Dead Pool (264)

Congratulations to Cumnock Cunt who correctly predicted the sad demise of Scottish Rugby Union and national great Doddie Weir.Weir was 52 and died following a 6 year battle with ALS.

On to Dead Pool 264

The rules:

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think are going to conk out next.It is is first come first serve.No duplicates.You can always be a cunt and steal someone elses nominations from a previous pool.

2)Antone who nominates the worlds oldest man or woman is a cunt who we will ignore.

3)It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

4)No swapping nominations mid pool unless yours has alrsady been taken.

5)Wins are awarded based on the time a death is reported not necessarily the chronological order of death.

74 thoughts on “Dead Pool (264)

  1. David Bailey
    Valerie Perrine
    John Boorman
    Bruce Dern
    Erich Von Daniken

    RIP Doddie, had the pleasure of meeting him at a rugby do – big man, big personality and an absolute gent.

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