Oakville Trafalgar High School

(Hands up if you have the early morning horn! – Day Admin)

The World has gone fucking mad….

** Admin….I know this isn’t long enough…really just wanted to share the sheer horn-giving delightfulness.

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Nominated by: Foxchaser-Fiddler

Seconded by: Mecuntry

i would like to nominate Fox Fiddler for this cunting for many reasons but mainly for the insane reasons that this mockery for freedoms is allowed to continue in children’s schools and universities.

Simply put, insane in the membrane cunts, is an attraction for attention seeking exhibitionists to show and expose their warped and misguided view of natural law.
It would be far healthier for society to storm the schools and Universities first before turning ones intentions towards governmental and their departments.
Save the the poor children first form themselves

And thirded by: Jeezum Priest

I’d like to second Fiddler’s nom.
If women are truly trapped in a man’s body, and need to transition to the female form, you would at least expect them to look presentable, if not downright attractive.
I site ladyboys in Asian countries as examples.
But this ugly beast, words almost fail me.
A blonde wig, gender neutral clothing do not a woman make.
The massive fake tits are just taking the piss.

On the other hand/cheek, here’s Day Admin’s pukka “Girl of the Month” for October


53 thoughts on “Oakville Trafalgar High School

  1. Well DA, she’s no Dianne Abbott, but I’ll give it my best shot, even though it’s a bit early in the day for a wank.

  2. I saw this and I reckon it must be a wind up, surely?

    I’m going it’s some bloke who was about to be released due to being ‘pale, male and stale’ and went ‘fuck it’ I know how to keep my job.

    If it’s real, then I hope the school gets burned down by the angry parents (in Minecraft, not in real life, of course.)

    • ‘I’m hoping’

      I’ll choose the fucking words if that’s ok, you cunt of a phone.

      • Or was I typing ‘going for’ and just forgot to type ‘for’?

        I can’t remember if I forgot.

        Fucking senile cunt.

    • There’s a story doing the rounds that the guy had some sort of run in with the school last year over their woke fuckwittery so decided to troll them hard, it’s also been muttered that the students complaining most are the wokies who know he’s taking the piss out of them and their mental illness…

      • Read the same thing, said he was very anti woke and did this to get sacked and sue for unfair dismissal.

  3. Being fair…I have since read that this is an attempt by the teacher to goad his employers into sacking him…he then plans to sue for ” being nasty to weirdos” or something….if true,I salute him for using the ridiculous ” Emperor’s New Clothes” rules so sexily.

    • Haha!

      I thought it would be something like that.

      The fact most of us weren’t 100% sure though just shows how fucked up the world is.

  4. It can’t wear a mask properly.
    So what chance did it have with comedy breasts.
    Must of bought them from the kenny Everett estate sale.

  5. Eddie Izzard enters a wet tee shirt competition with the aid of two pairs of Lady Nugees”s incontinence knickers taped to his chest – he forgot to take the piss out of them first.

  6. pretty sure that cunt is just looking for a payout for discrimination when the angry parents demand its dismissal for what is clearly unacceptable behaviour.

    watching it try and use a chopsaw is fucking hilarious too. It has to stand a meter back to prevent the fake tits from getting tangled up in the blade

  7. What’s happened to Canada?!!

    They’re even more wet woke than America.

    Kayla far from teaching children should be in a nuthouse.

  8. That second photo erm, early to rise comes to mind.
    Ahem, back to the nom
    The students should conspire and make a case against that teacher, exhibit “they”(whatever it is) that “they” was constantly rubbing its tits in a provocative manner and causing unintended erections which was confusing to their understanding of what kind of an education “they” was providing.
    The woke and LGYGTXYZ could argue for years about freedoms but the students would be self harming forever.

  9. It is clearly inappropriate for someone to dress like that and work with children.

    It would be inappropriate for someone to dress like that to act in a pantomime.
    Real women would protest.
    I imagine that transsexuals would also protest as this lunatic is making a mockery of them.

    The parents have every right to protest and keep their kids away from the school.

    If the school governors are concerned about the outcome of any industrial tribunal then they should test the system.

    Would it be OK for a woman who one day decides that she wants to become a man to wear a chest wig showing out of a low cut top and have a cucumber shoved down her tight yoga pants to resemble an oversized cock?

  10. If that were a real woman, I would have erectile dysfunction.

    Thankfully, it’s not; it’s just a pervert who’s fooled his way through the system and primed, almost guided, to fuck children.

    • Pérvert’s an old one, mein Captain. I’m an old one. I’m 69 years old and I’ve never killed a whale.

      • Ahh balls, I forgot. Danké shun.

        I’ve never killed a whale either ze Rufflemeister, but I have harpooned a few. There is shuddering when I recall some of the more drunken horizontal dancing that’s occurred.

  11. Im gay but even so….those fucking tits.
    Who wouldn’t?
    I’ve just ripped another pair of knickers. Thanks Admin.

  12. I can see that some members would like to give this thing a pearl necklace as a gift.

    Quite frankly,irrespective of its motives,I think it requires a Soweto Necklace instead.

    With a phosphorus grenade chaser.

    What a fucking state.

    • Hopefully a concerned father will kick its fucking head in behind the bike sheds before its degeneracy rubs off on its students.

      • Thomas, are you going to be like the mayor of Gotham city and a large picture of a bike shed appears on the clouds? Cue someone in Worcestershire revving up the mobile bike shed.

    • Quite right Terry. When I was at school, you could get sent home just for wearing brown socks, God knows what folk then would have made of this cunt.

      As an aside, even ordinary sized tits can be a bit of a nuisance, I suppose this cunt ties his in a bow to do the washing up.

  13. There’s nowr as queer as folk, my granny used to say. But that things just not wired up right, mentally sub normal peasant needs hanging.

  14. The teacher is only carrying his antique roll-top desk to work. Don’t know what all the fuss is about.

  15. First thoughts on seeing the picture – oh no, another mask wanker.

  16. The only body I wish to be trapped inside is that of Navy Lark RNVR Penny Mordaunt. I “stumbled” across a couple of photos of her in uniform. Phewhatascorcha!!

  17. Day Admin’s bint of the month, reminds me of my old maths teacher at my comprehensive school back in the late 70s.
    Short skirts, tights or stockings and made a habit of flirting, doing the odd “Basic Instinct” and bending over desks while banging on about quadratic equations.

    I blame her for getting a grade D “O” Level

  18. I don’t know what you lot are complaining about. At least it’s wearing a mask.

  19. I suspect the cunt is trying set up a law suit for defamation. He’s trying to incite reactions and then sue whoever he can. Not a bad ploy really. Plus he could carry home a few power tools to sell on eBay in those big hollow titties.

  20. I don’t know if that picture is real, and I know there are men who like big tits, but that puts me right off. I saw a film in the seventies called ‘Deadly Weapons’ starring a bird called Chesty Morgan and a mate said ‘It’s enough to put you off tits for life’. They don’t do a thing for me, even the thought of coming on them wouldn’t make me horny. Nice shape is always preferable to size.

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