Domestic Energy Crisis, Travellers (6) & British Gas (5)

First off….Boris Johnson has said that Putin is to blame for increasing costs….

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So,nothing to do with Johnson’s own ridiculous “green” agenda of relying on fucking windmills and unicorn farts plus the fact that successive governments’ have buried their heads in the sand and failed to act even when it was obvious that closing the coal mines, banning fracking, a discouraging nuclear energy policy, the end of North Sea Oil, etc might cause a couple of hiccups on our way to the new Greta-approved Green Utopia.

People whinging about heating costs.

Most people have been spoiled and seem unable to use their common sense…not so much the Old Farts who will pull on a sweater etc…but those Cunts who think that having heating blasting all the time is a God-given right and fucking well isn’t.

I grew up in a (vast) old house without central-heating that was damp and draughty…did me no harm, in fact,I believe it did me good…very rarely get any illness unlike these soft shites who spend their time sitting in their shitty sealed boxes with the heating continually blasting while they sit staring at Netflicks and their phone/computer screens…the sickly Cunts should get off their (probably veggie) arses, wrap their pasty,sickly,benefit-sponging brats up in a decent coat and get physically moving..go for a walk,get the blood pumping.

I see Truss has said that she might make more help available for the poor during this “crisis”….fucking typical….the benefit-sponges will again be able to take no responsibility and just expect the taxpayer to foot the bill while they order their fucking Deliveroos and play their video games.

Fuck them all to Hell.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler..Mayor of Simpleton


And on a slightly different tangent there’s this from Jeezum Priest

Poor rich people.
Makes your heart bleed, doesn’t it?

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Well, as a pensioner on a fixed income, you’ll forgive me if I don’t have a load of sympathy.
I should be so lucky.

and on the subject of energy suppliers there’s this from Kyliefancunt

I would like to nominate British Gas et al for the greedy cunts they are.

Today I received an email to say that they can offer a fixed 1 year deal on my electric. Currently I am paying around 26p per unit. With the price cap in October the price will be 51p per unit. I checked the unit price of the fixed deal and it’s a whopping 77p per unit.

What utter rip off and sadly people who think this is a good deal will go with the fixed deal without reading the small print. They even charge a £100 exit fee. I really want to cancel my direct debit and go tell them to go fuck themselves or even better why don’t they stick there heads in the oven with the gas on full.

Sadly I’m sure most will continue to pay as they know how easy people can be manipulated with Covid and the lockdowns. But I really hope for some kind of protest like the poll tax.

Looks like I will have to make savings. Oh well I suppose won’t be able to play my Kylie records as much.

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And spare a thought for minority groups like the Travellers, courtesy of Cuntstable Cuntbubble

A national tragedy.

”Gypsies and Travellers fear missing out on energy bills support”

Brought to you by the Guardian whose contributors all live next to pikey sites.

Yes, these god fearing. tax paying, non fly tipping, much maligned good people may not get the government support for which they have never paid into.

Please join me in leaving assorted wrecked fridges, cars. vans and shit outside council and government offices.
It’s a fucking disgrace.

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112 thoughts on “Domestic Energy Crisis, Travellers (6) & British Gas (5)

  1. The benefit spongers are probably fucking like rabbit now, praying for twins so they get more dished out to them.

  2. I predict a good few deaths this winter. Easy job to finish on time, though, so, every cloud. Always remember one poor old sod – died, leaning forward, blood poured out of his nose and coagulated and then froze from his nose to the floor, like a Freddy Krugeresque waterfall.

    Good afternoon.

  3. Did someone mention the gyppos? Why don’t those Insulate Britain cunts go down to a pikey camp and tell them to stop wasting the energy they stole in the first place?

  4. News just in.

    The BNP has donated 10,000 crocodiles towards the Pakistani flood relief appeal.


  5. Back in the 60’s, used to wake up for school and scratch the beautiful frosty patterns off the windows. Grew up to be tough hard bastard.
    Hard luck snowflakes you will all die in the winter. But wait, the BBfuckingC told us winters were a thing of the past. Tough it out you whinging çunts.


    David Frost thinks energy rationing is inevitable. Yet another good reason not to be forced into having a “smart meter” which, I’d bet a semi-worthless pound to a pebble, is exactly what these pernicious devices are designed to do.

    They might take a broader approach this winter though, as even “normal output levels” become difficult to achieve, and just shut the whole grid off for an hour or two at a time.

    Won’t make any difference then if you can afford to buy it or not.

  7. The UK has about 400 years of coal underground as well as loads of gas still left under the north sea. Re-open the coal mines (that the cunts Wilson and Thatcher closed), restart the oil rigs, restart the coal power stations. Wait until the windmills produce 100% of the power we need (if that ever fucking happens), then and only then switch the coal stations off. Cunts. Time for the UK to abandon its ‘moral lead’. Too right about the cunts expecting to walk round their houses in T shirts all year. Get ter fuck, the soft cunts!

  8. Bring back the work house! The work shy and gimmegrants can get tossed in them. When they die of starvation we can use the bodies to fuel the furnaces.

  9. It’s going the be tough for many, but these lefty cunts need to be slapped in the face with some reality.

    I look forward to the Greta loving pricks sitting in their frozen homes all winter, then getting bills they can’t pay because they put the heating on for a few hours.

    Virtue signal yourself into freezing to death, you silly twats.

    Like DF, I grew up without central heating (although not in such a vast property, sadly) . Only hot water for washing up and a bath. Most mornings before school, I’d have to wash with freezing water in a freezing house. Often had ice on the windows. The result is an immune system that (so far) destroys anything nasty in seconds it seems. Haven’t had a cold in over 25 years. Although I played out a lot and came in ‘mucky’ often.

    If we had a PM he’d:

    1. Say the Ruskie/Ukrainian war is fuck all to do with us. We’re being neutral.

    2. Mine coal and tell Greta to suck my plums.

    3. Any lentil eating Greta cunt who then glues themselves to roads etc. can have their gas and leccy turned off
    permanently to ‘save the planet’.

    4. In case Greta didn’t get the message first time, do a live TV broadcast, jump on the desk and dangle your balls in the camera and shout, “Suck on these Greta, you mongy tart!”

    • I have the answer- when you’re freezing your knackers off this Winter say to yourself -‘I am enduring this for you Greta’.

      It will give you WARM, fuzzy feelings inside your tummy.
      From knowing you are doing the right thing.

      Better than mere mechanical central heating.

  10. With a wood burning stove or open fire, one can afford to heat and eat. The more we rely on electrical power on a national grid that needs a boost from Northern France at half-time, the more fucked society will become and the more people will go crying to ‘muh guvverment’ – A govt in denial over spending.

    All of these pricks thinking they’re green by electrifying their entire lifestyle -through smart phones, e scooters, electric cars – are in for a shock (pun intended).

    Most of these tragic, deluded cunts live in cities and are clueless as to how stuff works and therefore useless to society, so they can perish this winter for all I care, especially the aforementioned spongers who can’t cook and only survive via ‘apps’.

    Oven? No. The winter will sort them out.

  11. I thought the pie keys just set fire to things to warm up, stolen wire reels, stolen cars, stolen stuff in general, in other words these cunts pay fuck all for heating, we pay technically as usual.
    Uncle Terry’s oven is what’s needed here, all the heat you like, all with the satisfaction of knowing your helping the world by ridding it of this worse than useless vermin….

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