The Fatwa and Hadi Matar

Salman Rushdie, knifed in the neck, possibly more than once, near a place called Buffalo, a city in N.Y. State. (That place is distinctively familiar, for some reason??)

The Fatwa has been in place since 1988 and is still out for the author of the Satanic Verses. And Allah, ( Bless them both!) and all those rag heads, have been waiting for this moment, for all these years, to get their revenge.

Who’s been paying for this cunts protection, over the last thirty five years? Suicidal Sid, from Viz made me laugh, when he wore the T. shirt “ I am Salman Rushdie” back in the 80’s. But I guess some, have no sense of humour. Cunts!

Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

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Supported by: Mild-Mannered Reporter, Cunt Kent.

An EMERGENCY CUNTING please for HADI MATAR, the heap of stinking pigshit that allegedly knifed Salman Rushdie

Never been a fan of Rushdie myself, always struck me as a know-it-all cunt, but anybody who stands up for freedom of thought and expression, especially against the you-know-who, scores points with me.

Let’s hope Rushdie lives to annoy them another day.

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90 thoughts on “The Fatwa and Hadi Matar

  1. Let’s hope Rushdie pulls through although he will be on for a long spell in hospital. At points it will seem as though it is never ending a bit like reading one of his turgid books.

    Hopefully the U.S do the right thing and send Hadi Matar on a visit to old sparky.

  2. I warned him.
    “Salmon everybody hates speccy bookworm cunts like you.
    Get down the gym, take martial arts training, carry a blade”.

    He knew better.

    Imagine if hed of let out a Bruce Lee
    And roundhouse kicked his attacker,
    Sparking him out?!!

    Hed be a hero !

    No, he prefers to lay there stabbed up taking the moral high ground.

    • No point in trying to weed out the bad, just exterminate the entire herd. Most of them are cunts anyway 👍

    • In the Gruan link it says he had ‘sympathy towards the Iranian Government’.


      Not sure how they’ve managed to establish that at this early stage but I guess it’s a starting point.

      I wonder when or if they’ll establish he’s a Mooooslim and that it was his religion, that same one that’s Peaceful inspired him to carry out the attack?

      We can only wait and see but it’s reassuring that we can place our trust in the authorities to get to the bottom of it and that the media will report it without any hint of bias.

      • Lone wolf, men’al ‘elf, lessons learnt, most muzlims peaceful, communi’ee, respec’, mosques peacefu’w places innit, Allaaą Ackk-barr, deff to all non-believers, burn in He’w, praise be.

      • Is that the same Iranian government we just gave £400 million too, to get that silly bitch Nadia Al-Zahari released?

  3. Poor cunt Rushdie got really fucked up in this attack. It seems he has lost an eye and has liver damage due to the knife penetration plus a shit load of other puncture wounds and substantial blood loss.

    He’s been on thin ice with the peaceful ones for the last 30 odd years and they’ve finally caught up with him.
    Ironically I doubt any of the cunts hunting him down have actually read the book. It’s purely a fairy tale about two parking Stanley’s who die in a terrorist plane hijacking then reincarnate as mythical beings in human form or some shit, with some íslamic religious references with no real slur on it. Ironically the cunt who stabbed him probably wasn’t even born when Rushdie wrote the boring pile of shit book.

    Typical that all the fans of Alan’s Snackbar jumped on the band wagon like the barbaric savage backwards mindless sheep scum they are and had a 34 year hunt for a man accused of blasphemy from an Iranian religious leader back in 1988 without actually asking if his writings were a direct attack on their religion or just a fictional, supernatural, fairy tale book designed for entertainment.

    I’m no fan of Rushdie and couldn’t care either way if he pegs it or not. Just wish I’d had him as my Deadpool nom if he does curl his toes up.
    Same applies to the nut job who stabbed him. I hope he gets made ‘airtight’ in the shower by the lags of whatever state penitentiary he ends up in.

      • ‘Magic Realism’. Or ‘Magical Realism’ the literary movement he supposedly belongs to.

        (Not that I’ve read any of it.)

        Magical things can happen in realist literature.
        Not for me.

        Harry Potter maybe comes ftom that thinking (more than fairy tales).

        And she has defended Rushdie and now has had death threats.

        This attack was real not magical.

  4. Well, hes fucked.
    No apologising.
    Or offers of having to differ in opinion.

    Its a Fatwa.

    His only hope is to not lose face.
    Offer to fight the ayatollah or head of ISIS on sky sports.

    Wipe his arse on the koran,
    Call them dirty words,
    Take the piss more.

    Hopefully theyll all have heart attacks and strokes.

    • Get Andrex to make Koran toilet rolls, that’ll give the P*ki cunts kick in the bollocks especially when it becomes the best seller 😂

    • The cunt who grabbed the book had been interview earlier and went off to get his minder and then started getting all Rambo, fucking P*ki cunts the lot of them.

  5. A man who writes book fiction is attacked because he dared mention a different book fiction. Despite the Quran’s slavery, murder, abhorrence of women, bearded Sky Daddy, and flying horses, Rushdie’s work is still better. This Muslamic cunt will plead madness and be out knifing somebody else in a few years.

    Religion poisons everything.

  6. We have a million or so of these cunts in the UK. A significant % will applaud this attack. But worry not. It will be turned into ‘muslim prejudice’ in the Guardian and BBC.

    • Have you made provisions for the rising energy costs Unkle Terry ? Neither gas nor electric ovens will be cheap to run come October. There may come a time soon when you’ll have to find another method to off these cunts. 🤔🤣👍

  7. It was the release of Rushie’s book that first made me aware of Islam in the U.K.
    I remember thinking ‘oh fuck, not another lot’
    At the time, my mate was at uni in Birmingham, and I used to go there and go out on the piss, which came with an element of danger, as another load of religious overbreeding twats were the terrorist du jour, and they were quite happy to put bombs in pubs, or outside fast food places, so it wasn’t without foundation.
    We’d suffered from religion for centuries and here was another fucking load of idiots who were up for the cup.
    Same shit, different bucket.
    As I’ve said before…..
    ‘My religion doesn’t allow me to this’
    A bit weird, but crack on mate
    ‘My religion doesn’t allow you to do this’
    Fuck off and die.

    • The Irish question was and is essentially about Nationalism rather than religion.

      You’re alway yokng (yolking?) the two together. As though they are a part of the same thing -a eligious fundamentalism.
      Wbich they are not.

      For examle Yeats, AE , Lady Gregory all the leading literary lights of Irish nationalism were from the Protestant Ascendency.

      • And it occurs to me the Catholic Church in Ireland was seen for years as anti-Irish Nationalism. Preferring the status quo instead of violent revolution.
        The most famous, popular Irish Nationslist one Charles Stewart Parnell was brought down by the Catholic Church.

      • Terrorism performed by a person who’s religion is compatible with their atrocities.
        One does it for their religion, the other does it because its OK by theirs.
        Were there protestants in the IRA? They can fuck off too.
        Cunts, all of them.

      • Also, I could never understand why we would want any part of Ireland in the first place.
        To me, it was like buying a second hand car that you found out after purchase was fucked and you were ripped off, but the previous owner turns up and says he’ll buy it back off you, and you say nope, I’m going to live with the consequences for my stupidity.
        An island with fuck all going for it full of cunts.
        Should have given the deeds to that Michael Collins cunt and said good luck.
        Not worth one British life

      • My late mother (Anglo-Scot> said the Scots were more fucked up about religion than the Oirish.
        There’s no such thing as a Free Church.
        Calling them the “Wee Frees” almost makes them sound friendly and welcoming…

    • @cuntjapeye You’re understanding of Ireland is sadly lacking, maybe its the Tory in you but consider this. Ireland owes England fuckall and that’s the price for 700 hundred years.
      And before you get on your high horse, this is a .com site and open to everybody

      • My lack of knowledge is down to my lack of interest in the place. I didn’t say it owes England anything, and happy for them to reunite and fuck off into the sunset, and perhaps we can send back their caravan club.

        Call me I cunt and a Tory if it makes you feel better, I know being a cunt is down to other’s perspective, so I have little control over that, but being a Tory is down to choice, one I haven’t made.

  8. His book The satanic verses is a pile of drivel having had the pleasure(?) of reading the rubbish many years ago. But I hope he survives and then turns round and says it was the will of allah, now that will piss of the goat shagging peedos.

    • Praise be to Mohammed Monkeypox, he who is kind and virtuous, and forgiving and humble and who shits in the urinal.

  9. alibaba and his fucking thieves, fucking arseholes and Quares the lot of em.
    this cunt will be locked up for the rest of his life for alibaba and his cunt of a book.
    ive heard it the Whoran preaching book full on in Arab land and the second part of the is just hate filled cuntdom.

  10. The cunts breed like rats.
    I was coming home on the bus earlier and their was this Fatama with 4 kids shouting down her phone in that awful language that sounds like their spitting and vomiting.
    I loathe the medieval fuckers.

  11. You have to admire their persistence.
    The Halifax fucked me over for shares 30 years ago.I would of loved to killed Howard back in the day. But I got over it.

  12. BBC ‘news’ website is reporting a man has been charged with attempted murder and that’s pretty much it really.

    Some passing throw away comments about oh you know he wrote a book once and ‘some Muslims found it blasphemous’.

    Could you imagine if this was for example an Imam that had been stabbed by a white person.

    ‘Far Right extremist charged with attempted murder’

    ‘Neo Nazi with links to Satanic Child Abuse charged with attempted murder’

    But it’s ok because we all know the truth and one day I’m convinced it will all come back to haunt the Far Left Liberal Extremists that churn this denial out.

    Fuck them.

  13. All this just cos he wrote a book which depicted the prophet Mohammed as a child molesting zoophile who enjoyed scat and watersports with all his underaged monkey looking wives.

    Honestly…..they dont half over react these camel jockey cunts.

    • What did Jesus say to Mohammed?

      ‘When are your followers going to get a fucking sense of humour?’🤣😛🙃

      • He’s a right fucking hypocrite that Jesus, what with his followers picketing Life Of Brian.

  14. You can be sure none of these backward savages have actually read the book.

    Practically no one has.

    If Rushdie had called it “The Religion of Peace” that Ayatollah Homo cunt would have praised it to the fucking rafters.

    • Apparently the sand monkey couldn’t even carry out a simple murder plot without cocking the whole thing up.

      • It was a halal murder.
        Maximum pain and suffering administered to it’s victim in a form of praise to Allah.

        Fucking crazy, superstitious, backward, inbred, kiddy fiddling, savage fucking bastards.

    • …would take much less than ten seconds. Would take me that to realised what was going on before I lept from my chair to help.

  15. If this had happened in the UK, the race of the attacker wouldn’t have even been mentioned in the report and comments to the story would be disabled.

  16. Satanic Verses is a fictional read…no more than that. Therefore, this is no different than Mabel from Sunday worship attacking Dawn French because she felt The Vicar of Dibley was Blasphemous.

    That’s how stupid these cunts are.

    Load of bollocks.

    • And this fatwa took nearly thirty five years before some cunt even bothered and even then he only did half a job.

      • Someone must have reminded him, there’s shit loads of virgins (probably all around 12 years old) and will be favourably looked after in the afterlife……oh and the small matter of 3 million dollars reward for whoever kills him.

  17. Any right thinking person/government/law maker/enforcers would see the fatwa and this stabbing for what it is. An act of war carried out by a soldier of an invading hostile force.

    Sadly our lefty government and so called leaders won’t have anything hurty said about the Muslim slime.

    Meanwhile in the English Channel thousands still arrive.

  18. The woke knee-jerk cunts (like the BBC) were as hilarious as ever…

    ‘But… But… his stabbing may have had nothing to do with ‘that’.’

    Seriously, who did they think it was? A catholic? A Sikh? A buddhist? A Lutheran? Or just nasty old whitey?

    Do fuck off!🙄

    • Another horror show from Man United today Norman.

      Considering they’ve played Brighton and Brentford so far, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that relegation looks likely for this side.

      • Somebody told me in the kidney unit that it was ‘4-0’.
        I didn’t even have to guess who was 4-0 up. They really are that shite, Herman. And the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs and City will destroy them. I’m not arsed if they go down. The United I loved and grew up with is long gone. And Ten Hag is a stupid cunt for leaving a good Ajax side for this shitshow.

        And Rashford can fuck off. Preferably off a cliff. The cunt.
        And Maguire should be thrown into the pit. Useless twat.

      • My recent cunting of MUFC would have been even more venomous had I done it today. As a Newton Heath lad and a match goer since 1974, I am disgusted about what they have become. Everything Sir Matt (RIP) and Big Jimmy Murphy (RIP) built has been financially raped and destroyed. And what hurts is Fergie had a hand in it. He let those Glazer bastards through the door, when he was strongly advised not to All I feel now about the club I adored fanatically as a boy is disillusionment and hate.

  19. I would like a team of gay rugby players to shit-stab the perpetrator of this heinous crime to death.

  20. Oven please or failing that ADX Florence , I’m pretty sure nobody enjoys their hospitality

  21. I haven’t read the many posts on this ” watching Iran/Iraqi ” war program.

    However. It seems clear to me that time is now due, we ” the nuclear armed west” obliterate the Muslim menace that walks amongst us….


  22. I see Boris crawled out from under his stone to day something about freedom of speech etc etc.
    Would this be the same freedom of speech you and your predecessors have been so keen do deny your electorate? Or does freedom of speech only apply to certain antagonistic authors?
    Just a thought.

    • Especially under the fucking Maybot as Home Secretary while she ditched stop and search.

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