Power Blackouts and Scaremongers.

We’ve all seen all kinds of shite about energy costs rising, heat or eat scenarios being published by the media.

What I want to know is this. Are we more dependent on energy from overseas than we have previously been told?

And if not, why are the news cunts trying to rattle an already worried sector of the community.

People on fixed incomes can’t do much to divert funds from one thing to another, and if this is just a scaremongering exercise, might I humbly suggest you keep your fucking gobs shut unless and until it looks like becoming a reality, you cunts!

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Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

127 thoughts on “Power Blackouts and Scaremongers.

  1. The classic soundbite at the moment is eat or heat.
    Real difficult choice skip eating you die.
    Skip heating put a jumper on.
    We don’t live in the artic circle..

      • Looking at the knuckle draggers in my town, the grunts they emit, and the baggy shit clothing they wear, I would be as bold to suggest, we are regressing to prehistoric times, so open fires would fit in quite well

      • If the shit hits the fan, our local knuckledraggers are fucked.

        I’ve got it on fairly good authority (DSS-DWP/social workers) that there are local families now into the second generation of surviving solely on take-away food, ffs they even send their weans to buy shop made koka noodles from the take-aways/₱äkï shops, putting dried fucking noodles in a mug, boiling some water then adding it is even beyond the parents.

        They may look prime prehistoric material, but 10 minutes without the crutch of civilisation these knuckledraggers would, in prehistoric terms, be Smilodon fodder.

      • don’t be a dark key and light a fire in your fridge freezer though, remember grenfell

    • To save me going to the end of this nom, I thought I’d tell you above a couple who began shagging in a packed train. No one batted an eyelid, until they’d finished and lit fags. Then all hell broke loose.

  2. We have coal and gas but successive cunts have decided we should be green. So now we import the coal and gas, along with fucking woodchips from the USA. (Drax, £billion pa subsidy for this lunacy)
    We pay green levies so that landowners and power companies can get even richer. Off our backs.

    Does any green horshit make sense? Exporting the emissions to China and India as if they stayed there?

    • According to some cunt (can’t remember who, probably Drax) Drax would become carbon negative by 2030.
      This will be achieved by shutting the place down 😂

      It will however possibly/probably be burning coal this winter 👍

      Gas was the answer when Maggie shut down all the mines, then the subsequent move away from Nuclear has eventually put us in the position of being over reliant on gas to generate electricity.

      Nothing against wind and solar but it isn’t the answer to base load.

      • Drax may burn coal this winter. But it wont be from Kellingly pit, a few miles away by rail. It will be imported.
        Fucking lunacy.

  3. I dont really pay attention to the MSM regarding anything now. They simply lie about everything but never face punishment because OfCom is nade up of ex Beeb, ITV, Sky wankers and they all suck each other’s dicks after a slap up dinner at the Savoy grill

  4. What if they have power cuts in the dinghy raiders’ hotels? Can you imagine the wailing and the crying……and that’s just from the libtards!
    I do hope our friends from overseas aren’t going to suffer yet again.
    Power cuts are racist!

  5. I recommend

    That you stop watching the news.
    Because the news contrives to frighten you.
    To make you feel small and alone.
    To make you feel that your mind isn’t your own.


    He may be viewed as a cunt by some but he was certainly on point with those lyrics.

    • ‘Burn down the disco/
      Hang the blessed DJ/
      The music that they constantly play/
      says nothing to me about my life’

      Somes up most regional the radio stations

  6. Hopefully next year might finally be the year where fat cat industry leader billionaires and politicians are genuinely murdered.
    But I suppose they’d have the police and armed forces to protect them before it came to that, alas.
    Fingers crossed though.

  7. Years ago we adopted the Japanese/German ‘just in time’ method, whereby the government at the time decided to ditch all our gas storage facilities, as they were deemed unnecessary. Gas was plentiful, easy to access a supply from Europe and Russia etc. We simply didn’t need to store gas anymore. Facilities demolished, land sold off etc……so now we need somewhere to store gas for future emergencies even if we could get it we have no where to fucking put it. So all our suppliers- including poofty Putin have us by the bollocks

    • British Gas had several LNG facilities, high pressure storage, low pressure storage, onshore salt caverns and offshore subsea storage. All gone.

    • They couldn’t imagine another major war in the era of global trade, multiculti liberalism and international finance.

      I blame Francis Fukuyama and his ilk.

  8. Not necessarily scare mongering, but the BBC website loves giving advice to the populace on energy matters.
    ‘Tips to save energy this winter’.
    Insulate your home.
    Switch things off if you’re not using them.
    Wear warm clothes.
    Use less energy.
    Erm…. That’s it.
    Thanks, but I’d kind of worked that lot out.
    You patronising bunch of cunts!

    • I think they must be the same cunts who tell you to drink lots of water and wear sunscreen during hot weather Cuntgomery.

    • Yeah, I often leave the front door open whilst I sit on my sofa naked thinking ‘why don’t I shut the door and put some clothes on?’

      Mind you, when we live in a world where we have to write of coffee cups ‘warning, contents may be hot’ that BBC advice you state is pretty highbrow advice for a lot of people.

      • There was a warning in the daily fail not to use candles to save energy because they’re dangerous. Ffs.

    • You missed out
      Only boil the amount of water you need.
      When/where possible, dry laundry outdoors.

      Gee, thanks for that. I’d never have thought of that myself, although I imagine there are some thicko who need the bleeding obvious pointing out.

      • Or ‘Only shower for two minutes’.
        *this obviously doesn’t apply to the park key community.

    • Sadly, there are so many dimwits out there that can’t put 2 + 2 together. The fluffy ones that get about 14 GCSEs, and photos in the paper.

    • They’re thinking of the dim yoof who they want to brainwash.
      Most can’t tell the time on a clock face.

      ‘Okay boomer’.

      ‘What’s the time, zoomer? Time to buy a house? Bad luck.’

  9. The fire brigade will be busy, once cunts open up the fireplaces that they had covered for the 30 years not realising crows have been nesting in them and jammed with little sticks and brambles. There in for red hot fire fucking drama🥵

    • The gormless fuckers can’t even use a chip pan without burning their council houses down.

      …normally pissed at 2am and fall asleep once they’ve put in on.

  10. At least old Truss-bag dumped the green levy, albeit temporarily. It pissed off the green lobby and the other usual suspects, but clearly we were rushing into this net zero bollocks before we were ready for it.

    Renewables in the way forward if it is actually sustainable, offers sufficient energy for the whole nation and is cheaper (and not artificially cheaper via subsidies). At present none of these tick boxes and yet Boris and co were pushing for it regardless as were the MSM.

    But of course both Boris and the MSM are all rich bastards and probably have no idea how most of live and have to face the catastrophe these cunts want us to embrace.

    Perhaps some power cuts and a return of a 3 day week through general strike action might just give a jolt to those complacent cunts who think these things will never happen.

    • Old fuckers are always moaning about the cost of energy.
      Now other age groups can join in.

      Old cunts have the heating on full all year round and then act all surprised when the bill arrives.
      Living rooms that are like blast furnaces,

      And they smell.

      In other news I’ve got the ChinaFlu🤮

      Working today was a bit of a struggle,
      Missus tested me when I got home.
      Bat flu.

      • Commiserations, Mis.
        Elders got it, too, though she says it’s just like a bad cold.

      • BTW, Mis.
        I resemble that comment about old cunts.
        I am one. I shower daily and put clean clothes on, including matching socks!
        I don’t have my heating on all the time, and certainly not to blast furnace levels when I do, 18c is plenty warm enough, an extra jumper and thicker socks are all that’s needed.
        If I smell of ought, its fags and booze.

      • It’s just not fair JP I don’t deserve it.
        I can see my life flash before me.

        Naw like a bad cold😁

        Didn’t mean you smelt.

        Meant all the other old duffers.

      • I know, Mis.
        Just trying to cheer you up.
        You know I’ve always been particular about wearing matching socks.

      • Yes, I suppose so,
        It truly is the finest of gates.

        Oh well, the dark clouds of death gather,
        The cry of the Valkyries coming to take me,
        I lived a spiritual life,
        A life dedicated to the benefit of my fellow man.

        I don’t want a fuss,
        Maybe a small statue?
        Of solid gold…

      • I feel let down to be honest, MNC.

        I believe we were the only two left on here who hadn’t caught the bat flu.

        I recall us both boasting about being immune to it. Like superheroes. My Mrs also hasn’t had it and I (obviously correctly) said she was immune to it due to being filled with my spunk.

        It turns out you are not a superhero in the end then.

        You should be fucking ashamed of yourself.

      • Evening Cuntymort👍

        Do you know, I’m on my deathbed and she’s not even made me a lemsip.
        No sympathy!
        Called me a mardarse😄

      • The whip-around for the statue didn’t go as well as you might have hoped, MNC.

        IsAC’s finest have donated just enough to glue a bit of a brillo pad to the chin of an action man and a spray can of Rust-oleum

    • I’d challenge that, Jaguar, I really would.
      Unless you’ve been seriously underpaying for years, I cannot understand that increase.
      Have you been getting your energy from RuskiOil. Co??

  11. I was notified this morning of the tariff after my fixed deal finishes next month. My current £900pa will rise to £2700pa. I’ll have to start looking down the back of the sofas ‘coz there’s no fucking chance I can scrape together that much more on a fixed income. Unless I can deal with the £100pw trollop habit which I wish I could have.

    • Fucking hell, Moggie!
      Don’t know who you’re with, but try Octopus, I’m with them & they’ve reduced the unit price for electricity by 3p, from today. They also lower the price during the day below that, usually at daft off-peak times, like 3am.

      • I was unfortunate, in a way, that I missed the rises earlier this year so it’s so much bigger now. I’m going to look around but you can’t get any prices online, that I can find, and I don’t really want to start phoning every cunt supplier in the country.

    • Just type ‘Octopus Energy’ into Google, or whatever search engine.
      It’s all on line.
      Try it. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.
      Also, if you have an account, and introduce a friend, you both get a £50 credit to celebrate their first bill!
      So find someone who is with them & get them to email the “introduce a friend” link.

  12. We are part of a European network that shares capacity..

    So if the lights start to go dim we can ask the Belgians for some of their spare electricity.

    It all starts going wrong when their isn’t enough fossil fuel or fairy dust to burn to generate the electricity in the first place…such as if there isn’t enough gas to burn..

    So yes this winter there is the real possibility that Europe won’t have any spare capacity and if we are at maximum output but demand outstrips supply then the lights could go out.

    All caused by political correctness and frankly suicidal policies by successive governments.

    It all requires radical action.

    Good luck with that.

    The hopeless High Castle Cunts.

  13. I’d like to think that the current crisis is the kick up the arse that our “leaders” need.Make them realise that we cannot allow ourselves to be dependent on other countries for anything vital. Renationalise if that’s what it takes to regain control of vital services that were so blithely sold off to “Our Friends In The City”…….but we all know that it won’t happen…Big Business will continue to reap obscene profits and if anything should interrupt that profit….well,the good old taxpayer can bail them out.

    • Indeed, Mr F…and whilst those who are currently having a mass protest in London are clearly cunts who are to be despised, Just Stop Oil, ASLEF, Cost of Living, iranian muzzıes, who have, apparently, joined protests into one massive superprotest, hopefully they’ll shit the authorities up enough that they’ll show their true colours and ban protesting causing even the wussiest amongst us to get out protesting this winter.
      It’ll be better than staying in our freezing houses cos we can’t afford to turn on the heating. I have my gloves and balaclava ready and waiting.

      • I’m not sure that I’d ever go on a protest march,Mr.Cunt-Engine…. the thought that the march may be infiltrated by the Gay Pride Fruity Gentlemen terrifies me.

      • That would terrify me too. The thought that a side-saddle rider would try and put his finger up my botty….dear oh dear.
        However, I’m one step ahead of any rampaging homosexual’s questing digit: when I go out protesting, I already have a large buttplug up there, so there’s no room for anything else.

      • PS…If I were you, I’d burn those gloves and balaclava and get fresh ones…..don’t underestimate Police forensics and the powerful evidence that can be uncovered….

      • Do you need the buttplug to prevent anal-leakage following an over-enthusiastic Lubbocking ?

      • Just do what I do, TtCE.
        Catch a bus to either Meadowhell or Crystal Peaks at 9:30, using my bus pass. Spend several hours there, nursing a Greggs paper cup, use their toilet facilities, get the Pensioner lunch special of soup and a sandwich, then go home.
        Et viola!
        Heating, lighting and water consumption for 6 hours at some other buggers expense!

      • I have a light meal, once home, of soup and a sandwich.
        Let the dog out for p’and’p.
        Then go to bed.
        Never mind it’s only 18:30, I have to be up early to shower, put clean clothes on, including matching socks…..
        Oh dear.

    • Problem is our leaders are at the trough for 5 years gorging themselves, throw a few platitudes about how I feel your pain.
      General election comes along..
      It’s groundhog day..

    • Aye it will get nasty.

      Business owners (all businesses) are saying they’ll be putting prices for their goods and services up because of their bills.

      A lot of people haven’t yet grasped that it’s not just their bills, it’s everything else that will go up to silly levels. Business owners can at least offset their costs by putting their prices up, but those in ‘normal’ employment won’t have that option.

      The covid furloughs, bank bailouts, meddling in the Ukraine/Russia war and the insanity of allowing some teenage Swedish spastic to tell us how to run our energy supply is all coming home to roost.

      Stock up on tinned shite it’s going to get daft.

      String up those responsible, there is no need for any of this to be happening.

      • Oh and housing all these fucking dinghy cunts too. We should be sinking those fuckers as soon as they enter our waters.

        We’re fucking skint, you cheeky cunts!

  14. If only we had an energy champion, a saviour amongst us, a youthful spirit who could unite us all and tell the older generation the error of burning fossil fuel?
    We need someone like a scandanavian window licking girl to shout ‘How dare you’ to world leaders, if only such a person existed?
    The west would have no energy problems and the world would be a much greener and nicer place (que Unicorns/Rainbows and fluffy kittens)!!

    Errrrr wait a minute I’d almost forgotten that we have Enviro Spakker Greta Thunderbird to stop all this shit happening🤔?

    • She’s become curiously quiet recently, Baron, don’t you think?
      I’d like to imagine she gone quite insane, and is currently in a padded cell somewhere, screaming about saving pandas, or some such nonsense.

      • I’d like to think that she’s pregnant, JP.
        With Harvey Price as the father.

      • I suspect you’re on the right track there Jeezum. In my circle, at her age, all our efforts were directed towards sex. We were fucking like rabbits on speed.

      • She’s been told to shut the fuck up by her W.E.F handlers who have got bored of her Mickey Mouse Shite.

        It will not surprise me when she turns up in a Malmö Spakker asylum with a Dark-Quay ‘security guard’ hanging out the back of her every night to keep her silence.

    • The real elephant in the room is that oil is virtually limitless and also self regenerating.A narrative was established over a century ago abetted,by oil’s biggest robber-barron-profiteer and all-round satanic fucktard- J.D Rockefeller,that the substance is fossil based..ie..dead trees,dinosaur bones etc and deemed ‘finite’ which is distinctly not the case.It gets more expensive to extract certainly,but over a few years returns to the same levels.

      Rockefeller money-power buys that type of obfuscation and explains how they moved so seemlessly into petro-chemical products masquerading as ‘medicines’ but not before crushing natural and workable remedies and it’s practicioners which served well for centuries until this putrid mafia took root a century earlier.
      They doubtless had a hand (claw) in keeping Nikola Tesla’s awesome array of technology patents at bay including magnetic free-energy devices,basically harnessing free electricity as occured during the Tartarian era.Many of those huge church spires contained magnetic wiring and such but the bs narrative was established that it all somehow began from Telford with the ‘industrial revolution’ which is an incredible excercise in history-washing and censoring.

      Our ancient ancestors had technology far more advanced than today but it sort of got washed away with the Deluvian floodwaters of yore.Turkemistan still utilizes free energy devices to this day l understand.

      As that Rothschild partner in crime once uttered…”I’ll have no machine that doesn’t have a meter on it” Obvious when you ponder how much control it gives to the Plutocracy.

  15. Jesus, this country is fucked .

    And I firmly point the finger at our politicians when it comes to blame .

    Theresa May useless cunt,
    Boris Johnson useless cunt.
    Liz Truss I’m guessing useless cunt?

    And it’s handed kiers Labour a 33point lead.

    From a 80odd seat mandate, the fall of the red wall,
    They’ve squandered it .

    • Germanys fucked, Hollands fucked, the gas lines fucked, money isn’t worth a fuck when Europe collapses into a state of unrest.
      This is the car crash from the 2008 financial meltdown that they repaired with elastic bands and when interests rates rise it exposes all the damage underneath the bodywork. Failed MOT and not allowed back on the road ever.
      Afraid no not really, but some will get fucked over when they were doing they’re best and you can thank all these fucking elected and non elected out of they’re dept arseholes for the austerity that awaits the West.

      • Unlike us, Germany has enough gas stored to see them through this winter, albeit at inflated prices.
        They’ve got until next winter to sort something out that doesn’t include prostrating themselves in front of Putin.
        Fortunately we only relied on about 4% of our gas from Russia but we should be able to make up the difference by getting more from America, until we sort out a plan to achieve something approximating energy self sufficiency.

      • I understand MJB, but there’re will be rationing at some point in Germany by February as industry will be critical and the householders will be secondary.
        also there are certain chemical concoctions that Germany produce and not just for fertiliser production so it is a bleak outlook that will ripple throughout Europe thus putting more strain on already precarious financial balancing act.
        Without being doomsday, its looking pretty fucking serious that an Eastern European war is imminent dragging all and everything into it.
        i hope not but the gas pipes will go down as the catalyst.

      • just too follow on and i promise to shut my hole for the rest of the night.
        Ukraine forces have taken back the small city of Lyman today with the help of NATO troops in Ukrainian combat gear.
        Lyman was just annexed as Ruskie territory.
        Is it now that vlad responds with full force as it was an act of war on Russia.
        Will he use something or will he not? or does he not have enough of an edge as everything is on standby from Finland and Sweeden and many others

      • Thanks a fucking bunch, Mecuntry.
        I’m sure to sleep well tonight!
        As if I ain’t got enough shit to worry about!

      • Germany is only delaying the evil moment. Rather like another period in C20th history, it ISN’T all going to be over by Christmas. And as and when Puftin implodes, rather like the plot against Hitler, he may be replaced by someone worse.

  16. Didn’t humans live during the Ice Age? Pretty sure it was colder then.

    These are the same scare mongers that said the drought would kill lots of people in the Summer.

    Only just out of September and it pissed down virtually all day yesterday like it does every fucking year.

    Why don’t they just fuck off

    • I looked that up, CotL, and yes, humans did indeed live during the Ice Age.
      They all fucked off to the Southern hemisphere, where it was tons warmer.
      Which is something that I wished I’d done years ago.

    • The cold will finish the job that Covid started. A cull of 20 million in this country would be my estimate. Economically inactive cunts like me for the most part.

      • More likely the job that the arm-spears started in response to a turbo-charged flu epidemic they concocted and enhanced at certain bio-weapon institutions.Fort Detrick,possibly Porton Down or even the Pirbright-Institute in Surrey to say nothing of multiple ‘facilities’ chez Ukraine ? Vlad hit it on the head with his ‘Empire of lies’ speech a while ago.He kicked out the Rothschild bankster empire from mother Russia as did his ancestors with their ‘Khazarian problem’ circa 10th century.No wonder Schiff and Nuland are straining at the leash by courting the ‘SamsonOption’ so assiduously of late.Just sayin.

      • i couldn’t fulfil my self imposed sanction of shutting my hole as i was waiting for a midnight, that might not arrive.
        No RTC you won’t die, you’re vaxxed and that will ensure that you will beat the cold and runny snots like a champion.
        Vax, breakfast of champions.
        Stay warm and trust the science, you too MNC. now that the jab is protecting you and don’t even need a lemsip

      • Ah thanks, Cunts Bubble, Red alert has been noted
        Over and out Con.
        This is Con, can you repeat message over
        “where the fuck is Zelensky” Con over
        Con “Fucking California Con thats what they told me ” over
        Fuck me Con ” Does anybody know anything”
        Con i like you but “I’m not at liberty to divulge” over
        Ah fuck you Con ” i gave the cunt 4 billion personal in cash i cant find the receipt and the cant is denying all knowledge of it”
        its fucking over for me Con ” you Cunt” out

  17. Imagine how much worse it would be if we didn’t have energy saving lightbulbs and energy efficient fridges, gas boilers, etc.
    Seems the energy companies don’t like us not using as much electricity and gas so they’re upping their prices to compensate for us using less.
    I recently had a purge of lightbulbs that used more than 5 watts (= equivalent to 40 watts) and 6 watts (= 60 watts). I told one of our neighbours and he asked if he could have all our old 100 watt bulbs because in his words “they give off heat so I won’t have to turn on the heating.”
    Bonkers or what? Stupid fucker.

    • I hasten to add that our 100 watt lightbulbs had been languishing in a box for about 15 years, the result of a previous purge we’d had.
      This time we got rid of the few remaining 60 and 40 watt bulbs, and the first generation of energy saving bulbs, which typically used between 9 – 20 watts.

    • I’ve known people in the past who had ways and means of fiddling their meters. There’s was one cheeky bugger put the meter in reverse and had the gumption to ask for a refund.

  18. I’m sitting in the warmth. Good job I was told to put the heating on. Got the match on. It’s between the monkeys blowing bubbles lot and the musclebound pillocks of monkeys from wolves. Funny how the manage to put a big ape up front every week.

    • I advise a ‘Selk-Suit’ sort of a wearable sleeping bag with arms and legs if it does get parky.They’re bloody good and should be standard kit for the very elderly who seriously need them.

      • Hot springs.
        Like those monkeys in Japan.
        The elderly should see out winter at Hot springs.

      • But whose paying for it, Mis?
        Our government, the monkeys?
        If the answer is me, I’m not going.
        I’ll buy a fucking Artic survival suit first.
        Or maybe another jumper and some socks.

  19. If the money spent on subsidising green power generation had been used to create a cleaner system of burning coal we would be able to supply the electricity the U.K. needs rather than buying electricity from other countries via the inter connector network and despoiling the coastal areas with fuck off windmills.
    The obvious answer was ☢️ we led the world in nuclear power knowledge but all those persons are dead or demented by now.
    Has any fucking government in the past 60 years been able to come up with a workable long term energy plan? The answer of course is no,so, thanks to these supposedly public servants who exist on a “higher plane” far above us little payers of their wages we now have the chance of selling our kids to pay the bills.
    Thank you you bunch of total cunts.

  20. Apparently, if you evicerate a corpse, air dry it, then soak it in creosote for a couple of weeks, it will burn for several months.
    My kids have just installed a wood burning stove.
    Dear Claire,
    Should I be worried?
    I’ve been invited for Sunday dinner tomorrow. I wonder what’s on the menu? I’ve been told to bring the dog, too.
    Looking forward to it.

  21. Blackouts Matter, take the knee.

    Biden and Co are trying hard to make sure that Russia provides plenty of energy in the middle of winter, courtesy of a few nuclear warheads exploding over western cities.

    Roll up for your chance to catch an all night Atom Tan.

  22. Feels a bit like going back to the 70s. Not that I would know (too young).
    Possibility of a 3 day week for some industries.
    Chance of blackouts.
    Threat of impending nuclear war.

    Ruff will be getting his double denim out the wardrobe and putting on the Status Quo records😆

    [Harold, realising this could be his only shot at guitar god status, dusts off trusty Fender Strat and Marshall amp]

    “Great Scott Marty! This is it! My whole life has been building up to this point!”

    • I remember the 70’s.
      It was fucking awful, but at least it wasn’t the middle of winter.
      No draft ale in the pub, though.
      No power to the pumps.

  23. Chatting to a bloke who works at the last coal fired power station in Nottingham, they get their coal from

    “RUSSIA “…..!

  24. I can’t wait for a three day week. I might actually be able to do things I enjoy. I enjoy going to heated Barrymore parties to get warm.

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