Ebay (4) -‘Refund or Return’ policy

Just been scammed on E-bay. 3rd time in the last 12 months.

Under E-Bays rules, you can’t just ask for a refund.
1. you must contact seller via ‘your E-bay, purchase history’
2. wait 7 days for a reply.
3. report ‘item not received’ only 4 days after the ‘estimated delivery date’ has expired.

Bought a replacement processor for my PC on Thursday. Read ‘delivery by Saturday’
Didn’t notice it was ‘delivery by Saturday Aug 20th’
Attempted to contact seller via ‘E-bay, purchase history’, “no such item”
Attempted to contact seller seperately “error”
Contacted E-bay to report “we’ll give seller 4 days to reply before considering your report”
Seller is a robbing CUNT. 2 days and already long gone. E-bay will have even less chance of finding the robbing CUNT a month from now.

What a croc of shit !

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  1. Fleabay is full of chinks and spivs.
    Its fuckin rubbish.

    Another common trick is a item shown isnt what arrives.
    You complain and they offer a percentage as a goodwill gesture.

    I bought a tshirt,
    When it came it was that small it wouldnt fit my cat.

    And I put exactly that on the sellers reveiws.
    They contacted me saying they refund 25percent if I changed my reveiw.

    To return item the postage would cost more than the item.
    So I said ok
    Once I got my partial refund,
    Ebay contacted me to change my reveiw.
    I did.

    ‘this tshirt would fit my cat’.

  2. Feebay are cunts.

    Raise a refund request via PayPal and see if you can get those clowns to sort it out.

    Another once decent site ruined by third world conmen.

    Oven,highest bidder.

    • I’ve used it for 20 years and as it’s popularity increased its steadily become more and more infested with fucking rotters.

      However there are still some excellent sellers,particularly in Japan.

      Ah so.

  3. I use it a bit, but only to buy from proper sellers who use it as an outlet.

    Avoid the chinkies and those withblow feedback as that spells certain trouble as the refunds policy is crap and best avoided.

    I bought a zipper replacement for a bag where the thing had failed.

    Arrived from the land of bat flu and as expected didn’t work. It was only a few quid but I hoped would make the bag useable again. It didn’t, appeared to be made of Swiss chocolate and cheese rather than a decent metal
    and promptly broke. Ah well, buyer beware…

    I left zero feedback and stated it was not fit for purpose. The seller bombarded me emails offering a refund and pleading in shite engleesh to change the feedback.

    My final reply was ‘fuck off’ this product is crap.

    Happy days.

  4. I got scammed on ebay.
    Ordered a macbook pro and received a crappy windows laptop .
    Ebay ruled in the scammers favour and made me look like the criminal.
    I was even blocked from leaving negative feedback.
    There are so many risks when buying stuff off ebay, unless it’s cheap items i would never go there again.

  5. Cunt of a thing is EBay, fucking shite you have to go through to mabye find what what your after, only it costs a thousand for delivery. It’s fucked.
    Chancers paradise

  6. Heard about a bloke who sold an iphone for £500 on ebay to some Abdul.
    Abdul said it’s not working. When the postman delivered it back to the seller a signature was needed.
    What the seller should of done was open it in front of the postman before signing for it because when he opened the box there was a pebble inside and he lost his £ 500.
    Thieving Cunt !!!

  7. Oh and another thing, I bid on a high end piece of equipment by a reputable seller.
    Now it was a niche bit of equipment and my first bid was gasumped, ok fair enough so I waited for the final few hours of the auction and bid again and again only to be outbid each time by some fucking cunt, who only turned up when I bid.
    I left it go as it was soon overvalued by this cunt and the auction ended.
    Well the fucking cunt of a thing turned up 3 days later for sale again by the same seller waiting for some pigeon to bid, Cunt

    • Thats a regular trick get a friend to bump the price up.then say the buyer doesn’t want it you can have it for your last bid.
      No thanks best you re-list it again..

    • Proxy bidding, as they call it, is a cunt. Some clever fuckers could even get their computers to do it automatically whenever a bid was received, hence the speed with which you’d get outbid. EBay reckoned they’d countered that, but it still goes on.

      • Or shill bidding – an accomplice places bids to artificially inflate the price.

        A cunt’s trick, no mistake.

      • Just put the most you wish to pay a few minutes or so before it ends- then if it sells for more and you are out bid by a ‘bot’ then what does it matter- you wouldn’t have brought it anyway at that price?

  8. I’ve bid on vinyl records . I bid on one and got it very cheap , the seller emailed me after to say it’s damaged and refunded me . And then put it up for auction a few days later. He obviously didn’t get what he wanted for it.
    This is a common practice on ebay

  9. Regularly use it for buying and selling records but only from independent and proper sellers. I never have any issues to be honest. On the odd chance I get anything else off their or the wife wants me to order anything it strictly comes from an independent seller or at least a British based seller !!

  10. I’ve only had positive results from E BAY, but that’s probably down to only buying 2 items off of it.
    Dont like buying what I cant fondle.

  11. I sometimes purchase replica football kits for my kids on Fleabay, I know they’re counterfeit, I know they’re from the Far East, but I’ll take a calculated risk. I could lose £20 or buy the real thing for £100. So far I haven’t been done, but no doubt it’ll happen.
    The sellers, knowing that they will get busted, only appear for a week at most. They then delete their accounts so they cannot be traced.
    Whenever this has happened, I’ve still received the goods, albeit after a few week. This is only my experience though, and as I say, I know there’s a chance of getting shafted.
    EBay will still have a record of your transaction, even though you cannot see it. You’ll probably have to physically call them if you don’t receive anything, but they will be compelled to refund you.
    The risk is skewed towards the seller or eBay themselves if an item does not reach the buyer. It’s just not as simple as creating a dispute online with cases like this.

  12. I got a lovely Pink Floyd box set from Japan. I won’t say what i spent on it otherwise you will all think i’m a cunt.
    This Japanese seller valued it for £5 to avoid the extortionate customs fees.
    The only risk with that is if it goes missing you will only get what he valued it at.

    • I always found it strange that the japs got a far better deal out of the record buying experience back in the day. Box sets, extra tracks, lyric sheets etc.

  13. Well guys, I am firmly on the side of the decent sellers on this one, and think- no not think- know there are a lot of idiot buyers and/or scamming buyers out there, and the returns/refund policy is totally weighted towards them and not the seller.

    Been selling privately on fleabay for near 25 years, and in the beginning it was a scammers paradise for dodgy sellers- got a really bad reputation, so they had to do something. In my opinion they went too far the other way and now encourage wankers to buy knowing they can rip sellers off.

    This not helped by crap cunting couriers who ‘lose’ parcels either permanantly or worse just for a few weeks- I was that is worse, because I will get on to that.

    Three examples in the last two months spring to mind:

    Sold a high end petrol chainsaw to some raghead buyer in Leicester- perfect working order and condition. Guy who brought it admitted his only experience of chainsaw was a noddy b&q electric thing. Guy receives it, and despite me suggesting he downloads an operators manual- he either doesn’t bother or he can’t fucking read, so I am bombarded with regualr emails with ‘issues’ with it- like how do I put chain on, how do I adjust it, chainbrake is activated how do I de activate because engine is still running with it on…..I pointed out the chainbrake on a petrol chainsaw when activated doesn’t stop the engine it stop the chain- unlike an electric. Anyway you get the idea- in the end the guy opens a dispute to say it is ‘faulty’ I have NO option to either have it back at MY COST for carriage to him, back to me and the loss of fees to sell it in the first place- or I refund him in full and don’t have it back. I chose the former. When it arrived back I cleaned it back up again, tested it and re-listed it (I did nothing else to it) sold to a guy who know chainsaw and received glowing feedback stating what a brilliant machine it was. So the previous buyer was a thick cunt.

    Twice this year I have couriered an item out, and it has been delayed by the courier. Buyer has opened an item not received dispute because it’s taken longer than stated to arrive. Ebay check and confirm it is showing as ‘in transit’ by the tracking number i have supplied so they refund my money- but THEN the courier do deliver it eventually and I cannot RE-CHARGE the buyer because he now has the item, and I can’t apply to the courier for a refund because it has been delivered now.

    So, no I don’t go along with buyers being ripped off coz you are all well protected IMO.

  14. A raghead with a chainsaw in Leicester?

    Probably a good job he didn’t know how to work the thing.

  15. If and when I ‘do’ Ebay, I always check somebody’s feedback end to end. I also check if they are actually from the UK, and not some blue minks from Noodleland with a Union Jack on their page If the feedback is under 99.8%, then I won’t do it. And I certainly don’t dabble with our foreign friends. I suppose that is both wary and cynical. But one has to be…

  16. Oh, and never – and I do mean never – buy any appliance that has been ‘refurbished’ on Ebay. This basically means the thing was and is fucked. And some pirate of a cunt has got it working just long enough so they can flog it before if conks out again, probably for good.
    Think oF Stan and his horrendous family flogging Blakey that old telly in On The Buses.

    ‘I fuckin’ ‘ate yer, Butler!’

  17. I’ve never understood how, for example, something costs a fiver and another fiver for delivery from Nottingham to Leicester but I can buy the same fucking thing for a quid from some cunt in China and get free delivery as well? This has happened to several times in the past. I simply refuse to pay more for fucking delivery than the item costs in the first place.

    • Evri (used to be Hermes- and probably the cheapest signed for courier in the uk) Minimum charge is £2.69 for a parcel that will fit through a letterbox- anything that won’t minimum charge is £3.00. Take into account cost of a jiffy bag and other packaging, then the time and petrol/diesel to drop it off to the pick up point, I suppose I can see where you can easily get to a fiver (certainly internal UK courier postage you can)

    • Should really be ‘never understood how it is so cheap to get something sent from China’

  18. Ebay are indeed cunts. Avoid these bastids at all costs. Most of the sellers are Chinks, even if you buy in your own country.

  19. Evil-bay are indeed absolute cunts. Their selling fees actually negate making your attic junk worth selling.
    They harbour more crooks than ever before and turn a blind eye on their activities, just so long as they are turning a tidy profit.
    Used to be decent, but lost their way 10-15 years ago when they tried to ditch the 2nd hand on-line carboot/flea-pit sale site they were liked for to become a 3rd rate Amazon clone competitor.

    ebay is just a breeding ground for dodgy oriental cunts trying to sell cheap below par shit as the real pedigree item. I hope the cunts go busy.

  20. Made a few quid over the years flogging dodgy gear on ShiteBay and various. You can always get around security with a few lines of code. Great feeling fleecing Chinko punters. Had a few Maxwell moments – when the Great Man pissed off his office building down over the humble punters in the streets below. A power rush.

  21. Newp. You contact your CC issuer and initiate a transaction dispute. I had a guy send me some postcards that were wrecked. I told him I was sending them back for a refund. He got stroppy. Called the back. They issued a refund. Fuck ebay. IT’S YOUR MONEY.

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