Jenny Eclair (3) and Crown Paints

Not sure if you guys have seen this latest advert for Crown paints….a nice, harmless advert for their products with quite a clever, well written jingle to go with it.

Here it is, together with a varied range of colours of performers, who are also no doubt gay/lesbian, and/or disabled as well… all boxes ticked, or so you would think?

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Well, not according to that washed up, unfunny ‘comedian’ Jenny Eclair.

She wants it banned on the following basis:

Comic Jenny Eclair said it must be taken off air over its implication that a woman “conned a man into fatherhood”.

Now, I really don’t take supposedly humorous paint adverts too seriously when it comes to the jingles lyrics, but this cunt obviously does.

Crown responded with: Apologising for it, the Darwen-based paint firm said it appreciated “people have differing views on humour”.

Firstly, I wouldn’t have apologised for it. By saying ‘sorry’ you are admitting you are in the wrong and showing weakness. I do, however agree people do have differing views on humour…….and that is why Eclair can now only scrape a living by appearing on low rent afternoon ITV shows, such as ‘Loose Women’ rather than still being a ‘comedian’…..that’s if you consider she ever was one.

Maybe, she should now apologise for her comedy acts, whereby she constantly ridiculed and belittled men.

She is a cunt of a comedian and a cunt for this nomination.

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Nominated by: Chuff Chugger


(After searching the ugly trout that is Eclair for the header pic, I thought a “Girl of the Month” bonus pic might just help get over the trauma! – Day Admin)

50 thoughts on “Jenny Eclair (3) and Crown Paints

  1. Off topic

    There’s a new movie out where Whinnie the Pooh and Piglet-

    ‘take a girl’s eye, behead a woman in a swimming pool and then ritualistically gorge themselves on honey. ‘


  2. Apologies, what is it with these fucking companies and their abject cowardice.
    They’ve paid big money for these ads have the balls to stand by them, it doesn’t give a lot of confidence in the products and service does it.
    70 odd million people in the country and they fold like a boneless giraffe cos half a dozen wokey wankers dont like the ad, perhaps they should run ad past the cast on new programme “send in the nudes” I believe it’s called they really do have the entire cross section of the odd ball wokey gay lesbian etc British ” public”, never seen so many weirdos outside of a circus freakshow.

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