Domestic Energy Crisis, Travellers (6) & British Gas (5)

First off….Boris Johnson has said that Putin is to blame for increasing costs….

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So,nothing to do with Johnson’s own ridiculous “green” agenda of relying on fucking windmills and unicorn farts plus the fact that successive governments’ have buried their heads in the sand and failed to act even when it was obvious that closing the coal mines, banning fracking, a discouraging nuclear energy policy, the end of North Sea Oil, etc might cause a couple of hiccups on our way to the new Greta-approved Green Utopia.

People whinging about heating costs.

Most people have been spoiled and seem unable to use their common sense…not so much the Old Farts who will pull on a sweater etc…but those Cunts who think that having heating blasting all the time is a God-given right and fucking well isn’t.

I grew up in a (vast) old house without central-heating that was damp and draughty…did me no harm, in fact,I believe it did me good…very rarely get any illness unlike these soft shites who spend their time sitting in their shitty sealed boxes with the heating continually blasting while they sit staring at Netflicks and their phone/computer screens…the sickly Cunts should get off their (probably veggie) arses, wrap their pasty,sickly,benefit-sponging brats up in a decent coat and get physically moving..go for a walk,get the blood pumping.

I see Truss has said that she might make more help available for the poor during this “crisis”….fucking typical….the benefit-sponges will again be able to take no responsibility and just expect the taxpayer to foot the bill while they order their fucking Deliveroos and play their video games.

Fuck them all to Hell.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler..Mayor of Simpleton


And on a slightly different tangent there’s this from Jeezum Priest

Poor rich people.
Makes your heart bleed, doesn’t it?

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Well, as a pensioner on a fixed income, you’ll forgive me if I don’t have a load of sympathy.
I should be so lucky.

and on the subject of energy suppliers there’s this from Kyliefancunt

I would like to nominate British Gas et al for the greedy cunts they are.

Today I received an email to say that they can offer a fixed 1 year deal on my electric. Currently I am paying around 26p per unit. With the price cap in October the price will be 51p per unit. I checked the unit price of the fixed deal and it’s a whopping 77p per unit.

What utter rip off and sadly people who think this is a good deal will go with the fixed deal without reading the small print. They even charge a £100 exit fee. I really want to cancel my direct debit and go tell them to go fuck themselves or even better why don’t they stick there heads in the oven with the gas on full.

Sadly I’m sure most will continue to pay as they know how easy people can be manipulated with Covid and the lockdowns. But I really hope for some kind of protest like the poll tax.

Looks like I will have to make savings. Oh well I suppose won’t be able to play my Kylie records as much.

British Gas Link

And spare a thought for minority groups like the Travellers, courtesy of Cuntstable Cuntbubble

A national tragedy.

”Gypsies and Travellers fear missing out on energy bills support”

Brought to you by the Guardian whose contributors all live next to pikey sites.

Yes, these god fearing. tax paying, non fly tipping, much maligned good people may not get the government support for which they have never paid into.

Please join me in leaving assorted wrecked fridges, cars. vans and shit outside council and government offices.
It’s a fucking disgrace.

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112 thoughts on “Domestic Energy Crisis, Travellers (6) & British Gas (5)

  1. I feel your pain JP, only yesterday a longstanding customer was telling me how they had to sell their £50K+ motorhome and are having to slum it on holiday in Italy later this year. I think they may have dropped Waitrose for Sainsburys too.

    Oh the shame!

  2. I’m sure this is some sort of conspiracy for the ‘green agenda’ Make it too fucking dear to use, so we are forced into ‘alternative’ greener consumables.

    Doing the same with petrol/diesel to get us into the ‘green agenda’ ev cars etc.

    Soften us up to get used to high petrol prices, but putting it up to over two quis a litre, then when it comes down to £1.80 a litre, stupid people with say ‘hmmmm, that’s cheap’ See…gets us brain washed into thinking that way, when in reality before it went to £2 a litre it was ‘only’ £1.30.

    We are cunts for falling for this bollocks.

    ……or I’m just paranoid. Fuck knows.

    • Just like Brown did when he lowered VAT to 15% then jacked it up to 20%. They aren’t even subtle with the way they fleece us. We live in pimpocracy.

      • Brown didnt raise it to 20%. He put it back where it was at 17½%. The architect of the rise to 20% was Osbourne under the coalition austerity balls up in 2011 as a ‘temporary’ measure that somehow has become the norm.

      • Never hear that mentioned now Jag, but the fact he flogged the gold reserves at the bottom of the market and even announced beforehand that he was going to do so, our old tom cat would know better. The twat needed some training in basic economics. Remember also that he destroyed the pensions system which had been the envy of the world. And fuck knows where all the money went that he raised from this carnage, I can’t remember seeing any benefit.

      • Osbourne? Fucking Hell, forgot about that cunt. Seems like geological epochs ago that he was cranking the levers.

        Aye, Brown, one of our great gifts to Britain. “Anyone want to buy 401 tonnes of Britain’s gold? Much cheapness, very good price, Effendi, yes yes!”

        Utter fucking spastic.

      • The biggest fuck up the one eyed jock did to the great British public , was to remove tax relief on company pension scheme dividends, this wanton act of stupidity killed over night the final salary scheme and meant us poor cunts had to work till we dropped…

        Scotch twat…💩

      • Everything Brown & Blair ever did was a deliberate cunt-up. Internationalist Freemasonic fuck-sticks.

  3. Where I life, the gyppos nick gas bottles..never pay a fucking thing for heating. Cunts.

    That’s why, when when they fuck off from a playing field there’s loads of gas bottles left behind. I sell calor gas and there is a hire charge on all the bottles which isn’t cheap, so if they had paid for them in the first place, then they would take them back to get thier ‘deposits’ back. On some of those big fucking bottles it can by nearly £50.

    Therefore, you know those gas bottles weren’t ‘purchased’ by them in the first place.

  4. Where I life, the caravan club nick gas bottles..never pay a fucking thing for heating. Cunts.

    That’s why, when when they fuck off from a playing field there’s loads of gas bottles left behind. I sell calor gas and there is a hire charge on all the bottles which isn’t cheap, so if they had paid for them in the first place, then they would take them back to get thier ‘deposits’ back. On some of those big fucking bottles it can by nearly £50.

    Therefore, you know those gas bottles weren’t ‘purchased’ by them in the first place.

    • Yeah, around caravan sites you see those gas cylinders and they’d be so easy to steal. Put them in a heavy as fuck steel cage with a massive top-end padlock.

  5. I grew up in a house with no central heating, we had ice inside the windows in winter. I guess I am OK now but I had terrible bronchitis as a youngster, eventually diagnosed with asthma in my teens. I can’t blame the lack of warmth but I’ll be fucked if I’m sitting around wrapped in fucking blankets now I’m in my 60’s The cunts in charge need a good beating. It is fundamental that we should be in charge of our own power and not reliant on foreigners, especially the cunts in Russia. Fucking morons, led by the silly cunts in bleating on about climate change, fuck it, our people deserve warmth, it’s the fucking least you can do you political bastards.

    • My first house- a little one bed starter home. Had no central heating and single glazed wood framed windows. Had a wall mounted gas fire downstairs that was it. I never left the fire on at night for safety.

      In the winter when I woke up in the morning the net curtains were stuck to the inside of the bedroom window coz the condensation had frozen.

      I eventually got to the point I could afford to put heating in it, but was advised not to as it would raise the ceiling price of the starter home out the reach of newbies when I came to sell it, so put up with it for 6 years. Went to bed often with thick hiking socks on.

      True story.

    • As a child, I lived in a two bed bungalow – metal Crittall windows, single skin 9″ external walls (no insulation), uninsulated concrete floor and no rockwool in the loft.

      At four I had bronchial pneumonia; Dad propped up the head end of my bed with breeze blocks to drain the fluid off my lungs.


      • That sounds grim PM.
        I didn’t succumb to anything that nasty but was raised in a terraced with bowls in the bedrooms to catch the rain .

        Outside lav had a candle in winter under the pipework to stop it freezing
        Coal from the railway sidings. The only radiator I ever saw was at school.

  6. Putin to blame for cost of living crisis and the energy crisis.

    Boris Johnson.

    If I didn’t laugh at this lying corrupt fat bastard – I’d cry.

  7. I frankly feel there should be only ONE wishfull thinking project at a time.

    Choose either:

    A) 100% carbon neutral by 2050

    B) The war in Ukraine

    or better still,


    We can’t stop India and China puping out noxious fumes as long as they want to or stopping that madman idiot despot Putin doing whatever his coices tell him

    It is costing us a fortune to pretend otherwise.

  8. Dead right, Dick.

    Putin is undeniably responsible for untold suffering and misery, but the UK’s energy crisis? I think not. That lies firmly at the door of successive UK governments and specifically the Tories over the last 12 years (ably assisted initially by the LibDumbs).

    So much for Cameron’s mantra, “fix the roof while the sun is shining.”

    The notion that we needed to be energy self sufficient is nothing new. Several of us have been banging that particular drum on here for as long as we’ve been posting.

    Get fucking fracking and building nuclear power stations NOW you blithering idiots!

    Johnson’s parting shot to his successor: “Don’t give up on Net Zero.”

    Fucking hell, he’s really asking for it! 👊

    • Are you going to be sourcing some fetching thermal underwear for Lady Creampuff from the local charity shops before the cold weather sets in Ruff?

      I saw Willie the other day and he tells me he has been saving old newspapers all year to stuff down his clothing for when he is on valeting duties during the Creampuffs ‘entertaining season’.

      • Afternoon, LL.

        Fortunately Lady C now has an embarrassment of thermal undies as her fraternal grandmother recently passed away during the heatwave after being locked in her car with the windows and doors unaccountably jammed.

        Naturally her sad passing was recorded as a Covid death because someone noticed her cough a couple of times before she eventually croaked.

        The good news is, not only does Lady C inherit an abundance of thermal underwear but also a quarter share of granny’s vast estate, which like her underwear is not to be sniffed at.

    • Jeremy Corbyn, as much as I dislike the man, never would have fallen for the NATO expansion checkmate that Russia has rightfully achieved against the arrogance of Western leaders and their betrayal of their own people.

      • You are Lord Haw-Haw’s idiot bastard great-grandson and I claim my 355 roubles. 🙂

      • I really do wonder if we’d have been worse off under Corbyn. The Conservatives have definitely lost their USP of being “the least worst option”..

    • A lot of people around my area will be up in arms if the South Downs gets more notice from Cuadrilla.

      I say, ‘tear them to bits’.

  9. Doing the maths on that Sky News Link figure given of 34.22p/kW of gas. Multiplying that by 29.3 will make 1 therm cost £10.

  10. It seems we are heading toward an even higher tax,higher handout society.

    If this crisis doesn’t clearly demonstrate the utter idiocy of the political parties then nothing will,ever.

    Green energy? Total fucking garbage for a first world country..we need gas coal oil from within our shores out of the ground and into storage,not put up for sale on the global market.

    The Magic Money Tree will be full effect this autumn…the silly cunts.

    Another dose of billions of handouts via borrowing via quantative easing on top of inflation and energy prices gets us another Weimar Republic.

    Get the wheelbarrows out.

    • Oh and for that fat grifting cunt Doris to say it’s our duty to pay high bills to support Ukraine is a fucking disgrace.

      Idiotic bullshit yet not a whisper from his opponents or the media.

      Corrupt filth.

      • Our energy infrastructure has been run into the ground to save money.

        We can store nothing,everything now is demand and supply “just in time”.

        So now we are at the mercy of rampant market forces and foreigners who can’t be trusted.

        A complete failure that we are going to pay dearly for.

    • The whole thing is a negative cycle – Sterling will drop against the Dollar and that will push oil prices in the UK higher still.

  11. It’s comical that in 2022, Germany, Britain, USA aren’t energy independent. We even took $1.02 Billion during 2021 from Nigeria’s ramshackle rigs. We could be harnessing wind, wave, river current energy, fitting council homes with solar panels, subsidizing home-owners for solar.

    Britain needs to get busy living or get busy dying this century.

    • You missed out the most important and tried and tested source; Nuclear.

      Wind is far too expensive per MW generated, especially in the case of offshore facilities. Maintaining the turbines and their general ineffectiveness in high winds as well as the extra infrastructure needed for transmission under the sea makes it not worth the investment.

  12. The plebs will have to freeze, hopefully.

    The current chancellor is working up various option for the new PM, well great, can’t wait 👏👏👏

    Gas will double in price and leccy about 75% in October, that’s the way to ensure we use less, net zero by 2023, the good news the standing charges are only going up a few pence 😂

    Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree to save £150 per year, that’s the message, it’s all about using LESS.

  13. As I did mention last year, I am heavily invested in small UK oil and gas companies.

    Our problem in this country is that we closed down a lot of our north sea rigs or sold them to the Danes and Norwegians at knockdown rates.

    Now Norway sells what is effectively our own gas back to us, via the UK and onwards to Holland. Who then charge a massive mark up to pump it back to us.
    After the EU has taken what they want. Obviously.

    We only source 3% of our gas from Russia. So the whole Putin argument is bollocks in terms of oil and gas.

    If anyone would like to invest in small O&G companies in this country, look up the ticker codes UJO, ANGS and RBD. if you don’t give a shit about fracking, EDR.

    in the last couple of weeks, I have made £10k out of this bunch and come winter, a fuck load more.

    Fuck Greta, fuck the green agenda and fuck Boris Johnson.

      • Indeed I have heard the 3% figure from other sources. Boris is a fat, stammering bag of weasel shit.

        Successive government have failed to devise and operate a cogent and decisive energy strategy. I was listening to the Jeremy Swine show today. It is amazing how many people think we can renewably power our way into the future. Unicorn farts is about the size of it.

        Nuclear power is the long term key, but sadly no station will be operational until 2030s at least.

        Open the coal mines and get fracking until we have some working nuclear plants. The ‘green tax’ on our energy bills is just another piece of Whitehall cuntishness. This winter will see the NHS overloaded again due to old folk catching hypothermia.

  14. I’m looking forward to winter.
    All those lizard cunts who liked to rub my nose in it when it was 40degrees?

    “Morning! Nice day!”

    Pay back .
    I rarely feel cold an never really bother with the heating anyway.

    I can out suffer them😁
    Sat wearing 3 jumpers and eating bugs isn’t that bad.
    Bear Grylls does it for fun!!

    Hoping for a record freeze this year!🤞
    Thin out the homeless and dead weight.

    Morning! Nice day!
    Git fucked.

    • Our PM has given us some advice.
      Buy a new kettle.
      You’ll save £10 on your bill.
      More energy efficient see?

      Nice one Boris👍

      See as our energy bills will be 7grand maybe buy a lot of kettles?

      • He would have been better saying only boil the water you need, now that’s good northern sense 😂

      • Did he really say that Mis? WTF? Is he suggesting that more modern electric kettles are more efficient than older models? I can only assume his knowledge of basic physics is non-existent.

      • Thanks for the link Mis. I’m afraid I’m even more appalled now to find that the opposition MPs who attacked him for the statement obviously didn’t know enough to point out that he was talking through his arse hole; a new kettle will simply cost you the price of the kettle. You won’t save a penny piece.

        Good afternoon Mis, hope you’re well.

      • Boris is a giant cock, but his comments were completely taken out of context. I wouldn’t rub my crusty arse and shitty bollocks on the Evening Standard after a prawn phaal.

        Boris made this analogy, a poor one, granted about spending billions on a nuclear power plant:

        “If you have an old kettle that takes ages to boil, it may cost you £20 to replace it, but it will save you £10 a year every year, on your electricity bill.”

        Nothing to do with buying a kettle with the purpose of reducing your bill.

        Journalists are cunts.

    • As for Johnson’s kettle analogy it would be like his stupid windmills- it’ll breakdown and be useless long before the capital cost is written down.

      Might pollute less than the windmills when it’s scrapped though (they have to go to landfill as they can’t be recycled).

      Things won’t be any better when Truss is in (or, God forbid, Slimak if he manages to fix the vote like Biden did).

  15. A few years ago Boris Johnson was asked about the price of a pint of milk. In his buffoonery way he said he wasn’t sure then came out with “a fiver?”
    That’s how out of touch these tossers are. Unaffected, out of touch, can’t read a room and only good at wasting our money.

  16. When the daytime T.V. shuts off mid winter, due to widespread power cuts, maybe only then, will we have dissorder on the streets, and the revolt will finally kick in.

  17. Excellent nom.
    The libraries will be full this winter. Hardly anyone will be reading a book, of course, as most of the cunts crowding in to keep warm wouldn’t know what a book was if it hit them in the face.

    Like some others here, I’ve known frozen condensation on windows and a hot water bottle was my ‘central heating’. At 7 years of age in February 1963 I walked one mile to school each day in short trousers. The school stayed open throughout the ‘big freeze’.

    • Fuck libraries, I’ll be keeping warm going nowhere all day on the tube using my 60+ Oyster card, with added bonus of occasionally getting to spunk over the back of some unsuspecting tart whose arse happens to be pressed up against my knob.

      • The Circle Line used to be a good one. People ‘lived’ on that. Going round & round in circles all day long. Nice comfy seats as well!

      • I was on a packed tube a few years back squashed up against this lovely bit of stuff, she had her light little arse pressed up against my leg, and yes I did get a bit of a horn.

        She kept pressing back and I couldn’t move, not that I would even if I could

        Piccadilly line from Kings cross early morning crush.

  18. The Irish government should be paying for “da trovlen comunidee”, or even better, send the fuckers back to Ireland, build a massive wall from Londonderry to Warrenpoint to stretch across the entire length of the border, and stop all travel between the ROI and the UK, that will stop the cunts!, we could call it payback for mollycoddling the ungrateful bog trotting cunts for nearly a 1000 years!

    • ‘arra musha…’ as my old Irish mother used to say Captain.

      Maybe what you say is true-.’mollycoddling the ungrateful bog trotting cunts for nearly a 1000 years!’

      Could be seen the other way rouund of course.

      Nah mather!

      Here’s a bit Irish fun for your delectation-

  19. But its okay because as a recent nom of mine suggests, our political masters will just claim expenses on their energy bills while shrugging their shoulders at the massive level of pain and hardship most of the electorate are/or will be facing over the next 2 or 3 years!

    Price cap predictions for January suggest a further rise of 50% and 30% in April according to some leading analysts in the field. If true, that will be 80% plus 80% for this coming October plus 54% from last April:-


    A 214% rise in the Price Cap in the space of 12 months. How the fuck are people on low incomes supposed to afford that?

    And yet you get the Green cunts and the Extinction Rebellion cunts suggesting that such hardships don’t matter and that its a price worth paying for saving the planet for future generations.

    But I would guess some of these pious cunts are not on the breadline but have a few thousand stashed away, or have mommy and daddy to fall back on when times get hard.

    St Greta is now a millionaire, but will she be donating her ill-gotten gains to the poor or those cunts in Pakistan and the floods? Of course not. That’s someone else’s problem!

    The Great Reset is ever so slowly falling into place!

    • All the P*ki cunts here should return to their homeland to help with the floods, never to return.

      • They could form their inbred offspring into a human dam or dyke, although the latter aren’t too popular in Pakistan.

  20. Anybody have 1970s heavyweight boxer Earnie Shavers in the Deadpool?

    A man with a punch like the kick of a mule.

  21. Given that the heating costs at the vast, sprawling Fiddler Towers must be getting astronomical, Dick, might I suggest throwing a few persons of colour on the fire to keep warm this winter? Judging by what I see on ‘Vera’, Northumberland is crawling with them.

    • My heating costs are fucking modest….I do have an oil-fired central heating system but only put it on when I think the place might freeze up…I have a multi-fuel Aga in the kitchen and a couple of open fires that I only light on special occasions….the Hounds and I spend the evenings in the kitchen which is always warm…the aga back-boiler also heats the water. Of course the fact that I have a good supply of seasoned hardwood helps keep costs down.

      I don’t waste power…I religiously turn off lights etc. when not in use and am genuinely amazed when people mention how much their fuel bills are for little,often relatively modern,houses…I don’t know how the fuck they use so much.


  22. So the cunts give us £400 of our own money so we can then hand it over to the fat cat foreign owned energy rip off companies. And we’re supposed to be grateful?
    They really do think we’re fucking stupid don’t they?

    • Hehe, every little helps, funded by a windfall tax on the energy giants, wouldn’t it be easier just to cut the cost of gas and leccy in the first place, cut out the middle man 😂

    • Judging by their Christmas parties over lockdown, yes they do, and they also have utter contempt for us.

  23. It’ll do a lot of people no harm to learn how to cut down on their energy costs…too many Cunts are just idle about turning appliances/lights etc. off when not in use or knocking the heating back a notch when they don’t really need it.

    Giving bigger handouts to ” the poor” is a mistake..they are the very ones who just sit with massive tellies blaring and heating that would make the Black Hole of Calcutta seem rather nippy.

    • A couple of years ago I saw some dole cunt moaning about the spare room subsidy tax, and they were filming him in his well appointed state funded home. It was during November, ad the cunt was sitting there in shorts, on his laptop, with a huge TV on the wall, which was on.
      Taking up a fair bit of room in the corner was a huge lit glass tank with a couple of big snakes in it.
      I was working agency jobs for a pittance at the time, and I wanted to burn the lazy cunt.

      • That’s the thing,isn’t it…. I honestly think it will do some Cunts good to learn how to economise…not that the usual suspects will have to,of course…the feckless will be “helped out” at the expense of the “barely managing”.


  24. A one sentence Act of Parliament…

    “All energy companies are now the property of the state and no compensation will be paid to the former, so-called owners.”

    Similar laws can be passed with regards to the water and rail industries.

    If only there was three hundred years’ worth of a fuel that turned a rainy collection of islands off the coast of Europe into the world’s premier state available. Ho hum.

    • A statement from Kwasi which went relatively unnoticed ‘He has asked Drax to gear up for burning coal this winter’
      Pity the cunts have demolished Eggborough and Ferrybridge

      • The coal will have to be imported as Kellingly pit which is a few miles from all these power stations sites (2 are closed) is of course shut down.

        Never mind, there’s plenty of wood chips in the USA with a lower calorific value and higher particulates than coal. Drax gets a mere £1billion a year for this greenery. And the particulates blow over northern towns so who cares?

        This fucking madness seems to have gone unnoticed by the green pillocks.

      • This has been a long running saga upt’ North.

        Apparently we import most our coking coal from those peskie Russians so surely it’s even more imperative that we diminish that dependency.

        But NO shout the fucking lunatic Greenists.

        This would send out a terrible message to the rest of the world as Britain apparently is leading the charge to become NET ZERO.

        They can’t believe that in 21st Century Britain we would even consider opening a mine that would massively increase our carbon footprint.

        And this is where reality leaves the room.

        The importing of this coal produces millions of extra tons of carbon which would be eradicated as it no longer would be Imported.

        Thousands of jobs will be created in an area that really would benefit from any job creation.

        It’s hard to even get into the heads of these climate zealots.

        Mind you if you did I suspect there wouldn’t be a lot to find.

      • All my lovely control panels I hand built and installed gone, at least 60 of them still survive at Drax

      • There are intrepid – or reckless – folk in England who go into abandoned coal mines and salvage coal from them. I think someone died in one a few years ago. We may see more of that this winter.

  25. I predict a rise in personal allowance, needs to go up to at least 15k, cut in green bollocks and VAT on energy and fucking big hand out to the bone idle, maybe an extra 300 for pensioners (on top of the 300 already promised).

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the October cap frozen, so no increase in Jan.

  26. Don’t worry the rich cunts will be fine. The p*ncey middle class green motherfuckers will be fine. The dinghy raiders in their hotels will be fine. The slags with broods of multi coloured brats will be fine. The poofs, judging by the number of them over Clapham Common on freezing winter nights, don’t feel the cold so they’ll be fine. The fucking politicians on expenses will be fine. Gareth Wokegate will be fine. Gary “black boy” Linekunt will be fine. Greta Thunderpants will be fine.
    The only cunts who won’t be fine are the ordinary hard working British 🇬🇧 Taxpayers who are paying for the whole fucking party.
    Ever felt you’ve been cheated?

    • Digging in the permafrost for moss because you’ve got scurvy,
      Sat in your living room watching mold climb the walls and running a Bic lighter under your boots in case you lose more toes to frostbite.

      But cheer up!

      It’s bugs for tea!
      Mums cooking your new favourite,
      Birdseye Krispie woodlice.

      Remember candles are romantic as you play cards with the family huddled in sleeping bags.

      Modern life is rubbish.

      Vote Tory.

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