Incompetent Slough Council = 20% CT Rise

Slough Council. This bunch of crooked cunts are now telling locals that they may increase Council tax by between 12 and 20% , to compensate for the Council’s catastrophic overspending and mismanagement.

The Council will apparently need Government assistance ( meaning the taxpayer of course) for about the next 8 years to stay afloat and has to sell it’s stock of about 6,700 council houses, development sites and other assets, which still won’t cover all the debt. Presumably this means any unfortunate Slough council tenant may soon have a private landlord who may want to increase the rent or get them out.

I sincerely hope every cunt in Slough marches on their headquarters with flaming torches. Best not hang about as it will probably be a Wetherspoons soon.

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Nominated by: Mary Hinge

(And what happened to the incompetent councillors and senior executives, or did they just walk away unscathed? – Day Admin)

42 thoughts on “Incompetent Slough Council = 20% CT Rise

  1. Driving past my local council offices you can always see the cunts coming out of ‘work’ – a bunch of wet, speccy, bearded soyboys and dumpy frumpy karens. Same goes for the local college/academy/indoctrination centre.
    They look as if the county council cloned Ed Sheeran and Lena Dunham and has shares in Specsavers.

  2. You are pretty much describing every local council, they pretty much do as little as possible and charge the earth.
    Try this approach in the private sector and you would be filing for bankruptcy in six months.

  3. I don’t see how they should be allowed to sell off assets.
    Everything has already been bought and paid for by Joe public.
    If the elected councilors have been embezzling public funds, let’s see them in jail, or put to ten years unpaid labour litter picking, and filling in potholes.
    We’ll see how much they like spending other peoples money on immigrants and abnormal sex freaks then.

  4. Wow what a surprise, Slough council in the shit who would credit that. The cunts in charge will be able to pay the debt with their ginormous pensions and expenses claims. Just cos they took early retirement due to hurty stress does not mean they will buck responsibility for their collective total fuckup useless pocket lining cuntishness. Good to see the notion of self not service is still abundant amongst the class that thinks their ideology and spite when combined with a total disregard for common sense is what’s needed to lead us forward. Bunch of well subsidised cunts.

  5. My local council, a short distance west of Slough as it happens, tried the same trick a couple of years ago. Central government vetoed it, making them stick to the agreed inflation rate rise, and told them to make adjustments and cuts. And didn’t they just?
    Sold off the town hall car park for development, cemeteries and parks left with nigh on knee high grass, alleys blocked by brambles, bin collections fucked up. Local football teams turned up on the first day of the season to find uncut grass and no lines painted, and they fucking pay extra for that.
    The whole council tax scheme has been a scam since day one. Tinpot local dictators spunking our money on shit we never asked for.
    Fuck knows what’ll happen next year when inflation goes through the roof. The cunts usually use that as a guide for the increases.
    Whatever we pay, it’s never going to be enough. The whole system needs revising, but I won’t hold my breath.

  6. We have a non woke, sensible Tory council. Seems to run quietly and smoothly. I think it no accident that the incompetent mismanagement of council economics is almost always Labour.
    Venezuela writ small.

  7. The only good thing to come of Slough was “The Office”. That’s their only claim to fame, apart from this latest bout of council incompetence.

    The trouble is very few councillors get sacked/jailed for gross misconduct or impropriation of funding. They couldn’t care less just so long as their pensions are locked to inflation and a nice little pay off on retirement.

    No one seems to be held accountable most of the time. If Central Government denies local council any further funding and/or vetoes inflation-busting council tax rises, the council goes into a sulky tantrum and makes drastic cuts to local services. And then come local election time the council can blame Central Government for the parlous state of the neighbourhood.

    And if there is a root and branch investigation into the running of a council, you can almost bet your bottom dollar that yes “lessons need to be taken on board, but no single individual can be blamed, therefore let’s just forget it ever happened and move on.”

    Local Authorities
    County Councils
    Regional Assemblies
    Central Government
    The EU

    … so many fat fucking pigs in a trough so large it would fill a lake the size of Wastwater – Britain’s largest lake!

  8. I used to go down and work in Slough up to about 2018…it was an absolute fucking dump filled with shifty dangerous looking cunts who came from God knows where.

    It actually felt dangerous walking down the main high street.

    • Betjeman got it right when he wrote the poem Slough.
      Let’s hope Putin doesn’t read it.

    • I remember walking through the subway that used to be underneath the bus station roundabout in the early 2000s. Friday lunchtime and there were junkies jacking up everywhere, not a copper in sight. Needles and beer cans strewn all over the place and no one seemed to give a shit.
      As for the local population and their driving, don’t get me started.
      It’s a shit hole because some of the people who made it a dump now play some part in running it.

      • Another little story about Slough. A mate of mine, a copper, was on the vice squad for Slough old bill. The Mud slime councillors were up in arms about prostitution and pressuring old bill to act.
        A local knocking shop was duly raided, and guess what? All the clientele nicked where Mud slimes.
        Cue same Mud slime councillors calling another meeting and begging old bill to hush it up.
        Fucking vermin.

  9. There’s an uncomfortable amount of councillors out there who should be nowhere near public funds. I read about one fella who was implicated in the Brighton marina development scam. He duly resigned, avoiding potential prosecution, then popped up on the Isle of Wight where he was caught fiddling there. So again, he resigned and resurfaced on a council in Sunderland. How the fuck are they allowed to get away with it time and time again?

  10. Local councils went tits up when they treated it like a business instead of what it should be a non-profit making service provider, and the slimy little piss-weasels who get on board have to big an ego which should be left at home, cunts to a whatever gender they are identifying as this month

  11. Almost all local councils are run like tinpot banana republics. Ludicrous woke ‘rules’, binmen who act like Nazis and only empty bins when they ‘can be arsed’, ‘permits’ handed to any migrant cunt who wants one (our ‘local’ Parking Stannit Ice Cream Man), gimmigrants jumping all manner of queues and waiting lists, and the ludicrous ‘celebration’ of all things vegan and LGBTQCUNTS. All this shite goes on, yet that hole in the road is still there….

    • “sup up your beer and collect your fags,
      Theres a row goin on,
      Down near slough”…

      We the people (slough branch) should storm the council offices, smash the windows, burn any paperwork and drag the cunts out an lynch em.

      Isnt everyone a stanley now in Slough?

      • No Mis, mostly polaks. I confess I was stunned to see a name plate on a street in Slough town centre in Polish with the English translation in a smaller font below.

      • Still plenty of park keys augmented by eastern europeans. A real smorgasbord of the worlds shit.

      • What bends my head about these cunts is everything is a fucking family outing.

        When I go to have my treatment, I go on my own. There’s no point in the Mrs or my sister going there with me. And that’s what most (normal) people do there. But there was this fat Dooshka cunt (ignorant thoughtless noisy bastard), and he brought his whole fucking family in there with him. And they were just as horrible and as loud as he was. Fucking ‘Booshka Dooshka’ at full volume, the nurse had to tell them all to get out. Then the other day, a Parking Stanitt turns up, with all his sodding family. And the fucks have got crisps and bottles of pop, like it’s a fucking picnic at Heaton Park. Again, they were told to do one. But seriously, what is it with these people? Can you imagine how much better the NHS would run without them? Because you can bet your bollocks that neither of the aforementioned cunts (or any of their relatives) have ever paid in, and they never will.

  12. What amazes me is, what qualifications do these cunts have to administer the amounts of money councils have. Surely you would think a minimum financial qualification should be required before they could even stand for election….

  13. Sheffield Council could give them a run for their (our) money. Arrogant, incompetent, good at spending other peoples money on white elephants, illegal immigrants and the detritus of society. Now called the ‘City of Sanctuary’. While calling themselves this, they’ve recently stopped the free brail lessons for the blind due to ‘cost’. Yet they have money to clean actual shit, litter, mattresses and dead rats every night in the Gypo infested area of Fir Vale. I blame the stupid cunts who vote these Labour shysters in year after, thick as whale shit.

    • Yes but didnt Sheffield ban Trump? And isnt it nuclear free? Didnt it have a total barmpot for a mayor?
      Value for money.

      • Mayor Majid Majid. The pinnacle of our Council Leadership, fuck me. Banned Trump for being a ‘Waste Man’. Fuck off you gormless cunt.

  14. A complete lack of accountability across the public sector breeds shite like this.

    Bankrupt? Sell assets that aren’t yours to sell?

    Fuck Off.

    Start by selling the private property of the officials who caused the problem,including forfeiting their pensions and everything else they have.

    Turn the useless bent cunts into beggars.

  15. To be a Councillor you must either be a total cunt or are trained at a high degree to become one.

  16. I did some work for Brighton council . The money that’s wasted on Woke projects is jaw dropping.
    Policing or rubbish collections don’t come into the equation , there just obsessed with removing the Tories

    • ..then there’s the i360. Still makes me laugh when I drive into Brighton.

      Paint it pink and have done with it.

  17. Years ago the it company I worked for had a two-year contract with the library department of Birmingham city council.

    We installed a Windows PC and monitor to the boss of the library department which cost around £2,000. However she didn’t want a Windows machine and insisted on a top of the range Apple Mac. At a cost of £4,000.

    Shortly afterwards we had requests from the library deputy managers and senior executives to remove their brand new windows machines for the same Apple Macs for.

    From an original budget of about £15,000 it went up to £65,000 all because they didn’t want Windows machines. And that is just one example of reckless spending

    • I know the veracity of your story there Techno.

      I had an acquaintance who worked for Birmingham council for decades. The great thing about being a council employee was the perquisites beside the gold plated pension and the vanishingly small chance of getting the sack merely for being incompetent. He was fully stocked with any tool you might need for house or vehicle maintenance. He had his car MOTed on the council. He had a badge in his car windscreen allowing him to park anywhere without restriction. This was invaluable for shopping or the school run etc. When he swapped his car he spent many hours in works time phoning round and travelling around to find the best deal. Numerous council employees used pool cars for commuting using council petrol and making no declaration for tax purposes. Some of them lived as far away as the Cotswolds. When I visited one Christmas his kids had battery powered new toys and the batteries were being used up at a prodigious rate. When I suggested he should invest in rechargable batteries he looked at me as if I was a simpleton and said; “Why would I do that? I just go down the stores and get another box of batteries.”

      I could go on for hours but I’m sure you get the picture.

  18. If you think Slough council have fucked up their finances,just wait until you see how much Tickin Rucksack and the government have spaffed up the wall in the last two and a half years. My children and grandchildren would like to pass on their thanks for that !.

  19. I wonder about the demographic and racial origin of councillors in Slough council over the last few years and where all that money really went?🤔

  20. Raid the cunts pensions, let them get by on the state pension. They pay 6% of their salary to the pensions and Joe Public bump it up to 20%. Elitist cunts, we probably paid for their education to.

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