Jenny Eclair (3) and Crown Paints

Not sure if you guys have seen this latest advert for Crown paints….a nice, harmless advert for their products with quite a clever, well written jingle to go with it.

Here it is, together with a varied range of colours of performers, who are also no doubt gay/lesbian, and/or disabled as well… all boxes ticked, or so you would think?

You Tube Link

Well, not according to that washed up, unfunny ‘comedian’ Jenny Eclair.

She wants it banned on the following basis:

Comic Jenny Eclair said it must be taken off air over its implication that a woman “conned a man into fatherhood”.

Now, I really don’t take supposedly humorous paint adverts too seriously when it comes to the jingles lyrics, but this cunt obviously does.

Crown responded with: Apologising for it, the Darwen-based paint firm said it appreciated “people have differing views on humour”.

Firstly, I wouldn’t have apologised for it. By saying ‘sorry’ you are admitting you are in the wrong and showing weakness. I do, however agree people do have differing views on humour…….and that is why Eclair can now only scrape a living by appearing on low rent afternoon ITV shows, such as ‘Loose Women’ rather than still being a ‘comedian’…..that’s if you consider she ever was one.

Maybe, she should now apologise for her comedy acts, whereby she constantly ridiculed and belittled men.

She is a cunt of a comedian and a cunt for this nomination.

BBC News Link

Nominated by: Chuff Chugger


(After searching the ugly trout that is Eclair for the header pic, I thought a “Girl of the Month” bonus pic might just help get over the trauma! – Day Admin)

50 thoughts on “Jenny Eclair (3) and Crown Paints

  1. Vaguely remember the unfunny bint when I watched tv and paid the tax a few years back. No sense of humour and pious from what I remember.
    Like her cream cakes though.
    Crown is also a cunt for apologising
    Do they ever learn!

  2. As I recall she always used to mention her own or in general a ” vagina” to get a laugh in her act….⚰️

    What a cunt….

  3. Jenny Eclair?
    The reason God invented brain aneurysms.

    How’s the cunt built a career?!!

    Not funny, not even accidentally,
    Sour, dried up old twat.

    Ducking stool, then pyre.

  4. She is another firm favourite with Wireless 4 producers when they want a low rent tart for one of their bargain basement “comedy quiz” shows where you say “fuck knows” rather than “I don’t know” to get a cheap round of applause.

    Slightly classier than lezza in denial Jo Brand, but not much

    • Jo Brand is John Sargent in drag. At least that’s what someone on here said, so it must be true.

  5. I imagine Jenny Éclair’s stench trench is dry, powdery, itchy and looks like a hastily prepared bacon sandwich.

    It bet there are some cobwebs lurking around the entrance.

    • Does she give any of our gentlemen the horn though?. I imagine those that like Stella Creasy and Jess Phillips might go for her. How about buy 2 and get one free What am I offered?

    • I see you right Paul like licking wallpaper paste off sandpaper.

      Bet when she farts it’s like emptying the hoover bag.

      • Éclair IS the Hoover bag.

        On a lighter note, The Jellyfish seems to be doing a farewell tour, taking part in early morning plus raids, appearing, as if by magic, at the foot of people’s beds.
        I might hand myself in for farting in a built-up area. Maybe the plis will bring Penny Mordaunt along with them.
        Knowing my luck, I’d probably get the slithy Gove.

  6. Girl of the the Month, oh yes 👍

    Jenny Eccles Cake was right to ask for it to be banned, contaminating the Ad with unnecessary sooties, Crown paints can fuck off.

    Now back to the Girl of the Month

  7. Sounds reasonable to me. There are millions of slags who just want buns in the oven so they can get on the bennies. They don’t give a fuck who the fathers might be. This advert sounds like a reflection of real life to me. Of course fake lefties like bitch face Eclair don’t know what real life is so she can shut her overactive ugly pie hole.

  8. It’s obvious false advertising anyway. Everyone knows the only paint dark keys buy is in a spray can so they can vandalise an underground train.

  9. Who cares about old Jen, the daft trout. I want the name of the fit blonde in the “girl of the month” photo.

  10. Jennie Eclair, I wouldn’t want to lick her cream, probably more like cheese by now.

    • Hair stylist: Hello granny, what kind of cut would you like?

      Jenny Eclair: You know that fat loser Borus Johnson…

      Hair Stylist: Say no more!

      • Hair stylist “what are you thinking Jenny?”

        Jenny ” the look I’m after is Rod Stewart with late stage leukemia”

        Hairstylist “leave it with me…”

  11. You couldn’t get a more diverse group of cunts on the advert if you tried. This washed-up, unfunny, perpetually-offended, saggy-tit witch should thank her woke god that the cast wasn’t all white – that really would’ve given her something to cry about on Twatter. I’m just surprised Crown didn’t portray the white male in the advert with jam jar specs, a facial tic and learning difficulties.

  12. She’s conned people into believing she’s a comedian, so maybe she ought to be banned?

  13. Just watched the advert.

    “There’s a baby on the way”

    False advertising. There wouldn’t be any black men hanging around too long if there was.

  14. Jenny Eclair is just a jealous old minger because no one has ever touched her healed over lamb chops.

    • Too right JP!

      I still have a Hardy Boys book, Game Plan for Disaster from 1989 that I failed to return. I have a sudden urge to own up to my misdemeanour although I strongly suspect Miss Girl of the Month is sadly not a real librarian.

  15. That girl of the month…….dun ‘er twice in the wrong un I have- honest. Asked me for more a week later…told her to fuck off as she was a shit shag- honest.

  16. If this eclair thing drowned in a vat of paint at the Dulux factory they could name a paint in its memory..

    Witches puke.

    What a silly old luvvie cunt.

  17. Well she definitely missed the point every cunt else noticed.

    Dark key males with honky wimminz all over that ad.

    Nice jolly tune and their loving little family.

    Elephant in the room alert! Elephant I the room alert!

    Any cunt with more than one brain cell knows that these Rastus Umbongos would fuck off the second the pregnancy test said positive.

    Still, the narrative is to honky wimminz is ‘marry umbongos they are all great dads.’

    But yes, the anti white agenda is just a ‘conspiracy theory’ lol

    Crown Paints can fuck off, and so can that token, unfunny, talentless tuppence licker for missing the fucking point entirely.

    It’s like complaining about the poor quality sanding finish on the doors to the ‘showers’ at Auschwitz.

    Get to fuck!

  18. Wasn’t the so called father a dark persuasion? So no chance he would even be there..
    And crown paints the simians only paint with faeces..

  19. “Not sure who the father is”.
    Get to fuck Crown and The Eclair

  20. Just watched the advert…….it’s absolute fucking shit! You don’t know what the product is until the last three seconds.
    How come it’s full of brown gentlemen? This isn’t fucking Ghana.

  21. I think I’ve mentioned this before that every time I watched Brookside and ‘Ron Dixon’ appeared I genuinely couldn’t get it out of my mind that his breath stunk of shit.

    I was absolutely convinced of it just as in the same way I am convinced Ms Eclair suffers from constant yeast infections.

    It’s pretty much impossible to articulate but to me it’s very real.

    Let’s face it she’s a washed out unfunny never been that is desperate for any publicity so has resorted to ‘offence mining’.

    This is a zero sum game race to the bottom of who can be the most offended at absolutely anything and everything.

    These cunts are best ignored but unfortunately all their mates run the media so they get a disproportionate and unjustified amount of air time.

    I have to say you’ve got to look very hard at that as to find anything a lefty would find offensive.

    The race to the bottom continues…

  22. Girl of the Month is a good idea. Or Girl of the week better. Would like some stats included about Girl of the Week like favorite movies, sports etc. Even if it’s made up.
    What was this nom about again?

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