Rupa Huq

Rupa Huq is a cunt.

I am a dark key nominating a dark key for having a go at another dark key.. This is very weird so I’ll keep it brief..

Rupa Huq (Konnie’s ugly sister) did this. (And she is a fucking munter.)

Kwasi Karteng – Eton and Cambridge.

Rupa Huq – Notting Hill and Ealing High School.(Private) and Cambridge.

Dark key cunt – University College School (Private) and Imperial College.

I’m struggling to understand what she said, and on a wider note, which one of us three has White privilege.

She is a monstrous cunt.

My pronouns are thee/thy.

Nominated by: Dark key cunt

And seconded by Lord of the Rings:

Rupa Huq is a racist cunt

story : Sly News Link.

In a bizarre u-turn from the usual anti-jewish sentiment, the Labour MP has decided, as ‘a person of colour’, to attack another ‘person of colour’
She called Kwasi Kwarteng “superficially’ black”

If she wanted to criticise his ‘budget’ and tax policies, fair game – after all, only a selfish rich cunt would think giving a tax cut to everyone earning over £150,000 a year was a bright idea during a bloody recession.
Her ‘black on black’ attack is not only vile, but facile and idiotic.
Firstly, if you want to reduce every argument to skin colour, he is ‘blacker’ than she is. I don’t think anyone recognises her stupid rancid remarks as anything other than a claws out attack.

If you don’t like somone’s opinion or beliefs, argue against it in a coherent way.
Judge people by their character and their deeds. Their race, skin colour, religion or sexuality has nothing to do with them as a person.

The problem with labours elite, is they can’t just keep calm and make reasoned measured arguments to put their view across. It always ends up with slagging somone off. How these twats ever get selected to stand is part of the problem.
Bizarely, Huq has a more priveleged background and education if anthing.
Mr Kwarteng earned his scholarship to university through hard work and application.

Left wing labour once again demonstrating why they can’t be trusted. They’ve suspended her but are desperately trying to play this down. If a white tory had made a similar comment about Lammy, you’d never hear the end of it. Hipocracy once again. Labour are killing this country by not offering a proper opposition & alternative to the Tory ‘let’s feather our own nest’ government.

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      • Looks like one of them got all the ugly genes then.

        I mentioned fancying Connie Huq a few years back to a mate (one of the very few I have). He said she’s a gobby, lefty cow.

        I believe she is, but so what?

        If a bird is fit, she could eat babies and give Adolf salutes all day. I’d still do her.

        The horn is the horn.

      • What was she thinking?
        It appears racist even to me.
        And I’m the Grand Wizard of New Mills Klu Klux Klan.

        I’d expect a better game from a high up politician.
        Rooky mistake.
        Opened herself up to rightful condemnation.

        Although, playing the game better was Kier Stormer who immediately suspended her.

        She’s a liability,
        Labour are way in front in the polls,
        He won’t want to jeopardise it .

        Superficially black 🙂
        Does she expect him to act ghetto or something?

      • I thought you meant Lady Chatterley RTC presumably the current one bangs like a barn door in a force 9

      • Weird.
        The Stan proprietor of our local shop has 2 daughters.
        The youngest, about 19,is a real fucking fat pimply bow wow.
        Her older sister though, is a stunner, and no stranger to the attention of the one eyed Spitting ferret.

  1. An effnick posh cunt pretending to be a socialist slagging off another effnick posh cunt for not pretending to be a socialist.
    Modern British politics.

    Fuck a duck.

  2. Top notch cunting chaps.

    “Superficially he is a black man. If you hear him on the Today programme, you wouldn’t know he is black.”

    In other words, he’s not really black because he’s a Tory and a traitor to his colour.

    Very similar to Biden’s remark, if you’re black and you don’t vote Democrat, then you’re not really black.

    She only started having misgivings about what she said after the whip had been withdrawn.

  3. This is a classic example of the real racists and bigots in the country, the Left. They think every minority should aspire to no more than some council estate drug dealing rapping bell end like Stormzy.

    The racism of low expectations.

    Is this bitch superficially Asian then for being well spoken with a top class education behind her?

  4. The shoulder chip brigade turn on any efnik who just gets on with it without all the victim shite. It must grieve the fuckers that the tories are more diverse than they are and dont come out with bullshit about ‘white man’s court’ as one labour cunt (Webb) did when found out.

    • Claudia Webbe is my MP and I voted for her. I am ashamed of that fact. She is a monumental cunt. I can’t believe I didn’t cunt her for that.

  5. An eloquent cunting certainly.

    I’m surprised such comments were made at all..

    After all,surely claiming expenses to the splendid tune of £175,000 a year must require a great deal of form filling and “fancy sums”.

    Very busy indeed,surely too busy to be a racist?

    A poisonous little toad.


  6. I’m just surprised that Kwasi hasn’t stabbed her for dissing him…serve the racist paki-paddy right.

  7. Christ almighty, what a fucking dog.
    I suppose at least it won’t need a squirt of Bitch Spray on it’s flange in the mating season.

  8. This is what worries me about arseholes like Michael Gove and Grant Schapps. In trying to bring down Liz Truss (who might not be good) they are literally leaving an open goal for that little cunt Kweer Charmer (far, far worse) to become PM with the shit he carries on his frontbench (q ueers like Bryant and Streeting) and even more so on the back benches of which this Asian perisher is a prime example of gobby entitled “you-can’t-touch-me -cause-I- is-BAME” gobshites.

    The fact that Starmer is prepared to allow that female impersonator Eddie Izzard to stand on an All Wimmin Shortlist shows just how demented he is – it also shows he is a misogynist and probably a closet poofter as well. The gay boys just love drag queens they do.

    Gove and his oily pals could force the motherfucker on us two years earlier than we need have hm.

    • I agree with entirely Mr. Boggs. Rather too many MPs shout their mouths off without considering the medium to longer term consequences of their utterances.
      A minister under Boris but sacked by Truss?
      Learn to live with it; FFS, you’re still on the gravy train.

    • Gove is, and always has been, a duplicitous slimy toad.
      I would never turn my back on that fucker – a Brutus if ever I saw one.
      Gove would drive over his own left testicle if it advanced his nefarious agenda. A major rat

  9. Ah, diversity and enrichment…. The blacks will eat themselves.
    If only old Enoch (RIP) was here to see this…😏

    • He knew what was going to happen 30 years before it did, and got castigated for telling the truth. That is just as how ISAC contributrs will be. In 2052 Kweers grandson wlll be saying – if only the silly old cunt of a grandad had listened to ISAC before he became my granny.

  10. Tell you who gets loads of grief for not acting to type,
    Calvin Robinson.

    I really like him, surprising nobody more than myself.

    A speccy black afro haired god botherer..

    But he’s no bullshitter.
    He’s a very honest man.
    He calls out anything he disagrees with,
    Refuses to accept being black means victim status.

    Good luck to the lad,
    He carries himself right,
    He’s scared of nothing
    And stands up for himself.

    More like this👍👍

    • Yes Calvin’s an honest sort.
      Not shy of calling out his less enlightened bretheryn for playing the race and victim card.

  11. I honestly don’t understand what she meant by that remark.
    Was she saying he’s untrustworthy, because he’s really a white male, ie racist?
    Dear heaven, talk about mouth open, brain out of gear.

  12. feed her to the pigs, and when they have shat her out,. feed them again….and repeat etc….

  13. Labour MP David Lammy is also a black man who attended a top grammar school, University of London, Harvard University and Harvard Law School. But when you hear him talk, you know you are listening to a cunt.

  14. Not every black person has to live up to the stereotype of being poor, trashy and inarticulate, dunking basketballs and having $2000 rims on their pimp-mobile.

  15. I’ve never thought first generation immigrants should be allowed into politics.

    There should be a period whereby the suitability is ascertained. When the rot of the shithole country has been purged, in this case Pakistan, that caused the immigration to Britain, only then, after showing integration into the British way of life instead of trying to impose their own values, should anyone be allowed authority.

    Be it politics, policing, education, or local council, I think five generations should be a minimum. That way you won’t see the British identity being eroded away and having other nations ethics, morals and customs imposed upon us.

    As for this bitch, I was blissfully unaware of her existence until she opened her gob. Now I have to suffer her pig ugly visage everywhere until this lot blows over.

    • I don’t know, Benjamin Disraeli was a great PM pm two stints at the gig. Italian-Jewish lineage. Imagine that now? A Wop-Jew running the crew?! LOL! Nah, he was great old Benny. Wrote novels while running the Empire, too! Not bad. He didn’t Heeb it up either, just got on with the job.

      “Despair is the conclusion of fools.”
      – Disraeli

      Goddamn right!

      • I think if he was around now, he’d change his observation to,
        “Despair is the conclusion after these fools”.

  16. Isn’t Konnie Huq married to that cunt who looks like Mama Fratelli from The Goonies?
    Charlie Brooker…. Yeah, that cunt….😏

      • That’s the fellah, Miserable.

        She must have married him for his money. Can’t be for his looks.😉

    • Not a fan of Russel Brand usually but he nailed Brooker at some showbiz event. ‘I used to prefer it when you were an outsider Charlie..’

      TV Go Home and Nathan Barley were great.

      Now he’s sold Black Mirror to Netflix and best chums with the Coren-Mitchells all sniffing each other’s liberal farts.

      You’ve got a racist for an in-law now, Brooker.

  17. I for one will be giving her a cold shoulder at the next National Front hotpot supper event.

    • I used to do her lawns for her. When I started she said look out for the house with the sign “No blacks, no dogs, no Irish” on the front door.

      • if you believe the BBC everything British was invented by foreigners CP.
        HotPot is a Lancashire invention,.

        Maybe they got it confused with Turkish delight?😆

  18. All the labour P*ki lot are cunts, Naz Shah doesn’t want an inquiry into the Bradford Grooming gangs, doesn’t want to upset her voters 😂

  19. I just shows to me how far down the shitter the UK has gone.

    British people see any criticism of any black or Asian person as being racist.
    It doesn’t seem to matter if the person making the criticism is black either, or in this case Pakistani and stupid.

    It also doesn’t seem to matter if the person is fully deserving of criticism.
    If colour is mentioned in any way then it is called out as racist.

    Would anyone have be appalled by her comments a few decades ago?
    Would her comments have made headline news?

    It also occurs to me that if she had said that Boris Johnson was a posh result of white privilege then she would have been applauded.

    The UK is fucked.

    • Boris is like a parody of a posh, over-educated kid.
      Like a living Harry Enfield character.

      • It’s just an utterly mental thing to say. Was Tony Blair, “superficially Scottish”? Should he have been permanently pished and going, “Right, ye see yooz Tory cunts, likes? Made a right cunt o’ it for 18 years, mon! I’m gunna sort this fuckin’ country oot, likes. Haggis in school dinners and replacin’ the Commonwealth Games wee the fuckin’ Heeland Games! Da like it? Away an’ live in Australia, ye cunts!”

    • “Would anyone have be appalled by her comments a few decades ago? Would her comments have made headline news?”

      Yes they would have, if said in a similar context. Racists are easy to spot, whatever their skin colour, always have been. As are those who play the race card.

  20. Not so sure about that?
    I love criticism of black and ethnic people.
    But when it’s fair
    Or makes sense.

    Rupert calling him superficially black means he’s not really black because he can talk properly and doesn’t agree with her politically.

    She’d rather he faked it,
    Wore a doo rag on his head and said he’d grown up in a inner city shithole where his mam worked 28 hrs a day to feed him and his 27 siblings.

    She wants a victim and he doesn’t conform.

    • He should start wearing that amazing, super-colourful traditional African clothing and kufi cap and just randomly launch into tribal songs in the Commons…

      Sir Lindsay Hoyle: “The Right-Honorable, Kwasi Kwarteng…”

      Kwarteng: “Ooom-wooka-way! Ooom-wooka-way!
      Boom-shalla-way! Boom-shalla-way!”

      (awkward silence in Commons)

      Diane Abbott: “This is cultural approp… briam…riation!”

  21. I wonder what Super Rupa thinks of the case of poor old Slasha Johnson? She ought to think long and hard about that one. Presuming she is capable of thought in the first place of course.

  22. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she got into politics.

    She grew up with every cunt drooling over her sister and ignoring her. Indeed, the only reason any lad would’ve spoken to her would’ve been to get near Connie.

    I think this resentment led her into politics to ‘show the world’. Unfortunately for her, her mask slipped (she should wear one all the time, the ugly cunt.)

    If she’s not watched, she’ll be trying to take over the world from inside a volcano.

    Think on.

  23. Speaking of race I’ve just been reading about the most popular boys names for 2021. Number one is Noah for fucks sake. Significantly number 5 is Muhammad. In fact there are 3 different spellings of that name in the top 100.
    My name didn’t make the top 100. Fucking cunts.

    • You thought ‘Freddie the Frog’ might be in the top boys names?

      Noah is one of those middle class vegan names at the moment,
      Like Scout and Harper,
      Mummy wants them to be trans,
      Daddy has booked them a glamping holiday in Cornwall with a nightly drum circle.

    • Evening LDC, who do you think it’d be most amusing for Gary Lineker to be raped by?
      I was thinking maybe Jacob Rees-Mogg?

      • How about Ellie Simmonds ?
        Wearing an open faced monkey costume and a superficially black ten inch strap on. 😁
        Good evening, Thomas.

      • How about Linekunt being violated by Warwick Davies wearing a Klansman robe, a white pointy hat and bright red, six inch stilettos?

        Evening Gents.

      • Apols Mr Engine, my tablet failed and I didn’t see your reply till now, it’s a fair question and worth discussion. I think I’d be happy if he received a good ole arse reaming from some US ‘porn stars’. Mr Marcus, Mandingo and Prince Yahsua. They are all big boys and I’m sure would show ‘our Gary’ a very good time and the true meaning of BLM.

        Black Length Matters.

  24. I’d like the Huqster to explain what exactly defines a black person. For years I’ve been told it’s just a skin colour but now it seems that there are qualities that qualify blackness that run deeper than skin colour.

    Seems to me this is opening up the eugenics arguments and invites other measurements of true blackness such as intellect and instinctive stabbing in the street.

    Can it be Huq is actually a racist?

    I’m guessing she doesn’t approve of Kayne West’s White Lives Matter apparel either?

    So a black man becoming educated and successful isn’t a real black man?

    • That’s right…..the equality of low expectations. If we are all equally stupid and dependent on the State that makes it much easier for Super Rupa and her friends to control us, tell us what to do, what to think. While we are wallowing in our ignorance and hating the cunt down the road because he’s got a bigger telly than me the elites are pissing it up and laughing at us. Fuck you Rupa, if it wasn’t for the British you’d be banging your washing against rocks on the banks of the Ganges.
      Fuck off cunt.

  25. Rupa Huq sucks on Jeremy Corbyn’s haemorrhoids once a week to retain her bad breath.
    When Rupa was born her father didn’t think his first cousin had given birth, he called for the witchdoctor who told him she had diarrhoea.
    Rupa Huq is the cause of male homosexuality today.
    On behalf of the Church I would like to thank Rupa Huq for converting 20 million people to Christianity from one look at her on the front page of the Sun newspaper last week.
    On behalf of the Imperial Gas Mask Company I would like to thank Rupa Huq for services in selling 5 million gas masks in three minutes when she stepped out into the street this morning.
    The Bovis Construction Company is thinking of hiring Rupa Huq as a cement mixer…

    • Sorry Cunters – the wife has driven me to an excess of drink this evening, and the cunts next door are banging out seven bells on the old Joanna!

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