The Krays

Two reasons for this cunting. I hope you haven’t just eaten before you hear one of them if you hadn’t heard it already.

First reason is the obvious one. The hero worship bestowed on these two criminals.

“Aw they luv’d their mum though!’

So fucking what? They nailed cunts to the floor and pulled out teeth with rusty pliers. That’s if they were in a good mood.

They were thieving, violent fucking cunts.

The other reason, I wasn’t aware of and only heard about in the last week. Some of you, I’m sure, will have heard it too, but if not, brace yourself.

We know that at least one of them, probably both of them, were gays.

No biggie.

However, the revelation by their official biographer is that they were bumming each other.

I wonder what Barbara ‘they was luverly fellas, kind to their mum’ Windsor would’ve made of all this?

The dirty gets.

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Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

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  1. I’ve never understood why the British press bestow ‘loveable rogue’ status on scumbags like these. I can also think of Lenny McLean, the Train Robbers and the Essex Boys off the top of my head. The story is always the same – council estate bullies who didn’t want to work for a living.

    • Dead right. The way the tabloids treated those murderous pee dough evil bastards, Brady and Hindley as celebrities was disgusting. The only news headlines I wanted to read about those sick cunts is when they died.

      • “When Norman was about Dinsdale would go very quiet and start wobbling and his nose would swell up and his teeth would move about and he’d get very violent and claim that he’d laid Stanley Baldwin.”

    • The one with the Kemp brothers was actually quite good. Like all of them- how accurate, fuck knows, but quite entertaining as a film anyway.

  2. The gays won’t like this. They like to highlight famous people from the past who took it up the arse, as if to say oh this bloke was a bummer therefore bumming is justified. Of course they have to be famous for something good like that Turing poof. The Krays don’t fall into that category and nobody victimised those cunts. I can hear the sound of gays sweeping this one quietly under the carpet.

  3. The fact that these two morons are recognised as the UK’s most notorious gangsters tells you all you need to know about the quality of UK gangsters.


  4. Once they got bored of bumming each other, they were extra kind to their dear ol’ Mum and bummed her too.
    Then, realising they ought to try and go ‘straight’, they decided to shag their Mum’s fanny instead.
    She got pregnant by Ron and she gave birth to Lenny McLean.

  5. It’s all about, or certainly was in the past selling newspapers.

    I listen to a Pod Cast with a chap called James English (who’s Scottish) he has some excellent guests.

    One was a relative of the bully bum boys and he said the money they made out of Kray related Tee Shirt sales alone was staggering.

    Everything in life is a social construct and some of them are for example Bond Villains and Loveable Rogues and they all sell.

    Hey Reggie get up those apples and pears and slide ya sausage up my wrong un. Ducky.

    Oh btw if you get the chance download James English listen to the Matt Le Tissier edition. Frightening how the ‘press’ went about depersoning him because he had the temerity of owning a brain that made him question the safety of the covid vaccine. Cunts

    • Yeah, it was pretty swift how they turned Le Tiss into the “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist dangerous idiot” archetype when all he did was speak skeptical common sense.

    • Thou shalt not question the official narrative.

      I’ve listened to a couple of podcasts with Le Tiss and he alleged that when he told them he wasn’t comfortable wearing the BLM badge on his jacket (because he’d actually used his brains and researched what the bastards were all about) he was basically told that if he didn’t wear the badge then the future wouldn’t be particularly good for him at that organisation.
      He claims to have worn it the first time because he was handed the thing and told to put it on 5 minutes before they went on air.
      A few weeks after telling his employers he was uncomfortable promoting the George Floyd tribute, he received his letter from Sky informing him they no longer required his services.
      Nice of them.

      Fucking top player as well by the way.

      • They can’t cancel everyone, always remember that. People are losing their fearfulness more and more. Bullshit can’t be sustained forever.

      • I watched that interview where he mentions Sky and their BLM nonsense.

        I think it was Andrew Doyle’s GB news podcast, one of the few reasons to watch the thing.

    • It is true that this stuff sells. There is a whole industry in Medellin, Columbia for Pablo Escobar.

  6. Does this qualify as ‘incest’?
    In which case….
    ‘Incest – the game the whole family can play’ – copyright 1970s Student Rag Mag.

  7. They clearly believed in keeping it in the family.

    The thing that used to make me laugh was those cheaply made documentaries where the likes of Mad Frankie “close associate of the Krays” Fraser would try to defend them, not only with the “they thought the world of their mother” nonsense but “with Reg and Ronnie around you could go out and leave your front door open” – if you did you’d probably find they had buried one of thir victims under your floorboards.

    I must admit though, were the Krays Brexiteers, I would have liked them to have met Lords Mandy and Adonis, Blair, Starmer and that ludicrous Bray idiot, in a dockside warehouse late one night to “discuss” it with them. I think several pair of concrete boots would have been made that night.

    • And in the warehouse gallons of amyl nitrate and KY jelly and but plugs and dusty Springfield and Judy garland music in the background

      • Wes Streeting, Chris Bryant, and Lloyd Russel-Moyle will be busting a gut to be included in the round-up as well!

    • “…Mad Frankie “close associate of the Krays” ”

      Late 90’s I was running a dive centre and was snowed under with courses so hired in another instructor. The guy I picked did a lot in the Med and Fraser had picked him as the only one he’d dive with. Apparenty Fraser was hugely paranoid and after EVERY day’s diving he insisted that their centre’s service dept. do a full strip and service on his regulator’s 1st and 2nd stages

  8. Definitely have the look, if it looks gay good chance it is gay, probably why they were so violent, the shame of liking another blokes ring piece 😂

  9. Oh fuckin hell Cuntybollocks.
    I thought i was raised during a time of high morals and public decency.
    I refuse to believe that their was such a thing as “ Bumming Bruvvers “ in the 60’s

  10. I heard that Reginald was in love with Lily Savage, and he actually sent Paul O’ Grady letters on the subject. Mad as box of baboons, the pair of ’em…

    And Morriseey’s obsession with ‘Ver Twins’ is disturbing, to say the least.

  11. This story has the distinct aroma of bullshit. Hype to sell a book perhaps, like the book that included the revelation that Hitler was a secret coprophiliac. No one left alive to take issue or verify the claims.

    Besides, the Krays were smashing blokes, used to buy their mother flowers and that… 😂

    • Perhaps, but rampant homosexualists into extreme violence and torture?

      I wouldn’t put it past the cunts.

    • My thoughts exactly. Think up some unprovable fantasy to sell yet another book on this loathsome pair of cunts.
      Why people lionise these skumbag gangster bullies is beyond me.

      • Salt o’ the earth weren’t they, DCI?

        They’d help your gran across the road, just before nailing your head to a table and bumming your rotting corpse.

        Community spirited, that’s what they were (‘ave a banana!’ – is that racist?)

  12. My dad knew The Krays and he twated both of em.
    He also smashed Frankie Fraser in our local boozer.

  13. East end gangsters? salt of the earth? loved their mum? only killed and harmed their own ?psychopathic homosexuals? no crime in areas where they lived? all the stupid cunts who think they were good and held them up as role models and as warped as the krays were, Michael Barrymore should have thrown a pool party for them , then oven them afterwards to dry them off

  14. I think this nomination isn’t for me! I have a Krays Twins Tattoo on my arm, a signed picture of Reggie in my front room and about 20 books in my bedroom about them! I don’t condone what they did but I’ve been fascinated by them since reading the Profession of Violence when I was 15. They both did their time like men, 33 years inside for Reggie was a fucking disgrace in my book, it’s amazing he kept all his faculties. It was all political. Once again I’m not condoning what they did but child molesters and killers in and out of prison whilst the Krays were serving their time, allowed out to molest and kill kids again. The Krays were no fucking saints but I know who I would have let out of prison first.

    • Perhaps they applied to the prison authorities to be kept in prison, BF?
      No bills, plenty of food, respect from the other lags and as many botting enthusiasts as their slack, well-worn manginas could accommodate.

      • 33 years? They wanted 100 years. As Thomas quite rightly noted, would’ve been heaven for the bumboys.

        Definitely all true this. Big mongy foreheads. Loved ‘their ma’ (probably a bit ‘too much’, as Thomas suggested). Probably leftists too.

        Put those together and you get incestual bummers.

        Take it to the bank, doubters.

      • Fair play Bob,👍

        I’ve a t-shirt with Harold Shipman on it ,
        Says ‘Dr Feelgood’.

        And one with Pete Sutcliffe that says ‘Hammer time!’

      • I used to have a t-shirt with ‘Adolf Hitler, European Tour, 1939-45’ on it, back in the 80’s. Imagine the look on some hippy’s grid if you wore that, now!


  15. These two pair of cunts should have seen the end of a noose back in the 60’s when capital punishment was still legal.
    A shit stain on British history and anyone who admires or loves these low life bully boy pair of arse bandits are themselves a fetid Cunt.

  16. Wonder what they would make of the east end now all curry houses mosques and religious fucking nutters everywhere mind you theres probably still a lot of arse fucking going on

    • East end? Lots of businesses in warehouses with hipsters driving e-scooters. Thrift shops and vegan cafes.

  17. Horrible cunts. However, the East End was a good deal safer for ordinary folk then than it is now. Diversity innit.

  18. Oi oi!
    Ows yer father?
    Oilright treacle?
    Been down the Goldhawk rd tonight,


    Then home to fuck my mental brother,
    A cuddle off mum and some Angel Delight.


    Wanna buy a watch?
    It’s not moody,
    You staring at my shadow you fackin wrong un?

    Cam on Ron don’t lie there like a sack of spuds!

    Chim chim cheroo…😁

    • The 60s answer to the Cheeky girls.

      Ron shot Jack the hat because he hadn’t remarked on his new perfume.

      Pair of gangsters?
      Pair of fuckin arse bandits!

    • I don’t believe a word of it. All this crap about you couldn’t be gay in the East End. Everybody knew Ronnie was bent, he didn’t keep it a secret. If anyone had said anything he would have crippled them.
      Brothers bumming each other? What a load of shit.

      • I believe it.
        It’s obvious.

        Need some ducky practice?

        Ronnie’s havin a seizure,
        Hop onboard.

        They were all disco dancers.

        Jack the hat, so called because he wore a fedora with fruit on.

      • Barbara Windsor was a cover to keep their reputation as East End gangsters. Charles Hawtrey was the one they were really lusting after.

      • Ronnie was openly gay but could be a bit touchy on the subject. As George Cornell found out to his disadvantage when he called Ronnie a “fat poof”. Ronnie took umbrage and put a bullet in Cornell’s head.
        He used to say: “I’m homosexual but I’m not a poof.”

  19. No Ron!
    The stocking goes on your head as a disguise.
    Oh my days.
    What do you look like?

  20. It’s the bullshit that surrounds the pair of cunts that fucking annoys me.

    If you ever speak to any real Eastenders (like my Mum), you will get one of two stories.

    1. They were horrible cunts that you didn’t go anywhere near or want anything to do with.

    2. I was in the Blind beggar the night Jack the ‘at got topped. Gor blimey luv a duck, boiled beef and carrots guvnor.

    The first is definitely true, because if you did fraternise with the Krays, you would most likely get put in chokey, or tortured and murdered by the Richardsons.

    The second is not true, because the Blind beggar could accommodate about 50 people standing room only and apparently about 250,000 plastic Eastenders were in there that night.

    • The second is also not true because it was George Cornell who got topped in the Blind Beggar, not Jack.
      Reggie killed Jack in a house on Evening Road. I know because I was there.

      • You couldn’t have been there MJB, it was in Evering Road.
        Just call me a pedantic cunt.

      • @MM
        Thank you for bringing this to my attention – fucking spell-check. I was definitely there though, because they used my eiderdown to wrap Jack’s body in which was unusual and it was a distinctly chilly night.

  21. Shame, they missed the rope by only a couple of years.
    That Frankie Frasier was a cunt too.

  22. At least you knew where you were, with the likes of the Krays, about 100 miles away, hiding in a cupboard under the stairs!
    I jest, but what scares me today are the young kids, I’m talking 11/12 year old, emulating American Gangta types, known as Road Men.
    Christ on a crutch!

  23. I much preferred them when the Kray brothers became the New Romantic band, Spandau Ballet with Tony Hadley. Yes, they dressed like bellends in the early days at Covent Garden’s Blitz club, but they were sexy and full of spunk. Sadly, they split up due to Ronnie and Reggie being total Fagans with the royalties. Ronnie almost garroting Chris Evans at the 1995 Brit Awards didn’t help, either.

  24. They had quite a large extended family,every cunt in Chingford is related to them,I’m led to believe.

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