Natasha Crown – Attention-Seeking Arse

(I don’t know what’s most disturbing – her arse or her “thousands” of arsehole followers – Day Admin)

Early morning horn, anyone?
Jeez, if this doesn’t put you off your cornflakes, what will?
Why do these ludicrous people do this shit, and then brag about it, ffs?
That’s a serious question.
Have they some kind of mental issues, or are they just attention seeking idiots, 15 minutes of fame type of shit?

Daily Star News Link

Really can’t get my head round this. (Circumnavigate more like – DA)

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

79 thoughts on “Natasha Crown – Attention-Seeking Arse

  1. I fear her bottom may be near to approaching its Schwarzschild radius at which point it will vanish into a singularity – from which nothing can escape. Not even shite.

  2. The Bottom Inspectors would be scratching their heads on this one. How are they to find any leftover shit from that crevice. But the Sanitary Inspectors will be rubbing their hands at the expense of damaged toilets and bidets this Arse Planet has caused.

    • Deep vein thrombosis of the legs will be next, after trying to hold up that monstrous farting tackle much longer.

  3. Wow, you wouldn’t think there was shit in that, would you? Having scrutinized the picture, it may be nicer to look at than her face.

    Seriously, my bottom is nicer than that. Krav would agree with me.

  4. Well, fuck me. My immediate response was “that’s a Jam Spoon.”

    I looked it up – wish I hadn’t – Swedish/Serbian, apparently.

  5. Fuck me! If she gets any more obese, she’ll have to take a shit in a phone box in Stratford.

  6. She will never have the world’s biggest arse whilst Serena Williams still draws breath

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