The Labour Party – Left & Right (26)

Love him or hate him, you have to admit Jeremy Corbyn can still throw some shapes for an old ‘un:

I don’t approve of all this effnic bollocks, but just imagine Dame Kweer dancing – he would grab his wife around her Playtex girdle, flashing his Sterident “have- a-nice-day” smile while doing something like this:

The Veleta (old time sequence dance) – YouTube

With his tuxedo, Brylcreem, corset and cummerbund, he will look the epitome of between the wars (Boer and WW 1) chic. You can smell the mothballs from here.(You paint a very vivid picture. Is this something you did as a lad? – Day Admin)

The more you see of Dame Kweer and his dissembling, and downright lies, the more you miss Steptoe’s naive frankness. At least he meant what he said, so we could be forewarned, you can’t believe a word that comes out of Kweer’s lipsticked mouth. Like all fair to middling conmen, he will take a good number in.

At least with Jezza, you wouldn’t get Eddie Izzard as an MP, let alone Equalities Minister. (We have a scheduled nom about him/her/it coming soon – Day Admin)

The best we can hope for, given his obsession with lesbian football is that on Sunday night the police announce a 59 year old man has been taken into custody for being found stark bollock naked in the ladies changing room at Wembley, knocking one out as he sniffs the captain’s soiled sports knickers.

Bring on the next Labour leadership election, which will make Liz and Rishi seem like Ant and Dec.

Nominated by: W. C., Boggs

42 thoughts on “The Labour Party – Left & Right (26)

  1. I miss Old magic grandpa think he couldn’t have made a worse job than the current idiot supposedly in charge or come to think of it the next bumbling halfwit who falls headfirst into the poisoned chalice.

  2. Nice post, and I agree, like or loathe Corbyn, he was open and honest in what he wanted to achieve. Funnily, he never got he chance to demonstrate his money tree, but the useless fucking Tories did. Not a tree mind you, an entire fucking forest wittered down the piss hole by a bunch of feckless fuckers. I just wonder. If Corby had got in, would we be in any worse a position ?

    • Left,right,labour, tory, all warts on the same ballbag .

      Only difference is corbyn was honest about being a woke marxist twat out to destroy the country.

      Whos he aiming that bow at?
      Rachel Riley?

    • Open and honest… except he spent his whole career campaigning to leave the EU but when it came to the referendum he switched to campaign for Remain and the subsequent Labour manifesto pledged a second referendum… probably wouldn’t have been worse than Johnson’s Oven Ready Brexit though.

      • Old Magic Grandpa is far from honest his denials that he was at the commemoration for that raghead terrorist on Libya when they had pictures of him there will always be remembered. His only piece of honesty was ‘fessing up to having shagged the Abbopotamus when most of us would have kept very quiet about it

        JC as I tell my lefty “friends “ was the most effective MP for Vote Leave during the Brexit campaign. According to All Out War , the Tim Shipman book about the Brexit campaign he did all he could to sabotage the Remain side, such as cutting short meetings and not turning up at campaign days for the Labour Remain side all things which had previously been carefully arranged.

    • I think the debt would be the same but at least we would own the power companies water boards and railways.

  3. The tragedy is, Ant and Dec would make a far better job of running the country than Starmer, Truss and Sunak combined ever could.

    • Jeremy is to politics what Salman Rushdie is to self defence.

      He loves a terrorist,
      Hates the British armed forces.
      He would side with anyone against the UK.
      But they all seem to hold this country, its people, its traditions, its history, in utter contempt.

      • At least if Corbyn had been PM he’d have put an end to the dinghy riders and all illegal immigration. Instead, anyone wanting to come here would be allowed free passage on the cross channel ferries, no questions asked, £1000 pocket money to be going on with, private property would be commandeered by the state for accommodation, anyone not wanting immigrants living in their home would have been off to the gulag for re-education, and quite rightly so! Yes, things would have been more open and honest under Corbyn.

  4. They are all cunts, either P*ki loving, Bum boys or anti British and the women look like they shop at the Oxfam rejects outlet.

  5. Any potential PM who has a script and agenda supplied to him by the fucking work shy, commie unions is a cunt

    Having a load of fucking workers telling how the country should be run would bankrupt it within a month. They are workers for a fucking reason- coz they couldn’t run a bath.

    Mind you…..nor can the fucking tories at the moment.

    • You mean the unions, that are for the workers, fighting for workers rights, that fought for nearly every privilege you enjoy at work, even if the Scabs didn’t participate, the cunts still enjoy the benefits – the fucking parasites. Those unions? As opposed to the ‘Banker’ [sic] backed vermin running the country now for the benefit of their mates, which certainly aren’t you or I.

      • No issue with the unions DCI…none whatsoever, and yes you are absolutely correct in what they have achieved. However I don’t agree they should go from where they are to pulling the strings of a Labour government…..any government for that matter. I know everyone complains about lobbying, and how corrupt it can be (I agree btw) but that is no different than the Labour party being funded by the unions- that is lobbying.

      • I agree, but, the unions are funded by the many. The ‘Little’ people, like you and I. I’d rather be ‘influenced’ by the likes of them rather than the wealthy, very few, Tory party donors. Just for reference, though, I’m in Ruff Tuff’s ‘Spoil Your Ballot Paper’ party, they’re all different cheeks of the same arse, after all.

  6. Tories and labour politicians mix socially all time.
    Same coke dealer.

    All frequent the gay bathhouses,
    Fuck the same rentboys arses,
    The same dominatrix and rubber parties.

    They have the same tastes in posh postcodes, trendy restraunts, fancy food an wine.

    They are all scum .
    Its all a con,
    You cant beleive a single word.

    Gas Em.

      • 😁😁

        Thats because im a role model, a paragon of virtue,
        And lead by example ,

        You cheeky monkey!😂

  7. I despise the Labour party more than anything else and I put them all (past & present) in the same category as vermin. Fucking vile Scum every last one of them.

    There are a few amongst them who I detest even more.
    Tony Blair and Gordon Brown deserve a trial for their many chrimes against humanity (let alone the British public) and subsequently hung like the common criminals they are. I for one will be opening the Champaign the day these two scum bags die (hopefully soon)

    I also loathe Corbyn. Vile little commie cunt should be regarded as an enemy to the state and be hung for treason immediately. Cunt hates this country so should be regarded as hostile.

    Add to the list the likes of UberPigs David Lammy and Dianne Abbott.
    Plus the latest vile little shoved up shit stain Dame Kweer Starmonkey and his pet tranny Rayner.

    Make no bones about it, I’m no fan of the Tory shower of shit especially that untrustworthy little parking-Stanley Sunak and down-syndrome Truss, however these pale into insignificance compared to the cess pit dwelling, scum sucking, vile, dirty, cockroach filth that are the Labour Party.

    Fuck them all and I hope they all rot in hell. Fucking Labour Vermin filth scum cunts.

  8. Liebor Party,fake cons,lib dumbs ,650 cunts feathering their own nests.
    You know what I would rather be under a military junta.

  9. I can’t see what difference it makes which of the cunts are running the country. Might as well give the Lib Dumbs a go, they’re all the fucking same bunch of green, immo and poof loving anti British traitor bastards.

  10. John Smith ( had he not died ) ( convenient for young Blair though ) would have been a leader and would have left this country in a far better place.

  11. Vote ‘Vernon Fox’, your friendly independant candidate!

    I hear Dick Fiddler’s canvassing for votes for him.

  12. He may know the ins and outs of the political dimension and be up on unicorn care but his handling of that recurve bow in the picture is fucking awful. Almost as if the person running the show set out to make him look a bigger cunt than he already is.
    Also thanks to liebours open door policy to any cunt from anywhere have just realised that the massive development on the site of the demolished Barking power station will when completed provide dwellings for around 27000 persons which is a number akin to the dinghy rider arrivals each year. Just as well this sort of forward thinking is being employed for the betterment of some other fucker.

  13. If they was no money in politics. Would anyone do it?. Prime minister gets paid less than a local Councillor. No solutions no answers. Just platitudes..

  14. He has no clue regarding archery!
    That bow must have the draw weight something along the lines of a bamboo skewer based on how he’s holding the arrow.
    Nice looking riser, though

  15. Labour are finished. The likes of Wilson, Benn, Foot, Callaghan would have no place in the party if they were alive today. Labour are now an array of freaks, wannabe despots, thick cunts (see you, Abbott) and demented woke nutters. A combination of IRA collaborators, IS apologists, migrant appeasers, and their main priorities are shipping in more Third World filth and getting trannies individual public toilets.

    My dad – a staunch Labour and union man – would not recognise the political version of the Royston Vasey locals that Labour has become….☹

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