Natasha Crown – Attention-Seeking Arse

(I don’t know what’s most disturbing – her arse or her “thousands” of arsehole followers – Day Admin)

Early morning horn, anyone?
Jeez, if this doesn’t put you off your cornflakes, what will?
Why do these ludicrous people do this shit, and then brag about it, ffs?
That’s a serious question.
Have they some kind of mental issues, or are they just attention seeking idiots, 15 minutes of fame type of shit?

Daily Star News Link

Really can’t get my head round this. (Circumnavigate more like – DA)

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

79 thoughts on “Natasha Crown – Attention-Seeking Arse

  1. She’ll have to go a long way to achieve the feat of the world’s biggest ass. The world’s biggest ass is stepping down as UK Prime Minister in a couple of days.

    • I have to say that description, in my opinion, is more suited to Sunak, the chocolate coloured John Major, or Dame Kweer Smarmer. Both are complacency writ large.

  2. A cross between being as thick as pig, shit, slightly mental & an attention seeking cunt. She’s a fucking munter anyway, even without the ridiculous arse.
    They had circuses to keep these freaks in 150 years ago.

  3. She’d make a good burglar.
    Her arse would wipe away any footprints.

    With enough arse to satisfy Elton John she’s heading to the dizzy heights of fame.

    Bogroll commercials are within her grasp.

    What a mess.

  4. As you might know, I have a financial interest in London’s foremost arena for striptease – The Steaming Pussycat Club in Soho – financed by my great success with the “Clare Short Series of Dirty Videos” made in the early 1990s, directed by Alan Clarke (read his diaries). They were all released on the Boggs Theatrical Porn Video (Bangkok) Ltd imprint – all the profits went to the Steaming Pussycat, to bring the biggest naked talent for the delectation of British dirty old men.

    I can’t see anything bigger than this young lady on the current scene, and we would be happy to employ her on a regular contract, provided she took the trousers off and gave our audience what they want – naked bums. I just know Sir Keir would be buying a season ticket for the front row – he loves massive arseholes. Just ask Mandy.

  5. Let’s hope the cunt has a reinforced toilet or the fire brigade will need the jaws of life to free her.

  6. She’s clearly some flavour of mental.
    And doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of bragging.
    Having the biggest arse isn’t much of a brag?

    Like saying I’ve the smallest cock in the North of England,
    Or the scabbiest fanny?

    She just looks a fat cunt.
    Notice expert on arses Philip Schofield put her straight as to the danger.

    He fails to mention it’s also dangerous riding a 16yr old Somali boy bareback in a Hotel short stay.

  7. Presumably she wants the world’s biggest bum to compensate for having the world’s smallest brain.

    As for the Daily Star, does anyone actually buy this crap?

  8. I’d like to see her do a reverse cowgirl on Dominic Grieve or Hilary Benn – “into the valley of death rode the …….”

    They wouldn’t survive five minutes

  9. In one of the photos it looks like she’s stuffed John Merrick down her leggings.

    Swedish is it? Unusual,but after all that surgery the inevitable heart attack will follow and for once the NHS won’t be picking up the tab..

    Then again..

    It looks like an extra from a Lord of the Rings children’s film.

    The mental roly poly cunt.

  10. I think that we have finally discovered something that will deflate even the ISAC horn section.

    Jesus. “Sexy” the report claims. Fucking nauseating.

    • Sadly it does nothing for my spouse – unlike this lady you can still hear her farts, which sounds like the Battle of Agincourt – in stereo.

  11. She’s got a long way to go to win the ” Biggest arse in the world” title…I’ve seen several cuties on “My 600lb life” who make this slag’s arse look like an ironing-board…arse cheeks the size of a small car and all natural too.

    • Morning Mr F…My 600lb life is truly amazing, isn’t it?
      I’m always astonished that their hearts keep beating.
      And they’ve always got a pack of little dogs, bizarrely.
      Unsurprisingly, the only ones who get a snippy attitude with that Dr. Nowzaradan fellow are the chicken enthusiasts.
      I enjoy their obvious misery.

      • I wonder in their desperate moments,such as receiving news their take away delivery has been delayed by 10 minutes,if they consider deep frying the dogs…just keep them going?

      • ‘And they’ve always got a pack of little dogs, bizarrely.’

        Those dogs clean the errant ‘feastings’ from the folds of the roly-poly folk during REM sleep. Some keep cats or ferrets.

      • I thought you were winding me up for a second MNC lol. It’s utterly bonkers, what a transformation. Her arse looks like two midgets fighting under a parachute and she has a face like a melting Pete Burns.

        I’m pretty sure Alex Jones is on to something when he says the government are putting funny stuff in the water, the fat cunt.

      • Imagine if she called 999 and wanted an ambulance. I would imagine a flatbed tow truck would be more appropriate!

      • Jeez I thought she was blick by the header picture.
        Why? Why would go from that to that?
        I’m gobsmacked.
        Like that alien bloke with no nose. It is a mental illness and surgeons should be struck off from performing these abominations.
        Up is down , left is right, Biden has all his cognitive functions.

  12. That is rank and should be locked up in London Zoo.

    I was going to have a bacon sandwich for breakfast, think I will pass now.

  13. Fucking hell, has it got it’s own postcode? There’s fat lasses in Donn y with arses that size, they have their own gravitational pull, well the flies around the arse don’t seem to be able to fly away.

  14. You would need a flask and sandwiches to get round that cart horse arsed old tabby, perhaps even a ball of string as used by cavers incase ur torch goes out, cos it will be dark in the shadow of that abomination

    • No, no, no and no again, nightmares for days now aaaaaargh. How about mid stooling the monster? Bloody hell time to find the revolver a bottle of scotch and lock the workshop door.

  15. …when did ‘world biggest arse’ become some sort of achievement in life? Unless she’s going for the most cocks in the arse at the same time award?

    We really are regressing back to the lowest common denominator?

    Who the fuck is going to miss this cunt if her arse exploded tomorrow? No one, that’s who.

    Brings nothing to this world and leaves it the same way

    • Hi CC , very important part of being a politician nowadays so can claim some sickly merit. Though in all fairness biggest cunt would have been more appropriate .

  16. Instead of flies around her shitty arse…..she has a swarm of young blicks comstantly buzzing around it. They fucking love a fat arse….for some reason.

    • Yup most likely been ploughed more times than the ten acres. So tru they do love a big arse. Often go after big white women as well, could be explained by the chance of a visa or some big arse fetish relating to some cannibalistic shenanigans in the deep past ie 20 yrs ago. Must get sick of eating seagulls whilst waiting your chance in Calais.
      How cruel I am to my fellow man.

  17. I’m sure the admins are taking the piddle with the scheduling of some of their fuck-ugly noms!

    Have just logged on in a very positive frame of mind, only to be assailed by a walking-talking Moby Dick of a header pic!

    Yesterday it was fucking Jenny Eclair and now this. if it wasn’t for that sexy librarian pic I’d be wondering if I’d lost the horn for good!

  18. RTC must be hiding under his duvet after seeing this, I am off for a lie down and a few paracetamol.

    When I recover I will have to look at some nice tight little bottoms, oh god I feel sick 🤮

    • ‘When I recover I will have to look at some nice tight little bottoms’

      …be careful- you’re still on the register remember?

  19. It occurs to me that as she can’t wipe her arse properly and her arse cheeks are so huge that she can lose several turds in them, the stench will be fucking horrendous.

    Enjoy your breakfast.

  20. I have an idea for the first Boggs porno film featuring this lovely young lady – her and Lady Nugee, stripped to the wasit, oiled up in Speedos, rolling round the floor, wrestling, with a topless Jess Philllips as referee, carrying a whip. Imaagine the close-up of the cross-buttocks! – another wide-screen production.

    • Unfortunately yes. The dumping tank for old cyanide leach clay samples at my work. A foamy brown slurry, though not as smelly.🤮☣️☠️🧟⚰️

  21. Well at least Jabba the Hutt would probably get the horn with “it” rather than that strip of wind, Princess Leia

    • hmmmm when Lois Griffin played Princess Leia, I found her rather horny (I do anyway, but even more so in that episode). Or is just me getting horny over a cartoon character?

      Mind you she is the spitting image of a milf I work with…….very cute, and slightly shy and prim, but probably goes like a train.

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