The Accusation of What you Say could Provoke Violence

“I want to recognise that your line of questioning is transphobic and it opens up trans people to violence by not recognizing them.”


‘The Archbishop ‘made horrible mistake’ on same-sex marriage, says Sandi Toksvig

‘The author and comedian told Justin Welby: ‘This is a serious matter. The lives of LGBTQ+ people are at stake here.’

The former quote from a ‘professor’ of Black Studies. To which Josh Hawley quite rightly asked ”is this how you conduct your classroom’? ‘You cannot ask a question for the fear of provoking violence?’

Same with Sandi. She says she’s had death threats from fundamentalist Christians because she’s LBTQ+

Really Sandi? Really? Really? From Christians? I just dont believe it.

A lot on the Left are resorting to this now. Shutting down debate by accusing people that voicing traditional opinions on male and female biology and different ‘sexualities’ may cause violence.

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63 thoughts on “The Accusation of What you Say could Provoke Violence

  1. Just as long as the demented cunts don’t try to bum me or wear a dress I simply couldn’t give a fuck what they say or do.

    No doubt in the Twattersphere death threats etc are a common occurrence.

    Keyboard warriors are as old as the Internet itself.

    Dull cunts who need a hobby.

    Anyhow anyone who disagrees can see me behind the bike shed in…where was it?

    • A voice howling for reason in the wilderness of fuckwittery and knobish crap.
      I stand with you UT (obviously not in a way that might be misinterpreted as tranny or anything). Another problem with all this crap, assumptions can be made. One has to be very mindful of one’s actions in case the deviants think they have another soul to damm.

  2. Of course this accusation only works one way. The Left can call for J.K Rowling to be raped, assassinating Maggie Thatcher or acid to be thrown in the face of Nigel Farage and no serious action will be taken, a mealy mouthed ‘apology’ and everyone moves on.

    And why does this fat ugly munter think that so many LGBTQ weirdoes are suicidal? Could it be all the powerful hormone drugs, peer pressure and brainwashing that they are subjected to?

    Welby should tell Sandi Toksvig to keep his nose out but is just as bad at bending over backwards to crawl back up his own arsehole apologising for something or other.

    • Good point, has anyone any evidence of police being informed about these threats? If so what actions did they take as the same law should apply to threats from left, right, tranny, gay, uni sexual, dibentosexuual and so on. We live in hope that the keyboard commandos of all flavours are kept in check

  3. “I want to recognise that your line of questioning is transphobic and it opens up trans people to violence by not recognizing them.”

    Okay, so who’s stopping him?
    He can recognise anything he wants to, can’t he?
    The man’s a fucking idiot.

    As for Sandi, she seems a bit confused. Male and female biology is scientific fact, nothing to do with “traditional opinions”. Twit.

    • I’ve read that opening sentence about 20 times, and it still doesn’t make sense.
      What is the woman actually saying? It’s as if she was in such a rush to get the sentence out, she missed out several key words

      • The opening sentence was a “quote from a ‘professor’ of Black Studies”, not Sandi.
        Not that it makes a heck of a lot of difference.

    • She’s more than a twit MJ. For Sandi Toksvig to chew on –

      I must firstly confess that I am a #6.999 on the Dawkins scale of belief. I can’t be a 7 because I am scientifically trained and therefore have to admit that I cannot claim to have absolute knowledge of the non-existence of God. But I am also 6.999 sure that there are no fucking fairies at the bottom of my garden. I can’t absolutely prove it, but you can put your house on it – there are no fairies and there ain’t any fucking God either. But I reckon that I am far more knowledgeable about Abrahamic religion and the Bible in general, than most so-called believers.

      So, what I do know is that there are no words in the Bible that any Jesus character may have spoken. All of the words you read in the New Testament were written down by others, starting about twenty or thirty years after the alleged death of the miracle-making “Messiah”. So, Sandi, if you want to quote the Bible, you must accept that words that are written in this book are the words that came from that character’s mouth (at some point). So to claim that “Jesus doesn’t mention sexuality at all. It clearly wasn’t a big deal for him” is utter, utter bollocks. And if you want me to give you chapter and verse – I can.
      Fuck off you stupid cow and stop spouting made-up shit.

  4. Oi Toksvig, your ancestors slaughtered the monks of Lindisfarne in 793, then spent the next 300 years fucking us over well and truly. So give us back our Danegeld, with interest and reparations, then fuck off back to Legoland.

    And by the way, Carlsberg is piss.

    • Ack in the 70s, my Da was a printer’s rep, mostly in beer-bottle labels. In school holidays, I got to see many brewery tap rooms, head brewers looking like Peter Cushing, oddly very few purple snouts. Carlsberg, in Northampton, IIRC, was brilliant white, brightly lit, roof high vats of the stuff. Out of politeness (our guide was a Mikimoto, or some such thing), we were offered a taste. The look on Da’s face was priceless; I was trying not to spit the stuff out.

  5. If you were so mentally retarded that you actually went ahead and had your meat and two veg removed, imagine what’d be going through your perverted mind the first time you stood in front of the bog for a post-op piss…
    “What have I done? Oh, bollocks” or lack thereof.

  6. All these poofs and trannies can just fuck off with their constant whining. Just get on with whatever unnatural shit you do and stop expecting to be put on a fucking pedestal. It’s that attitude that’s going to you a kicking, nothing else.
    Now shut the fuck up for fucks sake!

  7. If you were so mentally rėtarded that you actually went ahead and had your meat and two veg removed, imagine what’d be going through your pėrvęrted mind the first time you stood in front of the bog for a post-op piss…
    “What have I done? Oh, bollocks” or lack thereof. Sick freaks.

  8. The actions of the few nutters is more likely to provoke violence.

  9. Sandi toxic vs Justin Welby time for a real life celebrity deathmatch..
    My moneys on toxic, releasing her inner Viking berserker..

    • Justin is the original bloke who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. That’s a mismatch.

      • welby is a jew, born a jew, raised a jew by his whore mother’s jew boyfriend, inbred bastard he joined the cofe to destroy it from the inside…and he has

      • Unkle Adolf and his posse had the right idea when it came to the Red Sea pedestrians. Just think, if the sausage noshers had won, we’d be rid of the Yid long ago!

    • All she’d have to do is show Welby her unwashed and very hairy minge and that limp wristed fàggot would faint.
      I bet its that hairy it looks like a dock yard cat. Semi-feral and very unkempt!
      One Nil to Sandi, smelling salts for closet hómo Justin……………

  10. Christians have a proud history of inflicting extreme violence and death on those who refuse to see things their way.

    As Adolf Hitler once observed, “Christianity was the first creed in the world to exterminate its adversaries in the name of Love.”

    Not sure Sandi Toksvig has anything to worry about on that score though.

    I do however fear for her mental elf. In my professional opinion, anyone who takes the slightest notice of anything Archcunt Welby (or any other religious nut) says is in urgent need of electroconvulsive therapy.

  11. I’m not a gayer, so I don’t attempt to join gayer organisations and change their rules of membership.

    Sandi Toxic is not a Christian, ergo, STFU.

  12. ‘Do you believe a man can get pregnant’ and by the way 2+2=5.

    If the statement was ‘do you believe that a woman who dresses up as a man can get pregnant’ and 2+2=4, she may have a point

    The world is full of idiots and they are multiplying exponentially.

    • its an agenda on 2 points, one; the dirt bags in dresses called Harold don’t breed so it keeps the population down, and two; the aids ridden fags in stilleto heels and lipstick beards don’t fight, so they won’t be a treat to the world takeover when marshall law kicks in…they’ll all be bitching and crying under the kitchen table cos they broke a fingernail and hugging their signed photo of Desmond the amazing dirtbox

  13. I have now joined the ranks of no magic rectangle households. Do Walls still use this old baggage for advertising tubs of gleet?

  14. I used to work with a Polish tranny. It had a shapely woman’s body, still had a man’s face and still fancied females.
    Never figured what it was all about, more ale landlord.

    • notice that model that sold her virginity for 2 million had an adam’s apple, someone’s gonna get a surprise

  15. Unfunny fish muncher.

    She’s fucking thick too, because to make it so no potential violence ever occurs due to the spoken word, we’d all have to shut the fuck up forever.

    Well, she can do is all a favour and stick her lips together with some of her fetid yeasty discharge.

    Get to fuck.

  16. Usual hysterical gay/tranny bullshit. Fucking ‘look at me, I’m a victim’ Fuck off to Afghan.

  17. We all eat, drink, shit and piss. Doing mundane things, but don’t go round talking about it.

    • if these fudge packers dropped a sarnie on the floor they wouldn’t pick it up and eat it but they can’t wait to get their tongue up some aids ridden shitter

  18. If ‘silence is violence’ and so is speaking what are we to do?

    Babble incoherently I suppose

    Wait a minute…

    • I was about to say the same thing with regards “Silence is Violence” mantra
      It now seems that if you speak up it may also provoke violence.
      Add to that all the micro aggressions that can cause violence, even scratching your arse, raising your voice, leaving your legs apart, or even picking your nose could upset some delicate snowflake victim.

      Don’t say anything – provokes violence
      Say something – provokes violence.
      Make a gesture – provokes violence
      Eat the wrong thing – provokes violence
      read the wrong thing – provokes violence
      vote for the wrong issue – provokes violence


      • If everything you do provokes violence it seems best to not just provoke it but initiate it by punching some cunt in the face.

      • Most of these fuckers don’t have any experience of violence unless you count self harm and fake suicide cries for attention. (Often escalating to successful self deletion.) Mental illness is a terrible thing but stop fucking whining about hate speech because it just makes the sane dislike weirdos even more. I just don’t accept the argument that if we don’t all wear rainbow laces and take the kids to see fat peedoughs pretending to be women it will cause fruity types to leap from very high buildings. They’re going to do it anyway, stop blaming everyone else. Before you know it Lammy and Abbott will be handing out reparations for colonialism and slavery in the 18th century. Never get a thank you for civilising and educating the dark continent, or providing cannibal dictators luxury cars as foreign aid.

        To paraphrase Peter Cook: ” I watched that holocaust programme on the telly and next thing I got the number 6 to Golders Green and slaughtered a few hundred of them. The power of television!”

      • Go on YouTube for the Hitler Rants parodies. He does a good one on vegetarian curry. And Himmler, that fucking bastard….

    • “…..what are we to do?

      Babble incoherently I suppose”…..

      Well you’re certainly ahead of the fucking game on that front.


      • Mine’s top-quality babblng though Mr F.

        I see our two residents Supernormies are babbling away above.

        Serenely unaware that its babbling.
        So sad.

    • laugh and keep walking, hopefully a new strain of aids will come and get rid of alot of them

  19. I digress. Sly SS have sleepy Jeff with his deviant panel; white, black, tart and white.

  20. My reply to such accusations;
    ‘look up ‘slippery slope fallacy’ or ‘reductio ad absurdum’.

    • My reply to such accusations;

      “Fuck Off, Cunt” and/or threaten physical violence.

  21. A person who has two heads cannot be normal
    A person with 3 legs cannot be normal
    A LGBT plus whatever else cannot be normal
    A man with a frock cannot be normal
    A man who drinks Pilsner is not a man.

    End of rant/

  22. Toksvig is an ugly prejudiced tuppence flicking carpet munching fanny fumbling plug ugly bulldyke of a cunt.🤢

    This provoke violence bollocks is just more liberal intimdation and a way of avoiding debate and discussion. Just like when these cunts yell ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ and most people back off and even apologise. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see the left totally destroyed.☠

  23. these carpet munchers never stop lying, not one ever had a death threat, where did they get it? on twatter it would be deleted. By post? no one cares where Shitty Toxic lives or what she does to her fat old minge with a turkey baster…just attention seeking by the repulsive alphabet weirdos

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