Oakville Trafalgar High School

(Hands up if you have the early morning horn! – Day Admin)

The World has gone fucking mad….

** Admin….I know this isn’t long enough…really just wanted to share the sheer horn-giving delightfulness.

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Nominated by: Foxchaser-Fiddler

Seconded by: Mecuntry

i would like to nominate Fox Fiddler for this cunting for many reasons but mainly for the insane reasons that this mockery for freedoms is allowed to continue in children’s schools and universities.

Simply put, insane in the membrane cunts, is an attraction for attention seeking exhibitionists to show and expose their warped and misguided view of natural law.
It would be far healthier for society to storm the schools and Universities first before turning ones intentions towards governmental and their departments.
Save the the poor children first form themselves

And thirded by: Jeezum Priest

I’d like to second Fiddler’s nom.
If women are truly trapped in a man’s body, and need to transition to the female form, you would at least expect them to look presentable, if not downright attractive.
I site ladyboys in Asian countries as examples.
But this ugly beast, words almost fail me.
A blonde wig, gender neutral clothing do not a woman make.
The massive fake tits are just taking the piss.

On the other hand/cheek, here’s Day Admin’s pukka “Girl of the Month” for October


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  1. saw a vid of a black teen on bitchute, drop his trousers to his ankles, wank off lying on the tube train seat and then ate it…no one on the tube took any notice or said anything except the person recording giggling, the animals are running amok and the end of civilisation is very near

  2. it’ll be a teacher with a dragon dildo sticking out his arse soon and making the kids stroke it.

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