crawling laughter.

A posh female guest panellist gives out a burst of coquettish, arse-crawling laughter.

A snarky host puts up an orange with wisps of something on top of it.
Who could it be?
Then a picture of Boris Johnson made of mashed potaro.
‘E’ looks better there dunnee? Wot u reckon cut price stormzy?”
‘Oh my days blud, dey made Boris outta mash potato, din dey? That is mental, fam!’
Audience; ‘Huwf-huwf-huwf! Aren’t we all so clever and up-to-the-minute on current affairs!’
Guest Host; ‘Haha , look at Jacob Rees Mogg! He’s a twit, and nearly as posh as i am!’

The token guests might laugh more than my dog, but she would probably say more than they do.

What a load of rancid cunt.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

And seconded by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Havent watched this for a few years, since it started with some man in a frock having a go about how Brexit voters were stupid. Tee hee.

Hislop is a smug public school metropolitan right on lefty. By god you want to punch the cunt.

Merton is not and has never been remotely funny. Guests are lefty twats unless they put on a conservative (far right by their values) type on, to be mocked.

It seems to be the Guardian’s attempt at humour.
I havent seen the show CP refers to but I suppose it is:-
Boris, tee hee.
Trump, tee hee.
And presumably Braverman tee hee.
Ad fucking infinitum.
BBC at it’s most dire.

(Here’s a taster – Day Admin¬†You Tube Link¬† )

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  1. Looks like Merton has sat on an ejaculatiin dildo, and Hislop is morphing into P. Andrew-Paedo.

  2. I stopped watching this crap long before Brexit. Puerile lefty student type ‘humour’ just like the so-called comedy slot at 6.30 on wireless four and all the other satirical (juvenile) news shows.

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