Nancy Pelosi (7)

Nancy Patricia Pelosi ‘kicks off Asia Tour.’
Just seen this stuff earlier today. It was also stated that she is now second in command to Sleepy Joe.(I think this means second in command/line after the VP, who is 1st in line to succeed Dopey Joe – Day Admin)

I have to laugh at this point though, because she is four years older. Certainly not one to trust, but at that age is showing no real signs of dementia as yet. Has been around since the days of the Kennedy’s.

My question is “Why don’t assassins ever shoot troublesome women?”

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Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

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W.C. Boggs isn’t happy with Skeletor either…


A real 4th of July cunting please for this stupid, staring dim-witted cunt who has, by her self aggrandisement and attention seeking, bought us ever closer to the third world war:

BBC News Link

Even Biden had the wots to see het trip to Taiwan was a bad idea, but nonetheless the vacuous old bitch knew better. She reminds me of an elderly Rachel Reeves or Harriet Harman – a daft woman who thinks she is important, making a total fuckwit of herself.

We have enough to worry about with Russia and Ukraine, the last thing we need to do is bring the Ruskies and the Chinks closer together, but that is exactly what this arsehole has done.

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  1. I understand the sentiment behind this cunting.
    But can’t go along with it.
    Why should the West kowtow to a bunch of pandemic spreading, cruel, untrustworthy and hysterical communist cunts ?
    It’s time to stand up to these cunts.
    Fuck China.
    Fuck Russia.
    Fuck N. Korea.
    Good morning.

  2. “Why don’t assassins ever shoot troublesome women”?

    Indira Gandhi ?
    Benazir Bhutto ?

    Yeah, that’s right I’m a fucking smartarse.

  3. Why should she care. While those of us that survive as mutants on the surface will be fighting over a bowl of cockroach bisque for the amusement of our local warlord. Peloshite and other immortal reptiles shall live the high life in their luxurious underground cities attended by cloned human slaves with all the kittens and babies they can shove down their maw.

  4. Looks like the childcatcher from chitty chitty bangbang doesn’t she?

    As envoys in delicate situations go,
    Some old trout like Nancy wouldn’t be first on my list.
    Just what is America’s obsession with the elderly?

    Who they sending to North Korea?
    Clive Dunn?

  5. Well you can’t accuse the Americans of ageism, though I would rather have them as Walmart greeters than having the raddled cunts fingers on the button..

    • The smell of stale piss in the Oval office must be overpowering a bit like being in the lavatory when AnalEase Dodds drops them to take a leak

  6. Grand Standing Nancy and her drink driving hubby.

    Insider trading anyone?
    Ask Nancy,the corrupt old cunt.

  7. I thought the adults were now in charge of America? Instead Pelosi provoked a potentially very dangerous situation in order to satisfy her narcissism.

    I trust she dumped the contents of her colostomy bag onto the advancing Chinese fleet as she flew home. That’s the least she could do.

    Old bat

  8. Quote from the above BBC news link:-

    “The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has left Taiwan after a high-profile visit that infuriated China. Pelosi – the most senior American to visit the self-ruled island in 25 years – said she had reiterated “iron-clad” support for Taiwan’s democracy.”

    Therefore the USA will give “iron-clad” support for Taiwan even though the Chinese feel that Taiwan belongs to them!

    I wonder which side she will take should Argentina open old wounds by invading the Falklands Islands some 40 years on from the last attempt? Both the UK and Argentina believe they have respective sovereignty but I wonder if Skeletor will offer “iron-clad” support for the UK and its “special relationship” should the shit hit the fan again?

    I somewhat doubt it given our already fractured relationship with the Flintstones back at the White House.

  9. She really is a revolting, corrupt old cunt. “Crazy Nancy” The Donald calls her and he’s fucking right. It wouldn’t surprise me if she took the opportunity in Taiwan to buy some knock off Gucci handbags to flog to her champagne socialist mates. I bet that Obama bitch has got one.

  10. She took great delight and with utter malice made it her mission to smear and undermine Trump’s presidency in every way she could For that reason alone she’s an Uber Cunt.
    Fucking odious old undead looking witch.

  11. She’s such a fucking stunned cunt Her stupid antics visting Taiwan almost getting us into a war with china over that dumb shit.

    When she got back she said that “China is one of the freeist countries in the world” and respects the chinese government and then says a few sentences later that she stands for Taiwanese independence Just get this old hag of of office ffs already

  12. Skeletor doesn’t need shooting, the corrupt old hag can hardly walk in her stilettos, just push it over……

  13. In one of the photos used in the BBC news link in the nom you can just about make out Skeletor coming out of the plane while heavily surrounded by body guards.

    I can understand the need to protect “democratically elected” people to a degree, but by the same token it does mean these cunts can be really quite ballsy what they say on the global stage knowing full well that they themselves will be well insulated from any subsequent consequences that go south!

    Reminds me of of some of those senators and governors et al, calling for the defunding of various state police forces after the death of St George of Floyd. When this was actioned in some states crime rose exponentially and people were more left to fend for themselves because there was hardly any cops around.

    Not that this trifling matter concerned those very same VIPs as most of them live in large mansions with the usual high security equipment and private security companies to protect them.

    This analogy is just as pertinent here with Pelosi and her sabre rattling towards Russia and China. I bet she wouldn’t be so cocky if she had to go to Taiwan without any security at all. Different fucking story then!

  14. Looks like the O’Bumma dynasty will take over the dems in 2024 if The Sopranos, sorry Clinton’s don’t want to try again.
    Michelle is just another lying , cheating low life human being out for power and control for themselves.
    If the Don doesn’t get stitched up by the FBI or assassinated if that fails then the fireworks are going to be amazing in the run up to 2024. The mud slinging Donald will have to throw is overflowing.
    Then when the result comes in and the dems win by 95million votes to 85 million votes tim guessing an ACTUAL insurrection might take place.
    Ho hum. It’s all a fucking game and we ain’t invited.

    • I thought she was well over a thousand years old…..Tutankhamun’s fucking mummy looks in better shape than this hate-fuelled deluded old psychopath.

  15. This dreadful old harridan has the face of an aged Rattlesnake, laying in wait for one last victim. In more ways than one she is very much like that hideous yacht slut and her gormless ginger husband in as much as thinking that a well publicised appearance somewhere she is not wanted will bring world peace, and harmony to any troubled land! On that subject I notice the cunts are planning on going to the UK later in the year! I’m wondering if they might suffer the same fate as Salmon Rushdie🤔🤔

  16. Old trout is worth over £100 million.

    Was it this tart or another similar nimby who made sure the rozzers protected her house when ‘mostly peaceful’ blm came to town?

    If I was, Trump I’d have bought a the homes up in her street and sat outside in my undies all day. Then, I’d move out and let the gypos move into every house.

    If she moved, I’d buy more land and property and move even more gypos and a few peacefuls too, fresh off the dinghies into her street and the surrounding area.

    The fucking shithouse.

    “Thanks George Floyd for sacrificing your life for us!”

    What a fucking bellend. She was telling the truth though. Her and her ilk (and assorted fucking retards) did rather well out of Chauvin hurting his knee.

  17. Good on you, Nancy. Despite all the bellyaching by the Chinese she went to Taiwan anyway. She was saying ‘Fuck you lot, if you don’t like it, try us out’. And all they’ve done is throw their toys out of the pram and set off rockets for a week. Big deal. They made a lot of noise and that’s it.
    If the Russians had successfully taken over Ukraine without a struggle, the Chinks would have been encouraged to make their move, but they’ve seen Putin humiliated and his country become the pariah of the world. Now they’re thinking twice.

  18. She has received over 3 million dollars from various Taiwan state institutions for her political campaigns over recent years.
    That is illegal in the USA, to except money from foreign actors or countries.
    the MSM won’t touch it though. imagine the reaction if it was Trump.

    her trip along with 8 fighter jets cost 90 million dollars to the taxpayers of the USA.
    then she met with the chip makers along with her son who just happens to be heavily invested in those companies.

    Now again imagine if it was Trump

  19. The Briccs countries are aligning as we speak to counter The WEF and its future that has morphed into with the backing of the UN.
    Saudia Arabia could be the key one that decides to go with it and that spells trouble for petro dollar and USA.
    the amount of propaganda being spewed out about everything is unbelievable.
    The new economic divide will emerge and this time The West doesnt have great hand.

  20. 3 quarts of Castrol Superlube in her cunt, and she would probably be an ok fuck for a blind retarded fuckwit…..I know of no other takers for a ride on the wizened old cunt.

  21. There isn’t enough space in the Hallowed Halls of IsaC to detail the evils of this old Gorgon.

    What most people don’t understand is that like the Clintons, she has no core beliefs in anything other than herself. In her time in congress, she and her corrupt insider trading husband have made hundreds…that’s right hundreds of millions of dollars.

    It is currently estimated that Paul Pelosi’s financial firm is worth between $113 to $123 million dollars. She is estimated to be worth $124 million and their joint worth is estimated ro be well over $200 million.

    And in classic Demonrat family fashion, her son, Paulie Jr is under Federal investigation for his involvement in no less than 5 firms linked to financial crimes including fraud and bribery. (And you thought it was only Hunter?) Independent of mommy and daddy he is estimated to be worth more than $50 million dollars.

    As for being number 2 in command…The Presidential Puppet (Ji Jing Joe) is (nominally) the Commander-in-Chief. The Vice Presidential Courtisan (Old Flatback Harris) is next in line but has no constitutional duty other than presiding over the Senate. Pelosi (the Old Gorgon) is the Speaker of the House and is third in line for Presidency and presides over the House of Representatives…a seperate but equal branch of government and has no role in Bejing Biden’s Fraudulential Cabent.

  22. “Hideous old bat”, if you please!!
    I now live in t’ fair City of Hull, almost as many seagulls as Cardiff.
    Bricknell’s Slavanka Imperial Stout is a loody good drop.

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