STI Is Racist (Guess Who’s Fault!)

An article I’ve just read is claiming that black people are more likely to get an STD (they’re calling them ‘STIs’ now, but fuck it).

Now, this is probably true. We all know the behaviour more likely to lead to an STD, right? Riding bareback with loads of one night stands, or worse, brasses.

How old was I when I learned this at school? About 12 or 13, way before I got any. I’m pretty sure black kids are taught the same. A grift, I mean ‘charity’ has now been set up to help black people ‘get educated’ about the clap. Perhaps their schools are spending too much time on white privilege lessons, to tell their kids not to fuck anything that moves without protection?

Perhaps it’s a lack of ‘impulse control’ (ahem) that causes such issues?

Who knows? One thing I do know is that it’s not my fault Leroy’s nob has gone green and is falling off, after going through a different slapper every night with no Johnny on.

Oh, wait. I’m a white person, and as the article insinuates, it must all be my fault.

Fuck off you dirty gets!

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71 thoughts on “STI Is Racist (Guess Who’s Fault!)

  1. Those cunts at the BB fucking C will report any minor story as long as they can put a racist slant on it. Who fucking cares if darkies are getting the clap, fuck them, pop to the quack and get treatment. I’m fucking livid, I hate the BBC with every molecule in my fat fucking body, and there’s loads of them. Bastards.

    • STDs.
      Sexually transmitted dark keys.
      It’s what thick birds get if they’re fond of the liquorice.

      They are more at risk.
      Because they can’t open a fuckin condom.

      Fuck em.

      • Some people must consider that the only purpose of a condom is for White Mans rules to be imposed on them, after all what would be the benefit of avoiding diseases and limiting the number of offspring you have , fancy some evil bastard trying to force that on you. Although my other half did say he used to fill johnnies with water and chuck them at people when he was a kid , but he wasn’t claiming some oppressive regime gave him the things.

    • no no no.

      you see it’s rape!

      so they gang rape get std’s shared around.

      fortunately plod is racist and as you can see the drop is faster in srd’s in blacks.

      so basically sti’s arent racist they just have to gang every thing. We need to be not gangs. not we wiz gangz, but we were gangz. So english must be racist.


  2. The term ‘STI’ might justifiably be deemed as racist, as it stands for ‘Subhuman Thieving Infectious’, which they all are.

      • Assume most of you on here have suffered one of not multiple STI’s.
        Apart from the few of us that are virgins.
        You suffer friction burns.

        They’re a warning to stay away from slappers.

        I once had crabs.
        Pulled my undercrackers down it was like Rhyll beach at low tide.

        Mortified 😳

        Own fault.
        I liked em dirty.

        It adjusted my thinking.
        Lesson learnt.

        Never caught out off a Bame though!

        Won’t fuckin touch em!!

        Don’t want to pay maintenance for some Harvey price kid,
        Fuck that.

  3. What’s that stda girl can have but not know she’s got it, but can pass it on to us guys? Can’t remember, but remember going out with a really nice girl years ago and catching it- I ruined the inside of shit loads of Calvins with creamy smelly discharge from the japs eye, before I plucked up courage to get checked out. Whenever I see a cocktail umbrella nowadays it brings the pain flooding back after all those years.

    If you don’t know the relevance of the cocktail umbrella…just ask


    • That Anne Heche who just BBQ ed driving at 90mph?
      She got VD off her dad.
      No shit!

      Those yanks eh?

      • 😄hehehe!!

        Anne did.
        Don’t think you catch it just from dad’s though.

        Other relatives too!

      • ISAC Classifieds.

        Liver for sale, pickled and coke soiled, slight charring in places, otherwise good condition.
        (Ex Anne Heche).

        £40 ono, including postage.
        Can be sent first class from New Mills. Discreet packaging.

    • Chlamydia…just looked it up. That’s a fucker that is. Girl I started seeing didn’t even know she had it- I on the other hand my cock felt like it was constantly wringing the after piss drips out my cock into my pants every minute of the day. After a day at work my Calvins sounded like a crisp packet peeling them off….she got herself sorted after I had to admit why I wasn’t shafting her every five minutes of the day- especially as it was a new relationship.

      • I believe chlamydia is a popular name for girls on many low rent council estates with those seeking to posh up the family.

      • ..I am going back some years. I assume this loop thing isn’t errr…as obtrusive?

  4. And what is it about white slappers that drop their knickers for them ?

    In nature ( as we are told ) the purpose of existence in the nimal kingdom is to reproduce, and that the male will fornicate with anything that likely will accomodate his penis. Having evolved in the canopies of the rain forest, the persons of colour (nice words for a tree dwelling ape ) will continue in the way their animal ancestry has made them.

    STI is a word that is not currently in the Simian Language, and face it, on the Serengeti the hole with an abundance of flies on it seems of little consequence to the average beast.who will ram regardless.

    It is therefore no wonder that the primate culture takes little notice of Penile Hygiene or Vaginal Discharge. To them, its just a “drill”.

  5. Are the BBC working their way through the alphabet on all things racist.
    Up to S now, gonna love how they spin that xylophones are racist.

  6. A pity that Black and White Cunt is not still posting, I’m sure he has an entire back catalogue of all his slaaaags.

  7. I may be a sexist degenerate but I have never had a std or sti or whatever, I am very careful where I insert my todger, only common types get them,

  8. Know cold sores?
    That’s VD .
    You catch it from eating infected sausage.

    You see someone with a cold sore?


    • Only women and bandits get those nmc, and I am neither, I always wonder about the monkeys with the red arses, is someone in Africa shagging these simians? Is this how monkey pox started? Or as Ricky Gervais once said about aids , it’s either caught by eating monkey or shagging them

    • Not had clap or owt, but I did once split my foreskin open when shagging some sort from college about a million years ago.

      New relationship. Fit bird. Got carried away. Like a pneumatic drill I was. Until I tore my foreskin open. Blood everywhere. It was spurting, but I just cleaned it up with soap and water and put bog roll in my undies to mop up the blood. It went a bit manky a few days later and it was too painful to shag. Even tried a gentle ‘test wank’. Agony, so I went to the doc who gave me some nob cream (medical term from the Lancet). He said I didn’t have a dose, I’d just split my nob open and I didn’t get it sorted quickly enough so it went manky.

      Not much chance of it happening nowadays though. If I do have it away, it’s like those tortoises at the start of one foot in the grave.

      If I ever got divorced and remarried (doubtful she’s a good un I suppose), I would get a one legged bird. I can see why McCartney did it.

      Lazy shags. Can lie on your side and get easy access to cunt.

      The man’s a genius. I bet that’s why he went for her, even though she turned out to be a mental gold digger (allegedly).

      • I ripped my banjo string too CB.
        Wrote a nom about it if you look in the archive,

        My winky looks like Al Capone now.

        Stings like fuck eh?

        Some hamfisted women about.

        Dozy cunts.

      • Yes, like a sharp pain if I recall correctly. I was such a randy cunt back then I was trying to use my knackered nob the next day. What an idiot.

        I’d call DCI now to take me to intensive care if I did it again.

        Sure he wouldn’t mind. Probably ask him to wait in his ambulance outside Sainsbury’s, while i do my shopping too.

      • Ha ha! Your arse wouldn’t be gracing the back of my bus, unless it was the last job of the day so I could kick your bleeding cock out into ‘Minors’ and ‘Do paperwork on way back to base’.

      • Yup…..had the banjo string torn by some young girl giving me a nosh. She must have only seen it done in porn films beforehand on a 12″ meaty porn chopper, and she was going right to town and being very ‘enthusiastic’ with the hand and twisting movement. That was the only time I really really wanted to shoot my load early and get it over with…the pain!

      • Whilst we’re on the subject of sex ‘history’ I went out with a young girl once- she was early 20’s I suppose. She lived with mum and dad, so did I, so I arranged for us to fuck off to a cottage in the country somewhere for a long weekend of getting to know each other. We get into bed on the first night- put my hand down there and everything was wet through- minge, sheets, mattress the fucking lot- I thought she had pissed herself so put me right off. We didn’t last more than that weekend. Wasn’t until a few years later I met a bloke who went out with her when she was a few years older, and it turns out she was a fucking ‘gusher’ and they both loved it!

        Nowadays, it’s bit of a fantasy of mine………you try finding a genuine one of those. Actually…..I’m now the wrong age to find anything. Gutted.

      • Sexual education was a dire “no show,” when I was at school. It was said you could catch V.D. off a radiatior back then. (not sure what the temperature had to be though?) or a toilet seat. Guess some cunts out there still believe that one, by the amount of bog paper they use, & that’s before they have even sat down!

  9. What with monkey pox, and now STD/STI/VD, the poor old Dark Keys are having a bad time, but those kweers of Kweer, who hang around Clapham Common and Brighton, discussing the TUCs stance on energy payments, should be warned – whatever you do, duckies, don’t eat de poo poo.

    Give them the cap, ldies and gentlemen, give them the clap they so richly deserve..

  10. Spades are a reservoir of all sorts of filth and contagion, so no surprise they are poxxed up as well.

  11. Yet another racist conspiracy.


    How can the blek cunts stand to live in a country that is so evil?

    Give them all Super Monkeypox then put them on a dinghy to Calais.

    • Ducky types can suffer a blowout .
      A rupture where their arsehole loses its elasticity.

      Shit just drops out into their undercrackers,
      And when they fart it’s like flapping a old bedsheet.

      You can have it tightened on the NHS.

      • My mates wife worked in an NHS dept that dealt with that ‘shit’, she said some would have to stick a tampon up their arse to soak up the fudge
        The dirty fuckers.

  12. Top tip for getting rid of crabs is to turn your underpants inside out so they think you’ve fucked off.

  13. I’ve had crabs, at sea for a couple of years graft came home and caught the fuckers from a girl a few doors down.
    I caught the boat up a couple of times too.

  14. The real question to ask is what continent has the highest HiV infection rate and the most number of AiDS deaths per percentage of the population?

    That’s right, you guessed it:


    What is the Ethnic makeup of the majority of Africans?


    I rest my case……….

    • Those lazy 1985 Ethiopians…always whining about being hungry.
      Why didn’t they eat Bob Geldof and Midge Ure?
      Actually, probably safer just to eat Midge, Grubby Geldof always looked in need of a bleach shower.
      Even a well-spit roasted Geldof looks like he’d give a family of hungry sootie cannibals botulism.

      • Certainly smells like pork when it’s burning, does human flesh.

        Very unpleasant. (Hasn’t put me off bacon sarnies, though).

      • The original dieters from Live aid back in the 80s reminds me of happy family meals when I was still at home.

        We’d sit happily eating steak grills, chips n peas,
        Laughing our heads off.

        “Wanna chip mate?”
        A 14yr old MNC would wryly quip.

        “He’s got a right gut on him!
        Lay off the ale pal”

        My dad would deadpan.

        “He looks like ET”
        My 6yr old sis would deliver.

        “Still have kids though,
        Not to hungry for that!”

        My mam would accuse.

        Great times.

        But we all watched Live Aid .
        Free wasn’t it?!

        My dad would say

        “Bunch of puffs.
        Fuck em”.

      • And don’t forget the begging video with Oscar nominee ‘little Umboko M’Wengwee’ and his epic bike journey featuring Sean Bean doing voiceover. Allegedly he was in fits of giggles while doing it, which I can believe.

  15. From the graph, your safest shag is with an Asian. Not sure about that.

    • An asain, you sau?
      Maybe Malalala Whatserface from yesterday?
      I’ll bet her fanny looks delightful.
      Not in the least like a Tasmanian Devil that’s been hit by a combine harvester.

  16. So what the dirty bastards should practise safe sex. We live in the 21st century not 15th. How in the name of all that’s holy can D’wanee getting a rotten dick be because the majority of U.K. population is white.
    I categorically state that being White has to my knowledge not caused Leroy to have a septic dick. Fuck the lot of them, this is getting really boring

  17. There’s that many shirtlifters around that they’ve run out of bumpox jabs !.I would love to have heard that phone call from the junior at PHE to Proffesor Sir Chris Whitty .
    Lad; Sir,I think I under estimated the amount of men that enjoy another mans cock up their arse,and I haven’t ordered anywhere near enough of the drug that enables them to carry right on doing it,at the expense of ordinary decent taxpayers.
    Proff Sir Chris Whitty; For fucks sake,can’t a bloke go for a random walk in a park by himself for twenty minutes without it all going to shit in the office,I’m on my way back now.Get the projector ready.

  18. They should listen to the not eat the poo poo guy. He has his head screwed on right.

  19. With all this ‘celebration’ of all that LGBTQ stuff everywhere we go and look, I wonder if there will be a massive AIDS comeback? These cunts should know by now. If it’s put where it’s not supposed to go too many times, there’s only one outcome.🤔

  20. Just watching a program on Quantum Entanglement, showed a picture from the 1920!s of the most brilliant minds investigating Quantum mechanics.

    Not a shade of brown amongst them.

    Probably no monkey pox or racially selective STI.

    Why can’t the world just accept the bleeding obvious…our dusky hue relations aren’t the intelligent part of our species..

    Accept it, drag your knuckles, shag/breed/leave your partner/ believe in martyrdom and 72 virgins and just accept…

    Whitey is the master race.. I know it pisses you off.

    But you can’t argue with the facts, can you..?

    • Never a truer word said John.

      All the bitterness and hatred towards Whitey is centred around the black man’s inferiority.

      You can blame him, despise him, even secretly envy him. But you can never be him. You will always be a Dark key with an IQ of about 60. That’s what grinds your gears. Accept it, and move along.

  21. It’s a pisser I know. but do you think an entangled Qbit would ever have been investigated in a country that wasn’t w*****e

  22. Of course it’s racist. Haven’t you heard rubber johnnys steal a man’s ju-ju, make the women give birth to a white tiny tears doll (plastic, you see) and even worse, your Ugandan friends will ask you ‘ Wha are you gey?’

    A white friend from Croydon did tell me similar to what PHE reports here but i did wonder. Black women also have a higher rate of suffering from BV (AKA fishy cunt).

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