Rupa Huq

Rupa Huq is a cunt.

I am a dark key nominating a dark key for having a go at another dark key.. This is very weird so I’ll keep it brief..

Rupa Huq (Konnie’s ugly sister) did this. (And she is a fucking munter.)

Kwasi Karteng – Eton and Cambridge.

Rupa Huq – Notting Hill and Ealing High School.(Private) and Cambridge.

Dark key cunt – University College School (Private) and Imperial College.

I’m struggling to understand what she said, and on a wider note, which one of us three has White privilege.

She is a monstrous cunt.

My pronouns are thee/thy.

Nominated by: Dark key cunt

And seconded by Lord of the Rings:

Rupa Huq is a racist cunt

story : Sly News Link.

In a bizarre u-turn from the usual anti-jewish sentiment, the Labour MP has decided, as ‘a person of colour’, to attack another ‘person of colour’
She called Kwasi Kwarteng “superficially’ black”

If she wanted to criticise his ‘budget’ and tax policies, fair game – after all, only a selfish rich cunt would think giving a tax cut to everyone earning over £150,000 a year was a bright idea during a bloody recession.
Her ‘black on black’ attack is not only vile, but facile and idiotic.
Firstly, if you want to reduce every argument to skin colour, he is ‘blacker’ than she is. I don’t think anyone recognises her stupid rancid remarks as anything other than a claws out attack.

If you don’t like somone’s opinion or beliefs, argue against it in a coherent way.
Judge people by their character and their deeds. Their race, skin colour, religion or sexuality has nothing to do with them as a person.

The problem with labours elite, is they can’t just keep calm and make reasoned measured arguments to put their view across. It always ends up with slagging somone off. How these twats ever get selected to stand is part of the problem.
Bizarely, Huq has a more priveleged background and education if anthing.
Mr Kwarteng earned his scholarship to university through hard work and application.

Left wing labour once again demonstrating why they can’t be trusted. They’ve suspended her but are desperately trying to play this down. If a white tory had made a similar comment about Lammy, you’d never hear the end of it. Hipocracy once again. Labour are killing this country by not offering a proper opposition & alternative to the Tory ‘let’s feather our own nest’ government.

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  1. Is there a single Labour politician who isn’t utterly execrable?
    How do these bastards get away with their continued antisemitism like it’s the mid-1930’s?

      • Not a politician but a Labour man and trade unionist Paul Embry.

        A honest man, a fireman, and sensible chap despised by the left!

        Working class see?

        He wrote ‘Despised-why the modern left loathes the working class ‘

        He was a politician?
        I’d vote for him.

      • I’ve read the book. Paul was born and bred in Dagenham like me. His book tells the story of what happened after I left in my younger years. It’s a fucking tragedy. I haven’t been back for a few years but the last time I was there it was unrecognisable. W*gs everywhere!
        I was 13 before I ever laid eyes on a Blackman! Think about that.

      • Yeah, isn’t sickening that the, “working man’s party” now despises the, “working man”? If we enter proper, “hard times” in Britain, it might not be so rosy to be a gravy-train politician taking their electorate for fools.

      • Agreed. He’s a regular contributor to GBNews, is he not? Along with Fred Flintstone lookalike, Arlene Foster. 😃

      • He is Ruff, on GB news quite often.

        He’s behind something called Blue Labour.
        Sort of traditional labour.
        What the momentum and corbynites would term ‘the right of the party’.

        I like him,
        He isn’t hysterical
        He doesn’t showboat
        A decent bloke.

      • It’s ridiculous, isn’t it RTC?
        No-one for an English person to vote for.
        The Tories are useless, incompetent bags of crap, Labour the same with added antsemitism, the Libs are laughable non-entities and the Greens would have us back to the stone age.
        And all the policitian scum infesting Westminster are united by their corruption, their entropy, their being bought-and-paid-for by corporations, banks and lobbyists.
        As you yourself are fond of saying: the country is finished.
        But never fear, Truss and Kwasimodo are here to save the day! 🙄

      • That’s just it TTCE.

        They’re all bought and paid for. Every single one of them.

        The whole system is fucked and therefore, so are we.

        Unless I become supreme leader, of course.

        My only caveats are rose petals in my path at all times, it’s year zero and everyone must give £500 at gunpoint on my birthday. Oh, and all hot 18-30 birds must offer their services to me 24/7 365.. And any lip your entire family is executed on live television.

        Sounds fair to me.

      • @ Thomas

        Not sure what being an Englishman’s got to do with my voting preferences, but it would be true to say I am not generally drawn to socialists or wokists.

        Our current MP is a reasonably right thinking chap so I’ll probably vote for him next time, despite spoiling my ballot at the last GE – Johnson was beyond the pale, fair turned my stomach. 🤢

    • Labours hatred of the “working class” is because they did not revolt against the evil fascist benderphobic state. Much to busy with package holidays colour telly basically what passed for normal life thingys. Yes lots of strikes but no damage done to the horrible state thus the more radical mainly middle class left saw their pop at stardom thrown back at them buy the very people who according to their arsehole reasoning should be greeting them with smiles and open arms as their blessed saviours.
      Once reality set in they realised that a more duplicitous plan was called for to destabilise the state from without and within. Quickly the party that was mainly anti immigration became more friendly towards such folk than the UN ditto the cursed eu. The laws and customs eaten away, free speech not here mate, promotion of every kind of debauchery for all ages, booze available 24\7. Some groups given special treatment at others expense, blind eye turned to their filthy behaviour for more than 30 years and so on and so on.
      Problem is the neither shower have made any difference, more dinghy riders than last year, more crims allowed to stay because human rights arse and filthy fucking deviants waving their dicks about in ladies changing rooms because of Harriet harpersons poxey equality bill.
      The time is coming (I hope)

  2. Anyone got Rolf Harris in the DP? Looks like he is on his last legs.

    Can you guess what it is yet? The Grim Reaper cobber.

    • Let’s hope all this religious crap isn’t a load of bollocks and the kiddy fiddler bastard burns in hell. It’s some sort of consolation for not hanging these filthy cunts in the first place.

    • Neck cancer. Yikes. I loved Rolf as a kid, he was so wacky with his weird noises, shit paintings and simply being Australian.

      Thankfully, absolutely no more well-loved household names will ever, ever, ever be outed as child rapists. They’ve all be caught, outed, exposed. All of them. Every single one. Phew!

  3. The irony is that Huq had a point about Kwarteng – another privileged, out-of-touch Eton/Oxbridge clone.

    The second irony is that Huq herself is a privileged, private school/Oxbridge twat. The school she attended charges upwards of 6000 quid a term.

    In the early 60s, some Tory cunt (Iain McLeod? maybe, sorry before my time) said Enoch Powell was “driven mad by his own logic.” The same can be said about the modern pseudo-left. Has anyone noticed that all the most vehement apostles of identity politics are all fucking minted?

    “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” Now where did I read that.

    • Well then doesn’t that make her statements hypocritical? And by her calling out skin colour, she’s made unnecessary divisive, racist slurs as well.

      On that basis I have no time for her.

      Should’ve been booted out of the Labour Party not given a suspension.

  4. The Tory Lites, as some call them now, have sold out their core traditional blue rinse voters and sucked up to the woke, Progressives and moderate Lefties while also still convincing themselves that Brexit never really happened and that eventually BRINO will be the final compromise.

    New Labour sold out to the working classes and sucked up to the Establishment, the Middle class and of course the unemployed and migrants. Too many Labour MPs are from foreign climes and voted in by constituents consisting of similar foreign imports and thus push for a government that wants to put their concerns and needs first and the indigenous personal a distant 2nd, 3rd.. or if you’re working class 4th.

    The Lib Dems are just chancers, hoping to leach on one of the above during election time if it looks like there is no overall control and they come along and say “coalition!!!”

    Such is the state of British politics these days

  5. As we said, Rupa Huq managed to get her position in life ‘through’ her own hard work rather than have a more famous sister do it for her? Yeah!! Privileged black.

  6. All of this is just hiding the one night thing that really upsets her in life.

    The fact that her sister got all the fuckability in the family and she got absolutely none.

    Guarantee that most of her issues stem from that if you look under the surface.

    That feeling of never being good enough.

  7. She’s like a Parkin Stan Lee version of that fat big gob sambeaux slag off NeverEnders.

    Kim, that’s the one…😄

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