Jason Holton

Jason Holton, Jesus I have just seen the report of this blob in the daily wail. 47 fucking stone? 658 pounds of blubber on this cunt. Having a crane and 20 firefighters so they can extract the fat twat so they can strengthen the floor? It’s in case Billy Bunter falls over and goes through the floor. FFS he is now complaining about his human rights being infringed because he has been put on a diet in a clinic.

No wonder this country is going down the U bend having to treat ungrateful cunts like this.

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Nominated by: CuntyMort

(If you think this is gross just wait until you see the 7am nom picture tomorrow! – Day Admin)

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  1. When I come to power I will solve the energy crisis by burning fat cunts like this at the stake.

    Two birds with one stone, cheap energy for all and less burden on the NHS and Welfare State because let’s face it, it is always chavs and other poor scum that let themselves get into this state

  2. You’re all being most unkind.
    It’s probably glandular…
    Coupled with a sluggish metabolism…
    He’s a non smoker, I bet.
    Must’ve been a sumo wrestler in a past life.
    Doctors should encourage him to get back in the ring.
    Smoke 80 Capstan Full Strength a day.
    Get that weight down in no time!
    Stop pussyfooting around.
    It’d be the making of him.

    • Evidence exists that the reduction in the number of persons smoking has lead to a rise in morbid obesity. This is not just the case in UK.
      Recently the German government has released information that 100 deaths in the last year can be attributed to masturbation. The fatalities occurred whilst the participants were adding that little bit extra to their experience. The best one I think, wearing a diving helmet, a wet suit, a raincoat and to top off a plastic bag (not secured) over his head under the helmet obviously. The report also made a point of the fact that this poor soul in search of ecstasy was attempting to melt cheese slices on an exposed part of his body with an electric room heater. Beats the geezer with a set of fairy lights crocodile clipped to his nipples wanking whilst being electrocuted, funny old World.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that everybody named Jason is a bit of a wanker and/or a cunt? I think it must have something to do with the kind of mother who gives their brat that name.

    Jason Donovan you’re a wanker!

    • Recently sighted on TV encouraging mugs to gamble their hard earned and /or benefits away in the postcode lottery.

      • I won 35k 18 months ago on the postcode lottery..only been doing a tenner a month for three months, then I won.

        So postcode lottery are deffo not cunts……..Jason Donovan is however.

      • True……….don’t forget that well known sexual deviant Hutchence broke her in, so I bet she goes like a fucking train with no holes barred.

  4. The solution is to wire up this cunt’s arsehole.

    Would be a Mr Creosote moment if he then kept snaffling doner meat and 🥧.

    Now that would be entertaining.

    • Evening PM…as a fellow classic car afficionado, you’ll like this: I’ve just bought my dream car: 1.3 Austin Allegro in shit brown with a tan velour interior! Heaven…

      • Used to work for a large austin rover delership, and the parts reps had itals and allegros…..an allegr equipe in silver was the stand out model.

        They were rusting already on the transporters bringing them from the factory for us to PDI where they had been stood in a field- a load of shite.

      • Good evening TTCC,

        That sounds just dreamy. Could only be rivalled by a 1976 Austin Princess 1800 in baby-shit paintwork with a bright red velour interior.

        Happy motoring. I am a teensy bit jealous. 😃

      • It’ll take a few hundred quid to get it up and running…when it is, I’ll post a youtube video of me driving the shitbag for you!

      • Remember the Maxi? Now that was a fucking shit car. Remember sitting in the passenger seat and small stones hitting me in the face as they came through the rusty dashboard. Car was only about a year old.

        A few hundred quid should get your Allegro running for about an hour. Enjoy it while you can. Drive it past Greta’s house with those plumes of black exhaust smoke.

        The fucking shithouse.

    • He may well have a “dirty Mary” to do the deed a la Hook Hamza when the cunt was in Belmarsh.

    • Nappy and a fire hose with a sluice drain in the floor. A priest as well to exorcise the demonic stench

  5. We can’t afford vanity cases like this fucking blob.
    Throw it out onto the street and let it fight seagulls for litter chips.

  6. I just had a Google of oversized coffins. I found an American site that said you can buy coffins 52 inches wide to hold a person between 800 and 1000lb but these need special consideration when it comes to transport such as extra wide, reinforced hearses or use of horse and carriage. Apparently extra wide burial plots can be problematic to find, cost a whole load more and not all crematoriums are set up either.

    Sod that, put it on a flatbed tipper truck, drive to the destination where a massive hole is waiting. Anyone who cares can stand and watch the tipper dropping the load off. Then enter the JCB to fill the hole back in. Done.

  7. To save the expense of an oversized coffin, buy two normal size coffins due to Damien Hirst being on call to cut the likes of Jason in half for free, so long as he can exhibit him for a week before the burial.

  8. What puzzles me is who keeps feeding the fat cunt?? He obviously can’t get himself down to Asda, so who’s the feeder???

    • A dietician, specifically appointed for the task of caring, for a special needs case. The dietician supports the consumption of Doner Kebabs for his patient as long as remaining employed by the system.
      The dietician doesn’t give a fuck one way or the other but the system has to be seen as giving, caring and understanding the special circumstances that this gross slob has to endure on a daily basis.
      It would be an outrage if some support was not in place for getting him to sit on a toilet and the dietician can claim expenses for oxygen and masks and new clothes on a daily basis because we need to save the Walrus slob

  9. If he lost half his body weight he’d still be morbidly obese. If I lost half my body weight I’d be dead. Just let that sink in.

  10. Paul Whitehouse played a fat cunt in the tv series “Nurse”, (originally a radio programme) about a psychiatric nurse visiting patients who need help with various mental illnesses, with Paul playing most of the characters. Of course the cunting beeb went and axed it.

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