The Krays

Two reasons for this cunting. I hope you haven’t just eaten before you hear one of them if you hadn’t heard it already.

First reason is the obvious one. The hero worship bestowed on these two criminals.

“Aw they luv’d their mum though!’

So fucking what? They nailed cunts to the floor and pulled out teeth with rusty pliers. That’s if they were in a good mood.

They were thieving, violent fucking cunts.

The other reason, I wasn’t aware of and only heard about in the last week. Some of you, I’m sure, will have heard it too, but if not, brace yourself.

We know that at least one of them, probably both of them, were gays.

No biggie.

However, the revelation by their official biographer is that they were bumming each other.

I wonder what Barbara ‘they was luverly fellas, kind to their mum’ Windsor would’ve made of all this?

The dirty gets.

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83 thoughts on “The Krays

  1. There used to a program with Danny Dyer call Hard Bastards and they did an episode on Ronnie Kray.

    By hard, I dont think they meant his cock around young men.

    They interviewed his wife Kate Kray , who married him long after it was well known he was a psychopathic murdering homosexual and she couldn’t have been more proud

    The stupid fucking cunt . Imagine being that fucking moronic

  2. “Straight in an out, no shooters!
    Keep the motor running Ronald”.

    “Oooohh, I do like your hair that way!”

    “Leave it out son!
    We’re on a blag.
    See you round mums”

  3. Anyone ever see the film, Performance (1970) with Edward Fox as a gangster who has to go into hiding so he inveigles his way into the home of an eccentric musician, played by Mick Jagger? Great film. It’s partly inspired by the Krays and how the underworld of London mixed with the showbiz world and all kinds of fruitiness went on. “Memo from Turner” is the best thing Jagger ever did solo, amazing slide guitar by the master, Ry Cooder…

  4. As usual with your criminal hard man they always intimidate with weapons and numerical advantage, bit like your travelling fraternity you start off having a dust up with one then you’ve got all the cousins on your back mooshy, most ungentlemanly.
    I come from a long line of boxers , except me uncle who was a dalmatian.

    • Same for the stabby architects . They are very hard when there are 10 or.15 of them but when I lived in West Ham , they wouldn’t look at you even sideways on their own.

      Slack faux cunts

  5. As interesting as Britain ‘s underworld can be, i’ve never found these two that much of a draw. Perhaps it’s retired old gits from London buying up bungalows in South coast towns and telling everyone how they or a relative knew the krays.
    I upset one local lad who said his grandpa used to ‘knock around with the Krays’.
    I said ‘ was he their errand boy?’

    Compared with our armed forces, they are cunts.

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