Striking Barristers

I swear by Almighty God that the biggest cunts of this week, are the bewigged buffoons holding up their strike posters, looking for all the world like hoity-toity Mick Lynch’s:

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The greedy, slimy, two-faced bastards are on a fair whack already. Like the dockers they can actually afford to go on strike for long periods of time.

If their job, bowing and scraping to elderly judges and their “learned friends” and acting is too much for them, I am sure the local councils in the leafy areas of the Home Counties they live in, have plenty of vacancies for lavatory attendants. After a time they might even given them a broom and a bucket, to save their soft hands.

Nominated by: W. C., Boggs

(They “only” want a 25% pay rise courtesy of the Taxpayer – Day Admin)

52 thoughts on “Striking Barristers

  1. Does this mean we can deport some dinghy raiders because these sacks of shit won’t be there to lie through their teeth with their fabricated sob stories?

    No……probably not.

  2. UPDATE: On Tueday’s Wireless 4’s “You And Yours” a Dark Key lawyer was complaining that he “only earns £46,000 a year”. Back home in de jungle he would have probably got 2 bob and day and a bargain bucket of KFC if he won de case innit man?

    (The recording, and the call cae near te start of the programme, 2nd call I think) can be found on the Listen Again website)

  3. I do believe that juniors earn little for dressing up as buffoons but the problem is we see the grasping cunts that earn millions for petty fucking reasons at the behest of rich cunts. And the judges who string everyfucking thing out in enquiries and such like while they sit in their London clubs getting pissed on the public purse.

  4. It occurs to me that since the Wuhan Panic Lockdown the number of criminal cases awaiting trial has rocketed.

    These cunts wouldn’t be using that as leverage would they?

    Playing legal games with our money is an expensive business it seems.

    Shitcan three quarters of Legal Aid and ban any foreigner from any access to it at all.

    • Any trial lasting more than a couple of hours is also a waste of time..

      Just roll out the oven for repeat offenders.

  5. “ALL OUT TO SAVE UK JUSTICE” – well that’s a sick joke.

    Any real justice went down the shitter when they did away with hanging and the following decades of out-of-touch bastard judges, successive useless governments, useless parole board and a soft liberal justice system that favours the criminal over the victim.

    And the girl on the left only looks about 14. Shouldn’t she be bunking off school and gluing herself to a road somewhere?

    • You beat me to it Ruff Tuff, I was going to mention that Mansfield cunt and his entire chambers.

      • Evening Ruffers,

        How about that other ‘king of the silks’ Jolyom Maugham, QC

        Remain Lawyer ✔
        Fox-murderer ✔
        Guardian-contributor ✔
        EU-lover ✔

        Is he a cunt?
        Short answer: Yes
        Long answer:  Yessssssssssssss!

  6. Fucking laugh a lawyer holding a placard with the word justice in big letters.
    We have a legal system which is far removed from a “justice” system.
    They should all become specialists in uman rights if they want to make a few quid, Cherie Blair did very nicely out of the uman rights act innit once her everlasting cunt of a husband made the pernicious shite into the hra 1998. Matrix chambers big moolah

  7. … fearing for the safety of the animal, he was only trying to push the sheep back through the hedge, m`lud.

  8. Dealing with my remarkably good lawyers on a recent case I was advised that if I went to court and required a barrister, that would be £300 an hour for a newbie…

    Or up to £450 an hour for someone who actually knew what they were doing.

    Thankfully, my remarkably good lawyer got the case thrown out before the shenanigans even started.

    £300 an hour? WTAF!?

      • Peers get £300 for just five minutes in the House of Lords, keep the taxi waiting outside…

      • Have some sympathy! How can these fuckers be expected to live on a few grand a day?

        I would advise these turds to get down to one of those Black Wimminz wig emporiums in Brixton where they can purchase a crazy Maey J.Bilge thatch for a tenner.

  9. I have a solution to the backlog, any cunt who is blick, p*ki, Albanian, other east European are automatically guilty, sorted.

    Next case please.

  10. A tiger walking through the jungle feels something touching his arse and turns to see another tiger licking furiously.
    Wtf? are you doing?
    Sorry matey I’ve just eaten a barrister and can’t get the taste out of my mouths.

  11. I’ll bet these cunts weren’t up for going out on strike to support the miners in “84”.

    These twats should burn…🔥

  12. Not sure which one from those bunch of cunts I would use for my defence, if I managed to garotte Tony blair or Justin Welby, from the nearest lamp post, after giviing their faces a good punching first. By the look of them I wouldn’t fancy my chances.

  13. They should let Joe public stand in for the cunts while they’re on strike.

    Most on here are well balanced, even handed citizens ,
    With a proportional sense of Justice.

    Let ISAC sentence criminals!
    I’d do it,
    I’d also be happy to stand in as the new Mr Pierrpoint.

    Soon get things shipshape.

    • I’d vote for that.
      I’ve said before, I go to the courts, mainly Manchester crown where they were all posing with placards the other week.
      These cunts are the most arrogant people you could imagine and one called Iain Simkin especially stands out.
      The judges on the other hand are polite, reasonable and some are funny too.
      I was sat in the gallery once watching a nasty gang murder case and a fucking barrister walked over and asked me who I was? A member of the public says I, watching justice seen to be done so just fuck off. Proper cunts.

  14. These posh cunts have got some front I’ll give them that. Pay rise? I wouldn’t give them the shit out of my arse. Well not free anyway……20 quid an ounce to these bastards.

  15. Few weeks ago I did a job for a barrister.
    A chinky, she looked about 14yrs old and seemed a bit dim to be honest.

    Probably good at her job,
    But no common sense.

    They can get fucked,
    This one was buying a 5bedroom house in Bowden (posh part of Cheshire)
    So spare me the tears of poverty.

    If your struggling get your arse down the food bank.

    • Hey, a bit dim-sum!
      Chinky see?!!

      Alright be like that then,

      Ok, who threw that?!!

      You people make me sick.

  16. That Gupta bitch in the middle of the photo would definitely get Freddie’s pearl necklace. Some of these posh birds like a bit of rough like me.

  17. Who is that on the right? Looks very striking to me. I could be wrong though. Poor camera angle. Not wearing a wig either. Probably a union member.

  18. In my divorce 15yrs ago I was told by the fucking man hating solicitor that if I wanted to contest my ex’s claim in court it would cost £10,000 a day for a barrister and her services, basically I was over a barrel she had legal aid and I didnt , result i was firmly shafted and nailed out to dry, never have recovered, dirty cunts to a man greedy bastards of the first water.

  19. The photo at the top shows a bunch of supercilious twats, the two birds look like they’ve smelt something vile.

    • Well, to be fair, AnalEase Dodds is the latest shadow minister to ignore Kweer’s demand that they do not stand on picket lines, and the young ladies in the picture were down wind of her. The problem is that it is only September and she doesn’t change her knickers till November, and, after ten months there is a lot of “residue” so they have smelt something vile.

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